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1. School of Fine Art and Design, School of Art Berlin

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School of Fine Art and Design, School of Art Berlin

Address: EG, rechts, Immanuelkirchstraße 4/1. Hof, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4 PM

Telephone: +49 179 5272809

Business type: Art school

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School of Fine Art and Design, School of Art Berlin: what do users think?

Enrique Molina: im attending to the drawing course and im more than delighted. andrei is the best teacher ever. i get from him proper academic instructions of how to see what i want to draw, how to start, the way to understand shadows, perspective, etc... he is always checking up on every one and giving useful advices. highly recommended

Phillip Wenig: Very friendly staff and very capable teachers who can teach you all kinds of drawing and also software like Photoshop and Illustrator!

Sophia Fischer: I am very happy with my internship in photography and moving images! At the art school, I was warmly welcomed and supported quickly. Will miss the time here very much <3

Ksenia Sizyakova: Great school! I did my apprenticeship as an illustrator here from 2014 to 2017 and can only recommend it to everyone.

Anina Motte: i study here and am very back a pleasant mess and great individual people.
Response: thanks

Cob Crawler: Was very happy to get a chance to do my further education here. It was a nicer feeling after eight years to art again and the school combined everything that I loved about it. On one side it was nice to be at the board again with the brush, on the other it was to create digital animations on the computer. You have a really large range of different art disciplines and good contacts who help you find your own way in art!

Alexandra Dolejs: Everyone there is very friendly. The transport connection is great. My child learns illustration at school and is also very well supported by the teachers.
Response: Thanks very much!

Anna Zaretskaya: I finished my three-year education at the art school and I was very satisfied. Very friendly and experienced lecturers and family atmosphere. I was able to acquire many manual skills, learn classic drawing and painting methods and get to know all the programs that designers use, such as Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. Among other things, there are exciting workshops, evening courses, life drawing and holiday academies.

2. Berlin University of the Arts

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Berlin University of the Arts

Address: Hardenbergstraße 33, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 31850

Business type: Art school

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Berlin University of the Arts: what do users think?

Omar Faris: Horrible admissions office. The audacity in their rejection shows a clear disdain and an unnecessary superiority complex for an attitude when rejecting students. You guys really need to do better.

Abhishek Yadav: The largest art school in europe. Place where student gets the best academic experience and good course content with amazing facilities. Totally a career changer platform for every learner.

B. Kristanto: One of the best places in Europe to study music.


Aeliya Naqvi: Can anyone gve me the information about this university please

marek dumoulin: Terrible in communication. If you like oldskool pre-war style, this is perfect for you.

Basil Benny: Wow

Adnan Sidsique: one of top ten universities in German.

Anas Omar: I hope it is a good university


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Address: An der Industriebahn 12–16, 13088 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +49 30 23573530

Business type: Art school

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BERLIN ART INSTITUTE: what do users think?

Kailum Graves: The focus on constructive and critical discourse, while still providing a studio space for individual practice, makes the BAI a unique and rare residency program. For me, it was the perfect mix between theory and practice. Moreover, the multidisciplinary model of the program organically facilitated intense open dialogues, small and large group discussions, experimentations, and collaborations (and late-night drinking sessions). On a more personal note, Ralf and Stephanie are personally invested in every participate. They generously put endless time into supporting, inspiring, mentoring, talking, laughing, and sharing with everyone involved. Oh, and the pasta salads are delectable! Thanks for hosting me!

Jacalyn Carley: BAI program is absolutely the best. Do work, get amazing crits, take time for serious discourse, have encounters and lectures/seminar’s with experienced and fascinating people from the art world. THe studios are great, the concept of the program works, and above all, the leaders (Steffi & Ralf) Know the entire artworld and continue to bring their personal energy as well as their endless connections to the art world into the program. I was there on and off for nearly a year. Hope to attend again. I’m not alone in my praise — this concept works.
Response: Thank you very much for the great feedback, it really honors us. We look forward to seeing you again, we will keep in touch ..

samar mohamed: 100% the perfect art place, it’s a great environment so you can see and interact with another artists from different background and the most important thing the BAI team is very very helpful. I highly recommend it as I will repeat it again.
Response: Would be great to having you back!

