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1. SAE Institute Berlin

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SAE Institute Berlin

Address: Cuvrystraße 4, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +49 30 22066210

Business type: Private university

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SAE Institute Berlin: what do users think?

Berlin TV: I can’t recommend. Specifically game art. You can easily have a master online course by important people from industry and learn better any tool you need instead of giving money to this school. It is more than a exercise place with young students like you probably. You can barely have professional teachers and classes. Even if corona is over they are still making the lectures online. You can’t practice what you learn and ask your questions. I would recommend a few master online courses instead. The management change after corona and the quality of education got worse. Even if specifically people in game art are trying to do the good work, I think there are management problems at school. They don’t pay attention good quality, the main problem is online classes are not effective and the tutorials in YouTube are helping me unfortunately more.

quick: We had an absolutely wonderful week at SAE Institute!We got to work with HDRI and Greenscreen, it was a blast!Definitely worth looking out for!

Andreas Sørensen: Had an exchange with SAE, originally studying at 3D college, but deffinately enjoyed my experiences with SAE even if it was only for a very short week. :)

Benedikt B. Bagger: Good private university with media/entertainment focus.

Bendor Blackbard: Mind blowing 🤯💖

Leonardo Nerini: It was a great experience here! Amazing environment!

Federico De Nicola: Best audio engineering school in berlin.

Blessed: Did my Bachelor in Audio Production here. Nice university with good lecturers and fair processes. If you get involved, you can learn a lot here and get good support when looking for a job.

Bastian Schneider: I was completely satisfied with everything at SAE during my training. The quality of the teaching was always okay, there is a lot of equipment in all areas and the support concept cannot be compared to any other media school in Berlin. In addition, the opening times during which care is offered are simply great.

2. Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology

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Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology

Address: Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 29009052

Business type: Education center

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Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology: what do users think?

Mona Jain: My son studies in catalyst and I can see in one year of the programme his skill has multiplied manifold . It’s a great environment and student friendly institute which encourages original thinking . Professors are extremely helpful and themselves experts on their field of music .
Response: Hi Mona - thank you for the kind words. We’re pleased your son has benefited from our practice-based approach to learning with us. We will pass on your kind words to you son’s teachers.

Sylvia Gozdek: I took the 4-week Filmmaking short course over the summer in 2020 and had an incredible time. Together with my classmates, we created 11 films together! This meant I played through quite a lot of the different roles on the 6 sets I was on... It really is amazing how much ground we covered. From lighting and camera, to script writing and directing, through to editing and screening. This course is perfect for an ambitious beginner like me or even someone who has a bit of experience and is looking for a fast paced challenge.
Response: Thank you for sharing Sylvia, we encourage you to keep up this rhythm and look forward to following your creative projects!

Heath B: Despite being the in the first degree program at dbs Berlin, and the humble campus we had in comparison today, I cannot say anything negative about this institution. The degree program was aimed at students seeking a complete education preparing us for our final year’s thesis. Each subject was taught from simple to more complex, and understandably there may be some with more experience than others, but reinforcing the basics is essential. The support I got from all tutors was excellent and inspired passion to learn and grow. Following the degree, I was able to work as a freelancer, delivering high quality work to a variety of clients. Despite not currently working in music, what I learned socially and in soft skills over the degree years still sticks with me and certainly supports my current work and interactions in my industry.
Response: Hi Heath, many thanks for your thorough review. We're pleased to read you enjoyed studying with our tutors, as well as benefitted and well understood our learning approach. We'd love to stay in touch and hear how you evolve in your career and wish you the very best for a successful future in the fields you pursue. Kind regards!

Itamar Cohen: dBs was the perfect size for me - people get to know each other with the slightest effort. The staff were very qualified, helpful, and approachable, despite the fact that many of them were, in fact, English ;) I earned there some tools I use daily ever since, and made connections that go with me to this day. The program is what you make of it - the more you engage, the more you’ll learn.
Response: Thanks for your review, we're glad to hear you connected with the community while with us :) If you could let us know which programme you took we'd pass on your message to the tutors who always welcome any feedback. Kind regards!

Nicolas Avila Rodriguez: Dbs music berlin is a great place to make contacts advance in your music/film career and learn from some impressive tutors! With dedication and passion you can learn everything you need if you put the energy on it.
Response: Thanks Nicolas for the positive note :) We're proud of the great community we have here thanks to everyone's pro-activism and dedication to doing what they love.

