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1. Restaurant BRIKZ

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66 reviews
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Restaurant BRIKZ

Address: Grolmanstraße 53/54, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 31803780

Business type: Restaurant

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Restaurant BRIKZ: what do users think?

Pierre-Yves Cohen: 1 star Michelin well deserved. The full course menu and associated wine selection was a great discovery and very nice mix of flavors. I also loved the passion of the staff. Thank you, really, for your welcome and dining journey !

Florina Nadaban: Food is nice. However, there are a few things I did not find ok. 1. Wine is totally overpriced, 5 times more than shop price 2. They charge 5 euros / person for tap water. But hey, it’s all you can drink :)

martineC: Probably the best and finest "creative and inventive cooking" restaurant in Berlin! Warm welcoming, super service, the chef brings himself the dishes to the table and describes them. Great choice of wines. Thank you for an unforgettable meal!

Valerya Muravyeva: Great gourmet experience

Daniel Rohde: Thank you for the successful evening. A great team, excellent craftsmanship that makes a happy guest from A to Z. If you are in the area and have the time you can spend a fantastic menu, great wine tour, nice ambiance in this small and cozy restaurant. Thanks

Andreas Lau: The BRIKZ is simply good. The regional concept for the dishes and some of the wines works extremely well. Unfortunately, the possibility of a non-alcoholic accompaniment is far too rare in other restaurants and was exciting (and sometimes adventurous 😉). The service was very accommodating.

Andreas C. Meyer: Wonderful fairly new store. Creative four-course menu with additional little things (at least 2 to 3). Sophisticated and sophisticated but still down to earth, with many local products. Super Service!

Chris W.: A great evening with a fantastic menu, great wines. The team is just great, the food is incredibly delicious!

Julian von Loesch: Great food. Great team! It was really delicious and we had a great evening. The menu was great.

2. Restaurant Tim Raue

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971 reviews
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Restaurant Tim Raue

Address: Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 25937930

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Restaurant Tim Raue: what do users think?

Jasmine: Was really looking forward to this dinner reservation we made months in advance. Mr went with menu ‘Kolibri’ while I had a specially designed gluten free menu. It was a little surprising none of the 2 signature dishes were in the regular menus but diners had to instead “top up” their menu to try these dishes. Cooking was faultless but we both felt most of the dishes were too salty. There wasn’t much theatrics during the meal which was fine by us. Sometimes it’s good to focus on the cooking and ingredients themselves. I enjoyed the pace of the meal until the second half where there were long pauses in between courses. We actually asked if they had forgotten our table as the restaurant got busier as the night went along. Dessert didn’t impress either of us and that was disappointing. Overall, if I were to be totally honest, we expected more from Restaurant Tim Raue. We both had good food but it wasn’t outstanding. Oh, the glass of wine we ordered was AMAZING!

Felix Winandy: It was a really great experience! we were so happy to see such a great restaurant and chef doing an all vegan menu!It was a lot of fun to try all these new combinations of taste.The staff was perfect, friendly, attentive!

Sam Pritchard: This experience was exceptional. Service was prompt, detailed and exhaustive. As a table of two we chose the Koi menu with the added peking duck and the vegan menu for my pescatarian friend with a nut allergy with a substitution to a fish dish to avoid a nut containing dish. This was very well accommodated and the waitress took time to make sure the menu would be as perfect as possible. We both also chose the accompanying wine paring. The restaurant had an elegant natural oceanic Asian inspired theme with intriguing artwork and pottery. The food was a complex variety of Asian cuisine which felt almost kissed by European influence. Impossible to critique, with every dish feeling more perfect than the last. The accompanying wine was explained in depth and matched flawlessly.

Arno Stenzel: The food was outstanding and we really liked the well spiced dishes. The whole evening is perfectly orchestrated and the restaurant elegantly decorated. Hygiene measures were perfectly realized. However, we somehow missed the personal note… you’re just another customer getting (gently)pushed through the (perfectly oiled) machinery.

Christopher Muschal: This was a blast. Excellent service, excellent food, excellent experience. Berlin kicking you in the nuts to remind you that living well is an obligation to anybody who can. You indeed only live once.

모이션 Berlin berlin: This restaurant has 2 problems . 1. Some service staffs looks like students and working like nomal restaurant service . Even some staffs thay are just shooting the breeze every time which naver see 2 star restaurant .however I did not feeling any professional service or feeling of being treated ! 2. the course menu dash’s . I had a order 8 + extra I meal course menu . Frist dish was strong taste like Sweet. Sour . salty . Was really good but after Frist dish start all dishes really taste like salted . All sauce . Side vegetables and soups is really salty ! naver end stong salty taste dish’s . The curse menu has no balance ! Even the dessert chocolate has full of salted ! I have a Question for head chef . Have you ever eat all full curse this 9 menu in one time taste ? I finished all menu after my mouth only feel that salty and I drink half liter water because of salty . I just wondering how could this restaurant got a 2 stars Michelin ! Mr Tim Raue is famous but the food is not so fantastic ! PS .I been many country with Michelin restaurants !

