Best Bikram Yoga Places In Berlin Near Me

1. Mahalaya - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Address: Boxhagener Str. 77, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 29363646

Business type: Yoga studio

Mahalaya: what do users think?

Lucia Miranda: Why can this place not be rated with 10 stars? I love this place. Great studio and great environment. Everything is super professional. They provide you with all the tools that you will need for every class. Highly recommended. 🤩

Klaudia: Attended the hot yoga class: This class was incredibly crowded. So crowded, that the guys sweat- puddle in front of me touched my mat. Absolutely gross. The yoga wasn’t my vibe either. Anyways, I left 20 minutes earlier because I felt like I was just wasting my time and was getting annoyed.

Ric Abh: Great Yoga studio in Berlin . The cool thing is that some classes are in English. So very handy for international travellers ! They have Bikram (26/2 ) classes , some vinyasa too . Mostly same temperatures than Bikram ( around 40). Studio is clean . Not that easy to foot though as they are doing some work in the courtyard ( September 22 ) A few signs would definitely help

Marius H. Steen: Great Bikram studio in Friedrichshain, spacious room with big windows makes a big plus! Competent and nice teachers. Namaste 🙏 Easy to register and pay for dropin classes online

Claudia Ferrari: I have been practising in this studio for a month during a training. Lovely people and very good teachers. The studio is amazing, well organized, hot and quite big, there is space for everyone! They really take care of their studends, I enjoy every single class I had. Just try it!

Chloé Kersalé: Nice yoga studio in Friedrichshain. The heated room is quite spacious and all the teachers are really good. They also have a lot of classes taught in English which is perfect for non German speakers.

2. Bikram Yoga - Mitte

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Bikram Yoga
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Address: Krausnickstraße 23, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30 AM

Telephone: +49 30 24630996

Business type: Yoga studio

Bikram Yoga: what do users think?

Kara Heer: Signed up for 6:30 class, arrived At 6:29. Door locked, close sign up, won’t answer bell or calls. Yes it’s Germany but it’s still yoga and meant to let stress go. There are strikes all over this city making it incredibly difficult to get around, so maybe if Germany wants us to be all time, the trains should be running properly. Otherwise, This is unreasonable. I’ve booked via ClassPass, where no policy is written about arriving very early. And again, I was there before 6:30.

Jacqueline Scheuerer: Very nice studio and bikram yoga class. Temperature could be a bit higher but overall, I can recommend this place!

akynos burlesque: Great facilities and instructors. English and German language. Easy to find. Cant wait for more classes to br added to the schedule though

Emily Marlow: Really cannot recommend it. Friendly staff and good yoga instructor, but the location is rather questionable. Changing rooms are separated by curtains and showers are improvised and not very clean. One doesnt feel comfortable there. No lockers either, have to take ur valuables into the hot yoga room on a special shelf. Bought a 10 day pass for 20 euro and never came back after the first time, because i dare not to change nor shower there again.

Leanne Pittsford: I used to love this place but every time I go black the classes get colder and colder. Today there was zero humidity. And the temp was 34 degrees c / 93 F. Classes should be minimum 102F if not 105F. This the second time the teacher told me there’s nothing she can do to turn up heat. And when I asked the owner last year she said she couldn’t afford the increased heating. I went today hoping things had changed but alas they have not. Really hope this studio figures out how to increase humidity and the heat. I’d happily pay more for a better class.

fabi fied: Perhaps you should Delete the Bikram and turn it in something else. I think it’s not so nice to own money under these Name. I life next to your studio and have to think about it every time I read these Name !!!

Daniela Veltroni: Great place and perfect class!

amsd: Amazing yoga, studio is very nice and the friendly atmospher, feels like a family, my absolutely favourite teachers are Anni and Torsten, but also all the other teachers are highly recommend.

3. SUN YOGA Kreuzberg - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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SUN YOGA Kreuzberg
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Address: Mehringdamm 33, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 69565522

Business type: Yoga studio

SUN YOGA Kreuzberg: what do users think?

Emeli M: I’m always feeling super energised and good after a hot yoga class by Teju. So happy that my friend showed me this place. Studio is clean and the people who go there are also nice. It’s not as fancy like other studios but it gives you a very humble down to earth vibe which I very much like. Sometimes the front and middle door is problematic which is not the studios fault tho ( the bell doesn’t work properly either sometimes so if you’re coming regularly it’s good to write down the door pin to save some time )

dog: Went to the hot yoga last week, already back in 3 days! It really worked on my deep muscles, teachers were great! One of the favorites yoga studio in berlin 🧡

