Best Centers Where To Study Naturopathy In Berlin Near Me

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1. Practice Osteopathy & Naturopathy - Naturopaths A. Spies

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Practice Osteopathy & Naturopathy - Naturopaths A. Spies

Address: Lehmbruckstraße 3, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Telephone: +49 30 69529372

Business type: Alternative medicine practitioner

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Practice Osteopathy & Naturopathy - Naturopaths A. Spies: what do users think?

Nelly Martinkova: Alexander offers the best treatment I’ve ever experienced. He was able to find hidden infections and illnesses that have been missed by traditional medicine, homeopathic treatment, cranio therapy or shiatsu. At my first visit he quickly diagnosed the problem and suggested treatment. He also tested if my body will tolerate the medicine he picked out for me which not every naturopath does but I find it very important and sign of competence. Throughout the whole course of treatment Alexander answered all my questions and offered reassurance when necessary. As my sickness was related to both immune and digestive system it was very important to me that Alexander offered treatment using traditional Chinese medicine in combination with other vitamins and minerals to improve the effect it had on my body instead of antibiotics which would have helped my infections but further destroyed weakened digestion. Alexander offered professional yet caring holistic approach. I could have not asked for more in my naturopathic doctor.

Bijan Kholghi: Very nice atmosphere and highly competent diagnose and treatment. Mr. Spies really knows what he is doing. A way better, holistic approach then traditional medicine. I highly recommend Mr. Spies.

Charlie Fab: All I can say is that Dr.Spies is a magician! Definitely suggest a Kinesiology session with him along with osteopathic treatment ! The guy knows his stuff and was a massive help with my treatment .It was the first time I have ever walked out of a doctors office so satisfied and well treated in my life !

Monique Meadows: Wonderful. Helped me heal when nothing else seemed to work. Will return.

Cory Jansson: Good guy. Great Naturopath. Go see him!

sansi koch: We visited Mr. Spies with our 6-week-old daughter and were very satisfied with the diagnosis and the tips. All questions were answered and we felt very comfortable. Mr. Spies does his job with heart and soul, we would definitely recommend him.

Sammar Sammar: Excellent advice. He took his time. My complaints were taken seriously. I felt super comfortable. I will definitely make more appointments! Super loving!

2. The Center for Traditional Chinese and Integrative Medicine

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The Center for Traditional Chinese and Integrative Medicine

Address: Große Hamburger Str. 5-11, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 23112527

Business type: Chinese medicine clinic

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The Center for Traditional Chinese and Integrative Medicine: what do users think?

Ann Kristin Wulf: What a fantastic place to go for a more holistic approach taking the whole into account i.e. body mind and soul. I can truly recommend it especially as a regular customer who is not only looking for acute treatment but also long term results with a preventative focus! The team is simply great - they are listening to you and ask relevant questions, they look beyond and take a deeper approach, they are caring and in general all staff is always super nice and welcoming; thanks for all you do from the bottom of my heart! You are great and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have already done and are still doing for me :-)

Hunter Armistead: This is a wonderful resource in Berlin! I had the pleasure of working with many of the staff and they all were unfailingly competent and kind. The head of the clinic, Dr Kurten, was especially great and went above and beyond to help me on several occasions. He is also quite fun and relaxed. I did get markedly better. The herbal services they offer are by far the best I am aware of in Berlin. Highly recommended!

Narges Ab: Awful - Never again: Going there was my worst experience ever. I went there, came back with huge disappointment.They do not care about your time. If you are looking forward to be disappointed, it is a good place to go. To my view, they are NOT competent, they do NOT act professionally and they are UNFRIENDLY and RUDE. It was real wasting time and money for me. For instance, after being told that Doctor is going to see you in 10 minutes, I had to stay there and wait for 3 hours and finally had to leave without seeing the doctor. They kept me waiting for three hours without showing any respect to me as a patient. NEVER EVER AGAIN! Think twice if you are planning to go there.

avishay cohen: For more then 10 years i have Psoriasis Volgaris. it was not long ago that i found the TCM and Dr. Mätz there. Dr Mätz was the only one who conect the Psoriasis to an infection ether in my lungs or in the large intestine. Dr Mätz treat me with Akupunkter and Cheineese Tea. after several treatmeants the body and the imuen system back to function and to get reed of the white skin and healing proccess started. Since then i feel much better and i have no sign for the Psoriasis any more. im sure the knowledge and the method Dr Mätz use on me Help me very much!!! I know many people in Germany have skin problems and i really recomend to visit Dr Mätz at the TCM Center to enter a healty way in life. wish to Thank as well for the great spirit of the Team and its include There evreyone for his Help and kindness!!!