3. Restaurant Facil

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546 reviews
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Restaurant Facil

Address: Potsdamer Str. 3, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM Mon

Telephone: +49 30 590051234

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Restaurant Facil: what do users think?

Wooyong: - Too many staffs walk in the restaurant at the same time and it looks a bit messy. -Staffs (except restaurant manager) serve without enthusiasm and sincere. These two points make me a little disappointed, but I really want to appreciate the restaurant manager. He helped me communicate with the kitchen, reducing salt of my courses. He is very patient. Thanks 🙏 . About five courses -Scallops good appetizer - Caviar with green pepper [disappointing] Before I came here, I really expected a lot from this course. The caviar was naturally salty and normal but after the addtion of the green pepper jelly, this course become doubled salty. - Black root with truffle, hazelnut [favorite] The aroma of truffles is very strong. Radicchio mixed with hazelnuts tastes great. - Fried sweetbread with kale and quince The sweetbread with thin crispy skin is tender and delicate. At the same time the kale and quince bring some fresh aroma. - Deer back with cabbage and pineapple [also favorite] The deer back is absolutely great and beyond what I ever ate. It’s extremely tender and juicy.

Micaella Gonzales: Few months later I decided to write a review. FACIL is my favorite restaurant in the world right now. All the dishes were phenomenal and full of flavors. I can’t even pick which was the best dish but their wagyu and guinea fowl was definitely the best I ever had. Very speechless with all the food and not to mention the good service and ambiance. Can’t wait to come back!!

EL Broverlander: Dinner at Facil was a magnificent experience. Each course was delicious and described well. I would love to return if I’m ever in Berlin again. Their Michelin rating is well earned.

Julie Jeon: We had 3 courses lunch and it was absolutely wonderful. The atmosphere was very calm and peaceful, also all the staffs were professional and gave us excellent services. I would like to recommend this restaurant to everyone and I can guarantee you will experience more than 2 star michelin! 🥂

Remco Hoppezak: What a most splendid entry into Berlin. Excellent reception. Thank you😍. Great location. Magnificent team. Superb sommelier thank you Maximilian 👍🎉👍. Superb cooking. Leek redefined. Friesian Wagyu. Magic caberini shrimp 🦐. Exceptional trout. Mahi mahi to die for. Love this eloquent fun love for food. Excellent super friendly staff. Top location in Berlin. Just bar staff on the first floor for an after dinner are not the friendliest. Skip the bar and stay in Facil. Amazing and wonderful. A true star 🌟🌟 and look forward to return. Thank-you 😊❤️

L. Huang: General impression is disappointment. As a Michelin 2 stars restaurant, I am underwhelmed by its menu’s creativity and taste complexity. The taste is relatively flat note across all courses and most of them are too salty, which may have covered other tastes the dish intended to bring. Also the truffle oil taste was also dominate in all sauces so the dishes taste very similar throughout. I voiced my concern on the saltiness to the waiter but there was no change at all made to the remaining courses. I guess because the “taste menu” was all pre-fixed so customization or changes were impossible. The waiter also made excuses that it’s because the menu is designed for European taste palete so as an Asian I might not be accustomed to it. I expected more customer sensitivity for a 2 star designation.

Sharon Ler: This is a very belated review from my trip almost 3 months ago - but it is so memorable that not writing a good review and sharing this great restaurant would be an injustice. We went for lunch. The pricing was very reasonable for a 2 star Michelin restaurant - 1 course for Eur 28, 2 course for Eur 48, 3 course for Eur 68. Service was excellent and made our entire experience in the restaurant very memorable. Herr Winkler took great care of us and brought humour and laughter. He introduced us to Kirschwasser, a strong cherry liquor, which I think is the way Germans finished off a meal. The experience here was simply delightful and I would make sure to go back to it every time I am in Berlin in the future!

Predrag P: Sophisticated experience! Elegant restaurant with great small details, exquisite service, sublime meals! Scallops and lamb to die for!

4. Golvet

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454 reviews
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Address: Potsdamer Str. 58, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 89064222

Business type: German restaurant

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Golvet: what do users think?