Ellyse Phillips: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, ValueThe working spaces are large and the interaction with other participants is what makes this residency so valuable. I will definitely be back!
Response: Thank you Ellyse, looking forward to have you back at BAI.

Camila Piana: Amazing place, program and people! I totally recommend it .... best way to learn about art and grow as an artist.
Response: It has been such a pleasure to host you in the BAI Studio Program and see your work grow! Thank you for all your commitment, passion, patience & contributions to make it a success! Looking forward to your exhibition at 404 | BAI next year!

Zak Simpson: Good but let me in next time! 👿

4. Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

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Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

Address: Bühringstraße 20, 13086 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 477050

Business type: Public university

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Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin: what do users think?

Ghasem Yazdani: I have a very bad experience with 3 professors of Raumstrategy field, Prof. Günter Nest, Prof. Elisa T. Bertuzzo and One more who I don’t remember her name

Heiner Radau: small school of 500 students, great workshops, great people. did my bachelor of textile-design there. And i would do it again :)

Andreas Schreier: Cool.

erkam bodur: Meh

Jens: This facility obviously excludes healthy people! Unfortunately, fascism has returned to all those involved and those who think they have the right to discriminate against people, even in this facility.

rini sowitzki: An art academy as written in a book: everything full of significant junk and indefinable objects from art to a cultural crash, a tiny campus and dwarf state with students and teachers from all over the world, and everyone somewhere somewhere between art and design - definitely visit for a tour (= days of the open door), in summer, the colorful everything is exhibited to look at.

jaewook kwon: Beste Design Hochschule. University of Art and Design in East Berlin. West Berlin has a separate art school.

j H: Canteen tastes bad...otherwise ok.

5. Burnt Sienna Art School Berlin

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Burnt Sienna Art School Berlin

Address: Donaustraße 16, 12043 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 176 31665401

Business type: Art school

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Burnt Sienna Art School Berlin: what do users think?

Elisabeth Howland: I have had the great pleasure of taking two different classes with Burnt Sienna Art School over the past two years. Louise Thomas’s idea that this is “yoga for artists” is really true. We have to give ourselves the time to be creative and get dirty with charcoal and paint sometimes, especially when we are all getting so full with the flatness of the digital world. The first course was live drawing, taught by Louise — we met weekly for two months and worked on all different kinds of drawing exercises, some shorter and some longer executions, and culminated in a show at a local gallery. In that time I honed my skills enough to produce a drawing for the cover of my book, which was published last year. Without Louise’s course and support, the cover would have surely had the work of someone other than myself. I took a second course in oil painting this fall, which was a weekend course taught by a colleague of Louise who was trained in Florence in the style of the Old Masters, and it was a lovely introduction to working with oils (I never had). We were a small group and it was a great experience. In short, I can highly recommend gifting yourself or another person this precious time to develop your creative being. It really is priceless and has so many rewards!

Felicia Scheuerecker: Oh so nice! We are looking forward the next times in your was amazing and such a nice place...i felt like beeing somewhere in florence....dont know exactly why 😊 The art courses are very professional I joined an oil painting course of Louise Thomas and one "how we look at people" drawing course of Jesse Leroy with a portfolio review. Very helpful! A place full of friendly and talented people! Thank you so much! ❤

Anna MacIver: I have done two courses at Burnt Sienna Art school - the winter intro to oil painting course and also one day portrait painting course with Jesse Leroy Smith. I had zero experience in oil painting and Louise was a great teacher who taught me loads. I built on what I learn from that class in the portrait class and was able to create something I was super happy with. I really like how you have the opportunity to be creative and paint what you like and have your own style but getting great advice and technique tuition at them same time. Louise is really good at also creating a great friendly atmosphere so it’s always a really fun day. Looking forward to my next lesson!!:) thanks Louise and Jesse - 5/5 would recommend!!

