Best Biker Bars In Berlin Near Me

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1. Moto Bar

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169 reviews
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Moto Bar

Address: Paul-Robeson-Straße 46, 10439 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Business type: Bar

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Moto Bar: what do users think?

Jeffrey Loebick: Nice local bar. Very relaxed. Friendly staff Not much of a beer selection. Just your standard lagers. More of a cocktail bar.

Pyry Paunio: A sympathetic little bar. Chill retro vibe. Open later than other bars in the area. Smoking inside is allowed. Free snacks with drinks

Antonio Perez: The beer is good. But the bartender is some annoying

Oliver Gebbert: One of my favorite bars in Prenzlauer Berg! First of all the friendly Moto (owner and the barman)

Simon Krämer: Very friendly owner, a little limited, but solid selection. Free snacks on most nights.

S A: Very cosy bar with a friendly owner! Beer is delicious too!

Serga Miller: Best place to have some after hour drinks. Friendliest owner of a bar in the world.

Paula xxx: The owner is super nice, the drinks are good and not too expensive

2. Rockcafé HALFORD

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836 reviews
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Rockcafé HALFORD

Address: Mainzer Str. 15, 10247 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 50173851

Business type: Bar

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Rockcafé HALFORD: what do users think?

Joan Pabón Fontalvo: Awesome Metal bar! Great memorabilia collection and plenty of space! Top tier!

Luke Besley: I wondered if it was Judas priest related.Yes. It was.
Response: Thank you

Sarah Cunningham: Great place to go if you like rock music and cocktails!!
Response: Thank you

D'Arcy Nichol: A little quiet on a Thursday night, but the staff were cool, the decor thoroughly on point and every song on the playlist a classic metal banger. A great place to shoot some pool and chill.

mohammad reza taghavi: Better than many Rock cafes I saw... No pinball machine in sight BTW.
Response: Thank you

3. Franken Bar

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752 reviews
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Franken Bar

Address: Oranienstraße 19A, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Business type: Bar

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Franken Bar: what do users think?

Małgorzata Ch.: Great place, music, people and drinks! Lady bartender was super organised and very nice. One of my fav pubs in Berlin. Will be back for sure!

Aspasia Pramateftaki: Nice bar, nice music. Its a good place to grab a beer and spend your evening!

Anastasiia Renkas: rock bar, smoking inside, good music, alcohol available

M K: hard rock, metal or punk music playing in their speakers. Chill spot but you can’t always hear each other talking

Cajou: Amazing bar, really nice atmosphère ! Perfect to start a party!

Carla Sokołowska: 4.5/5 Great place, exactly my vibe, the cocktails are mediocre but they have a wide range of beers. Also a big plus for the pinball machine, great music and smoking inside.

Josip Vrban: Nice place , really like it. Music is good, beer is cold and shots are not expensive

terri-louise Ó leathlobhair: Blonde working behind the bar is the single rudest person I have ever met. Completely racist. Took one look at my asian boyfriend and shut the door in our faces. Said the bar was closing, much to the shock of the patrons we were speaking to outside. Seems it was the first they had heard about the new closing time. Her attitude was abysmal. She should be ashamed of herself. Other reviews have mentioned her and mentioned that non-german speakers i.e. foreigners are not welcome. I should have heeded the warning. Nothing but bad wishes to you. Horrid person.
Response: We don't have a blonde waitress at all 🤷🏼 ♀️ and you can accuse us of everything but no racism! A

Andreja Kirisic: Nice punk bar with really kind and friendly bar staff, Hana and Rakye were so great with there positive and welcoming attitude, much love!!

4. Misfit Bar Berlin

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368 reviews
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Misfit Bar Berlin

Address: Leuschnerdamm, Oranienpl. 41, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 172 1820060

Business type: Bar

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Misfit Bar Berlin: what do users think?

