Berlin Kulturforum: The temple of culture to the west of the wall

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Berlin Kulturforum: The temple of culture to the west of the wall
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    Kulturforum galleries, museums and institutions

    Among the streets of the Kulturforum there are at least 12 cultural institutions between museums, exhibition galleries and more. Among these, five buildings belong to the circle of the Berlin State Museums: the Picture gallery National Gallery (currently closed due to restoration), the Graphic Arts Museum with the Art Library and Museum of Decorative Arts.

    Also worthy of mention, and a visit State Library and Philharmonic with the Concert Music Hall, to be admired especially on the occasion of adults international concerts hosted every year. The Museum of musical instruments, the Ibero-American Institute, Research Center for Social Sciences and St. Matthäus Church.

    Gemäldegalerie: five centuries of painting masterpieces

    Literally "Painting gallery”, The Gemäldegalerie is undoubtedly the highlight of the Kulturforum. The Berlin art gallery hosts over 1.500 works of art, which have marked the history of painting from the Renaissance to today.

    In the 72 rooms of the Gemäldegalerie, the canvases of the best signatures of the Italian Baroque and Dutch Golden Age, but also many collections of the masters of the German Middle Ages. Caravaggio, Botticelli, Giotto, Raffaello, Rubens, Velazquez, Vermeer, van Eyck these are just some of the great “frozen” performers in this splendid gallery.

    photo via Wikimedia Commons interior of the building. The structure is beautiful and welcoming and the well-preserved paintings appear to be illuminated by natural light.

    A large central hall, furnished with the minimalist fountains of Walter Di Maria, opens the doors to the various exhibition rooms. Among these, three in particular deserve the attention of visitors: the octagonal room with Rembrandt's paintings, the room with Raphael's five Madonnas and the curious Meditation room (actually empty) located on the upper floor.

    The unmissable works

    It is difficult to visit all the Gemäldegalerie of the Kulturforum in a few hours, especially if the intent is to visit the other institutions of the cultural center as well. For those thinking of a visit to the Berlin art gallery, here is one list of truly unmissable works:

    • Love (Caravaggio)
    • Domitio Virginisn (Giotto)
    • Venus with the organist (Titian)
    • Perseus and Andromeda (Pieter Paul Rubens)
    • Woman with a Pearl Necklace (Jan Vermeer)
    • Madonna in a Gothic church (Jan van Eyck)
    • Last Judgment (PetrusCrihistus)

    Timetables and tickets

    La Gemäldegaleriee most of the Kulturforum museums are open every day of the year (except 24 and 31 December) with the following times:

    Monday closed; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 10.00 to 18.00; Thursday from 10.00 to 20.00; Saturday, Sunday from 11.00 to 18.00.

    Variations during special national and international holidays are not excluded.

    You can buy the ticket for the painting gallery directly online, and so take advantage of the option skip the line. The "skip-the-line" ticket ensures priority entry to the Gemäldegalerie and can be used directly via smartphone. 

    The entrance to the picture gallery is free for all holders of the Berlin Museum Pass, the 3-days-ticket that allows access to all the main museums in Berlin (the cost of the same pass must obviously be quantified) and for children under 18.

    What to see nearby

    The cultural center is located a few hundred meters from Potsdamer Platz, in the Tiergarten district, known for the largest and oldest park in Berlin, Großer Tiergarten. A twenty minute walk from the Kulturforum will allow us to reach the main attractions of the city center, above all the Brandenburg Gate, the and the seat of the Chancellery, the political heart of Germany.

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    Where is the Kulturforum located

    To reach the Kulturforum the options are metro U1 e train (Potsdamer Platz stop) or bus: Kulturforum stop (lines M48, M85, N2); Philarmonie stop (lines 200 and M41).

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