Stefania D'Alessandro: I had a great experience at Sun Yoga in Kreuzberg. I live and practice Bikram Yoga in Prague but I am in Berlin quite often. I seized the opportunity of the starter offer for new customers while I was in Berlin last week. I really liked the studio, the spacious hot room and changing rooms and ALL the teachers I practiced with. I am used to the classic Bikram sequence but I did enjoy the fusion (how tough!) and silent ones. I will definitely come back whenever I am in Berlin. Thank you very much for making my stay unique.

julian weber: Unfortunately there’s only cold water in the showers. That’s really a pity after you have such a good stretch in the heat

sharanagati varkala: Sun yoga Studios are the first hot yoga studios in Berlin. What I like most is the great variety of classes and the clean and beautiful atmosphere. After every class I feel rejuvenated and completely relaxed, for me very important being in a fast paced city. The teachers are super and approachable, down to earth, just the way I like. A friend of mine did a teacher training with sun yoga and was very satisfied with the outcome. P.s. check out special events, among the best courses in Berlin

Celia Farnon: This is a very good yoga studio, and some of the teachers are really excellent. I got a bit upset because most yoga studios are not as strict as this one re arrival times, and recognize that there may be a reason why someone might be late for a class. Zero tolerance is not usually associated with yoga, indeed I have been told that the biggest crime in yoga is to prevent people from practicing. It is rare to get injured in yoga, and there are even forms of practice that allow people to start at any point that suits them. Yoga is as much an attitude of kindness, forgiveness and understanding. However, more recently the studio seems to be a little bit more willing to be flexible, so I continue to go here - and for those who want a high level of yoga, it is very good.

Jammie: Excellent studio with friendly teachers! Good variety of classes. If you’re looking for 26/2 this studio is great.

Brighid CC: The last time I was here someone opened the window and let the cold winter air in. It is more expensive to practice hot yoga and I will happily pay the price, but then open window? Seems pretty unfair to me.

Baal Azabab: Best Hot Yoga in Berlin. Wish the prices would go down a little though :/

4. Hot Yoga Berlin - Yoga & More - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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Hot Yoga Berlin - Yoga & More
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Address: Knobelsdorffstraße 34, 14059 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 76902020

Business type: Yoga studio

Hot Yoga Berlin - Yoga & More: what do users think?

Aysun Luna Yıldırım: + nice yoga studio + nice and helpful service + for beginner and advanced + creative & changing offerings (classes for kids, ballet yoga fusion..) + huge selection (yin yoga, pilates, hot yoga etc.) + discount for students

M M: This yoga studio is a special place with a special teacher!! Through his endearing manner, his wealth of experience and his talent as a teacher, Farhad manages to use the practice practice for himself, to be on the mat in the here and now, to switch off his monkey-mind and to practice in being. You leave this gem happy and grateful every time! Thank you!!

Frank Dienst: Consistently competent, well-trained teachers, very pleasant and clean atmosphere. Extensive and different courses, there is something for everyone. In addition to the regular courses, many additional special courses are also offered. The shop is also well stocked, the employees know their way around, are very friendly and happy to advise. Highly recommended for both beginners and advanced users.

Luisa Seftel: A wonderful yoga studio in Berlin, where you can hold back everyday life for a while and plunge into the peace! The whole team is very friendly and the store in the front area leaves nothing to be desired! Highly recommended.

Marina Schmidt: The 10 days for 10 euros offer is really unique! Super diverse and have already tried a lot - Pilates, Vinyassa Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga and Ballet Barre (what more could you ask for?). Staff and teachers are friendly and accommodating. I can highly recommend

grapedevine: A small oasis of beauty that radiates love and wealth (both material and spiritual). A consciousness school / yoga school with about 40 courses per week combined with a beautiful shop where everything revolves around yoga - from useful to beautiful! Ayurvedic products, essential oils, silk scarves, postcards, jewellery, Buddha statues - you will ALWAYS find a gift for women here and it will be gladly advised and lovingly packed! There is also a wide range of body work by 4 different body workers - from the Lomi Lomi massage to the Ayurvedic treatment/consultation!

Michaela Tomfeah: By far the best yoga studio in Berlin! The perfect "Happy Place" and "Safe Place".

5. Sunyoga - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Address: Torellstraße 7, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +49 30 74078026

Business type: Yoga studio

Sunyoga: what do users think?

Marc E.: I had my first experience with Hot Yoga and it was amazing. From the registration until the goodbye at the door, every moment made me feel welcome. The place itself is cosy, modern and well decorated.