Daniel Devine: Went on a recent trip to Berlin (Dec ‘22) for a gig (Shikari in Potsdam) and looked up some rock type bars. This was a really nice place, was on a Sunday late evening so wasn’t super busy, few (presumably) locals at the bar but did get a few more people in over the next hour or two. Barmaid was nice and helpful despite our groups dreadful German skills, and even some at the bar chimed in which was nice haha. As always in Germany, just asked for whatever beer they’d recommend and our group for a few different ones, everyone enjoyed them! Nice atmosphere, music obviously rock based which is what we were after. Fusball table that’s free to use too in the corner, interesting addition and one I’ve seen in a few places now, very welcome one haha! They had a super interesting map on the wall where you can pin where you’ve come from which was cool to look at and see all the different places! Smoking indoors is still a thing in Berlin, I’m not a smoker but it never bothered me that much. Might not be up everyone’s street, that’s just the way they do things. Overall, nice place, can bet it’s even better in Summer. Would go again next time I’m in Berlin!
Response: Wow, now that's a fantastic review, very detailed and helpful for future visitors! The barmaid is brand new to this job and more than happy about your kind words :) We're happy you enjoyed your stay, wishing all the best, have fun and thank you so much :D

Anish Nangia: Not sure what you need to do (or look like) to get service here. stood at the bar for 20 minutes and got completely ignored. Eventually left. I wasn’t rude - barely said a word - but the bartender kept serving other people before me. 🤷‍♂️ The decor is cool though - loved the map in the back. But couldn’t get a drink so can’t give a better review lol Just go around the corner if this happens do you - plenty of other bars in the area.
Response: Aaaaawwww so sorry to hear that :'( I wasn't there and don't know why and what happened, I just can say Sorry! and hope you had a nice evening somewhere else. Thank you very much about the kind words about our decor though. Have fun!

David White: Extremely unwelcoming staff. Walked in and stood at the bar for 10 minutes trying to order a drink and the bar staff didn’t serve us even though we were the only customers waiting. I asked nicely if I could order and the lady aggressively said can’t you see I’m busy and then walked off and started drinking wine with her friend at a table.
Response: We're extremely friendly and extremely cool, as you can read in the 98,7% other Reviews ;-) But sometimes people came to the wrong forrest.... You and your buddies ran in, straight to the bar (no hello), watched me helping and explaining a big order to the new barmaid and after 1 minute (not 10min) you shouted to me (you did not asked nicely): HEY! HEY! I want to order HEY! HEY!! I said: Do not stress me out, I'm busy and you must wait! (And welcome that I explained it in your language) Maybe you don't go out often or you just don't know it any better, but when you go to a Rock Bar on Saturday Night in Berlin City, then maybe you might not get served within 1 minute. Some people are poison for our warm and familiar atmosphere, and yea, then we are definitely not welcoming. But we love all the other nice, friendly and cool people from all over the world who visit us <3

Jenni Finch: Amazing bar, staff was super friendly! Misfit bar was so cool to hang out in after seeing the original Misfits in September and made me feel like home. Thank you for having us!!!
Response: Awwww Thanks a Million! It was great to have you there, glad you enjoyed it :) Wishing you'll have the best time ever in Berlin :D Will post the pic tomorrow!

Scott Clifford: Been a misfits fan most of my life, had to stop in. This place is great! My favorite bar in Berlin by far. Good music, beer, and a very nice bartender.
Response: Mòran taing! It was really nice to have you there, enjoy your stay - and see you in your bar in Edinburgh :D

Gavin Wright: Great place. Love the decor and the chap behind the bar served me quick and explained all drinks. Even though is busy. 5STAR
Response: Thank you for this great review, we're happy you liked it :D Have fun!

Naveen Handa: This bar is a great example of how old school bar should be. Great beer, and liquor choices and cigarettes ,very cosy seating area with dim yellow lights makes up for a perfect evening. Very affordable prices but they only accept cash 💶 On top of that the bartender is a very cool, helpful person. Recommended if you’re looking for a evening drinks with your friend in an old 1995 style bar because yes they don’t have wifi 😀😀
Response: What a great review, thank you so much! We're happy you liked it :D all the best!