Maria Kubysh: Not all doctors speak English which results in longer wait times and other logistical hurdles. Also, EC cards only and otherwise sweet, sweet German bureaucracy! The treatments were good though, can recommend.
Response: Dear Ms. Kubysh..., we cannot understand your entry, as all employees of the center speak English (in any case, they speak German much better than most Americans or Brits :-) ! ) and waiting times for you, as already explained, was due to the workload of the employee to whom you were introduced. With us you can pay in cash or EC (we generally reject credit cards because this system drives people into debt) What you call bureaucracy is a questionnaire that provides the basis for excellent treatment quality in a unique way. Therefore, I ask you to adapt your entry based on this information to reality, since you are now experiencing significant improvement and will certainly experience more in the future - with our help and through self-healing. Kind regards, Achim Kürten and Team PS If you have any questions, I am available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Polish and Kolsch. Warm regards from Achim Kürten and his team

Andrea Guzman: Hello, do you have an e-mail I could write, to make an appointment? I can’t make the call, will erase this message later. Thank you
Response: Dear Andrea Please go to use the „Kontaktformular“ to give us your data or but we need the information about adress tel Nr etc. Greetings Achim Kürten and Team

Francesca Castellano: Love this Center! It is the best in town. Highly recommended.

3. Immanuel Hospital Berlin (Location Guide)

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Immanuel Hospital Berlin (Location Guide)

Address: Lindenberger Weg 19, Haus 201, 13125 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +49 30 947920

Business type: Specialized hospital

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Immanuel Hospital Berlin (Location Guide): what do users think?

Ieva Sliziute: The hospital building and the surroundings are very beautiful, the nurses super friendly and the doctors speak good English. The food was also relatively good, compared to all the “food horror” stories at other hospitals. What could be improved is the cleaning situation in the bathroom as it didn’t feel they did a good job there. And I was also not informed that I had to pay for my two-week stay, so the invoice that came after I got released from the hospital was an unpleasant surprise…

Heike Hauer: After I was instructed by my family doctor on Ward 2.2, I was very pleasantly received. The bureaucratic procedure was quickly explained and settled. Since in my case it is a very rare diagnosis, as we now know in retrospect, two hospital stays in other clinics did not bring any results, I was in the right place here. After a process of exclusion and extensive examinations, a diagnosis has now been found. That speaks for very high competence. The stay under the circumstances, I found very pleasant. The staff always warmly pleasant, meaningful and engaging. The food was good, the rooms very nice. I felt very well taken care of. I would like to express my greatest thanks and wish everyone all the best from the bottom of my heart. Kind regards H. Hauer

Кара Краски: A good place . Very convenient. Everything is nearby. Everything is at hand. And there are transport and shops nearby, and there are places where you can take a walk. Parking is a little tight. And the area is great. The staff is kind.

Christina B.: Rheumatology is good and doctors are technically good and dedicated to the patient. Waiting time is a little longer. Registration very friendly.

Apu Apustaja: First of all, I would like to say that all the nursing staff are very friendly and competent. So I leave a big compliment here. But the doctors are absolutely incompetent and should look for another profession. The chief doctor is rude and disrespectful to patients and staff. The investigations are not carried out thoroughly. Patients are discharged here without having received the treatment to which they are entitled. The way doctors deal with pain patients is cold and there is a lack of empathy. I wish the whole team all the best, except for the doctors.

Marius A.s.: I am in Buch on Ward 2 every year. It is very good for me and my rheumatic diseases. The nurses are top. I always enjoy being here. My rheumatologist is also on site. I can only recommend anyone with a rheumatic disease to go to the Rheumatology department.

Rianu Karu: Great old buildings, love the style Unfortunately a bit confusing and lack of parking for visitors. All the streets are too paved with no stopping Unfortunately also a bit poorly signposted. I walked around for half an hour to find my way around.

