Alexanderplatz: The center of eastern Berlin

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Alexanderplatz: The center of eastern Berlin
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    From "piazza dei buoi" to a large urban center

    Until 1805 this square was a cattle market known as Ochsenplatz (square of the oxen). The current name was given to it in honor of the visit of the Russian tsar Alexander I in Berlin in October 1805. Only in the XNUMXth century did Alexanderplatz become an important commercial and traffic center, with the construction of a station and general markets.

    photo via Bombed and damaged during the Second World War, over the years it has undergone various "retouching". In the 60s, for example, it was enlarged and today it is surrounded by important buildings. Alexanderplatz is also known to have been the site of Germany's largest anti-government demonstration in 1989. Here, in fact, over a million people gathered there to demonstrate against the East German regime.

    What to see in Alexandeplatz - famous monuments and buildings

    Over the years, numerous buildings have been built around Alexanderplatz, a sign of East Berlin's desire to be able to compete with those in the West of the city.

    The best known of all is the TV Tower which with its 368 meters is the second highest TV tower in Europe. It is a tower for radio and television broadcasting antennas and is considered the landmark of the city, as well as being one of the characterizing elements of the Berlin skyline. The Tower is surmounted by a sphere and at a height of 207 meters it houses a cafe-restaurant which rotates 360 ° every 30 minutes, offering a breathtaking view of the city, especially at night.

    Another important building and monument in this square is theUrania world clock, that is,Urania world time clock, which rotates continuously indicating the time in various areas of the world. Installed on September 30, 1969, it is one of the favorite meeting places for Berliners.

    photo by Travel Stock Photos via flickr

    Alexanderhaus and Berolinahaus they are two buildings built between 1929 and 1932 both consisting of 8 floors and symmetrical stairwells. At the time they represented an imaginary gateway to the then historic center of the city, destroyed by the bombings of World War II. After having both been restored, these 2 buildings are now under monumental protection.

    Do not miss the House of Travel (“Travel house”) on the northern side of Alexanderplatz. The name is due to the fact that, until reunification, this building housed the travel office of the German Democratic Republic. The building consists of 17 floors plus another 2 in the lower plate.

    photo by Fulvio D Alessio via flickr Finally, the Fountain of friendship among the people fountain of friendship between peoples, inaugurated in 1970 and located in the center of the pedestrian area. The fountain is circular in shape, with a diameter of 23 meters and a height of 6,2 meters, with a base decorated in glazed ceramics, while the upper part is made up of 17 umbrella-shaped structures.

    What to do and where to eat at Alexanderplatz

    After seeing the most important buildings and monuments, take advantage of the Galeria Kaufhof, the symbol of large metropolis-style shopping centers, for shopping in one of the many shops spread over an area of ​​35.000 square meters. In addition to the major fashion and lifestyle brands, in this gallery you will also find an extensive range of multimedia, technological and international gastronomy products.

    photo di Bjorn Laczay via flickr

    If you find yourself in Alexanderplatz during the Christmas season, you should definitely take a tour of the quaint Christmas market, family-friendly given the number of rides for children, the Ferris wheel and the skating rink.

    At Alexanderplatz and its surroundings you will find several bars, pubs, lounge bars and restaurants where you can eat and taste excellent dishes and cocktails, starting from breakfast until dinner, passing through the aperitif.

    Right on the top floor of the Galeria Kaufhof is the Dinea Restaurant Berlin, a well-appointed self-service with a view across Alexander Platz. The cuisine is both German and international. Try it for breakfast as well as for lunch and dinner. Indicated for any time, the Back Work it is perfect for bread lovers and for those wishing to have a quick meal. It is a very popular self-service chain in Berlin where you can find different types of bread with or without filling, pizzas and desserts baked all the time. The Spagosinstead, it is the restaurant, bar and lounge of the Hotel Park Inn, a place with a trendy atmosphere and a wide range of cocktails, wines and spirits.

    A few minutes walk from Alexanderplatz, then, are found The Pub, where each table has its own beer plug (in case of doubt the waiters will explain how to do it) and which many define the best pub in Berlin, with great burgers and great beer, and the Riva Bar.

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    Address: Alexanderplatz 1, 10178 Berlin, to the city map

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    - S + U Alexanderplatz U5 arrival station
    - S + U Alexanderplatz U8 arrival station
    - S + U Alexanderplatz U2 arrival station

    Tram: S+U Alexanderplatz Bhf

    Autobus: S5, S7, S75

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