Emeli M: I was positively surprised by the environment bc I usually go to the sunyoga in Kreuzberg which is already cute. In comparison the one in fhain is much more spacious and seems more comfortable in the locking rooms. The staff is very friendly and the whole vibe is not so pretentious ( which you sometimes have in more ‘fancy’ yoga studios ) I really like it that it’s more down to earth but still nice and clean. I just wish Teju would give more classes

Oliver Kanders: I got to know Hot Yoga in South Africa and then returned back to Berlin. Here I tested 4 Hot Yoga studios and sunyoga was BY FAR the best. The heat is humid and good (not produced with biting ceiling heaters), both studios are cosy and spacious allowing you to fully concentrate and go inside, and the teachers are consistently excellent. I would particularly like to recommend Thomas - who amongst all teachers to me makes you grow the fastest, has such great rhythm and tone of voice and really embodies a state of consciousness rather than a lifestyle. Sunyoga changed my life.

Lenka Rohls: Excellent teachers & beautiful studio 🔥🌟

Lekso Kanchaveli: ow about an invigorating hot yoga session at one of the best studios in Berlin? Located in Friedrichshain, Sun Yoga Berlin is Berlin’s largest hot yoga studio and offers vigorously stimulating yoga classes open to all levels and all ages. The studio provides a relaxed environment to compliment health and well being, and embraces an eclectic variety of yoga traditions that support body, mind and spirit. Whether you are just looking for a gentle stretch, to bring harmony into your life or want to challenge yourself a bit more during your holiday, Sun Yoga has something for you. Check out also our Yoga -Guide to Berlin to more recommendations for different types of Yoga.

sebastian friedrich: great place if you want to start with bikram yoga, warm welcoming and attentive staff make you feel comfortable right from the start.

Prashanth Makaram: Nice yoga place and best part is its warm during those winter months

Ilia Blueberry: Amazing place, amazing teachers, strong experience 🙏

6. Hotpod Yoga - Berlin - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Hotpod Yoga - Berlin
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Address: Wiener Straße 10, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Business type: Yoga studio

Hotpod Yoga - Berlin: what do users think?

Aline Magnier: One of my favorite Yoga studios in Berlin. Hotpod Yoga is the perfect escape from the busy Berlin city life for people who have never tried yoga before but also for experienced Yogis. It‘s just a few steps from metro station Rathaus Neukölln (U7) and opposite of Neukölln Arcaden. You are welcomed by the teachers in a friendly and cozy studio. As you enter the main attraction - the Pod- you will be blown away. It‘s a cozy, heated with the perfect temperature cocoon-like relaxing space that will make you forget the outside world and. Mats and blocks are for free but make sure you a bring a big towel and something to drink. You book your classes via the Hotpod app which makes it really easy. It‘s nothing like bikram yoga at all, which I have tried before and didn‘t like as much as I like hotpod yoga. I am really happy to have this new yoga studio on the block in Neukölln! 5 stars!

Joseph Till: The new location for Hotpod yoga is amazing. Tucked away off the busy streets of Xberg and then as soon as you step into the studio its all about tranquility, beauty and yoga vibes. The new space is very beautiful with the open brick walls and then the glowing half pod. There is plenty of space for you to practice and the whole studio is super clean. The big windows let in lots of fresh air and light. The music was spot on for the flow that we did matching the warmth coming from the pod. Overall an amazing experience in an amazing new location. See you again very soon Hotpod team!

Maria Robles: I loved all the experience there! The studio is beautiful, all the details have been taken care of to create a relaxing atmosphere for yoga practice. Everything in the space is perfectly clean and they follow 100% all hygiene meassures. The Yoga class was amazing, instructors are always super nice and willing to help, will definitely come back. Highly recommended!

Simon Jagsch: My first Hotpod Berlin visit was a very nice experience. The teachers been very friendly and advanced. The studio has welcoming atmosphere and is easy accessible via public transport.The hotpod itself is a fantastic development. Being in a soft shell, feeling the warmth /heat creates a secure feeling and situation to improve your yoga. Will definately become part of my yoga routine.

Emilia Tolvanen: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityMy favourite yoga spot in town. Their new studio is in the heart of Kreuzberg and super spacious.The Covid-19 hygiene & restrictions are on point. All the instructors are super lovey. Can only highly recommend the Hotpod Berlin Yoga team.

Jonathan Boehm: Visiting hotpod feels like going on a short city break away from the vibrant and bustling Berlin. Instantly when arriving, one feels at ease with the delicate fragrances in the air, the warm-hearted team and the comforting heat. You will get into a deep yoga practice to the sound of modern beats. I can only recommend this one of a kind experience!

Rafika El Orch: is one of my favorite studios here in Berlin, the teachers are very nice and professional, they make you feel like home giving you the right instructions to deepen the practice. The new place is really cozy, respecting the new corona rules and the location is on the heart of Kreuzberg near by U or you can simply enjoy a nice walk if you live in the area.

Екатерина Зорина: I love going to Hot pod yoga. I started it in London and was happy to found the same concept here in Berlin. It is physical enough to make you feel grounded, but pretty comfortable in terms of temperature since it lasts for an hour. For me a great preparatory step for Bikram yoga.

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