Adrian Leue: The location is very singular, you can access it by taking the elevator and going tot be top floor. It allows a view on the city. The ambience is luxurious, the interior is spectacular in every aspect, from the furnishing to the details. The staff is large, they have personal waiters for every table, they explain every plate and the story behind. They have fixed menus, you can choose between 5 or 7 dishes. The meals are all unique and experimental: they try always new and rare ingredients and also special fusions. They also bring you tasting small dishes in between the various meals for you to try the chefs ideas. Their plating is very exceptional, they always serve it in a special way. The only negative aspect was the wait, before you get served the first dish, a long time passes. Moreover, yes they have gluten free and vegetarian options in their fixed menus, but they always get confused and sometimes bring yo the wrong one.
Response: Thanks so much for this great 4 stars feedback. See you soon again, Jonas Zörner

Kirsten Nelson-de Búrca: The food was presented beautifully, but wasn’t that tasty. The drinks were lacking - we asked for relatively basic cocktail additions, i.e. a spicy margarita, but the bartender didn’t have chillis (surprised they didn’t just have this in the restaurant) and a raspberry gin cocktail (they didn’t have raspberries). I enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant, but the experience was a bit lacking because of the food/drinks.
Response: Hi Kirsten, Thank you very much for your review. It's a shame that not everything worked out that day. We will continue to work on ourselves. However, I would like to say one more thing: I don't understand why people want to order drinks that are not on the menu and then complain when they don't get them. We have decided to have only a certain number of drinks and dishes in our menus and bar menus. This allows us to focus on the essentials and significantly reduces food waste. I think that is all the more important nowadays. So why should we stock products that expire quickly and don't feature on the menu? We hope to see you again, sincerly Jonas Zörner

Alexandra Sanchez: Wow truly an awesome experience and great atmosphere. The view of the city is breathtaking. The food was presented beautifully and the service was excellent. I had a wonderful time here even though it wasn’t easy to understand each of the meals I still think it was a amazing experience. As soon as you walk in, you can totally understand why they have a Michelin star.
Response: Thank you so much Alexandra, See you soon again

Robin Evers: Dining at Golvet is a true 5 star experience. Not only is the food spectacular, but the staff is very well trained and polite. And off course the ambiance and views are awesome
Response: Hey Robin, Thanks so much for this great feedback. We were verx happy to welcome you. See you soon again, Sincerly Jonas Zörner

Yuxin Liu: Five stars for the complex taste, creative presentation, and nice service. Not a huge fan of dessert as always. A bit noisy but it is very nice to enjoy the sunset on the small balcony.
Response: thxs yuxin for your your nice comment. you were a fice star guest! see you soon_the golvet team

Ricardo Mota: It was my first time in a Michelin star restaurant, the food is super different from everything I have ever tried, but in the end of the day I was still hungry. Wines are amazing, each of them has a history behind, service is spectacular, they are super friendlyFood: 3/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Jonathan Okten: Service was from the beginning to the end very professional and genuine. Two of the seven courses were pretty problematic. Chicken was very sour and the beef was lukewarm. I believe kitchen knew the problem with beef and they heated the plates so hot, unfortunately the poor waiter had to burn his fingers. Salted caramel butter was one of my highlight. The ambience was nice with beautiful Berlin view and good music but the room became later in the evening some cold and a sort of light windy. The presentation of all the courses were great.

5. Jungbluth

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490 reviews
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Address: Lepsiusstraße 63, 12163 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 79789605

Business type: German restaurant

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Jungbluth: what do users think?

Alex Alex: We were here many times, and came back this Wednesday during the Morgenpost menu. As usual, simply outstanding experience. They were completely booked out, and yet absolutely flawless service. Home-made river trout and stewed beef were crazily delicious. My company couldn’t drink alcohol, so they came up with matching alcohol-free parings. Awesome. Thank you!

Adam Tabachnikoff: Wonderful presentation, creative menu with in-season delights cooked to perfection with care and innovation. The staff was attentive and caring. The food was delightful and satisfying. For a neighborhood option, this is a good one. We will be back, for sure.

Daria Markova: An amazing place, the staff is so friendly and caring. The food is deliriously delicious. 10 stars!

Andrea Marino: Amazing service and impeccable food.Adviced if you want to experience German/Austrian food but with an amazing gourmet twist

Bogdan G. Muntean: 1 star for the nice location in Berlin - Steglitz and warmth interior. 1 star for the very nice and helpful staff. 1 star for the good quality of food and wine. Minus 2 stars for the poor quality of the kitchen / chef services. Choosing the 4 course menu (of which, by mistake, we got only 3!) one is expecting some delicious surprise mix of foods. And not two almost identical courses (two different kind of fish but identical side dishes) plus desert. Very disappointing, made me regret not ordering a la carte. All in one just OK and, in my opinion, not a must-do in Berlin. Thanks for reading!

Flavio Trillo: Delicious food, attentive and friendly service who absolutely know what they‘re doing - and the prices are extremely moderate for what you get. A real gem and a joy to eat here each time.

