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1. SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning

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238 reviews
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SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning

Address: Scharnhorststraße 24, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +49 30 58849440

Business type: House cleaning service

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SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning: what do users think?

Gayle Bissay: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, ResponsivenessI think SPIC and SPAN is a great option for people looking for English speaking help. My feedback would be that the vet their cleaners a bit more as some cleans were not to my standards though I am sure with training on their side this would be much better! Fast and easy response to all communication which is wonderful.
Response: We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us :) Your feedback will make us improve. Thank you :)

Juha “Riussi” Ristolainen: We had a moving out cleaning done by them on an empty apartment with extras but had to go and clean after them ourselves. Super disappointing.

Nishargo Nigar: Overall, I am happy with their service. I liked the cleaner. He seems to be a very nice person. Of course, they have scope of improvement. Wishing them all the best!
Response: Dear Nishargo, thank you for your review and kind words. We really appreciate that. If you would like to discuss your feedback any further, please contact our Customer Support. We value any insight into how we could improve our services.

thedabaraxx: Terrible cleaning for a high price. I’ve been talking for about a week with the office to schedule a cleaning while I was abroad. They were nice and responsive. Too bad that whatever we’ve decided hasn’t been taken under any consideration by the person who “cleaned”. I was told that 2 hours for a deep cleaning wasn’t enough. My apartment was already decently clean, and it’s less than 50 sq. The only reason why I payed €40 per hour, was to clean the oven.Anyway, I trusted their judgment and I said that I would have paid for 3 hours. Again, I was ready to pay a “deep cleaning” cost for a regular cleaning of a small already clean apartment, plus the oven and the mattress. I also asked if the cleaner could have kept the keys and they said yes. I was over the moon! Then the reality... My friend went to open the door. The cleaner was late. He had no clue about the keys. So I had to figure something out last minute. He called my friend back because he couldn’t figure how to open the water. He left after two hours. Because of their lack of communication and professionality I lost a tenant. Here comes the pics that I received from him. I asked for a refund and they sent me pics of what was cleaned for €80. Since I clean my house by myself I can tell that what I paid wasn’t worthy. Plus they had the guts to tell me that 2 hours wasn’t enough. I suggested they checked the emails where I said that I was up to pay for 3 hours, because I needed a clean apartment. If you charge €40 per hour per person you need to be the best ! They’re far far away even from being good. Service: Moving-related cleaning

SADAF SAEED: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ResponsivenessI got my apartment cleaned from Dan and he was brilliant! Amazing work, very respectful. 10/10 recommend this service
Response: Thank you for the review. It really means a lot to us! :)

Njoya Yvette: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Valuedeep cleaning service was real good. Nice team profesional job by team Caleb. I will book againService: Deep clean
Response: Thank you for your words :)

Evelyn Parh: This was my first experience with Spic & Span and I was satisfied with the service from the provider and the cleaning agent, especially as it was also the first experience of the cleaning agent. Knowing that it requires time to understand and adjust to cleaning any new place, I was pleased with the effectiveness and efficiency of the cleaner. My initial appointment was modified directly by the cleaning agent and this was done efficiently and smoothly with no hitches. As it was my first experience, I contacted the service provider a few times and realized it is faster/easier to communicate with them via online chat than via phone for example (but that was after a few frustrated call attempts as well as confusing online chat attempts, before realizing just a little wait gains you an actual person to chat with online). Overall, I would give this a 4.8 star rating if possible but there are only options for single star ratings! For the costs, I found this a bit on the high side (for the one off cleaning), and I have to say it was disappointing to realize that "regular" cleaning only qualifies for at least one-month durations. It would be good if one could choose for example 6-8 week durations for such regular cleaning, depending on the needs, and still get a fair deal compared to the one-off cleaning - this goes as a recommendation which I hope would be captured. I found it excellent to have the possibility of getting English speaking cleaners in Germany, which facilitates communication for non-German speaking persons. I look forward to using this service in the future, but probably for one-off cleaning every second month (as I do regular cleaning myself and just require deep cleaning every now and then). This is something that could be considered to be offered by the service, something in-between deep cleaning and regular cleaning). Overall, many thanks for this excellent services and keep up the good work, while taking into account the useful feedback/suggestions provided by your service-users. Service: Standard cleaning
Response: Dear Evelyn, thanks for your review. We would love to hear more about your experience, so that we can use your valuable feedback to deliver an even better experience next time. Please reach out to with any further comments or suggestions you wish to share. Again, thank you for taking the time to review our business! We count ourselves lucky for customers like you. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Elizabeth Bailey: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ValueOverall good cleaning service. Very nice that the service is in English so I do not have to worry about communications or confusion. the pricing structure is a bit confusing so that could be improved, otherwise I give full marks for the cleaning.
Response: Thank you for letting us know about this. Your feedback helps us do better :)

