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Address: Linienstraße 40, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2 AM

Business type: Bar


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KASCHK by BRLO: what do users think?

Vedraj r.m: Nice atmosphere, with reasonably priced drinks. A tea is around 3.50€ but the portion is plentiful. It’s located in a very posh and a central area. You will find many cool places around. If you’re close by and craving for a quick drink, would totally recommend the place. Also, [My friend says “do not flush the toilet”]

Martins: A very nice pit stop. Nice small beer menu all on the tap and friendly staff that speak English very well. A lot of cans and bottles of beer in fridges below as well. We usually hunt for sour beers and they had a few and most of them hit the spot. You can also ask for tasters before buying one. And the West Coast one is brilliant, number 12, not a sour tho but very flavoursome. Also a nice size outdoor sitting area. And I assume they change their beers occasionally. Worth a visit.

Stevieb66: Excellent friendly bar with a relaxed atmosphere - welcoming staff and a good range of different BRLO beers that are brewed locally. Smoke-free inside which is nice. Shuffle board games in the basement. We were on a short city-break and this became our regular watering hole as our accommodation was nearby and it was always open late too. Well worth a visit !

Onweni Princess Ashinze: I have always passed this bar! And I decided to stop by with friends yesterday and it was lovely. Really good service and... they take payment by card! Loads of craft beers affordable too.

Jana K: Can I give 6 stars? I’ve loved this place since a very long time. When they closed for covid, I was literally devastated - there’re many great bars in Berlin, but no place like this. It is a lovechild of a Craft beer bar and a speciality coffee shop. So basically this place is great from the early morning till late night. Mainly English-speaking staff, very international, and incredibly friendly. They have finally reopened, now under the Brlo brand - so there’s always a number of Brlo beers on tap and 4-5 other crafts, mainly from Scandinavia. Amazing for work, for gathering with friends or dates, plus their playlists have always been and always are top notch.

Thomas Baak: Very Very Nice place. So far one of the better places i’ve been to drink beer. Great atmosphere, good beers and friendly staff

Kato Vanhoof: Nice place! Ideal for a quick stop or a long evening of fun! We had the happy pils, a lovely beer! You should definitely order the bbq nuts, they’re amazing!

MrsQuokka: Great craft beer, amazing staff, for sure you will try there more than just one beer :) huuge collection of cans to go as well 💜

2. Monkey Bar

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Monkey Bar

Address: Budapester Str. 40, 10787 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1 PM

Telephone: +49 30 120221210

Business type: Bar

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Monkey Bar: what do users think?

Karolina Biskup: This place was on my list when we visit Berlin and even thought we had to wait in queue more than half hour I think it was worth it. The view is speechless, especially during sunset. Drinks were amazing - the best quality and interesting taste. Unfortunately we haven’t seen any animals from zoo but the view was really nice still :)

Ire: I do not know why this place seems like a very top rated tourist destination. The drink and music are good. We were at the window seats yet there is not much to see as it was facing to the zoo. If it was facing to skyscrapers, the view would be so much better. This is the reason I don’t why people are crazy about this place, like there is NO view lol. It was during covid so we waited for like an hour? The seats are also very close each other. Anyway, drinks are good. That is it. No need to wait an hour to come I think.

Nila Homar: I went to this place on a weekday. We didn’t have to wait for a long time like on a weekend. Still, the place was so crowded.They have good cocktails and an amazing city view from the top.But I don’t think the place matches the hype.

Shinji: Very crowded with loud music. A place to enjoy the vibe, not to talk. Staffs were nice, the drinks were okay. If you sit outside, there‘re people always coming to take pics of the skyline and block your view. Would be better visiting during the daytime - relaxed with good views. (Plus most of the positive reviews are from the people who visited at afternoon.)