Lucas Anjos: Great atmosphere, very friendly staff, some fun games around the bar. The selection of beers is not the greatest, but the bar makes up for it with several shots and reasonably priced drinks. Awesome soundtrack too, usually with old school rock. I completely recommend it.
Response: Thank you very much !

5. Rock and Viking Bar

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610 reviews
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Rock and Viking Bar

Address: Dolziger Str. 24, 10247 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 PM

Telephone: +49 30 42017641

Business type: Bar

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Rock and Viking Bar: what do users think?

Darren Rao: Great bar with friendly staff. Music requests taken and a good place for rock and metal drinkers

Zach Grosser: This is the best bar in Berlin. I love the vibe, I love the mead, I love the bartender. I feel like every other patron would take a knife for me. 10/10 incredible place.

Aliaksei Siarhei: Great music, mead and beer!

Thomas Calvin: If you like metal, beer, mead and good people, this is the place for you! They serve up many different kinds of home-brewed mead either in cups or drinking horns with a side order of metal. The staff is very friendly and you can run into some good people. Highly recommended!

Danny Riley: What an incredible place. Full of friendly atmosphere. Ralf the bar owner was such a wonderful host. He served us his home brewed Mead in a Viking horn. The bar goers all came to say hello and sit with us. What an amazing experience we had.

Patrick Morgan (EST - Montreal): Easily my favorite bar in Berlin. Its off the beaten track so you need to walk a bit outside the usual tourist spots to get here. But the trip is worth it. Great staff, awesome atmosphere, they sell home brew Mead! In an assortment of flavors. My favorite being the blueberry or Chili. And they play awesome music, at a level that you can still chat in. Cant love this place enough

6. Clash

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2751 reviews
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Address: Im Mehringhof, Gneisenaustraße 2A, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 32526387

Business type: Pub

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Clash: what do users think?

elventree mac: The place is nice, smoky and smells of beer and punk attitude. Music was playing really quiet so we could barely understand what we were listening to. There are billiards and arcade games.Toilets were relatively clean on a Monday night. Beers were in really reasonable prices. Tips: Enter the heavy black gate and then search the bar’s entrance on your left hand. Staff is not very friendly. Do not ask anything but beer. Although there’s no sign prohibiting you for photos , the crew wouldn’ be happy watching you take photos.

Rohan Fernandes Barreto: - Nice place to catch up with your friends over a beer. - Great set of beers too. - Has a pool table and a foosball table too. - The place has a typical rustic feel to it. - Only accepts cash like some German establishments.

Rafael Philippini: Clash is one of my favorite bars in Berlin. A great rock bar with nice music and a good amount of beers and drinks for a fair price. They also have foosball table and some pinball tables. Worth the visit!

Nora: Overall for me it is one of the best places to go for a drink in Berlin, good atmosphere, good drinks, lots of activity and friendly people. The problem sometimes is the noise of the music, because it is very loud and the few tables they have, you always have to wait or look for a place.

Kelvin Pothin Wolff: Very interesting environment.Looks like the real Berlin. Awesome experience!

Kieran Dunne: Absolutely fantastic night, with great music and beer. Service was great and fast. Wonderfully inclusive but be warned...this is a cash only business, but what a business.

7. X-Terrain

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236 reviews
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Address: Oranienburger Str. 40, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Business type: Bar

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X-Terrain: what do users think?

Emily D: We love X-Terrain. Bar owner Farshad is kind of a legend and the place is just so Berlin. It doesn’t quite belong in Mitte but it’s there anyway. Good for a big group or a group of changing size. We’d still be going there if we hadn’t moved away from the area.

Estefania Lopez: Barman could not be nicer, beautiful and underground place with a gentle light. Prices are usual. I recommend it. Only cash.

Ursula B: Great bar with good prices. Would recommend the wine, totally free poured depending on how he was feeling. Open late and totally candlelit. Good vibes!

Alessandra Petrone: It is a great and unconventional place to drink, the owner is lovely. Definitely one of my favourite places in Berlin.