2. Sunshine Cleaning

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104 reviews
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Sunshine Cleaning

Address: Hasenheide 89, 10967 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Business type: Cleaners

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Sunshine Cleaning: what do users think?

Christos Nitsis: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueCleaner was really friendly and easy going. Only problem I had was getting an appointment because they were so full/busy! Although full credit to them as they emailed me and told me what was going on with my unconfirmed appointment. I would definately use them again.Service: Standard cleaning
Response: Hi Christos, pleased to hear that you were happy with the service, and thank you for leaving us a nice review! I'm glad we were able to find you a suitable appointment time and that you felt in the loop about your booking until we filled it. We are having some success expanding our team to meet demand, so hopefully getting appointments will become much easier! Look forward to hearing from you again in the future. Thanks again, Kate

carlos bs: Booked two weeks in advance. During two days before the appointment (weekend) they changed the cleaner three times. Just after the service (and without anyone else apart from the cleaner having been in the apartment) we realized that one set of keys was missing. Everyone who knows Berlin is familiar with the rate of housebreaking in the city, something that looks more like an epidemy. One week after the keys remain missing so we have obviously changed the lock, new keys, etc. The company has rejected any responsibility, interest in investigating further and has punctually sent me the invoice for a service that I will obviously neither repeat nor recommend. Service: Standard cleaning
Response: Hi Carlos, I understand this has been an extremely frustrating situation for you. Losing a set of keys is a horribly stressful and worrying thing. You imply in your review that the keys were taken from your apartment, however our cleaner actually followed your tenants instructions and placed the two sets of keys in your postbox after locking the apartment, which you asked us to do at your own risk. Following this your friend could apparently only find one set of keys in the postbox. I believe we have actually been very cooperative in our communication with you. Our cleaner has phoned you and written a step by step account of what he did. In your last email you told us you were submitting a police complaint. I responded that we fully understood you need to follow that process, and of course we will cooperate with any questioning from the police. We did, however, do exactly what was asked of us, we delivered the cleaning service, our cleaner, as requested, placed both sets of keys in your postbox, after which we have no idea what happened to them or why only one set was found. It's obviously a very unfortunate situation. We are very sorry this happened to you, and we truly hope you are able to resolve it the best way possible. We did change your cleaner two times, the first time as the cleaner had a last minute urgent doctor appointment and your booking time could not be changed, and then because the replacement cleaners' child had a very high fever the night before, all of which was communicated to you at the time. We did however manage to keep your chosen appointment time. Wishing you all the very best, Kate.

Ashley Mantha-Hollands: I’ve tried to book a cleaning service twice now since all the reviews are fantastic. Both times unfortunately they’ve had to cancel because of lack of staff. This last time however was quite frustrating as despite sending a booking request weeks ago, they only got back to me 3 days before the day I had requested which doesn’t give me any time to book another service! I also sent an email asking about alternative dates and never heard back…
Response: Hi Ashley, I'm so sorry we were unable to fill your booking requests and particularly that this time we didn't give you much notice. We do let customers know when we receive the request that the booking is not confirmed, but that we are looking for a cleaner and will be in touch with an update. We always try our best to inform people with plenty time if we don't have someone, but this last few weeks we've been quite overwhelmed with booking requests and it's true that your booking unfortunately fell through the cracks. I'm very sorry that negatively impacted you. We're always trying to improve the service, so we definitely take your feedback seriously. We are a relatively small team and the demand is high, and although we are doing our best to expand, it takes time to recruit and train the right people for our company. Wishing you all the best, Kate

Adam Golinski: Fair priced, transparent about how much the cleaners earn & how much the agency takes, did a good job, cleaners speak very good English! Would recommend!
Response: Hi Adam, Thanks for the nice review! That's great you were happy with the service. It's important to us to be transparent about the pricing and that our cleaners earn a fair proportion of the payment. Thanks for your appreciation and recommendation! All the best, Kate

Camila Weirich: Excellent service. It’s is so hard to find any great service in Berlin, that after their cleaning session at my place I was happy for days! Javier and Michaela were attending to all details and bringing good vibes and elegance to our place. Loved it!