Dexter P: Perfect view over the park. The drinks are also delicious and worth the premium price. The side dishes from Neni are also perfect combination. Especially the Korean chicken. Unfortunate to read all complaints about the waiting time. They are open from 13h so you do not need to stay in line. Just do not come at peak times at night.

jamie 1983: Fantastic cocktails, great atmosphere and spectacular view over the zoo and city. Cocktails slightly on the pricey side at around 14 euros each but they were lovely and well made. Absolutely would return here.

ryan chappell: Welcoming staff coupled with a welcoming view, Over looking the zoo and on a good day (sadly today was not) I imagine you can see the animals too, cocktails are excellently made really high quality! Great date spot or to meet with friends Vibe is very exclusive

Roopa Naidu: Get a cappuccino made with love in a bar, the famous monkey bar! Of course, delicious non-/alcoholic cocktails are in the menu. Thank you, dear waitress at 20:45 on the 29th Dec 22 :) impressive and fast service, too!

P N: Furat is amazing on the door. The benchmark of how a company should be represented as you enter. Friendly, patient and kind. Manjeet was an ace bartender. We had the most attentive service with a legendary smile and of course an amazing Espresso Martini! Will be back when in Berlin again. 🇩🇪🇬🇧

3. Pirates Berlin

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Pirates Berlin

Address: Mühlenstraße 78 - 80, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 97002414

Business type: Bar

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Pirates Berlin: what do users think?

Neil chen: The restaurant is in good location, you can enjoy the view of the river spree, food and drinks are ok , nothing bad or special, but delicious. Waiters are friendly. But to eat there better have enough time, because you need to wait for a while.

rosie wood: Great location just next to the East Side Gallery. We sat outside under the heaters for about 4 hours because it was so nice and the atmosphere was good, even on a Wednesday evening! Food was decent but we timed it right and had half price pitchers of cocktails! Amazing value.

Alireza Ahmadi: The amount of food is good. Quality is average, not bad not fantastic. But the view of the river is very nice.

Carles Casasola: We stopped there to take a drink. Funny and very nice place near the river. Good sights.

Tjeerd H: Wonderful. Great service. The owner came out to see us. Best spare ribs I have had.

Hakeem Usman: A very large and spacious restaurant by the side. Just like the name implies Pirate, the restaurant is a pirate themed site. Good Customer service, delicious dishes. Worthwhile.

Viktorija Kazakova: We have enjoyed this place. Ordered mango-coconut soup with salmon, some fries and fresh salad, everything was good. People around us were ordering massive pizzas, they also looked delicious. Great location to sit outside on sunny day near the river, enjoyable music and atmosphere altogether. Thank you for good experience!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

4. Holzmarkt Pampa

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Holzmarkt Pampa

Address: Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 47361686

Business type: Bar

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Holzmarkt Pampa: what do users think?

Sérgio Vinícius de Sá Lucena: This is a typical Berlin place, with multiple bars and great atmosphere close to the river… there’s a delicious pizza there which I highly recommend. During summer it’s very good place to meet friends.

Sahar Ben Shushan: Really nice place to drink bear and grab a pizza at the evening

Karen Fontecha: Just amazing to comer here and chill with friends. One of my favourite spots in Berlin

Jamie Tunnington: Chilled beach/river vibes. Well worth a visit 😎😊

Joules Al: Great place to chill out with a beer

Anne Schulze: Love to go there after work to hang out with friends. Thanks for a free and nice place at spree! One recommendation: Please provide more options to buy drinks, like a soft drink vending machine if staff is short for example. Whenever the weather is nice the bar queues are ridiculously long

Kenneth Hatfield: I have been back to this place about 19 times. If the weather is nice this one of the best places in Berlin to take out of town guest for daytime beers in summer. They have huge wooden tables you can sit outside and drink beer and watch boats go by on the river. Really funky people and artists about with live music. Really love this place. Best of all, they have a Teledisco booth - dance like there is no tomorrow!!!

Slobodan Ninkov: You know this tight places where people go to be seen, where you feel like everyone watching everyone else..... well this is not one of that places it is total oposite, it feels like festival with so many different bars.... it is better beach bar than any beach bar in whole Cyprus!