Johannes Dieterle: Nice bar, feels like a hidden gem in Berlin!

8. The Pegel Bar Berlin

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26 reviews
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The Pegel Bar Berlin

Address: Oranienburger Str. 39, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 PM Fri

Telephone: +49 30 27907137

Business type: Bar

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The Pegel Bar Berlin: what do users think?

Vyankatesh Yadav: One of the good bar at Oranienburger Str. Usually it’s open and very busy on weekends. Live DJ at bar changes the mood of the bar in a positive way! Drinks are very cheap and staff is very friendly. There is no food available here and generally they accept cash and only four stars because of small interior space.
Response: We are very happy that you enjoyed it with us! Our team is looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Tamika Campbell: Beautiful quaint bar in Berlin. My 1st but NOT last time here. Clean, friendly and absolutely Fun place to be. Till next time 😊
Response: Dear Tamika, thank you so much for your nice review <3 We are happy, if you are happy!

Marlena: Nice, new place with loud music and space for dancing. Drinks too strong for my taste.
Response: Thanks a lot for this great review <3

Stephen BlauTV: Great Berlin-Mitte bar with a variety of cool cocktails (but also cool draft beer) and nice people. It was fun (also because of the show on Wednesday)
Response: Dear Stephen, the artists and we are glad you enjoyed the comedy show and our drinks. Come again <3

Johannes Diehl: Nice store, good location, great service. Thank you again!
Response: Cool that you liked it at and :) Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback <3

Holger Klein: Exactly the right location for our Steak & Strip event. A nice station for in between or the whole evening. Thanks to the always friendly service team. Not always easy for larger groups 😎
Response: Dear Holger, thank you very much for this nice review! We are always happy to welcome you as guests :)

Sebastian Kornelius: Best comedy show in town! And delicious citizens and self-discovered cocktails.
Response: Dear Sebastian, thank you for this nice review. We are happy!

Karolina Kosenko: Great location for company celebrations and events! Was funny and very good long drinks :)
Response: Dear Karolina, thank you :*

9. Steel Vintage Bikes Café

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1061 reviews
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Steel Vintage Bikes Café

Address: Wilhelmstraße 91, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 62931846

Business type: Restaurant

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Steel Vintage Bikes Café: what do users think?

Simli Mishra: Great location in the middle of major attractions. Pretty looking cafe and outdoor sitting is great. We tried a simple scrambled egg bacon breakfast. It was a very comfort food and very tasty. Highly recommended. We also tried an open sandwich. Very fresh and filling and tasty. The bread was very amazing. Great brush and you should stop by while walking around. Staff was welcoming. Service was slightly slow. Not a big inconvenience though

Lucy Roberts: Stopped here on a Saturday morning soon after the cafe opened. It was already packed inside but we only had to wait a few minutes until we got a table. The coffee was great and the food was excellent, especially the french toast croissant! Staff was super cool as well. We really enjoyed our visit here and would definitely recommend for a good breakfast in Berlin.

Dale Buchanan (buckylovin): Beautiful little place for breakfast! Pancakes were really tall and super fluffy, I had not seen such pancakes before. The French toast croissant stole the show though, I never expected it to be as good but my curiosity got the better of me! (I can’t remember the name of it) Well worth a visit!

Ryanne van der Wiele: Great venue! The place looks nice, good vibe. The staff is friendly and relaxed and the food is great. Many options to choose. Only comment we had was that either the portions may be a bit bigger, or the price a tad lower :)

Rebecca ter Borg: Nice place for breakfast or lunch. Me and my friends enjoy going here for brunch and a good coffee. It is often busy so it is good to book a table. Good service although not all staff is paying attention to the customers, sometimes the staff is also a bit rude by for example asking for a tip when the service was already not to our satisfaction.

Caê Matta Fernandes: Super cool café in the center of Berlin with friendly staff. We were looking for a place to grab a coffee and hot tea and we were so lucky to find this Café right before 5pm. The bike decoration inside and totally unique and it is a must go.