Nathania Wong: I had a move out / deep clean service and the cleaners were punctual, efficient and worked really hard to make the apartment sparkling again. Kate was also responsive to my emails and helped to advise on how much time would be needed. All in all I was pleased with how it went and would be happy to use their services again!
Response: Thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice review Nathania! Very glad you were pleased with the service and we'd be very happy to clean for you again sometime! All the best!

Harry D: Best experience so far! We have tried all major cleaning services in Berlin, Sunshine Cleaning has been from the very beginning the best ones in: communication, punctuality and quality of the cleaners provided. We have had 2 cleaners so far, both have cleaned our place better than how we would clean ourselves. Many kudos to Kate and the team for their excellent communication and support. Service: Standard cleaning
Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review Harry (sorry it's taken a while to reply!) I hope we can continue to provide a service you are happy with for some time to come.

3. CleanWhale

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41 reviews
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Address: Westhafenstraße 1, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +49 1573 5981784

Business type: House cleaning service

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CleanWhale: what do users think?

Linda Hillmann: I can not recommend this cleaning company. I asked for a deep clean after a tenant moved out of my apartment, so there were lots of things to be done, from general cleaning to windows, bathrooms etc. I was really disappointed when I saw the result of it and I wonder what’s they’ve done for 7h in my apartment. The windows are all greasy and, for some reason, they decided to not to clean my bathroom at all. I was then talking to three different people over days which was annoying, I got 25€ back but would still never book this company again.
Response: Good afternoon. Cleaning the seams is an additional service, it was not ordered. As you can see in the photo, we did not clean behind the washing machine, this is your claim – but we do not move furniture and appliances and do not clean behind washing machines. This is written on our page

Babajide Owosakin: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueThe sofa was thoroughly cleaned. I had given up on cleaning the sofa, but the cleaning made me love the sofa again. I am satisfied with the cleaning! Even though the performer was late for the order, he made sure to communicate. Overall, it was a job well done!Service: Upholstery cleaning

Nika Shipilova: Outstanding service! These guys were really helpful with finding last minute cleaning on friday evening, extremely nice and responsive customer service. I absolutely recommend to use this company if you live in Berlin Cleaning quality 10/10!

C. Vielhauer: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ValueExcellent job! Thank you very much.Service: Upholstery cleaning

Vasilij Sapunkov: It was super experience. I will surely recommend it!

Nenad: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueSuper nice staff, very professional and timely.Services: Upholstery cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Deep clean

Andreas Hudec: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, QualityPerfect!Services: Standard cleaning, Deep clean

Дмитрий Шеламов: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueSuper!Service: Deep clean

4. Green Putzhilfe Berlin

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20 reviews
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Green Putzhilfe Berlin

Address: Gitschiner Str. 36, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 1520 3590253

Business type: House cleaning service

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Green Putzhilfe Berlin: what do users think?

Konstantinos Baras: Thank you for the amazing service, happy to hear about you. Totally recommended. Our office looks great.

Ioannis Angelakis: My previous experience with a cleaning company was not the best, so I was searching to find a new company, for I had to move out and I wanted to return the apartment in perfect condition. Anna and Dimitri arrived at the house timely. They were well informed of COVID19 rules. I rerturned after 3 hours and the house was like new. I really appreciated the wonderful job they did. They did even more than what I had initially asked. I will definitely recommend them to others.
Response: Thank you so much for your time providing us with your feedback.

João Moreira: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueDario did an awesome job, professional and on time. He brought all ecological cleaning products These guys are great, definitely recommend their services!Service: Deep clean

Tatevik Vasilyan: Thank you very much for the great service! It was very easy to contact and schedule the whole thing.

Alexandros Kalpakis: Amazing service. Happy to hear about this alternative ecological cleaning service.