SG Strike: Probably the best and nicest techs and staff all around. Met some of the coolest and most inspiring people there and learnt A LOT! Would recommend it to people who want to be creatively involved in music production, or want to improve their musical artistic views and visions. (got pizza for writing a possitive review)
Response: Thanks for this review, the techs will be happy to read this. Hope the pizza was tasty ;-)

Jayden Bailey: Film student here: Amazing tutors, admin stuff great people. Super hands on workshops and learn by doing film making, has led to amazing experiences with classmates. Highly recommend. PS amazing location and facilities 🧡

3. Games Academy GmbH

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7 reviews
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Games Academy GmbH

Address: Franklinstraße 28-29, 10587 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 29779120

Business type: Training centre

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Games Academy GmbH: what do users think?

Games Academy Berlin: Every month we invite you to information evenings: Come by and talk to lecturers and students! The best chance to meet us - see you!

Sascha Eichelberg: Go, study game design, get out, found a job, make a profit. Thanks again to all lecturers and staff!

Nog: Great Counter Strike:Global Offensive and League of Legends classes. Congratulations :D

4. GLS German Language School in Berlin

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155 reviews
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GLS German Language School in Berlin

Address: Kastanienallee 82, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +49 30 78008912

Business type: German language school

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GLS German Language School in Berlin: what do users think?

Luciana Finazzi: Great school! I started liking studying German there. I had a month of intense studies at GLS. I wish I had stayed longer... 😉 All the best to the team of teachers!
Response: Thank you Luciana! The teachers look forward to your greetings!

Parinaz Mostafaei: Today was my 4th day in GLS, and I should say that is fascinating. I’d gone to another school for 1 month. Honestly because it was in lower price and you get discount if you bring a friend. However, in my view learning a language is not something to be stingy about. So I happily registered for a 6 months course in GLS. Only in 4 days I see the huge difference between The GLS and other schools. The teachers are professionals teaching with enthusiasm. The activities are well designed and teachers talk to you and control your progress every day. Now I am so in love with this school and German language.
Response: Dear Parinaz, thank you very much for your beautiful comment! It makes our day :-)

Claire Lawler: Loved this school! Great culture among the students and teachers. Very helpful and enjoyable way to learn German!
Response: Claire, wonderful, we're glad you enjoyed your time at GLS! Thank you for your great rating!

Aziz Mesned: Lovely place, great teachers, each class has a limited number of students which i find wonderful, the teachers are always friendly & ready to answer your every question, the reception team always greeted me with smiles & respect. The cafeteria is nice but if you wanted to have something else you have plenty of restaurants on Kastanienallee street. the leisure time activities that GLS offers are just okay, nothing really special but they’re there if you want. I highly recommend GLS if you’re interested in learning Deutsch, a great school with great staff.
Response: Dear Aziz, thank you very much! We are very pleased that you were satisfied! Your GLS team

Joao Tonon: I’m a bit disappointed at this place. I am doing an intensive course, which is rather expensive. Whilst the teachers are good, and the school has the infrastructure, they manage the cohorts quite poorly. I was placed in A1.2, and the class I am has 12 people and we all differ in levels. Some people have studied German for months before, whilst others have little to no German knowledge. This clearly impacts at how fast the class can move, as some people can’t follow and the teachers have to spend quite some time explaining very basic things, such as simple regular verb conjugations and pronouns. Also, people miss several days in a row and are placed right back at the cohort, slowing down progress again. The last piece is that it is an intensive course, but at times we spent quite some time at unnecessary topics. They say the class should move from A1.2 to A2 in 4 weeks, but the teacher said that it will take another 2 weeks to get to A2. I wouldn’t recommend this place for someone looking for a place to do a short intensive course
Response: Dear Joao, thank you for your feedback. We appreciate that you evaluate so differentiated and fair. And we apologize: we should have upgraded you to a more advanced course sooner. We didn't realize that you felt so underchallenged. One request from us, for next time: please talk to us as soon as you are not happy, ok?

Baishali Sengupta: GLS is an institution worth a lot of praise: 1.The teachers and classes are par excellence. 2.The campus is a heaven for anyone studying and staying. 3.The staff are genuine and helpful. 4.The University Pathway Advisor Ms Jutta Osthues, is our lifeline.She is perhaps the reason why I have sent my daughter to GLS in Germany.She has not only been supportive but also professional to the core.Guiding my daughter to settle down slowly at her pace in a new country. Would highly recommend this language school to anyone who takes a university pathway programme to Berlin. Completely value this association and will always do so in the future.
Response: Dear Baishali Sengupta, thank you very much for your positive and detailed feedback! We are happy that you like our school and our work, and of course Jutta is especially pleased:-)

Julie Fedorova: The best school ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much! I really enjoyed German lessons!Best wishes to all Teachers, managers and all GLS stuff!!