Jenna Bradford: Wow! What a cool, friendly, and unique place. Our waiter was so nice and his recommendation, the Fried Egg Bacon, was spot on. Amazing. And it’s a bike shop! So… calling all bike lovers and cyclists! This is your spot.

Marina B: We had Burrata sandwich and Red Berries Compote pancakes. Both were delicious. We also ordered hot tea and it wasn’t hot at all, unfortunately.

10. Bar11

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265 reviews
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Address: Wiener Straße 21, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3 PM

Business type: Bar

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Bar11: what do users think?

James: The best bar I have ever been in, absolutely incredible, so much fun. Great staff, friendly and offered us cheaper drinks (we strongly think). Chatted to other patrons and it was so much fun mixing with older people for us as a young crowd. Stays open late, even after clubs had rejected us. Simply amazing and highlight of berlin.

Dondeestamessi?: Racist experience. Guy sees me( im colored). I ask if he makes cocktails, since people were drinking cocktails outside. Guy looks at me like i am filth me and says he doesnt make cocktails cause of the game. Proceeds to make cocktails for other costumers and brings the cocktails outside. Worst exprience in a forgein country. Reaction on owner: screen your personal better. I havent said anything about the OWNER. I said something about the guy standing behind the bar
Response: Hello I am sorry to hear that but it is hard to believe. 50% of our guests are colored and even my wife is colored. So I dont know what might have happened

Pablo Lopes: Nice place to watch football matches

Gurinder Pal Singh: Amazing place, lovely music.Only takes cash no card accepted, I had to barter my go pro for LIIT

Elizabeth: David made me a Swimming Pool cocktail, which is the best piña colada-style drink I’ve ever had. He suggested a small, independent brew for my partner, and even offered us a wheelchair ramp for the small step on the way in. Service was impeccable, music was great, and the drinks can’t be faulted.

T. Janson: Good place in Kreuzberg to unwind on a less noisy terrace with a beer at the end of the day. The barman was very friendly and accommodating! Also makes a mean mojito.

11. Belushi's Berlin (Alexanderplatz)

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2120 reviews
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Belushi's Berlin (Alexanderplatz)

Address: Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 81453960

Business type: Sports bar

Near Belushi's Berlin (Alexanderplatz):

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Belushi's Berlin (Alexanderplatz): what do users think?

Doğan Kerestecioğlu: Bad foods, bad service, nice location and atmosphere. Fries were cold and terrible. Only one tab beer was available. Not a good sports “pub” at all!
Response: Hi Doğan Kerestecioğlu, we appreciate your honest review. We set a high standard for ourselves, so we are disappointed to hear that your experience with us was not a positive one.

Rocio Londero: Thank you Belushi’s Alexanderplatz for let us watch the World Cup 2022 with amazing set ups and being more than comfortable there. This was a unique experience that you allowed to happen for us.
Response: Hi Rocio Londero, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for us at Belushi's Berlin (Alexanderplatz). We're happy we could meet your expectations!

James Patock: The bar staff is comprised of young, inexperienced and incredibly rude people. I had a minor issue blown out of proportion by bar staff that was incredibly rude, refused to listen and laughed at me when I tried explain myself. The bar manager ignored me and intentionally kept his back to me while „getting the opinion“ of the waitress. It was a simple misunderstanding that was blown up by staff and management. As a guest in the hostel I expect to at the very least not be treated with disdain, laughter and sarcasm. There are so many better bars to be treated poorly in I recommend avoiding this one. Responding to the „owner“ this is in fact not what happened, not one of your staff was polite or respectful. I was unaware of the policy, finished the last drink of my beer and told both the first and second person I understood. Had your staff or manager responded differently with perhaps the politeness you claim I would not have felt it necessary to waste my time speaking to the manager (who it turned out was as rude and disagreeable and more concerned with defending the actions of his staff than listening to me. Which appears to be the policy of everyone working at Belushi’s) in the first place and subsequently leaving a review calling out what appears to be a general policy and practice of treating hostel guests and customers of the bar with disdain and rudeness. Had at any point during the experience a single person listened to me and perhaps practiced anything resembling customer service this would be a different review. I stand by my review which is based on my actual experience and not the hearsay of bar staff defending each other’s actions. Avoid this bar.
Response: Hi James, thanks for taking the time to leave your review. We're very sorry if you felt staff were being rude, but you were politely asked to stop drinking your own alcohol in our bar, and when you refused to do so, we only reinforced the fact that you needed to go outside to finish it, which you were still refusing to do. The bar manager did not intentionally have his back to you when he came over, he was first just trying to get information from the other bar staff so he could address the situation with you properly. Kind regards, The Belushi's Berlin Team