6. Prism

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176 reviews
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Address: Fritschestraße 48, 10627 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 54710861

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Prism: what do users think?

David Hacker: A really great example of casual fine dining done right. It was very refreshing to enjoy the big city vibes through the minimalistic designed open restaurant whilst enjoying the exceptional food. Speaking of food: I fairly enjoyed every dish! This is very much a cultural experience just as much as an artistic in regards of the dishes. Expect great quality ingredients, carefully plated and yet not overly complicated put together. My favorite was the eggplant. The sweet one. Staff is friendly and does an excellent job presenting and leading through the evening. They take careful notice of your need and habits, like offering extra tastings or additional breaks. I have nothing bad to say. My only surprise was the fact that they do not accept American Express cards- something i would consider almost mandatory for a Michelin restaurant. I have never encountered one that doesn’t.

foreign bear: Been a fan of Chef Moshe from his time at Glass. A few years of absence from Berlin and a visit to Prism has shown me the amount of maturity and growth in the artistry of his cuisine. Sublime, impeccable food. The wine list can be improved. Well deserved star and highly recommended. Cannot wait to visit Berlin again to enjoy his new creations.

tobi d.: ‚Party in the mouth‘ and the dessert was an ‚explosion in the mouth‘ The team was wonderful, we had a unique gin whilst waiting for the last in our party to arrive - with ingredients we would meet again in the dishes throughout the evening. Apart from the meat (lamb) course (meat a bit tough & not a fan of sweat bread) - the overall experience was a wonderful journey. 6 amuse bouche, pre-dessert and everything of the highest quality created like the fine gin we had ending with a sometimes unexpected, but exciting, tail notes. Overall proportioning was perfect and we did not feel stuffed but definitely satisfied after the four hour journey through the Mediterranean. Camel tartar was a first for me. The main dessert was an eye opener with such a massive mix of flavours and explosions in the mouth, something I’ve never had before - even at R4D in Ubud nothing has matched. The petit fours wrapped up the dinner with style. Kudos to the sommelier - we chose the regular pairing - as she not only has an intimate knowledge of the wines, but also the vineyard owners and their history that lead to making these unique, perfectly paired tipples.

Leonardo Aseni: Prism is an Israel 🇮🇱 Michelin Star ⭐️ restaurant 🍽 in Berlin 🇩🇪 ( Chef 👨‍🍳). I enjoyed every dish: it’s a cultural journey and artistic experience. Excellent quality of ingredients, top wine selection, interesting combinations with deep and surprising flavors mix: a roller coaster of creativity and aromas. So any time you are ever in Berlin, go eat at Prism; this little corner of the Middle East is an absolute jewel. Completely speechless. 👏🏻 8 courses tasting menu: 1. KOHLRABi: meyer lemons 🍋 , jameed, marjoram 2. LEBANESE 🇱🇧 LOBSTER : ikura, chawanmushi, white kombu 3. OCTOPUS 🐙 : lamb 🐑 lardo, artichokes , tomatoes 🍅 4. SWEETBREADS: sour cherry🍒 , pine nuts 🥜, onions 5. SQUAB: beetroot, baharat 6. A5 KAGOSHIMA WAGYU 🥩 🇯🇵 RIB EYE CAP: yellow dates, malfouf, coffee ☕️ 7. OLIVE OIL: mandarine almonds 8. PUMPKIN 🎃: yogurt 🍦, orange blossom water

Kana M.: For foodie people, probably this is one of the top 3 restaurants in Berlin. I like the experimental dishes with Israeli or non-European ingredients which are always interesting , inspiring, and of course very tasty. Some wines are also unusual but all the bottles I have tasted are really good. It is a restaurant which broadens the horizons. Thank you ❤️

William Packer: Surprising, Beautiful & Delicious. The service complements the food perfectly, and is only topped by the wine which again was very surprising but clearly extremely well thought out. It’s clear a lot of work and passion goes into the menu, which apparently changes seasonally so we’re excited to try again soon!

Eva Makeyeva: I was a little bit concerned after I had read here some reviews about people left still hungry because of the dishes size . But we were completely totally full even before the desserts but of course we had found a place for them Listen guys it was so delicious,so amazing ! I have never been so delighted and happy from food ! This guy is a magician! And his employees are so professional and kind ,the service was as amazing as food ! I call it unforgettable dining experience! Thank you guys

Dan Eckert: Exceptional!Deep and surprising flavors. High quality ingredients. Rich wine selection. Imaginative combinations with great balance. Terrific service.Highly recommended.
Response: Thank you Dan! Hope to see you again soon

7. ernst

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181 reviews
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Address: Gerichtstraße 54, 13347 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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ernst: what do users think?

Martin Raske: Of course the ernst experience is unforgettable. You lose count of all the dishes they serve. Many of them are outstanding. What I admire most: The dedication and passion of the chefs and how they treat the ingredients with love and respect.