5. Alpadia Language Schools - Berlin

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379 reviews
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Alpadia Language Schools - Berlin

Address: Hauptstraße 23-24, 10827 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 PM

Telephone: +49 30 7811076

Business type: German language school

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Alpadia Language Schools - Berlin: what do users think?

Shohrukh Qayumov: It is one of the best language school in Berlin with professional teachers and I definitely recommend Alpadia to everyone. Special thanks to: Oliver Helena Noemi and Viktoria Many many thanks for all of you!!!
Response: Thank you Shohrukh, for your nice feedback! Your ALPADIA Berlin team

Maria Malyan: Very welcoming environment from the moment the course began. The staff is very friendly and always eager to help in any given situation. Teachers are really engaging and insightful. I would highly recommend this school to anyone, at any level, that wants to learn German.
Response: Thank you for sharing your experience. Our team puts in a great effort and we are pleased to hear that our students are satisfied with their results. Best, your Alpadia team

Carlos Pancera: My experience here was great. I took the standard course and the teachers (Lisa and Jacqueline) were some of the best teachers I ever had. The lessons are dynamic and interesting, I looked forward to going to class each day. I recommend Alpadia to anyone who wants to learn German fast and effectively.
Response: Thank you for the amazing review! You are always welcome back!Your Alpadia team!

Guillem Oliver: Very nice school with great atmosphere, nice people and great teachers, all of them they were great but If I have to choose one, for me Anisa was simply the best!! Is a good way to improve your german skills and more importantly to communicate with your colleagues in german. Top experience no doubt!
Response: Thank you Guillem for taking the time to share your experience with us. We are really pleased that you had a great stay in Berlin and that we helped you improve your language skills. You are always welcome back! Best regards, Your ALPADIA Team

Rudolf Pütz: I really enjoyed my time at Alpadia! The teachers are knowledgeable and the staff was very helpful! If I had to name one negative thing it would be that the overwhelming majority of students is Swiss which makes it harder to meet people. The rest of my experience was very positive.
Response: Dear Rudolf, thank you very much for sharing your experience at Alpadia Berlin. We are glad that you had a wonderful stay. In regards to your remark, we will take a closer look to our nationality mix weekly. Your Alpadia team

mathson lee: Their level with regards to service is the best. Read nothing but great reviews as compared to other language schools that mixes levels in a class with unhappy and miserable teachers.
Response: Thank you for your review! We appreciate it!

6. 343 Labs

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42 reviews
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343 Labs

Address: Köpenicker Str. 6A, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +49 30 31196636

Business type: Music school

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343 Labs: what do users think?

Hellmuth Fabian: I did a mixing and mastering course with 343 labs and it really got me going in the field. I learned from two audio engineers, who really know their profession and how to teach it, which is a rare combination that is not to be taken for granted. Very friendly and motivated. I now mixed and mastered my first own EP and I am happy with my first piece of work. If you take a course, try to bring some extra time to apply what you learned at home between the sessions in order to get the most out of the courses. Will be intense, but worth it.

Marko Kivirand: Very practical course ("Ableton Live: Produce Your First Track course"), and awsome teacher – Peter Trimbacher!

Marrit Teirlinck: I have already completed 3 courses at 343 labs Berlin and absolutely love it. The classes are interactive with lots of feedback on your own tracks and a great atmosphere. The teachers are really super good at teaching and are also great producers themselves. Each course has a set of topics to teach that will help you get ahead with your own track. Can highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn music production in a structured way.
Response: Thank you so much Marrit! It's great having you as a student!

Magali Matzner: I don’t know what to say beside that I’m incredibly happy and grateful of having pushed open the door of 343 Labs in Berlin, where everyone is welcomed in the 343 Labs family, no matter its music genre, style, culture etc. The courses are highly professional and are really well comprehensible for beginners and advanced people. The instructors are kind and patient, always open to help, and push yourself further. It’s beautiful how much all people connect, motivate and inspire each other, and that beyond the courses. For sure, if you bring the dedication, it can become life changing. Thank you for everything !!! Magali
Response: Thank you so much for the kind words Meggy! It has been a real pleasure having you at 343 Labs!