Elaine Dettmann: Louise is an amazing and supportive teacher. Her studio has a warm renaissance atmosphere and small class sizes. While other drawing courses in Berlin are either very casual and lacking structure, or highly academic and unaffordable, Burnt Sienna Art School offers a comfortable middle for artists of any level. Highly recommended.

Chantelle Gallow: Louise is an excellent teacher. I had never picked up a paint brush and she gave me enough guidance without feeling like she was painting for me. It is a real treat to be able to paint outside in the fresh air and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to get out of my head and just create something with my hands for a few hours. To anyone who is thinking about doing some courses in life drawing or oil painting I would highly recommend!

Effy Nails: I’m so glad to have found this beaut art school. So far I’ve attended the winter oil course and the portrait in oil workshop and I can’t wait to do more. Louise (and Jesse) have been excellent teachers, enabling and inspiring me to explore painting- something I’ve had on my list for a very long time. Thank you Burnt Sienna!

Enrique Benítez Molina: it was a wonderful life drawing course. the teacher creates a magical atmosphere which makes you let your inner artist out. without having an artistic background and having had bad experiences with other courses i was able to learn, enjoy and love what i drew :)

Carla Gronwald: The studio is like an island of art in Berlin! Love the classes so much I never feel the time goes by. And Louise is the most wonderful teacher you can possibly have :)

Chiara Chierchiè: Louise is an amazing teacher, she puts a lot of care in making everyone be proud of their work!

6. Berlin Drawing Room

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Berlin Drawing Room

Address: Wrangelstraße 31a, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Business type: Art school

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Berlin Drawing Room: what do users think?

Julia Mota Albuquerque: I recently took a workshop with Ali Fitzgerald and it was absolutely wonderful! I am an illustrator, meaning I am used to working with single images, but I have always admired comic artists who work with multiple panels. Ali’s lessons were super insightful and she had so many simple and efficient tips that helped me actually put my single images together and tell a story with real emotional expressions and a storyline. Highly recommend it to any artists out there who are trying to take a leap into making comics or bringing their stories to life! But if you are a beginner this workshop will also be perfect for you :) Ali is super patient, kind and willing to help with everything you might need.

Michele Villeneuve: Mira is an excellent teacher. I loved the specimens that she chose for the winter botanical series. She was gentle and kind with her appraisals of my work (I was a beginner) and she was open to the needs of her students. I highly recommend this class!
Response: We are so glad to hear that you found the workshop nourishing and helpful! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Norma Bradley: G Caruso’s watercolor workshop was excellent and my first online art workshop. I hadn’t worked with watercolor for many years and I was able to refresh my memory and learn new techniques each week. Each session was recorded on dropbox so I was able to reinforce my learning. Each participant was able to upload their projects and get positive feedback and suggestions. G is an organized, very experienced water-colorist and teacher who shares her passion for the medium. She cares about each student and their progress. The sense of community that developed was such a treat. I live in the USA and worked from my studio. There were students from four other countries. I signed up for another class immediately and hope online classes will continue to be offered.

DON O'BRIEN: Another great class with Mira. She does a great job teaching watercolor technique, and also information about plants and mushrooms. Her passion for plants and watercolor painting comes through loud and clear and is very inspiring. Beginning students were surprised at their progress while producing memorable works of art. Experienced painters developed new techniques. In addition, I left with a greater appreciation and sensitivity toward plants.

Wendy M K Shaw: Mira celebrates her wonder of nature with her students. Whether for beginners or for more advanced participants, her classes provide technical instruction from the blank page and fresh paints to the finished work. Participants gain tips from her meticulous drawings, as well as courage from each other as we each develop our skills. Emotionally soothing and intellectually captivating, these drawing classes are a great investment for developing a new skill or honing an old one!