5. MacLaren's Pub

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1549 reviews
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MacLaren's Pub

Address: Boxhagener Str. 16, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 31172608

Business type: Irish pub

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MacLaren's Pub: what do users think?

Catarina de Bettencourt e Ávila: The burgers were amazing. The decoration is super nice as well, specially if you are a HIMYM fan. Just the potatoes were extremely salty and the staff was not that nice. I was not feeling welcome at all which ruins a bit the experience.
Response: Hey Catarina, We are very sorry for your bad experience and definitely discuss this with the team.

Krasi Paskalev: My favorite bar in Berlin. Not only does the bar have an amazing HIMYM atmosphere, but the Burgers are tasty and the cocktails are great! Love everything about it!

Julia Swidron: Really awesome place for how I met your mother fans, has so many small details that makes you smile whenever you spot it. Drinks are priced normally and you can pay by card, looks quite crowded but overall great place. Also the staff is very nice we were a group of 8 and our table was set up perfectly, they made sure we all have enough space

Sadhbh Baumann: The HIMYM theme was really cool and loved all the effort made into referencing the show as well as the themed cocktails, that being said it was a very poor Irish pub, it was clear the staff didn’t know any of the drinks they were serving for example serving a mixed baby Guinness that was just a brown concoction in a shot glass, poorly poured pint of Guinness that was warm with about a 3 inch head on it and they had a Car Bomb drink on the menu which would be considered quite offensive in parts of Ireland. The service was also extremely slow and the staff seemed confused at times. Would recommend for HIMYM fans but if you’re looking for an Irish pub this isn’t the spot

Gabriela Garcia: If you’re a fan of HIMYM it is necessary that you go here. It felt so nostalgic to see so many details of the show live. The food, in our case burgers were amazing and the non alcoholic cocktails were delicious, we ordered two. The person who attended us was super nice and sweet. We definitely loved it and would go back when visiting Berlin again.

Stephen Haigh: 2 stars for the price. Other than this, the food was awful, Guinness was terribly pulled and the service was a little rude. Strictly a place for tourists or those obsessed with how I met your mother

j4ckj3nkins: A must for any real How I Met Your Mother fan! Would 100 % recommend! Can be hard to find seating in evenings

6. Clash

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2751 reviews
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Address: Im Mehringhof, Gneisenaustraße 2A, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 32526387

Business type: Pub

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Clash: what do users think?

elventree mac: The place is nice, smoky and smells of beer and punk attitude. Music was playing really quiet so we could barely understand what we were listening to. There are billiards and arcade games.Toilets were relatively clean on a Monday night. Beers were in really reasonable prices. Tips: Enter the heavy black gate and then search the bar’s entrance on your left hand. Staff is not very friendly. Do not ask anything but beer. Although there’s no sign prohibiting you for photos , the crew wouldn’ be happy watching you take photos.

Rohan Fernandes Barreto: - Nice place to catch up with your friends over a beer. - Great set of beers too. - Has a pool table and a foosball table too. - The place has a typical rustic feel to it. - Only accepts cash like some German establishments.

Rafael Philippini: Clash is one of my favorite bars in Berlin. A great rock bar with nice music and a good amount of beers and drinks for a fair price. They also have foosball table and some pinball tables. Worth the visit!

Nora: Overall for me it is one of the best places to go for a drink in Berlin, good atmosphere, good drinks, lots of activity and friendly people. The problem sometimes is the noise of the music, because it is very loud and the few tables they have, you always have to wait or look for a place.

Kelvin Pothin Wolff: Very interesting environment.Looks like the real Berlin. Awesome experience!

Kieran Dunne: Absolutely fantastic night, with great music and beer. Service was great and fast. Wonderfully inclusive but be warned...this is a cash only business, but what a business.

7. Tausend

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631 reviews
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Address: Schiffbauerdamm 11, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 27582070

Business type: Bar

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Tausend: what do users think?