Micah McGee: Had an amazing experience tuning in for the SYNC event. Loved seeing people from all over the world programmed out in a seamless virtual experience. All of the performers and presenters were so inspiring. I left feeling refreshed and ready to create. Thank you!

Arielle Fischer: Really great class to learn more about in depth music theory (especially surrounding chords)! Really complimented modules Ableton 01 and 02. Big thanks to the 343 team for this really rewarding experience :)

Mohamed Said: I produced my first track in 3 months ✌🏻 Instructors are really good, very helpful and professional. They know the music and the technicalities behind it. The place was cool and equipped with everything I needed. I finished one course there and I’m definitely going back for another advanced class. Highly recommended.
Response: Thanks so much Mohammed! We're glad you had a great experience and your track sounded awesome! Looking forward to having you back.

7. MetFilm School Berlin

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MetFilm School Berlin

Address: Berliner Union Film Studios, MetFilm School, Oberlandstraße 26-35, 12099 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 767333170

Business type: Private educational institution

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MetFilm School Berlin: what do users think?

Andrew Ballantyne: Was a student during COVID-19. Was not prioritized and paid too much with very little income put in return to the students. Also was hired here as an alumni to be told the position was filled. Go to one of the hundred other film schools in Berlin

Pablo Norzagaray (Norza): I did the 4 Week Cinematography and I have to say it was great! The knowledge and gear provided to us was amazing, and the instructors managed very well the fact that the group was a mix of different levels of experience.Really considering coming back for the MA this year.

Philipp Roll: Finally I found time to write a review on the 4 week editing course I took last year in September. Origininally, I wanted to take the 4-week cinematography course but it was already fully booked, so I chose the editing course and don´t regret having taken that decision! I really enjoyed the course and learned so much about editing a bit about sound design & color correction. I am actually changing my profession right now and the editing course definitely played a big role in taking this decision. So thanks a lot to met film school, I can highly recommend this course :)

Neema Ngelime: I attended the 8 Week Documentary course last summer. It was a great decision I made. I had basic film skills but the course made more confident. For anyone who wants a good head start in the documentary world, Metfilm will give you the right confidence to pursue it. During the course we were taught theory (sound,edit,cinematography and directing) and practiced as much. My fave bit is we were all left with films we made. It was a great collaborative 8 weeks we required to be in other projects as crew thus graduating with a body of work.

Julia Shropshire: I had the opportunity to join the masters in narrative directing from 2017 - 2018 and had a great time. The biggest highlight was connecting with people in my class and around campus from all over the world and having the chance to work in different roles on their films. Every few weeks there is a new focus and after one year, I graduated with 8 of my own short films and credits in over 20 other shorts from my peers.

8. Humboldt-Institut Berlin

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59 reviews
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Humboldt-Institut Berlin

Address: Invalidenstraße 19, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 814537610

Business type: Language school

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Humboldt-Institut Berlin: what do users think?

Audrey Bentch: The Humboldt-Institut provided an amazing experience! The intensive courses greatly improved my German, and the staff were all incredibly helpful and kind. I would recommend Humboldt to anyone hoping to improve their German language skills and cultural immersion.
Response: Dear Audrey, Thank you very much for your positive review! We are very happy to hear that you enjoyed your German course in Berlin and hope to welcome you again at one of our schools!

Petr Mátl: I spend 5 weeks in Humboldt-Institute in Berlin. I can recommend to anyone who wants to improve his German and experience Berlin. I appreciated the most: - German lessons - Stefan was one of the best teachers I have ever met. I made big progress in speaking as well as in writing. I would need normally a year for similar progress. - organized rich leisure program that helped me get to know the whole Berlin (and also some other cities) - location of school - just next to the S-Bahn station and 20 minutes walk to many city highlights - “all-inclusive” catering. Always enough food and also taking into account dietary restrictions - nicely renovated and good equipped room - very friendly staff with a family atmosphere - I am no longer in my student years, yet I appreciated the inspiring contact with young people.
Response: Hello Petr, thank you very much for your really detailed review! It was a lot of fun working with you - you were like a sponge that absorbed all knowledge and you were very interested in everything. Good luck for your B2 exam so that you can negotiate even better on a business level in the future. Greetings from Berlin!