Josh Pedigo: Sorry for the late review. I ate here last month and the only word that comes to mind is phenomenal. I was in Berlin for 2 weeks for school and 4 of us were fortunate enough to come to Ernst and eat. With only seating for 8, sitting right at the kitchen while each dish is prepared in front of you and everything is explained in detail is an experience in its own, but the food was also the best I’ve ever had. We had 30+ courses and I could have gone back every night. Everything was served fresh, plated beautifully and absolutely delicious. This was also coming off of Central in Lima 2 months prior, if that’s the number 2 restaurant in the world, than Ernst should be number one. I would take another round trip flight from Seattle just to eat there again.

B P: Overrated and does not taste good at all. I have dined in many Michelin restaurants all around Europe and this was the worst. The technique and use of local ingredients were to be admired for, however does it really matter if the result does not taste good at all? (All parties that I went with agree on the statement) Moreover, offering a ‘welcome drink’ & and then asking it to be paid for at the end of the dinner is just absurd and does not fit standards of providing a good and fair customer experience at all.

Anne Marie Hankins: I ate here by myself on a trip to Berlin and it was one of the best experiences I had during my trip to Europe. The food was truly incredible. The atmosphere was also fantastic and the amount you get to ineract with the chefs makes it a unique experience.

Robert Peveling-Oberhag: Truly spectacular. Very intimate show of skill. If you’re into food, this is an exceptional experience. Also the wine pairing was fantastic. 10/10

Travis Heck: This was the best meal of my life. Anyone that didn’t rate this place five stars would likely just be more comfortable in a McDonald’s. The passion these chefs have.. the time they put into even just gathering the local ingredients.. the experience of watching them craft a meal as they explain what’s going on.. my god. I would eat here once a week if I could and am confident I would be shocked everytime.

8. tulus lotrek

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333 reviews
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tulus lotrek

Address: Fichtestraße 24, 10967 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM Thu

Telephone: +49 30 41956687

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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tulus lotrek: what do users think?

Ilhan uzel: Outstanding ! tasting menu, each and every single course was amazingly delicious. I had the chance to taste the vegetarian menu( bites from my wife’s ) as well as my own omnivore one. The recommended German wine by the sommelier was also excellent. Also the service was excellent. So to me this is an exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey.

Suzana: My husband and I went there for our wedding dinner just the two of us and our little dog. This is one of the best Michelin restaurants we have been. We felt in love with the place. The little attention details, the service, the atmosphere, the food, the drinks (wine and champagne) everything was absolutely stunning. We both took the meat and fish menu but there is also a vegetarian option. One can sit inside or outside on the beautiful terrace. Highly recommending and definitely coming back.

Shiuan Chang: An absolutely mind-blowing experience! My wife and I had a wonderful night at this restaurant for our last night in Berlin. We thought they deserved another star. The staffs are super nice and knowledgeable about everything they are doing. I especially love their wine pairing that the wine they choose is a such a rare find. I hope they would provide the list somewhere maybe online so I can buy them! Thanks again for a wonderful night!!

anthony stephan: Super nice place with super food and amazing staff. The only problem is the drunk owner that disrespects his clients by using foul language. A good place to try? For sure. Will you be treated this way in any other Michelin? I doubt it. The owner Max Strohe came out after the service drunk with his beer in hand asking clients for a cigarette which is understandable after his service. But then to start disrespecting us after we paid a fortune is wrong. His staff were looking at him with disappointment. I ask him personally to make things right towards us.

hund hudg: Was an amazingly beautiful night in Berlin!Service is outstanding, food is outstanding.It was a long time I had a lot of fun at a restaurant. Best!

Innan: I put myself on a waiting list with quite a short notice. To be honest I had not much hope, but... there was suddenly a free slot! Interesting flavours, friendly stuff, cozy atmosphere. We had a menu along with the wine pairing and it lasted quite a while. So, get ready to dedicate your whole evening to a gastro-journey and enjoy. We did a lot. Thanks, guys!

Alon Tsaraf: Extremely delicious 12 course tasting menu.Service was phenomenal.Would definately recommend going there

Tainturier Jean-Baptiste: Overall very good experience with a very friendly and competent staff. Some real highlights in the menu like these little tartelettes... 2 remarks though. 2 plate out of 8 were a little bit underneath the rest in term of taste & creativity. Lobster with too much dill. And an apricot / thymian dessert a little but too classical in my taste. The room was also quite noisy so difficult to have a talk in a table of 4. Thanks for the very good moment.

9. Horváth

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368 reviews
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Address: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 61289992

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Horváth: what do users think?