Denisse Rayas: Had a great night yesterday, always so much fun at Tausend. Best music, atmosphere and cool people. Shout out to Finn! Best barman ever. Thank for the good energy Finn.We’ll be back soon.

Claudia Hoyos: Nice night club, very good music and atmosphere. We had a really fun night. Also Finn, the barman was so good!! Definitely We will go back soon!!!

Victor Novikov: Welcome back to 2000sCocktails were decent, but the crowd was... Eclectic.

Alice: Amazing place but the tall brunette bar tender definitely ruined the night a bit, hope she only had a bad day for giving such a bad service.8€ shots 16€ cocktails 10€ entry fee (not always though)

matheus benamor: Nice place, people inside are very polite and the drinks are nice, but the guy at the door was very stupid in our visit last time, he denied one of our friends to enter because of his dress code 👎🏻 just lost me and our friends, we will not return!

Ryan Messner: Trendy hidden bar and restaurant near Friedrichstraße station. More than just bartenders slinging pints — they are artists, hosts, entertainers! Earlier in the evening the bar is generally empty and everyone keeps to themselves. As the night carries on, the place starts filling up with a trendier crowd, and turns more into a club. Hit the bar for some pre-dinner cocktails, enjoy dinner at the Backroom Cantina, and then stay for the DJ or Band. They do allow smoking inside and have coat check available. Cant find the entrance — YG?

8. Berlin Icebar

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1638 reviews
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Berlin Icebar

Address: Spandauer Str. 2, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 23497028

Business type: Bar

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Berlin Icebar: what do users think?

Jeffrey Barker: This is a heck of a fun experience for a short amount of time. Kids can also enjoy this experience so don’t let them be a reason not to go. While all the bartenders seemed great, Simon was an absolutely great host. If you go in the summer, resist the temptation to wear a hoodie. The jackets/ponchos they give are more than enough. They also have kids sized ponchos and gloves so no need to carry a bunch of hot clothes with you. You get one drink at the bar (main building) and two more in the ice bar itself. The main bar has a nearly full bar as far as options while being in the room requires a smaller menu. Kids can get sprite or virgin versions of alcoholic drinks. Great way to escape the heat! Would do again!

Andy de Jong: After entering, and buying or showing your ticket, you receive a passport and the little adventure begins. You can order any drink of the menu and wait for the captain to call for the next group. After putting on safety gear you go to the cold room. Now you can order 2 shots (or beer or limonade) so you can survive the cold. A fun place to start your evening.
Response: Dear Andy, Thank you for your kind review! Happy to know you enjoyed your visit and the delicious drinks included, we hope to welcome you soon for another fun evening! Cheers, Berlin Icebar

Xun Mei: Amazing experience! Drinking super cold desperado beer at -15°C in a glass made of ice, is an experience that you should try at least once in your life 🤩 The stuff is super nice, funny and they do know how to have fun! Moreover you can book your tickets online and have a 3€ discount! 😉 Just an advise: bring something to cover your legs! (for the upper part they will give you a jacket and gloves)💃
Response: Dear Xun, Thank you for your nice review! It makes us happy to hear you had such a fun time with us and enjoyed the atmosphere. As we have to keep the bar very cool, your tip is useful to our future visitors, thank you for that. We do hope you had a wonderful time while in Berlin! Kind regards, Berlin Icebar

Daniel Stadelmann: Reviewing for a friend: Not only a waste of energy (this should actually be forbidden) but also a waste of money considering that a beer is roughly half a 0.3l bottle only (ie 0.15l, see “dents” in ice glasses)! Ice bar is basically just freezing and has some decorative ice but apart from that is just a regular room, so nothing fancy to expect!
Response: Dear Daniel Stadelmann, Thank you for the 2 stars. We are so sorry that we could not fully meet your friend's expectations. It makes us sad to hear that your friend could not fully enjoy the ice glasses as planned. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we put our heart into the decoration of our Icebar, therefore we will take into account your comments. We hope your friend can join us again for an improved experience. Kind regards, Berlin Icebar