Nikita Guryanov: Very cool place to study German! In 2011 I studied at Humboldt in Bad Schussenried, but this time I chose Berlin (because it’s for adults). We have very cozy and interesting lessons, teachers are very very friendly, kind and professional. In winter there are not so many students, but anyway it’s cool to study there. Staff and workers do the best to make lessons, free time and weekends fun and useful. Courses are really intensive and heavy, but you will speak German every day, you will learn much new stuff and you will meet cool people. Accommodations could be a little bit better, but rooms are fresh-repaired and rather big. I love Humboldt, the best German-school in Germany!
Response: Dear Nikita, We are happy to hear that you are so excited about our school. In your case, it is amazing to see how your German improves - not only because we might provide a good environment for that but also because you are such an enthusiastic student with the right motivation! Thank you very much for your positive feedback!

9. Goethe-Institut Berlin

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155 reviews
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Goethe-Institut Berlin

Address: Neue Schönhauser Str. 20, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4 PM

Telephone: +49 30 259063

Business type: German language school

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Goethe-Institut Berlin: what do users think?

Camilo Consuegra: It was my second time in a course n the Goethe Institute and I was convinced that was a good decision to make my initial and following courses with them. I did my A2 and B1.1 with them and everything make sense now. Also, I do not speak a descent German, but everything starts with slow steps. Many things to clarify, my age, and that I’m not the best with languages, but, also, you need to know that taking the courses will not make you a proficient person as soon as you finish it, even more complicated to have those high expectations when you take the “Instenive Kompact”. Anyway, teachers are knowledgeable, infrastructure is modern, clean and friendly and the activities that the Culture Office offers are great to complete your experience, that is something I highly recommend. The first time I was there I didn’t take them and that was a mistake.

Ahmed: A great diverse institute that provides a well organized library with friendly staff. Was a great pleasure to be invited by the institute to learn various new concepts of sustainability and much more.

Janusch Michalski: I was there 3 weeks ago to pass the C1 exam already. The speaking and writing was no problem, but the reading comprehension and the listening comprehension were a disaster. These people demand impossible things from us! The listening comprehension texts were played once only, although a huge thunderstorm was raging behind the windows, and for the reading comprehension they had picked out such texts whose content was just totally confused and completely without context, very very long texts and very little time. I am completely disappointed. Besides, I am severely disabled and had shown them my ID, then they told me, I would have had to pay almost two hundred € more. So to collect money they are the first. Never, never, never again. By the way: I myself am a studied Germanist, have studied German language for six years, and I can also compile such tests. So we could gladly swap places!

Tyler Neely: they now force new test takers to use a german keyboard, totally unreasonable as it has nothing to do with german skills. in my profession, nobody in germany uses the german keyboard anyway.

Liz Maday: Amazing experience. I had a great teacher, who was very fun and engaging. The school has great resources and facilities. I had never been in Berlin or Germany before, and the Goethe Institute provided a great community that made me feel welcomed in Berlin. I would highly recommend the Goethe Institute to anyone who wants to learn German.
Response: Thanks for the positive comment.

10. SRH Berlin School of Design and Communication (BSDC)

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15 reviews
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SRH Berlin School of Design and Communication (BSDC)

Address: Prinzenstraße 84.1, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4 PM

Telephone: +49 30 515650100

Business type: College

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SRH Berlin School of Design and Communication (BSDC): what do users think?

Real Berlin Street-Art Tours: Perfect place to discover a different Berlin! Art, design, photography and good coffee. A must if you are in the City of Berlin!

Christian Bodener: My child studied for 3 years and told me that more is promised than actually implemented! A lot of money that goes on the whistle and the communication with the parents, with the students is extremely outrageous... not recommended and I regret every cent invested! Hands off this "college"
Response: We are very sorry that you had a negative experience. It would be really helpful to hear your specific feedback. We want to prevent something like this from happening at our university. You can contact us via Thank you in advance for your time!

Wanja: A great university with incredibly great professors and lecturers. I was one of the first to study web development there and it was a great time - even if it was a bit chaotic at times... I will miss you!

Jozo Ruscic: I like it, never been there greetings from Berlin Neukoln and better much more

11. BTK - College of Design (Campus Berlin)

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22 reviews
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BTK - College of Design (Campus Berlin)

Address: Dessauer Str. 3-5, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +49 30 338539500

Business type: Art school

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BTK - College of Design (Campus Berlin): what do users think?

SaJbA AnNa: Cant help but say not that many great things about this university. The facilities when it comes to student services are disappointing, taking in consideration there’s either a lack of staff or just good communication overall. You’re paying full price for not even a fraction of service. Their always prioritizing money over anything. If you’re not too determinated you’ll end up paying even more because there’s always something wrong with your credits due to full classes or god knows what. Do yourself a favor and choose another place to study.