Mario frafeiros: I like the ecological approach. The cleaner was friendly and nice but he has a bit late. That why the 4 stars. Cleaning was fast and great.
Response: Thank you Mario for your review. We always try to learn from our mistakes. Looking forward to hearing from you soon 🌴

Dhruv Cosmik Khanna: These guys are Incredible !!! I totally recommend them 👌👌 best cleaning service so far in berlin !!
Response: 🦁🌱

Christos Atzinas: Every time very satisfied with the result. Plus reliable, flexible with the appointments and always polite. Definitely suggest them.
Response: 🌿🌿

Tasos San: Great services at a low cost. My apartment had never been so clean before. Thanks
Response: 🌳🍃🍂

5. Herdegen Gebäudeservice GmbH

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44 reviews
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Herdegen Gebäudeservice GmbH

Address: Rosenfelder Str. 15-16, 10315 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 4 PM

Telephone: +49 30 66406281

Business type: House cleaning service

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Herdegen Gebäudeservice GmbH: what do users think?

Sara Lemann: The quality of the cleaning is always impeccable. I can unreservedly recommend this company.
Response: Thanks very much

Mathias Fuhrmann: Very fair prices for a more than detailed service. I can only recommend!
Response: Many Thanks

Leonie Feierabend: Herdegen stands for competence as well as fast and uncomplicated service.
Response: Thanks very much

Jutta Jäge: The company did a great job, all professional and fast.
Response: Thanks very much !

Lisa Schulz: Excellent service and great value for money.
Response: Thanks very much!

David Ziegler: Extremely satisfied with the service, never disappointed always reliable!
Response: Thanks very much ! Always happy.

Juliane Frueh: The value for money is unbeatable and the staff is very professional and friendly.
Response: Many Thanks.

Ruth Thomas: Very professional and work very quickly and cleanly.
Response: Many Thanks

6. Cinderella Clean

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31 reviews
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Cinderella Clean

Address: Auguststraße 20, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 65210880

Business type: Cleaners

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Cinderella Clean: what do users think?

Georg Semechin: Positive: Punctuality, Responsiveness, ValueEverything better than expected ✨Very Clean, friendly, always on time and super uncomplicated.💯% recommended - business and privat. 👍Services: Office & workplace cleaning, Standard cleaning, Deep clean, Interior & exterior window cleaning

Natalia Gerega: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, QualityMy apartment has never been so clean. Full professionalism, always punctual and very thorough cleaning. I have more free time for myself. I have recommended to a few friends, everyone is satisfied.Services: Standard cleaning, Deep clean

Sarp Dağ Demirel: Positive: Punctuality, QualityI am very happy and satisfied with the service. I tried several different before. I hope they will continue that way :)

Mariana Pajitnov: Super

Lucia Emilia: I am super happy with the service from Cinderella Cleaning. Everything shines in new splendor and I have already recommended Cinderella Cleaning to my friends. Thanks to the team for the great execution.

Phở_reigner: For years, the services have been extremely variable and sometimes cleaning aids are provided who speak neither German nor English and with whom you can only talk with the help of a translation app. Update: Another increase in the hourly rate to just under €20 was announced, which is disproportionate to the performance delivered.

Max Ja: Valentina is always on time and cleans very thoroughly. Leave the house without hesitation and always come back to a clean and tidy home. Great service, thank you.

Ronny A.: Very good service and cleanliness. I was always skeptical about letting a stranger into my apartment. But I have to say that Cinderella cleaning has convinced me on all points and I will recommend this company to friends at any time. Thanks to the team.

Rebecca F.: We are more than satisfied with our cleaning staff! She is reliable, thorough, fast and proactive. And contact with the company is also friendly and quick. What more do you want :)!

7. Tiger Facility Services

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222 reviews
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Tiger Facility Services

Address: Jägerstraße 67, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 PM

Telephone: +49 30 255585784

Business type: Commercial cleaning service

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Tiger Facility Services: what do users think?

Daniel Mesonero: We signed a contract with them last summer and have had incredibly poor service. The cleaning has been very sloppy, the cleaners have on occasion thrown the dirty water out of the window rather than down the drain, plus been very irregular in when they actually show up. The communication with the back office has also been incredibly poor with people constantly changing and neglecting your emails. Even the final key handover when we canceled the contract, they managed to miss. I can under no circumstance recommend this service, and I am really sceptical about their 5-star reviews from other people.
Response: Dear Mr. Mesonero, Thank you for sharing your experience with our service. We are sorry that you are not satisfied with the service. We value professionalism and reliability. We would like to emphasize that we mainly act as an intermediary for service providers. It is very important for us to receive feedback about the executed service to improve our service and the related partnerships. Even for the key handover we need to trust our service providers and count on their reliability. We are at your disposal for further questions and concerns. Best regards Tiger Facility Services

Mike Bandecchi: Positive: Professionalism, Valueexcellent sales service aimed to understand your real needs. Tommy H matched very rapidly your needs with a pro cleaning service. The testing period of 4 weeks is definitely a bonus to figured out the perfect program for you. Top!