Derrick Lee: We enjoyed the Icebar it was a good experience and well priced with 3 drinks included in the admission price. Great staff and great drinks. We were it to be bigger but we still would recommend a visit
Response: Dear Derrick, Thank you for leaving us this amazing review and for recommending us to future visitors! We can't wait to have you here again for another fantastic evening :) Cheers, Berlin Icebar

Cindy Tien: This was a fun experience for a quick pit stop for a drink or two if you’re in the area :) I bought a Groupon, which I saves you a little bit (totaled out to $15usd for ticket and 3 drinks). You first get a drink outside (any choice on their menu), they stamp your card and mingle/hang out before the captain comes out for the next group to enter (it seemed like every half hour increments). Then, you go with the captain into another room. A quick screening video/story is given and then you are given a jacket and gloves. Next, you enter the ice bar! I was thinking it would be bigger like you walk around but its a little smaller than I thought. Some cool ice sculptures and the bar in which you order your next two drinks (either shots or beer). Fun music is playing and you hang around snapping pictures. I admit after 15 or so minutes it did get cold, so would recommend layering up if you intend on chilling in the ice bar for a longer period.
Response: Dear Cindy, Thank you very much for your kind review. We are honestly happy to read you had such a "cool" experience with us. We hope to welcome you back really soon! Have a great day! Berlin Icebar

Matteo Casartelli: This is a really cool experience, this is the first ice bar that I visited and I have to say that is not the last one! The provided coat and gloves keep you very hot but is best to already wear at least a jacket and for sure long trousers. The cocktails are really good. For the price you pay it’s a great stop in Berlin!

9. Andy's Diner & Bar

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894 reviews
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Andy's Diner & Bar

Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 5, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM

Telephone: +49 30 97894120

Business type: Bar

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Andy's Diner & Bar: what do users think?

Doktor (Doctor): One of the best places to visit in Berlin, with nice service and delicious dishes (My cheeseburger was great 👍). The guy who helped us was very kind (Thanks!). Will go again to have some food, spend some time and see my buddy - the Immanuel Kant guy. 🤓 Wheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.

Sue Fuller: In the museum district, this restaurant offers a great selection on the menu. Our waiter spoke excellent German and English and took a personal interest in us. The food was amazing and plentiful portions! Full bar with beer and wine selections.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Saule Sakalauskaite: Staff is nice, didn’t have cash on me, went to ATM and server remembered my order, when I came back, server saw me outside, remembering my order brought it in no time.

Stefan Vujovic: Standard service for touriss/businesses in the area.. The burger is pretty decent!

Mo Moghaddas: Although it was late at night, the staff was friendly and v accommodative. I had the Hot white chocolate and it was pretty good. ☕

Rasmus Kjær Rasmussen: Ripping off tourists. Ordered a burger for 10,50 EUR and a coke for around 4 EUR. The burger is then delivered with fries, which I can see afterwards I was charged an extra 4 EUR for. The waiter never asked me if I wanted fries, so I of course assumed that fries were included. On top of that the waiter gave himself a 5 EUR tip? I slided the card through and then asked why it was so high and asked if it was service charges that made it high, but the waiter denied that there were any service charges. Then I had to ask another waiter for a reciept, since the first waiter just gave me a credit card receipt. What should have been an 16 EUR order ended up being almost 26 EUR. Awful experince!

Ioannis Aslanidis: Ok food and service for kids.

Bernard Kavanagh: Lovely vibes and amazing food. I had the spare ribs, and my friend had the Currywurst. Both dishes were phenomenal! The service was amazing too - the staff are very friendly.

Lance Parker: Worst currywurst. Just a hot dog with ketchup and 1gram of curry. American theme was not inviting. Tacky decor. Terrible music. 2 stars because the staff is great.

Sophia Campos: Disappointing experience. Our order was taken wrong and the food was below average and almost cold. The waiters were rude/ rly quiet and started picking up plates before my friend was finished eating.