Matt Kus: By far the best vegetarian dinner I have ever had and up there with one of the best dinners overall. They truly take it to another level recreating the flavors of traditional Austrian dishes (usually involving pork or chicken) with vegetables and clever combinations of seeds, garnishes, sauces, broths, and more.

Jonas Pedersen: Amazing evening. The food was allmost all vegetables, and the taste was so good. The service personel was very good at english and really gentle. The athmosfere and the interior os the resturant was very nice, low music, a big painting and a kitchen only seperatet by a big glass. The wine was allso really good. We had the 8 course menu, add on with the signeteur dish, so 9 in all total. Plus snacks and bread.

R C Vertmuller: Went last night. The space is lovely, so is the staff. We had a 6 dinner course plus some additions. Premium wine pairing. Food was too salty, slimy texture, and first time we all experienced we could not wait be done with the meal. We always do this kind of fine dining when we travel, but I honestly cannot understand how this place can have 2 stars. Wine pairing was nice, nothing mind blowing but it worked. I discovered a couple of nice wines I will probably acquire. Price for 3 was 800 euros. Definitely not recommend. It was an experience though and we had fun as family. That’s what it’s all about. Next time perhaps with some food we all enjoy.

Katinka Reyntjens: You can be mistaken at first by the facade and interior, but Horvath keeps on surprising throughout your food journey. Old meets new in the interior design and it’s all in the details. The kitchen is very creative and innovative in the usage of their seasoned and Local products. Your tastebuds really get spoiled with every course. The wine menu is pleasantly remarkable in the offer and the countries represented. We did not take the wine menu, but happily trusted the sommelier’s suggestion. The staff is attentive and have the uncanny sense of who their customers are. Overall, was it a great experience and hopefully there will be a chance in the future to re-live this.

Paul P: Great food, service, and physical plant. Some of the wines that were matched to each course were rather pedestrian. Very warm inside. We would go back, but would sit outside and pass on the matched wines.

Yawhster Ho: Beautiful place, wonderful wine and absolute gastronomical Austrian fine dining.

Ahmed Hasan: 2 Michelin Star restaurant - The experience has been wonderful. We went here to celebrate our anniversary and we were happy to receive a small cute cake from the chef for our celebration. Amazing service! The restaurant is local in a beautiful place near the river and you have the option to sit out or in. We chose to sit inside. You’ll see beautiful wooden architecture inside. Seats are very comfortable and the staff is super polite, helpful, eager to make your experience amazing. The food and the flavors of the food we had that night was something we never experienced before. Will surely recommend visiting the place for anyone who’d appreciate a great tasting meal which is prepared by highly experienced chef.

John T: What a delightful experience! The food was superb and very interesting, the wine was a wonderful new experience (and we’re going to have to try to find them elsewhere) but frankly what made this night so wonderful were the staff. What a lovely group of people that were committed to their art, and committed to making the guests feel welcome and have the best night they could experience. I would definitely recommend this experience and will remember it for a long time

10. Rutz

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423 reviews
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Address: Chausseestraße 8, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 24628760

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Rutz: what do users think?

Anuk Bambook: Expectations were met. Dishes are prepared with great respect of the local seasonal products and beautiful, mindful way of working with them. Wine pairing also was beautifully composed.

Dave Zhang: An intimate and didactic experience albeit a bit long (4.5hr). Be prepared to give your attention to not only the food but the ingredients, preparation and meaning behind each course. Truly deserving of 3 Michelin stars and the green star!

Stefan Haupthoff: So many ingriedients combined to such tasteful & flavoured recipes but still main ingriedent with intense taste. Was also suprised by a mix of younger and older guests. Service was great w/o any akward attitude. Highly recommanded.

Robert Peveling-Oberhag: I took my head chef and Sous chef to this restaurant as a Christmas gift and boi: we were happy. Such a relaxed atmosphere paired with mind blowing food. Everyone working in this place seems to enjoy themselves which makes for such a happy environment. Thanks a lot

Shuhei M: Unfortunately a very disappointing experience; ingredients are nothing special, way too many ingredients that I don’t know what I’m tasting, service mediocre, not worth the price. Don’t want to be judgmental but clientele was also very homogeneous: older affluent looking German people, which I believe says something as well 😬 I will not come back!

Sanne Hanegraaf: The best food experience i’ve ever had, no doubt. The service staff were able to make an outstanding balance of personal and formal approach. And if you don’t drink alcohol, like me, the team have found the most delicious alternative.Different preparations, structures and tastes. Just like the food. Absolutely phenomenal.

11. Bandol sur mer

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Bandol sur mer

Address: Torstraße 167, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 67302051

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Bandol sur mer: what do users think?

Alex P.B: Such an amazing and inspirational way to present the food. Coming out in a few courses and allowing you to choose different options for which courses you want to take.