Marko Lazic: We are an architecture office which needed a window cleaning. We worked together with Tommy who send somebody to take the measurements and look at what kind of tools they need. Then We accepted the offer and the cleaning took place 3 days after. We preferred the direct approach and the speed of the process.
Response: Hello Mr. Lazic, thank you very much for the review. We are glad that we could provide you the service you needed just in the time you needed it. Our goal is to deliver the service fast and always in the best quality. Your Tiger Facility Services Team

FLO Grundmann: Positive: ValueIt is a great pleasure to work with Tiger facility Berlin and Mr. Nicolai. I have recommended this service to multiple colleagues of mine!Service: Standard cleaning

Savane Sauvage Bln: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueVery good service. I had the pleasure to talk to Julian Schäfer about my issue. Very capable and empathic employee! I left the talk relieved and my issue was resolved!

Anshuman Kharoo: Positive: ProfessionalismAlways a wonderful experience, especially the communication and work with Tommy Haferkorn is amazing and very professional. Keep up the good work and looking forward to lots more.....

Jasper Pol: Always had good interactions with their employees, especially Mr Schuster. Quick and to the point solutions, anytime.

A.J.C.: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ResponsivenessQuick response and fast replacement team came equipped, big thanks to the friendly staff, and Mr Schuster for his clever suggestions 🙏

William Harris: Always punctual and do a great job in our office!
Response: Dear Mr. Harris, thank you for your positive rating. We are happy to see that you like our Service. Your Tiger Facility Services Team

8. Jetclean Gebäudereinigungsservice Reinigungsfirma Berlin

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34 reviews
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Jetclean Gebäudereinigungsservice Reinigungsfirma Berlin

Address: Jonasstraße 69, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +49 30 80576426

Business type: Cleaners

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Jetclean Gebäudereinigungsservice Reinigungsfirma Berlin: what do users think?

aria Mehrdel: Very dear employees very loving full and the Very disciplined and everything was clean afterwards

Maria S.: For as long as I can remember, this company has been responsible for cleaning our office space. They are super reliable, thorough and flexible. Requests for changes or additional services are also implemented immediately. The staff are always very friendly. We look forward to many more years! :)

Yagmur Alkaya: Great team great job, matches the names exactly, they are all jet and clean ;) Professional work can only be recommended! 👍🏼

Marcel Mancic: We looked for and found a team with experience. Wags have painted the floors with parrot drawings. Jet Clean was able to remove the outrageous mess. So far 100% satisfied. The staff is absolutely friendly and professional.

Leon Bln: I like very good work 👍🏻

Khaleel Khoulani: We needed people from the field for our practice for a disinfecting cleaning. We were always offered unprofessional work until we came across Jetclean. Since then 100% satisfied and to be recommended at any time.

Bra. Ver: Very good excited thank you

hasan mutlu: Convince yourself of the thoroughness and professionalism. You should focus on quality instead of quantity when it comes to cleaning and cleanliness, and jetclean is the best contact for this. Super satisfied 👍🏼.

9. Perfect Cleaner

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13 reviews
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Perfect Cleaner

Address: Krausenstraße 22, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 37449191

Business type: Cleaning service

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Perfect Cleaner: what do users think?

Charly Marpaung: Good

Laura Knetelt: Not to recommend... I have a feeling these are fake reviews.

Salwa Witt: Very friendly and competent. First class.

10. MaidEasy - Berlin

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47 reviews
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MaidEasy - Berlin

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 62937539

Business type: Cleaning service

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MaidEasy - Berlin: what do users think?