Alessia Rufolo: My Aperol spritz didn’t have alcohol, as you can see by the Color in the picture. I went back to ask for a little more of the aperol inside but they refused and claimed they used the right measurement, which is not true
Response: Hi Alessia, thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We’re sorry you weren’t satisfied with your drink! The bar staff do not free-pour and therefore all cocktails go out with the correct recipe measurement. You can see orange in the glass so there was Aperol in there, but as the other ingredients are Sekt and Soda, it also naturally looks watery until it is stirred properly. Many thanks, The Belushi’s Berlin Team

12. Perro Loco

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118 reviews
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Perro Loco

Address: Sonntagstraße 5, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 PM

Telephone: +49 30 80954679

Business type: Bar

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Perro Loco: what do users think?

Ugur Alp Taparli: Amazing and friendly athmosphere, really good cocktails and music. Thanks a lot!
Response: Thank you ugur 🙏 . Gladly again. Cheers 🍸

Archi Keeble: Excellent spot. The barman at the time (who I assumed to be the owner) was extremely knowledgeable, the service was quick, the drinks excellent - and well priced! Would definitely recommend.
Response: Oh that’s so a lovely recommendation. Thanks a much 🙏 Hope see you soon again. 🍾🥃🍸

Diogo Resende: Lovely and friendly bar
Response: Thank you diago🙏 we're glad to hear that

M Wintersweet: There is too much smoke, unfortunately.
Response: Hello Wintersweet. We're sorry you didn't feel well. But you could have asked the staff about it at any time. Maybe it was lost in the rush to turn on the fans. But we still think it's a pity to get a 1* rating.

Michelle: Beautiful place, great drinks and welcoming service. Loved the artwork inside
Response: Thank you!

Ofelas Andre: Walked in: Private party (geschlossene Gesellschaft)...ok, happens. Then I saw the party: skinheads, right wing clothing and tattoos....Dont touch the place

13. Dirty Velvet Drinkery

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228 reviews
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Dirty Velvet Drinkery

Address: Lychener Str. 39, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 176 84851102

Business type: Bar

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Dirty Velvet Drinkery: what do users think?

Leanna Thomas: Best place in Prenzlauer for a drink and great energy! And the Sunday quiz is the best every. I would also just go for the manager Tom and he makes the best G&Ts.
Response: Thank you so much, Leanna. Glad you had a fun time. See you guys soon I hope.

Zoe McArthur: I adore the quiz here! If your looking for a good fun night and a bar tender who knows how to create an amazing atmosphere. Would highly recommend.
Response: Thank you Zoe. I really appreciate the review, and your delightful words. By the way, something you said about social media interested me. If you get a moment, I'd like to ask you a question. If you could grab me on whatsapp or text (017684851102), I'd really appreciate it. Or I'll just catch you when you get back, I hope.

Vanessa Schmäske: Cozy place with good drinks and a good atmosphere. Been there twice so far and had a good time. The staff is friendly and they have a couple house own drinks that are really tasty!

Wjatscheslaw Liublin: Smokers bar, atmospheric, nice staff and mostly adults drinking there minding their business. Occasionally annoying live music. Great for a first date.

Daniel Karlberg: Overpriced drinks that offer no Flair other than a desperate attempt to try something different. Very uninspired. The staff is unfriendly and unhelpful, as if me buying a drink was somehow a burden.