7. Academy of Arts

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Academy of Arts

Address: Pariser Platz 4, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +49 30 200571000

Business type: Art gallery

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Academy of Arts: what do users think?

Andrew Valentine: I love contemporary art museums, but of our 5 days in Berlin, this was the most disappointing stop. 18 euros for an exhibit you can fully experience in 30 minutes. I recommend walking in and seeing the architecture from the lobby and moving on. Take in the bank next door while you’re at it. The free view of each is well worth it.

Alek Korneev: I visited this Academy of arts during Biennale. The exhibition was interesting and concentrated on a colonial past. The building of academy is simple and nice.

Dyne Lee: Visited during Berlin Biennale. Airy, manageably large space with a geat view overlooking the Plaza and the Brandenburg gate in addition to awesome art pieces on exhibition.

Arjun Butani: Enjoyed the 12th Berlin Biennale here! This Akademie Der Kunste is slightly disappointing compared to their property at Hanseatenweg however it is worth visiting

Adelya Aksanova: Staff was very helpful (front desk, gift shop, cafe, & security throughout). Viewed a free exhibition (I love public art). Great architecture within. Not crowded.

Kirill Shumeykin: Worth a visit!

Florence: I found the place a little crowded for corona times, even when buying time-slot ticket. In addition they make you leave your name/address on a piece of paper even if it is on the ticket already. So not the most pleasant experience. The rest depends on the exhibition.

M: Very trendy place to host events and gala dinner events for companies and can host a lot of people... Indeed has its own attractions both from an architectural design and character I would suggest you visit the place once you are in Berlin

8. University of Art in Berlin

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University of Art in Berlin

Address: Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 31850

Business type: University

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University of Art in Berlin: what do users think?

Andrés Felipe Uribe Cárdenas: basically a black hole of western hipsterism

The Sunil Verma: My dream university

Sepideh Jahanpanah: Once there was and would like to study there

9. Artnuts Art Classes Kinder Kunst Kurse

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Artnuts Art Classes Kinder Kunst Kurse

Address: Raumerstraße 7, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3:30 PM

Telephone: +49 1520 1969575

Business type: Art school

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Artnuts Art Classes Kinder Kunst Kurse: what do users think?

Mala Ghedia: The lovely Mojca brings her artistic expertise and love for creative expression to her young students in a fun and original way. I’ve been so impressed and delighted by the “works-of-art” my child has brought home! Highly recommend these classes for all children.

Hadil Karawani: Mojca is most amazing! Her artwork with the children is enjoyable and inspiring on many levels! Our son loves to work with her and he produces artwork like we never imagined! I would take her class in a heart beat, if she offered it to adults!

Laura Wieland: Mojca is an incredible teacher! Our 6-year-old has been attending Artnuts classes for over a year and brings home the most wonderful creative projects. Portraits in Modigliani style, little dolls made out of wood, collages, foxes made out of papier maché - so many different materials and themes. Artnuts could not come more highly recommended!

Cristina Fishman: My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves ArtNuts and Mojca; her art projects are one of a kind and incredibly creative. This is not a sit down class where you get to draw some simple pictures, but one where you create, build, draw and sculpt out of different materials these beautiful pieces that kids are super proud of and ones that I happily display in our home.

Zanette Ballot: Since Luc has started art classes with Mojca his fine motorskills have improved so much. He never liked drawing, painting or coloring but Mojca managed to create a love for art he now has. Now he wants to take extra art classes at his school and art classes with her. I will be forever grateful to Mojca for helping my son love art!

Tina Draščič: This year I was an intern at Artnuts led by it’s founder Mojca Milek. Mojca is a teacher with a lot of ideas and a great sense of aesthetic that reveals itself in projects she’s doing with the kids and also the ones she’s making for herself. Every week she organises three classes where children are divided into different age groups by which she coordinates the level of complexity in the class. Projects are carefully planned and diverse in techniques and materials. They are often inspired by the books she keeps on the shelves in her studio. She encourages children to use their own imagination and express their own style. Every class ends with children making one piece of art, which they proudly take home to show to their parents. She’s a person with a really big heart and loves the children dearly.

10. Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch

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Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch

Address: Zinnowitzer Str. 11, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 7554170

Business type: Art school

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Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch: what do users think?

Salas Sandoval: Amazing place! Came to see a puppet art and music installation called "strings". Beautiful work and school!

Nomad 97: Looks like they have great facilities to teach drama to their students.

Martin Stief: My job...always great

11. Berlin Art School

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Berlin Art School

Address: Rigaer Str. 58, 10247 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 170 3639311

Business type: Art school

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Berlin Art School: what do users think?

Florian Müller: This Berlin art school is always cool for me I want to say that I like to dance

12. Pentaprisma: Berlin Photo Workshops

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Pentaprisma: Berlin Photo Workshops

Address: Fuldastraße 60, 12043 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +34 609 83 35 59

Business type: Art school

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Pentaprisma: Berlin Photo Workshops: what do users think?

Lex On The Road: I enjoyed my workshop with Guillermo. I felt like I learnt a lot in a short space of time and now have more knowledge and confidence to pursue my photography interest further. Thank you.
Response: Thank you Alexis and keep it up!!! :)

Tomás Fonseca: We had a lesson with Guillermo! The content and experience was completely adapted to our expectations and learning goals. Great fun and a time well spent! 100% recommended
Response: So nice to read this Tomás. Glad to hear you guys enjoyed the workshop too!!!

Kari Hatcher: I really enjoyed the Basic Photography class that I took over two weekends. Tomas was a really fantastic instructor and he gave a great overview of photography basics. I liked the mix of lecture and practical experience in his courses. We reviewed the theory first, practiced what we had just learned and then reviewed all of our photos together. I thought this was a great way to learn and improve my photography skills. We also visited four different and interesting locations that I was not familiar with, even after a year living in Berlin. I would definitely recommend this course and I may take more with Tomas in the future.
Response: Thank you so much Kari! Looking forward to having you again in one of our courses. ^_^

Liis K.: My experience with participating in the Pentaprisma photo course in Berlin last summer was simply wonderful! A big thanks to my FIRST official photography teacher Tomas! I enjoyed very much the thorough theoretical structure of the lessons as well as the scenic locations chosen for the shoots around the city. It was a really great way to meet fellow photography enthusiasts as well as to get to know to the city with completely new eyes! I look forward to participating in some of the more advanced level courses. Thanks again, Tomas! I recommend your course warmly!
Response: Thank you Liis! Really looking forward to having you around again. We did have a good time, didn't we? :)

Matteo Andreani: I was given a 9-hours Pentaprisma workshop voucher by my girlfriend. I practice photography for 10 years, but not professionally. I previously attended "advanced" group workshops and often I went home with little new knowledge in my pocket - mostly because I already owned the specific technical skills that we were taught. Even if I knew this would have been a different experience (a one-to-one, tailored workshop), I thought 9 hours would have been too many and I was scared to necessarily go through the knowledge I already owned. Instead, even before starting the first session, I was asked a small portfolio. This helped Thomas and Guillermo understanding how I could get the best out of the 9 hours workshop. Guillermo, the teacher based in Berlin, helped me improving exactly where I was still sometimes failing: being a critical photographer, before and after a shot was taken. He also helped me critically analyzing and selecting my best shots among the tens of thousands of pictures I had taken in the past years. He patiently and critically analyzed a 100-picture selection I did for the last session (a hell of a job, for both!). He finally helped me understand what photography means for me. I am very grateful to my girlfriend for giving me the opportunity to meet Guillermo. All the best to Pentaprisma team!
Response: THANK YOU Matteo for your kind words and for letting us be part of your journey. Please keep up with photography, you have a lot yet to say.