Maia Mesa: Positive: QualitySuper efficient, Friendly and professional job.Service: Deep clean

Harvey West: Positive: Professionalism, PunctualityEasy to schedule, easy payment options, prompt, courteous, fast, thorough. Excellent experience.Service: Cleaning

P P: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueThe service was great. The maid was on time and the cleaning was thorough but quick. Every interaction we had was friendly and professional and the result is impeccable.Service: Cleaning

Stefan Saffer: Positive: QualityThe cleaner came on time and was amazingService: Deep clean

connor quinn: Booked 5.5hrs for a cleaning service for my 105sqm appartment for 1330 on wednesday the 16th of May 2018. By 1415 the cleaning person hadnt shown up, no phone calls, no notification I am just left in the dark until I spend an hour trying to figure out what is happening. When I finally got a solution with them they sent a cleaner for 1800. She arrived but was not able to to communicate in english even though the website said all their people can. She also only brought paper towels for supplies and had to use my soap and crappy vaccum even though they advertise they bring their own equipment. So I try to communicate what needs doing, she said she will be there untill 2100-2200 and I step out for a meal. I come back at 2015 and she is gone and only 2 rooms are done with minimal clean up. The other 3 rooms and hallway is left alone. Now the real mess begins. Obv I am not happy about paying 150e for 90 min of cleaning work. We leave a message on their answering machine. Next day no call back. Then we call the next day and talk to a costumer service agent to says she ll have the chef call us. Again no call. I get a 57e refund so now I am paying 100e for 90 min of work done with my own supplies and equipment. Obv I am not satisfied. Basically stay away from these people. You are much better off paying some random person off of craigslist or the like 10e/hr rather then 30e/hr with close to no customer service. They advertise professional service with professional supplies, prompt service if there is a problem and multilingual staff. This could not be farther from the truth. This site is a scam.

Richard Lohwasser: Positive: QualityAppartment got really clean, loved it.Service: Cleaning

Jekaterina Piechura: Wonderful and fast contact! Digital and well structured. Scheduling appointments very quickly and customer-oriented. The cleaning team was very thorough and friendly! We are super satisfied, the team

Michael Sauer: I am super satisfied with the work of Katarina and her colleague. There was a delay due to a traffic jam, but I was informed in good time. The contact to Katarina and also to maideasy was very friendly. The best, most professional cleaning performance so far, so I have now chosen Katarina to clean it regularly.

Robert Richter: The office is perfectly cleaned and very tidy! Great service! A heartfelt thank you!

11. Cleaning Service - All Clean 24

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16 reviews
new review
Cleaning Service - All Clean 24

Address: Lorenzweg 3, 12099 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 36746896

Business type: Cleaners

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Cleaning Service - All Clean 24: what do users think?

fa. en.: After many different cleaning companies (# must not cost much), our management has finally realized that professionals are needed here too. When we enter the office in the morning you can see that it has been cleaned! Especially with the toilets and our lounge we notice the clear improvement, since now our "cleaning pearl" actually goes into action every day. Many thanks from our team to the Alles Clean24 team
Response: Thank you for your positive rating! Your cleaning company - Everything Clean 24

Hannes Christen: TOP! very personable managing director who tries very hard to provide a customer-friendly offer. Looking forward to great cleaned office years best regards Hannes Christen
Response: Thanks for your review!

Sex Sells: Clean, professional and reliable. Friendly team & great value for money.

Anna S.: Always on time - always thorough. The cooperation with Alles Clean 24 has been working perfectly for more than a year. I really recommend this cleaning company!
Response: Thanks for your review

Michael Maaß: we look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks for the great work.
Response: Thanks for your review!

Pat Menschner: Have nothing to complain about. Super services, super support and easy processing - thank you! :)
Response: Thanks for your review!

Baris Dogan: Very competent contact person and professional
Response: Thanks for your review! Your Cleaning company Berlin - Alles Clean 24

12. GebäudeService24 ↗️ Gebäudereinigung - Büroreinigung - Unterhaltsreinigung

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55 reviews
new review
GebäudeService24 ↗️ Gebäudereinigung - Büroreinigung - Unterhaltsreinigung

Address: Schwedter Str. 5a, 12305 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 60056860

Business type: Cleaners

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GebäudeService24 ↗️ Gebäudereinigung - Büroreinigung - Unterhaltsreinigung: what do users think?

Hanna Roth: satisfied ...

Klaudia Eisenhower: Reliable service from a very professional team. The cleaning was very thorough and to our complete satisfaction. We will book again for sure!

Jens Wechsler: This company deserves my praise. Do great work and have a friendly team

Marco Meier: GebäudeService24 work very thoroughly and professionally, we are very satisfied with the result and can recommend them unreservedly.