Valentin Liebhart: Summary: good Michelin star Highlights: great bread, egg with Soja sauce Shadow: lamb dry an missing fat, mushroom ice cream not my taste (quite personal observation)

Wignand Mühlhäuser: A very cozy atmosphere in this small but well designed place. The staff was friendly and attentive. The food was prepared in the small open kitchen and tasted fabulous . A perfect combination of opposing flavours and consistencies. This place is a definite fine dining recommendation.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Jeremy C: Late review, from Fall 2021. I am wrong, again. This is the smallest, most laid back, most casual Michelin restaurant. With only 14 indoor seats, two servers, a chef, sous chef and dishwasher, in a really open kitchen: the furthest seat from the chef is maybe 5m away. But the food is excellent, the service amazing. I think that the one server is wearing a Carhartt t-shirt just to annoy people who think a tie is needed to enjoy amazing food. I will definitely return. 2021 10 03. M1.

Brian T: High-end restaurant with quirky interior. The food was amazing! Every plate was unique and served as a multi-course fixed menu. When you want haute cuisine this is the place in Berlin.

Ahmed Hasan: Another Michelin Star restaurant with unique and amazing chef. Very talented chef who made amazing food. You have to witness the food and see how it is prepared to really appreciate the talent. The kitchen is small but how the chef manages it is exceptional. The staff is very friendly and we were greeted very nicely. We were asked about the preferences and they did everything they could to make our experience awesome and they were successful. The layered dessert was just amazing!! Thank you!!

12. Hugos

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247 reviews
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Address: Budapester Str. 2, 10787 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 26021263

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Hugos: what do users think?

Juan Pablo Castro: Great food, the service in amazing and the place by itself is cozy for a nice dinner. Highly recommended for a good & long chat.

Frank Sorgiovanni: Fantastic set dinner paired with great wines and excellent service. Deserves its accolades for one of the best French options in Berlin.

Julie Maja Nielsen: The food was delicious 🍲 - the wine menu is great 🍷🥂 - perfect view 🌇 - fantastic service 👏😊🙏

MJ Lindblom (‫מָיִיק‬‎): Delicious food, gorgeously presented by super friendly staff.

Konstantina Stagaki: Great culinary experience! Amazing food, great presentation, atmosphere and breathtaking view!The service is impeccable! Thank you Irene!

Lukas Elmer: Great bar and view! The food was also very tasty!

Ilaria Montanari: A very nice ambience, the individual accents of the restaurant are staged by different colored sports, but not exaggerated. What I really liked was the beautifully lit bar which gives the room a lot of charm. Food was delicious, but that is in the perfectly decorated room rather minor matter.

terje berge: 1 Michelin står, fantastic food ,view and food

13. Mine

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473 reviews
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Address: Meinekestraße 10, 10719 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 88926363

Business type: Italian restaurant

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Mine: what do users think?

Trinh Nguyen: The food and service were beyond amazing! The atmosphere was very nice and the staff were very attentive. Unfortunately, the eggplant was sold out already so we had to get the beef tartare instead. However, it was very delicious and the octopus was seriously tender.
Response: Dear Trinh, I’m happy you had an amazing evening with us! Thank you for your splendid feedback. It’s a pity, that the eggplant was sold out. To tell the truth, it rarely happens with us. You will try it next time! Hope to see you soon, Olga Mnatsakanova

Peer F. Holm (Wein & Wissen): Great atmosphere, stylish but not over the top. Super tasty food with a surprisingly international wine list combined with a down to earth service giving great recommendations. A must go to place!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Response: Dear Peer, thank you for your amazing feedback! Special thanks for checking out our wine list. It's our treasure, and it took us many years to carefully select each wine. See you next time, Olga Mnatsakanova

Lebriz Erdemir: The food and service was really good. We tried different dishes and all were delicious. The waiter was very welcoming and kind.
Response: Dear Lebriz Erdemir, Thank you for your excellent feedback. Prominent greetings from our waiters! We are waiting to see you again in MINE! Best regards, Olga Mnatsakanova

Jinna Morocha: ok, so where do i start? shall i start at the interior? yes, it is amazing! the details - the furniture, the plates and the glasses - you already get an orgasm from that! let’s get to the food, BUT! not skip the staff! the staff is just AMAZING! in Berlin you never meet a staff like that - so beautiful, so friendly! It’s a pleasure to be served by people like that. And finally the food: of you’ve never been to Italy - then leave it, the food food here is as awesome as in Italy, the chefs know what they do. If you wonder, shall you go to the restaurant or not- don’t doubt! you should definitely visit it, for a wonderful experience, super tasty food and atmosphere.
Response: Dear Jinna, thank you for a great detailed review. When our guests leave the restaurant having such a wonderful experience, we feel satisfied. We are glad, that you noticed how much love we spend to create our interior. It’s our mission to provide the best service and make your evenings unforgettable. So, mission is completed :) Hope to see you soon, Olga Mnatsakanova