Chrome Wheels: Unfortunately did not enjoy my studies here. The quality of education does not justify the high tuition fee. After five semesters I switched to another university only to be impressed by how much better a university quality can be.

Nada Elbasyouni: I went there only to visit the students’ exhibition and they were very friendly

Romee Steijns: Disastrous, unprofessional and money hungry organization. Dissapointed beyond measure...

Dr.Jimmy McRustle: disaster of a "university"

Salvatore F: Nice and interesting structure, I visited it because I was interested in studying here but reading the various reviews I am afraid that I will opt for another solution, it seems that they suddenly interrupted the study courses, leaving the students in trouble even if they had paid. Three stars just because the building and the classrooms look nice and modern

Lefft Gu: Many teachers are really good and have a strong teaching quality and a lot of experience. Nevertheless, I and many students have the feeling that the university makes almost no effort to create a good study experience. There is almost no social life or events. Not even a cafeteria. The courses are held as video conferences and nothing more. After trial days at other universities, I can compare that there are significantly better options for studying (even in times of Covid). With universities that make an effort to create a good experience.

Andrej Rybovic: Very well premises for realization of events like bootcamps, presentations, discussions. Very good location - sirsie center Berlin.

12. did deutsch-institut Berlin

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89 reviews
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did deutsch-institut Berlin

Address: Novalisstraße 12, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5:30 PM

Telephone: +49 69 24004560

Business type: German language school

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did deutsch-institut Berlin: what do users think?

Yasemin Louisiana: Its located in one of the best neighbors of berlin and its close to public transportation 💯teachers and director of school is helpful and nice to students, they have school trips every week and its for free! 🤩 i made great friends and i enjoyed my time ✅

Selim Belhadj: Very bad teaching methodology for the prices i paid. Except for a VERY few teachers, a lot of them are disrespectful. The principal is the type of person that is strict in a rude way. Anyway i had high hopes coming to this school and the disappointment was huge. Very traditional teaching methods that weren’t worth the prices we paid (which was the main problem). Overall a very poor experience and bad first impression of Germany in the big scale of things.
Response: Dear Selim, thank you very much for your review of did deutsch-institut Berlin. We are sorry to hear, that the experience you had was not satisfying for you and our course was not able to accommodate your needs. In order to suceed in the German levels and as a visa candiate, full presence is required. Missing on over 60% of classes cannot lead to sucess and you were not able to fully take part in the course program. We take customer feedback very seriously and are always striving to improve our services. If you wish to talk about details of your program and why you did not like it or have not been able to attend your course, I would be happy to receive your comments via E-Mail ( to the attention of the Customer Support).

Melina Buechler: I attended DID Berlin for 4 months and overall had a great experience. The various teachers I had at this school were extremely helpful, good teachers, and truly cared about the progression of their students. When I first got there in January, I tested into A2 and finished with a certificate in B2.1. The classes are very interactive, which I appreciated, because it forces the students to pay attention and learn. The school is also located in Mitte, which is a great location in Berlin.

Clara Azevedo: Excelent! The school is very organized, and very well located, right in the center of Berlin. The teachers are amazing and the classes always interesting... The groups are formed by people in the same level and even the beginners learn the language in german. Although all the hard work, fun is guaranteed! :)

Thalita Oliveira: I really enjoyed my experience with this school. The teachers are attentive, it is close to the main means of transport, it is accessible by elevator. In addition, there are activities outside of class hours that allow you to get to know the city and new people more. 5 stars!

felix marshall: I spent 5 months at did in Hamburg and had a truly fantastic time. In that time I completed B1, B2 and C1 courses and really improved my German, alongside making some great lasting friends and getting to know a fun and beautiful city, would definitely recommend

13. EF Sprachreisen

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194 reviews
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EF Sprachreisen

Address: Am Karlsbad 16, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +49 30 856218900

Business type: Educational consultant

Near EF Sprachreisen:

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EF Sprachreisen: what do users think?

Crispy Carly: EF has given me great support for my travels. They are open for discussions and communication is easy. I always feel like I can talk to them on an eye-to-eye level whenever I have a question. I also enjoy being part of the community they are building which helped me to get to know many interesting people.
Response: Hello, thank you for your great feedback. We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with our service and support. Enjoy your stay abroad! Best, your EF Team

marta cabaces: The EF program was engaging and attractive from the beginning. My host family (in my case) was very kind and friendly . But most of all, teachers in EF were very helpful, inspiring and passionate. I really enjoyed my two weeks in EF (Berlin).
Response: Hello Marta, thank you very much for your review. We were happy to have you here and hope you took some helpful German home with you to Spain! Best wishes and we hope to see you soon!