Carly Abramovitz: I really enjoyed the Pentaprisma experience. Tomás is a not only knowledgeable about the technical aspects of photography, he is also an artist, which means you learn a lot about composition and it really helps to train your eye. He is a great teacher because he is fun and light-hearted so even the biggest beginner will feel comfortable. An added bonus of the course is getting to explore some interesting places in Berlin and seeing familiar places with a fresh perspective. For me, the best part of the course was the little exercises he sent us out on because we could then go out and practice what we were taught and get immediate feedback. Overall it was a very rewarding experience!
Response: Uauh Carly... so happy to read you enjoyed it so much. :D Hope you've gone on photographing. Photography is a fascinating journey!!!

Timothy Olcott: What a great experience! I scheduled 2-three hour workshops during a recent trip to Berlin; each day, I met Guillermo at a coffee shop and we discussed composition on one day and camera settings on another. Afterwards, we walked to different sites for instruction in the field. After the workshops, I continued to think about the techniques Guillermo and I discussed, and I believe the workshops increased my skills as a photographer.
Response: Oh yesss! There's nothing better than seeing you've helped someone to grow a little bit. Thank you Tim! Enjoy your journey. :)

13. BTK - College of Design (Campus Berlin)

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22 reviews
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BTK - College of Design (Campus Berlin)

Address: Dessauer Str. 3-5, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +49 30 338539500

Business type: Art school

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BTK - College of Design (Campus Berlin): what do users think?

SaJbA AnNa: Cant help but say not that many great things about this university. The facilities when it comes to student services are disappointing, taking in consideration there’s either a lack of staff or just good communication overall. You’re paying full price for not even a fraction of service. Their always prioritizing money over anything. If you’re not too determinated you’ll end up paying even more because there’s always something wrong with your credits due to full classes or god knows what. Do yourself a favor and choose another place to study.

Chrome Wheels: Unfortunately did not enjoy my studies here. The quality of education does not justify the high tuition fee. After five semesters I switched to another university only to be impressed by how much better a university quality can be.

Nada Elbasyouni: I went there only to visit the students’ exhibition and they were very friendly

Romee Steijns: Disastrous, unprofessional and money hungry organization. Dissapointed beyond measure...

Dr.Jimmy McRustle: disaster of a "university"

Salvatore F: Nice and interesting structure, I visited it because I was interested in studying here but reading the various reviews I am afraid that I will opt for another solution, it seems that they suddenly interrupted the study courses, leaving the students in trouble even if they had paid. Three stars just because the building and the classrooms look nice and modern

Lefft Gu: Many teachers are really good and have a strong teaching quality and a lot of experience. Nevertheless, I and many students have the feeling that the university makes almost no effort to create a good study experience. There is almost no social life or events. Not even a cafeteria. The courses are held as video conferences and nothing more. After trial days at other universities, I can compare that there are significantly better options for studying (even in times of Covid). With universities that make an effort to create a good experience.

Andrej Rybovic: Very well premises for realization of events like bootcamps, presentations, discussions. Very good location - sirsie center Berlin.

14. Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology

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30 reviews
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Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology

Address: Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 29009052

Business type: Education center

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Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology: what do users think?

Mona Jain: My son studies in catalyst and I can see in one year of the programme his skill has multiplied manifold . It’s a great environment and student friendly institute which encourages original thinking . Professors are extremely helpful and themselves experts on their field of music .
Response: Hi Mona - thank you for the kind words. We’re pleased your son has benefited from our practice-based approach to learning with us. We will pass on your kind words to you son’s teachers.

Sylvia Gozdek: I took the 4-week Filmmaking short course over the summer in 2020 and had an incredible time. Together with my classmates, we created 11 films together! This meant I played through quite a lot of the different roles on the 6 sets I was on... It really is amazing how much ground we covered. From lighting and camera, to script writing and directing, through to editing and screening. This course is perfect for an ambitious beginner like me or even someone who has a bit of experience and is looking for a fast paced challenge.
Response: Thank you for sharing Sylvia, we encourage you to keep up this rhythm and look forward to following your creative projects!