J. Renx: I have perhaps had too high expectations so it was rather disappointing in terms of dishes. Staff are very friendly but rather sluggish. Ambiance is niceFood: 3/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Response: Dear J. Renx, I'm very sorry that MINE didn't fulfill your expectations. Thank you for giving us four stars, and I hope we see you next time! From time to time, we add new dishes to the menu which could surprise you! Best regards, Olga Mnatsakanova

Elizabeth Kruk: at the moment the best place in Berlin to dine out! the atmosphere is cozy and you don’t feel a rush, even when you have only two hours for a table. nobody is pushing you, staff lets you enjoy the time. complimenting the chef for the food and high-quality products in use! must try: vitello tonnato, wilder broccoli, tortelli with burrata, pasta with lobster, octopus, and tiramisu or merengue for dessert. highlighting attentiveness to all the details, absolute must visit!
Response: Dear Elizabeth, thanks for such a detailed and helpful review. I'm delighted you love MINE and consider it the best in Berlin! We are always happy to make your evenings memorable. You are very welcome! Kind regards, Olga Mnatsakanova

Alla Svetlova: The best restaurant in Berlin! Highly recommended! You will love everything here: the design, the atmosphere, the service and exquisite cuisine!
Response: Dear Alla, we appreciate so much for your opinion. We love having you and your husband as a guests ♥️ See you very soon, Olga Mnatsakanova

Alexei Filippov: Absolutely stunning place! We booked table in advance and were really fascinated by the atmosphere and food. Food was incredibly delicious and worth every euro we paid. If you are in Berlin you have to go try this food!
Response: Dear Alexei, we are very happy you enjoyed your evening in our restaurant. When you are in Berlin, you are always welcome in MINE. See you soon, Mikhail Mnatsakanov

Conny Wilhelm: What a wonderful place!? Italian kitchen in a new way. Not like every common Italian restaurant, fine cuisine with excellent service. We ate the broccoli with basil hollandaise and pecorino as a starter- so soft you have to taste! As the main dish, I ate the “Mafalde with tender duck ragout” oh my God it was poetry in my mouth. And last but not least the tiramisu with espresso - best tiramisu in my life! We drank an excellent prosecco very fine! Resume: finest cuisine in the middle of Berlin - thank you!
Response: Dear Conny, thank you for your kind words. What a wonderful guests!? We are very happy that you had an unforgettable experience in our restaurants. We are looking forward to your visit again and on our behalf we will continue to provide the best service. Have a lovely day, Olga Mnatsakanova

14. Restaurant Bieberbau

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457 reviews
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Restaurant Bieberbau

Address: Durlacher Str. 15, 10715 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 8532390

Business type: German restaurant

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Restaurant Bieberbau: what do users think?

Constantin Melniciuc: This is worth every single penny. It is an unique and fantastic experience! Everything is just on another level. The service, attitude, presentation, storyline, taste and experience as a whole is just genius! It was a fantastic dinner!Recommended dishes Pumpkin Soup, Sorbet, Strawberries and Mascarpone, Goat Cheese Desert, Cheese Selection …More

Joyce Z: This experience was overall a little disappointing. The food/dishes ranged from mediocre to good but the service was especially slow. It took over 2.5hours to get three dishes from the set menu. The dessert was the best part, the steak was plain and hard to chew through sometimes. The steam egg dish is good but definitely just normal. People in my group call this the zero Michelin place as it does not deserve it.

Florina Nadaban: Food is nice overall, but the restaurant has some serious problems with how they treat their guests. 1. I got a main dish with fish. The fish was almost raw. We mentioned it to the waiter and she literally just took the plate and … no reaction. Zero. 2. And the most surprizing - they charge more than 5 euros for card payment for a dinner of more than 200 euros. Taking all that into account, thank you but not coming back.

Steven O'Banion: The plaster work is delightful and every course was seasonally delicious. I just wish they offered wine pairings with the menu.

Joohee Kim: Delicious and hospitable meal in a stunning stucco environment. Just the way a good dinner should be. Beautiful ingredients (loved the monkfish) with excellent combinations! 2 minor details that could’ve been tweaked: the blutwurst amuse bouche would’ve been better if freshly deep fried. The canele was a bit over baked.

Morten Jeppesen: We had a lovely evening. The server was knowledgeable and guided us a great wine menu to accompany the food. Food was great and the bread with curry butter (!) was surprisingly good! Recommended. Also quite reasonable prices for a Michelin starred restaurant.

Anastasia Lavoshnikova: Great ingredients and cooking, loved the Asian twists in dishes, good service.

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