9 things NOT to do in Berlin

9 things NOT to do in Berlin
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1. Never walk on cycle paths

There is a lot of cycling in Berlin, and cycle paths are sacred. Absolutely do not walk in areas intended for the transit of bicycles, if you do not want to be the object of bad words in German!

2. Don't use heels

It seems obvious advice, but always keep that in mind Berlin is a very big city and walking around it is not a joke! If you want to avoid blisters and cramps, wear super comfortable shoes.

3. Do not buy "abusive" tickets for public transport

It might happen that makeshift sellers want to sell you tickets for public transport. Never, ever accept this type of ticket, you could be sued for scam!

4. Never travel on public transport without a ticket or with an invalid ticket

Make sure you always have your travel document with you. In Berlin there is no clemency for those who travel "black"; besides, the controllers are in civilian clothes!

5. Don't cross with red

If you cross a red light in Berlin, you will not get away with a “next time be careful”, but they will give you a fine (as well as a lecture in German).

6. Don't leave a tip on the table

In Berlin, waiters take a basic salary, but it is polite to leave an extra 10% for service. Do not leave the tip with the bill, but give it directly to the waiter after paying.

7. Don't wear worn socks

It may happen that you are invited to someone's home for an evening with friends. Know that in Germany it is customary, when entering the house, to take off one's shoes; therefore avoid the classic sock with hole!

8. Do not order carbonated water

Eating in Berlin doesn't cost much, in fact you can find really cheap restaurants or pubs where you can also eat well. But beware of carbonated water, since it is the gold of soft drinks and it can happen to pay even 6 euros.

9. Don't underestimate petty thefts

Berlin is a very efficient city when it comes to police checks and patrols, but it is good to be careful where we keep our wallets. It is still a large metropolis, and in crowded areas it can happen to be targeted.

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