Dennis “Denkon”: One of the best experiences I have ever made in my life! EF Berlin is one of the most heart-warming and caring schools I have ever experienced. They have teachers that always have great quality during their classes/lessons and their staff is always helpful. Especially is their activity leaders always happy and have a great desire to always guide you through all the activities in Berlin. I also had the honor to live with a wonderful guest family where I hope always to keep in touch with them. If you are on the fence of joining EF Berlin I would say go for it every time! I have created so much new friendships and the lessons is really good. It is with a heart filled with gratefulness I leave EF Berlin.
Response: Hello Dennis! Thank you for your nice review! We are pleased that you enjoyed your stay with us and that you were satisfied. It's a pity you had to leave earlier. EF Berlin and the Berlin badminton scene will miss you! Come visit us! Best regards, your EF Berlin team

Caroline Holzwarth: I chose that I am going to make my journey with EF and the support is incredible. They really are a great Organisation for for students in almost every age.
Response: Dear Caroline thank you for your feedback. We are happy to hear that you chose us for your journey. We wish you a wonderful time abroad! Best, your EF Team

Morrison Ramos: I recommend everything about EF Berlin, It is a great option to learn german language, to learn about german culture, and to visit the best places in Berlin. All the teachers and their ways of teaching are great, and also the extra activities are lovely (Stammtisch on Wednesdays overall).
Response: Hello! Thank you very much for your review! The teachers and our activities team are very happy that you had a good time with us! Come visit us again! Best regards, EF Berlin

Vorname Nachname: Teachers seem to be not regular employed because they have to leave the course very quickly. And they seem to be bad paid because they don’t prepare their courses. The only good thing is : They have a good technology but I think that to have an available teacher and a good course is the best to learn a foreign language.

ebba leandersson: One of the best experience i have ever made in my life!
Response: Dear Ebba, thank you for your great review. We are lucky to hear that you had the time of your life!

Mikael Anders: Very good school, good teachers, and well located, very near of turistic places. Sehr gut Schule.
Response: Hi! thank you so much for your feedback! We hope you will come and ´visit us soon ! :)

14. F + U Academy of Languages ​​Berlin

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89 reviews
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F + U Academy of Languages ​​Berlin

Address: Bernburger Str. 24-25, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 20059770

Business type: Educational institution

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F + U Academy of Languages ​​Berlin: what do users think?

Alejandra S. Mariscal: I was student of F+U Academy of Languages for 5 months and I had a very great experience and I just knew a wonderful class mate group! Shall I never forget this great Human staff and the teachers are excellent. I never forget Mr. Razai and his class. He is a excellent teacher. Thank you very much!

Chaemin Lim: I am currently attending the Victoria Academy Of Languages school in Berlin and I am finding it good as I feel as though my German has already improved significantly. I am finding learning under my teacher Mr Razai to be a good experience as he is quite expressive and passionate while teaching. However I’m finding that the Campus accommodation is quite lacking.
Response: Thank you, Chaemin, for your positive and honest feedback. We are working on our Campus accommodation - there will be great updates in the kitchen and dining area anytime soon! :) Best, VICTORIA

HVM: I had a great experience in the Academy, learnt a lot and got to meet really nice people. My teacher Anna helped me tons and was able to teach in a really intuitive way! Definitely recommend asking to be in her class.
Response: Thank you so much!

Andrew: I am happy to have chosen this school to learn German because it focuses on much more than just learning in the class. My teacher Taregh was a great teacher that made sure we learned everything in an entertaining way which made the lessons more enjoyable. The office of the school was understanding when I faced some issues with my accommodation and I got moved to a better apartment. At the end, I wished I enrolled for a longer duration at the school because it was the best summer I experienced.
Response: Dear Andrew, happy to have you! Thanks a lot for your kind words and your patience. Would be glad to welcome you again to our premises anytime soon. Greets, F+U

Yanxiao Wang: Hi My friends, if you are looking for language school, I am very glad to share my experience with you. I have studied here before, and I think the teachers here are very very nice.They really helped me so much. I not only improved the German in this Language Academy, but also met a lot of foreign friends, who are very kind. I think the teaching ability here is very Great! Because we don‘t have only one teacher,but there are a lot of teachers.This is very important for learning German. Because I can hear a lot of people pronunciation. I was so happy because I was improving every day The environment here is great, the classroom is very clean. I am very grateful to myself for making the right decision, that is, here to learn German. Yanxiao Wang