10. Hopfenreich

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1859 reviews
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Address: Sorauer Str. 31, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 88061080

Business type: Bar

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Hopfenreich: what do users think?

Bull Dogg: Excellent craft beer bar with a good selection of beers on tap. A wide variety of beer types and breweries are offered. The staff is professional and friendly. The interior is terrific, except for the restrooms which are Berlin-nasty. Nonetheless we keep coming back to this place for its great beer.

Gicu Hincu: It is a beer place and it should be treated accordingly. The atmosphere is simply awesome, the vibes are so cool and it just feels good here chatting over a beer. It is a disruptive place with good beer, nice staff and good people. They allowed us to bring our own food and I believe the combination of their beer and Burgermeister burgers has added to this experience being hard to forget. Highly recommended

Radosław Włodkowski: Amazing service, great selection of beers. Go there and just enjoy!

Frederic Muzel: Great place for incredible special beers. If you are a beer lover and you are using the untapped app, this place comes close to paradise. They have some amazing beers and you can try all of them as a sample before making your decision. If you get hungry , buy some chips at the local späti around the corner so you can endulge yourself in a journey through the microbrewery landscape.

David Chadwell: Terrific variety of craft beers from Berlin and beyond. All types as well from IPA to Stout and all in between. Well worth a stop for one or two.

Emilo: Good local beer, cosy atmosphere. The staff knows a thing or two about the beers & will gladly guide u through the styles. //Cheers!🍻 i mean PROST!😄 //peace out

Simon Batchelar: Amazing beer selection. Very helpful bar staff help you choose and recommend local and different beers.

11. BrewDog Berlin Mitte

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3629 reviews
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BrewDog Berlin Mitte

Address: Ackerstraße 29, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 48477770

Business type: Bar

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BrewDog Berlin Mitte: what do users think?

Mor T: Great selection of beers from tap. Sitting outside was nice! Also loved that there’s a fridge with beers that aren’t available in tap - got a few to go. Kinda wish the kitchen was open a bit longer. Wanted milkshake around 22:30 (😅), but didn’t know kitchen closes at 22:00.

Sabri Kürüm: Great beer selection, you can get taster menu for 4 biers of your choosing. Hero pizza was not bad but rather average. It has a nice atmosphere with friendly staff.

Eva: They have plenty of vegan/vegetarian options. The pizza was fine and the beer was good. There are also many types of ciders. In my opinion some beer were a little bit too expensive. But everything else was fine.

Jelena Krsmanovic: There is mostly indoor seating here 🏠. In the summer ☀️ they have a small garden open as well as a few benches in front of the place next to a side street. A reservation here might be necessary, It’s usually very crowded. There is a nice vibe there, it looks lovely inside, beers 🍻are really good 🤩 and they have some food as well 🎉

MrsQuokka: Our second BrewDog visit after trying the one in Barcelona. Same cozy atmosphere, great staff and varierty of beer options will make you satisfied with your decision of staying there for a while :)

Farwa: It’s a nice place with different kinds of beers. The beers taste different but good. They offer you beer tasting and let you choose type of beer. Staff is very friendly and speaks good English.

Stephen Sutherland: Great beer - tried and tasted Brewdog favourites like Hazy Jane and Elvis Juice and lots of guest German beets to try. Staff really friendly, helpful and clearly love beer so perfect combination. Try and beets and see what you like 👍

Hans Loes: Love this place! The beers are awesome, if you are into craft brew, this is a must visit. All beers are for take-away in cans/bottles or growlers which brings back memories from the U.S. - a great party gift! They got nice outdoor seating, too and decent food. Fully recommend!

12. Klunkerkranich

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5578 reviews
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Address: Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 AM Sun

Business type: Bar

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Klunkerkranich: what do users think?