Arann Murray: Cozy vibe, dog friendly, nice staff/owner, reasonable prices (especially on Wednesday). Highly recommended for a chill evening or date

Jeffrey Loebick: Nice cozy and relaxed bar. Love the decor. Great selection of beers and drinks. Expat friendly.
Response: Wow. Thanks, Jeffery. What a lovely review. Glad you enjoyed yourself, and hopefully see you soon.


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1760 reviews
new review

Address: Linienstraße 40, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2 AM

Business type: Bar


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KASCHK by BRLO: what do users think?

Vedraj r.m: Nice atmosphere, with reasonably priced drinks. A tea is around 3.50€ but the portion is plentiful. It’s located in a very posh and a central area. You will find many cool places around. If you’re close by and craving for a quick drink, would totally recommend the place. Also, [My friend says “do not flush the toilet”]

Martins: A very nice pit stop. Nice small beer menu all on the tap and friendly staff that speak English very well. A lot of cans and bottles of beer in fridges below as well. We usually hunt for sour beers and they had a few and most of them hit the spot. You can also ask for tasters before buying one. And the West Coast one is brilliant, number 12, not a sour tho but very flavoursome. Also a nice size outdoor sitting area. And I assume they change their beers occasionally. Worth a visit.

Stevieb66: Excellent friendly bar with a relaxed atmosphere - welcoming staff and a good range of different BRLO beers that are brewed locally. Smoke-free inside which is nice. Shuffle board games in the basement. We were on a short city-break and this became our regular watering hole as our accommodation was nearby and it was always open late too. Well worth a visit !

Onweni Princess Ashinze: I have always passed this bar! And I decided to stop by with friends yesterday and it was lovely. Really good service and... they take payment by card! Loads of craft beers affordable too.

Jana K: Can I give 6 stars? I’ve loved this place since a very long time. When they closed for covid, I was literally devastated - there’re many great bars in Berlin, but no place like this. It is a lovechild of a Craft beer bar and a speciality coffee shop. So basically this place is great from the early morning till late night. Mainly English-speaking staff, very international, and incredibly friendly. They have finally reopened, now under the Brlo brand - so there’s always a number of Brlo beers on tap and 4-5 other crafts, mainly from Scandinavia. Amazing for work, for gathering with friends or dates, plus their playlists have always been and always are top notch.

Thomas Baak: Very Very Nice place. So far one of the better places i’ve been to drink beer. Great atmosphere, good beers and friendly staff

Kato Vanhoof: Nice place! Ideal for a quick stop or a long evening of fun! We had the happy pils, a lovely beer! You should definitely order the bbq nuts, they’re amazing!

MrsQuokka: Great craft beer, amazing staff, for sure you will try there more than just one beer :) huuge collection of cans to go as well 💜

15. Zweiners

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Address: Hermannstraße 233, 12049 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Business type: Bar

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Daniel Marin Medina: Really cute little spot with good drinks and good service. Not to be gross, but cute and friendly bar boy was an added bonus. Also played some solid tunes and made for a great atmosphere. If you smoke, that is allowed inside after 10pm.

German Flaminio: Bam!Great Dj playin rock, nas, charlie garcia, jj cale, and just awesome stuff.The bartenders are chilled and nice. The crew is wild but the vibe is smooth.I love it!

Fliss L: Fantastic negronis! There can be a bit of a queue at the bar at busy times but fair enough, they make a lot of complex cocktails and it’s still better than waiting for table service. The place has a really nice vibe.

Christian Holle: Beautiful bar, come earlier to get a table

Gabriel Francisco Lemos: Great atmosphere and selection of drinks.

Dirk Flandrich: One of my fav bars in Berlin. Nice look and feel. Relaxed people. A bit pub style, but still a cocktail bar with good negronis. Live DJ at some days.

Tully Tulley: Fantastic bar with good staff and good crowd of people

Edouard Malet: Super nice bar with quite a unique chill yet somehow sophisticated atmosphere. Drinks are good, staff is nice, I can only recommend it!

C R: Negronis and tap beer. Any more questions?

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