Kat D: 2 stars only for nice staff at the reception. I was taking a German certificate there. The overall quality of this experience was poor. First of all, I only got an email with details two days before the exam after having called twice. Second, there was very clearly stated that one can only take a certificate with a negative test result, otherwise you cannot write it. So I took my time, and made a trip especially to take the test only to find out that the vaccination proof is enough. Would be nice to have that also written in email. On top of that during listening part there was some drilling on that floor. I was also informed that if I want a certificate sent to me, I should bring an envelope with a stamp. Very embarrassing. This was the 5th certificate I wrote in my life, both cambridge and goethe certificates were sent to my place without asking for an envelope. The certificate is expensive enough and I felt a massive second hand embarrasement when I read that email. If you have an option, you will benefit from taking your certificate somewhere else.

Polina Aslamova: Best school for many reasons. Initially I was aiming to get level A2 in German Language and quit the school for university language courses (as a student of TU Berlin I have possibility to get German courses really cheap). But I was so much impressed with the quality of teaching at school that I decided to proceed till B1-B2 level. I got very lucky to get super cool teacher, clear methodology and perfect program. I would recommend FU school to anyone who struggling with German language.
Response: Thank you so much for your kind and generous remarks! Hope to see you soon! F+U

Kristína Turner: One of my happiest month that summer full of new things, eager to learn again and fun. Teachers are very energetic and positive, always let you talk if you feel so. It is very hard to learn this language and a good teacher is very important for me to keep me motivated and positive. The city is amazing, with many people im still in contact with. It is a great experience even if you go alone like I did. If i will have the chance i will go again. <3
Response: Thank you, Kristína, very kind of you! Would be great to have you back.

15. Berlino Schule

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472 reviews
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Berlino Schule

Address: Gryphiusstraße 23, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 36465765

Business type: Language school

Near Berlino Schule:

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Berlino Schule: what do users think?

Remo Grasso: I really appreciated the method used at Berlino Schule. It is a functional and practical method. The teachers are all young, passionate and competent and are able to convey the love for the German language by making people discover its secrets and peculiarities day by day. They made us learn it through everyday situations. I recommend an intensive German course at Berlino Schule to everyone who wants to learn German.

Alicia MacLoughlin: I highly recommend Berlino Schule! Small groups and great price. Francesco (my instructor) is super upbeat and he is skilled at creating a welcoming and stress-free environment. Through his engaging lessons I feel that I have thoroughly improved my speaking skills and my overall language skills, while having fun.

Aleksandra Patoka: It was the best decision this year to start intensive courses with this school. I have tried different formats with other online schools and they have never been as productive as the Berlino schule. After two courses with Francesco and Martina I greatly improve my German skills and finally start use the language in regular life. Highly recommend!

Fabiano Garelli: I really enjoyed my weeks at the Berlino Schule. Here I have found a pleasant, friendly environment and at the same time, I started to find the German language less and less ugly and difficult thanks to a competent and friendly teacher. I absolutely recommend enrolling here if you want to start understanding some German ☺️

Arcangelo Riccio: At first, I was afraid of the idea of an intensive A2.1 course, because it is little time to get a clear idea of the language. Then I changed my mind and was able to experience that I make progress with the language day by day. I am lucky because my teacher makes me do many useful topics in everyday life, such as reading a work contract or analyzing a rental agreement. I am very satisfied and will definitely continue with A2.2. Thank you Berlino Schule!

Keiko Tanaka (Cakeo): It’s a shame that the school lack administration organization. The teacher I had was very good and I was motivated during the course. Unfortunately after I made them know I wanted to continue and send course I made the payment to sadly be informed that the course was fully booked!!!! Between the day I sent confirmation and the day I made the payment it had been 1 day with 50% (4 spots out of 8) where supposed to be available.

Antonio Martineau: Excellent institute for learning the German language in Berlin. A multicultural environment with highly trained teachers like Anna (Annabella), the best teacher. Highly recommended.

Emily Liu (QQ): My friend recommended me and I tried many places to learn german especially in Berlin. Berlino Schule is good but the German teacher Moritz is amazing and he makes German class so fun and motivated. Please sign up with his class and German for you will be Ganz Easy 😊😊

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