Fabian H: Child-friendly “hidden” roof top bar overseeing Berlin. One of the best roof top bars in Berlin. You get there by taking the elevator to P5 and than walking up to the last floor. We came here with our guest and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. There is a large sandbox in the middle with some toys and our guest child enjoyed it a lot. As lots of guests are smoking around the sandbox you could argue that it is only “kind-of” child friendly but we had a great time and also for tourists an affordable and nice place.

Florian Korzer: Must see rooftop in Berlin. Excellent views and good vibes. Awesome for an aperol spritz or a cold beer. They had vegan options for food too. Sometimes you get somewhat of a line to get in. But we’ll worth the ten additional minutes.

Huzefa: Wow!! I liked it. Pros: + good music + good view of berlin + good vibes + kids friendly + variety of drinks (i had fritz Spritz) and (food i didn’t tried) + before and after sunsets both have different vibes of the place. Cons: - not enough tables on the rooftop view side. - food is expensive P.s: if you want table next to the rooftop view, come at opening time or else you have to wait until some gets free.

Algimantė: Food and drinks are pretty bad, but the view and overall vibe is worth it. My Aperol Spritz was one of the worst I ever had, so you have been warned. Entrance fee was 7 EUR per person. We had to wait in the line, but it moved very quickly. At the entrance you get a little service button for the drinks (when you order the drink, bartender scans it and when your order is ready it beeps). You have to leave 10 EUR deposit for this button thing, but you will get your money back after you leave.

Bart S: This place is awesome. The roof is like a big garden and has some great views of the city while some nice tunes are being played. . Bar queue can be quite a hassle tho.

Anna Abreu: Great experience once inside! Got there at around 7:30pm on a Saturday and had to wait a little over an hour to go inside. The vibe in the place was wonderful and had a great view of the sunset over the city. The only unfortunate part of the experience was that the server in the food area was pretty unpleasant.

Ashley: It was cool to be there during the day/ sunset … very busy and not easy to get to but worth it if you want to have a great view of the city … staff isn’t super friendly but they’re busy. It’s not somewhere you need to back to but it was good

Mahima Rai: A great place to enjoy rooftop sunset in Berlin!Relaxed vibe, live music and amazing location. Quite disappointed to hear to find out that they don’t have free entry before 4 pm anymore.

Oleg Fedotkin: A charming place with a great rooftop view. Entry fee is 3-5€ (you have to decide how much do you want to give), which, probably, filter the audience a bit. For 10€ deposit you’ll get a buzzer with a QR code which allows you to order and pay for drinks and food online (payment via PayPal). When we were there only drinks were available. The drinks are okay, Moscow Mule was so so, the food was nice. People are chilled until somebody leaves a place closer to roof edge and the view. It’s a nice experience, but nothing too special.

Graeme B: Good bar on rooftop with views over Berlin. Seems to be hard to find but go up the elevators to level 5 and then turn left, walk up the final up ramp which is now pedestrian only. Entry is €7 per person.

13. Johnny's Bar - Karibisches Restaurant

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377 reviews
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Johnny's Bar - Karibisches Restaurant

Address: Zimmerstraße 88/89, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM

Telephone: +49 30 63966190

Business type: Bar

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Johnny's Bar - Karibisches Restaurant: what do users think?

Mashaal Veera: Authentic Carribbean food! Greta staff! Must go if you want to try something new! I got a stuffed potato with great coffee! Totally would recommend this place!

Néstor Ramos: Friendliest staff! And the food took me back to my childhood in the Dominican Republic. The flavors and textures were right on point!! Will go back soon I can already see!

nisha chandnani: Lovely food..lovely place..the hosts, every single one of them- are very warm..highly recommended..the hosts will make your evening !!

Enrico-Maria Zotti: Very nice place, very good food and very nice staff.Recommended (even with children).Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Iulia Iancu: Very nice place and friendly stuff! Good food and relaxing place!

CM Enfield: Great host and delicious food! My picky kids loved the grilled chicken, and I loved the chicken nachos!

Mónica Afonso: I felt very welcomed at this place, the people were friendly and the food was also good. The owner offered me a traditional liquor, he was very kind. I keep good memories and definitely I will come back next time in Berlin!