Heath B: Despite being the in the first degree program at dbs Berlin, and the humble campus we had in comparison today, I cannot say anything negative about this institution. The degree program was aimed at students seeking a complete education preparing us for our final year’s thesis. Each subject was taught from simple to more complex, and understandably there may be some with more experience than others, but reinforcing the basics is essential. The support I got from all tutors was excellent and inspired passion to learn and grow. Following the degree, I was able to work as a freelancer, delivering high quality work to a variety of clients. Despite not currently working in music, what I learned socially and in soft skills over the degree years still sticks with me and certainly supports my current work and interactions in my industry.
Response: Hi Heath, many thanks for your thorough review. We're pleased to read you enjoyed studying with our tutors, as well as benefitted and well understood our learning approach. We'd love to stay in touch and hear how you evolve in your career and wish you the very best for a successful future in the fields you pursue. Kind regards!

Itamar Cohen: dBs was the perfect size for me - people get to know each other with the slightest effort. The staff were very qualified, helpful, and approachable, despite the fact that many of them were, in fact, English ;) I earned there some tools I use daily ever since, and made connections that go with me to this day. The program is what you make of it - the more you engage, the more you’ll learn.
Response: Thanks for your review, we're glad to hear you connected with the community while with us :) If you could let us know which programme you took we'd pass on your message to the tutors who always welcome any feedback. Kind regards!

Nicolas Avila Rodriguez: Dbs music berlin is a great place to make contacts advance in your music/film career and learn from some impressive tutors! With dedication and passion you can learn everything you need if you put the energy on it.
Response: Thanks Nicolas for the positive note :) We're proud of the great community we have here thanks to everyone's pro-activism and dedication to doing what they love.

SG Strike: Probably the best and nicest techs and staff all around. Met some of the coolest and most inspiring people there and learnt A LOT! Would recommend it to people who want to be creatively involved in music production, or want to improve their musical artistic views and visions. (got pizza for writing a possitive review)
Response: Thanks for this review, the techs will be happy to read this. Hope the pizza was tasty ;-)

Jayden Bailey: Film student here: Amazing tutors, admin stuff great people. Super hands on workshops and learn by doing film making, has led to amazing experiences with classmates. Highly recommend. PS amazing location and facilities 🧡

15. SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts (SOPA)

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SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts (SOPA)

Address: Potsdamer Str. 188, 10783 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4 PM

Telephone: +49 30 515650100

Business type: College

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Rodrigo Sommer: dropping out... regret losing my money
Response: Dear Rodrigo, we’re sorry to read your review. Since posting your feedback we have reached out in order to resolve any issues you are facing. We hope we’ve managed to clear up any misunderstandings.

Michael Holmgaard: Fantastic staff, great professors. Beautiful building 🙏

ice bear: Giving them the money ,than you pass the entrance examination

Marcel: Okay

yy xx: The job prospects as an audio designer after graduation are 0. Many years of my life wasted. On top of that, about €37,800 paid for 5 years of study.

Jovi Zhang: I took my first semester at school, majoring in music production, and I learned a lot. As long as you are willing to take the initiative to learn, almost everything is provided here. The reason that attracts me is the course setting, from the most basic to advanced, from theory to practice, from rehearsal to performance, my progress is visible to the naked eye.

Johannes Pich: Apart from a lack of employees or a somewhat careless organization and a constantly non-functioning Internet, the students are very well accommodated here, the content is really exciting and if you want you can really take a lot with you and get many opportunities to continue your education independently. There are many who complain at a high level, but this is partly self-inflicted, since many students have an "I pay a lot of money so put knowledge in my head and clean up behind me" attitude. The university can really do something. (Audio design, 3rd semester)

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