4. Immanuel Hospital Berlin (Wannsee site)

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Immanuel Hospital Berlin (Wannsee site)

Address: Königstraße 63, 14109 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +49 30 805050

Business type: Specialized hospital

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Immanuel Hospital Berlin (Wannsee site): what do users think?

Alexandra Mansilla: I recommend this place. In my experience it has a very fast and friendly staff. Very professional doctors. I had Dr. med. Georg Garanin as my doctor to remove a glomus tumor, he explained me the procedure in detail and also clarified any kind of doubts i could have. The rest of the stuff were very supportive. Thank you!

Tony: ok

Nicole Kather: s BEST thing that could have happened to me. For 30 years I have suffered from massive arthrosis in my left knee. After a botched operation, only the Immanuel Hospital Berlin Wannsee could help me further. The best, most competent and unique doctors who want to help directly and did so. All nursing staff are highly motivated and courteous, as is the housekeeping staff. The only thing I have to complain about is the food. No taste, carelessly prepared and not nice to look at. But I was there myself for 3 months at a time and survived it. I have to say that I come an extra 700 km from North Rhine-Westphalia to be treated there

Zeljko Gacic: Everything about the operation went really well and I felt like I was in good hands. But in hindsight to reach this clinic is almost impossible. Telephone accessibility equal to zero. Bitter if you need additional important documents. Email also unsuccessful. Unfortunately, it only helps to drive past and hope that everything works out. Super if you arrive from Mariendorf.

5. Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

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Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Address: Charitépl. 1, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 45050

Business type: University hospital

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Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin: what do users think?

Zee: I visited this hospital when my young daughter need emergency services. However, they did not have a Paediatrician (which is very strange) and redirected us to a different campus. The staff woman who coordinated with my wife during this was very polite and empathetic.

Di: Came there with strong pain from cystitis, fever and high leukocytes. Doctor prescribed me only herbs instead of antibiotics. When I was telling about my pain in the kidney she resisted it telling me that it was a pain in back, not kidney. The tone of speech was nervous and rude. I left crying from pain. My permanent doctor wasn’t in the city. At night I couldn’t endure the pain and started to take antibiotics which I had at home. They helped from pain after a couple of days but as it is expected they didn’t treat me till the end. I was believing several months that it was pain in back as doctor said. Now when I finally checked kidney and got all the analysis it appeared that it was an inflammation of kidney as I was saying. As I didn’t treat it when it was needed I got it more complicated. It is very said that in modern world you can be left without help, have to use self treatment to survive and get diagnosis after several months. It all could be easier for me if I wasn’t ignored at that day.

Florence Heinen: I gave birth here two years ago and plan on giving birth to our second child here too. Great experience the first time, everyone was helpful and professional. Due to covid restrictions there were limitations on when my husband could join during labor/visitations, but this was not specific to Charite-Mitte. All hospitals had this restriction

Sh Jä: If you’re looking for the most horrific service in the world in an emergency room, that’s the right place. Zero sensitivity from the staff and a real lack of willingness to help. Try to avoid it as much as you can if possible. I waited 11 hours until a doctor saw me. It’s just a room with no connection to emergency.

Tarso Bessa: Staff is rude and arrogant, including doctors. If you need an emergency service, do not go there. They don’t have patience do hear you, they diminish your situation and try to make you guilty for being there. Several people were complaining about mistreatment in the waiting room It’s the worst experience I had in a hospital ever

Jonathan Farias: Unethical and indifferent. Don’t bother going to ER if you are a foreigner even if you have your eu health card or had your insurance take care of the appointment, they don’t care. Some lady will not let you speak and ask you for 100€ until you leave.

Alexandr Orlov: I will not write anything about the quality of services of those places that are located on the territory of this complex. My review is about the general impression of architecture, appearance and emotions that all this things caused in me. Charite is a clinical complex located in four districts of Berlin, and I was at one that is near the railway station by the river Spree: A very large fenced area on the territory of which there are many old buildings of different orientations. These are just hospitals, and buildings of individual medical specialties with laboratories, and administrative building, and, as I understand, there is a university is here too. All buildings are with beautiful old architecture. Sometimes quiet quickie work was encountered, such as the ugly painting of some walls, after which the color difference looked ridiculous. But overall, the complex left a very pleasant aesthetic impression.

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