Tibor Geza: It was very good. Nice and kind service and the food was very delicious !Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

14. Haubentaucher Berlin

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1342 reviews
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Haubentaucher Berlin

Address: Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 297766770

Business type: Bar

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Haubentaucher Berlin: what do users think?

Sebastian Fink: Awesome location. Just going in it feels like going on holiday. Relaxed but stylish atmosphere, great venue for (afterwork) party and events

Ankit Bisen: We went there for office party and it was great!! If you want to plan for a summer office party then it is highly recommended!! Not sure how is it for normal parties.

Eren Kargi: They didn’t let us in because we were two guys. We are Students and don´t look ultra rich. The Girls before us gave hugs to the staff outside, and entered for free. I think they are Promoters inside. I’m giving one star because this information wasn’t stated anywhere. You can set your own rules as a place owner but you should make them visible to your guests and so that no one goes there (and probably from a very far place) to get surprised that they’re not allowed.

Bijan Kholghi: Really amazing location. A party location with pool and palms. Wow

Pedro Mass Jr: The vibe depends a lot on the promoter. Inform yourself before going there or you wont get in.Have a second plan on a hot day if you just want to swim in a group.

simon wyzgala: What a great spot. They have a big pool. A beach area. A couple of bars and a great view over the water at the back the venue. Great for bigger events :)

True. Ama: Nice place.....outdoor events, food and drinks inside but at a price not free..,first 2 drinks are for free., you pay with some plastic coins provided at the gate after you pay the entry fee.., ( during the day) .,tho ,NO food or beverage allowed..IN the venue (exertions) Only if you got (small kids)..,can bring baby food for them..

15. AL.Berlin

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50 reviews
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Address: Remise im Hinterhof, Skalitzer Str. 114, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM Wed

Business type: Bar

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AL.Berlin: what do users think?

Lynn Beyrouthy: You have to come try their Arak, it’s a great atmosphere with the friendliest staff I’ve ever met. When I first visited this bar, I didn’t imagine that I would be coming back so often. The music, the atmosphere, the crowd, the drinks, I love it all. Somehow felt like home from the first visit. Thank you for creating this space

Ali Mustafa: Great place and staff, hosts events for migrants and oppressed people, very inclusive and colorful.The place for people from the global south

Yasmeen Daher: A charming place in the heart of the neighborhood. Highly recommended for spending a great time with friends accompanied by delightful music and delicious food and drinks. It is a great spot to work during the day in a quite atmosphere. A vibrant and friendly team runs this space and offers great shows, talks and events.
Response: Its very kind of you to share this lovely review <3 hope to have you here again soon. <3

Lamia Moghnie: Great place for a morning coffee and/or an evening drink with friends. I usually go there to work during the day. They also have amazing drinks and I especially like their white wine and Arak, and offer a variety of snacks. They also host music and cultural events!
Response: Thank you for your warm words :-) <3 we are waiting to host you again hopefully soon. <3

Hanan Toukan: This place is a gem and an oasis in a busy part of kreutzberg. Not only do the amazing collective of friends and artists that created this space serve the best coffee and Arak and Hummus in town, they manage to be both a daytime cafe and a nighttime bar by transitioning smoothly between both. Kids can play while their parents have their morning coffees and afternoon drinks, all under one roof! To top it all off and in typical Berlin fashion they also host art shows and talks as well as varied cultural events.
Response: Thanks for this heart warming review <3 Hoping to host you again soon <3

Dima Hamdan: Great place... friendly staff, excellent drinks, great live music and just very laid back and unpretentious, the perfect spot if you want to avoid the noisy parts of Kreuzberg!
Response: We are waiting to host you again! <3 thanks for the warm words. <3

Alia Mossallam: Beautiful place for children and grown-ups alike! Run by a wonderful team, an ideal space for workshops, cultural events, talks or drinks.
Response: Thank you for your wonderful Review <3 Hope to host you here again soon. Love! <3

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