Berlin Tegel Airport

The airport of Berlino Tegel it was the capital's main international airport for decades, but it closed permanently on November 9, 2020, one week after the inauguration of the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

The airport was named after Otto Lilienthal, a pioneer of German aviation, and was located in Tegel, 8 km northwest of central Berlin. As long as it was active it was the fourth busiest airport in Germany with over 20 million passengers per year. Its old IATA code was TXL.

According to plans, the airport was initially to close in June 2012, as a consequence of the inauguration of the airport Berlin-Brandenburg but due to sensational delays in the construction of the new airport, Tegel remained operational until October 2020.

The new Berlin airport has also incorporated the former aeroporto in Schonefeld, which now constitutes Terminal 5 of the new airport.

History of Tegel Airport

Tegel Airport is considered historical monument, given its enormous importance during the Cold War. The airport was in fact built by the former West Germany, with the help of the Americans and the French, in just 90 days during the Soviet block of Berlin in 1948-1949. Together with the other former Tempelhof airport, it ensured supplies to the population of West Berlin by the allied forces.

in 1960 Air France it was the first airline to operate civil flights from Tegel airport and on the day of its closure the last to take off for Paris.

In the future of Tegel there is the construction of a new district around the area where the airport used to stand, which will host over 10.000 people. The terminal itself, on the other hand, will house an urban development center of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences.

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