Dirk Mueller: The cleaning is always very thorough! Definitely highly recommended!

Karolin Goldschmidt: The cleaning was great. Staff were also very friendly and reliable.

Manuela Grunewald: Super friendly and consistently reliable employees. I feel very well looked after.
Response: Manuela Grunewald, thank you for recommending us. We are very happy about the great experience you had with us! It was a pure pleasure working with you. Please let us know if you need anything else. With kindest regards Building service24 all-round GmbH ↗️

Mia Klotz: We have been very satisfied customers of yours for a long time.

Jens Kortig: Very professional, quick and clean work.

13. The window cleaner Berlin Inh .: Sven Benthin

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189 reviews
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The window cleaner Berlin Inh .: Sven Benthin

Address: Charlottenburger Str. 1, 13086 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 60923083

Business type: Window cleaning service

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The window cleaner Berlin Inh .: Sven Benthin: what do users think?

Tanya Leighton: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueSven is the best window cleaner in town. Always the nicest and most effective. We’d recommend him to anyone.Service: Interior & exterior window cleaning
Response: Dear Ms. Leighton, Thank you for the lovely review. Until the next glass cleaning have a great time.

Michael Hagmann: Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value1A-Service!Services: Interior & exterior window cleaning, Glass & mirror cleaning
Response: Thank you Mr. Hagmann, it is always a pleasure for us. Greetings Sven Benthin

Britta Mischau: We have been customers for 2 years and are very satisfied. Scheduling appointments is friendly, uncomplicated and short-term. The team is always courteous and responds to all requests. It works reliably and very neatly. We look forward to further cooperation. Best regards from the Mischau Fleischwaren GmbH & Co. KG team
Response: Dear Mrs. Mischau, thank you very much for the detailed evaluation. We look forward to supporting you and wish you and the entire team every success! Have a good time until next time. Warm greetings

C. R.: For several years I have been very satisfied with the service offered. Scheduling an appointment is quick, polite, uncomplicated and professional. I can recommend Mr. Benthin with a clear conscience. His work is professional and of the highest quality. So several thumbs high !!!!??
Response: We look forward to continuing to look after you with the glass cleaning. Thank you very much for the great review. Have a nice Advent season and stay healthy. Your team from the window cleaners

B. K.: The window cleaners Berlin. de offer an excellently organized service and are very friendly and pleasant to deal with. The on-site staff were punctual, hardworking and very polite. I am very happy to recommend them.
Response: We are very pleased that you are satisfied and thank you for the great review. Until next time and stay healthy.

14. BerlinEcoPutzen cleaning service

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12 reviews
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BerlinEcoPutzen cleaning service

Address: Kurfürstenstraße 65, 12105 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Business type: Cleaners

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BerlinEcoPutzen cleaning service: what do users think?

Emiliano Vittoriosi: The best cleaning service in Berlin!!! High advices for companies and private!My experience with them is great, people always kind and available ❤️

Mieszkanie Wieckowskiego: Very poor service (flat in Berlin). Cleaners left earlier - 20 min. before the end of booked slot. Only windows were cleaned properly. Floor looked swept but not washed and old dust persisted in 3 corners. Oven was covered in cleaning foam mixed with dirt. Even some spider webs were left to hang. Flat had to be cleaned again. Landlord complained.
Response: Before the Standard cleaning service, the customer stated that he had some windows to clean, normally if the windows are few we try to be courteous with the customer, giving this little extra service. When we arrived at the place there were 13 windows, a number that required a specialized cleaning service for windows but that the customer did not declare in his reservation. we had to work with one more operator, reducing the working hours to pay the second cleaner for cleaning the customer's windows. The client was not precise in his job description.

Roberto Amoroso: Great service, professional and helpful staff. Definitely the best on the city of Berlin. Very recommended

darius bogda: So far a really good experience. Professional team, nice and effective!

D. Miraglia: best cleaning in town!

BerlinEcoPutzen service: Good Good

Dorian Davì: Simply the best cleaner in Berlin! I have never seen my apartment so clean! I can only recommend!

Ghitta Gometz: Works great and communication in German is excellent. Now firmly booked with us on a permanent basis.

Fabio Catanese: Incredibly careful, professional, ecological cleaning service. Easy to recommend!

Niklas Hofmann: Absolutely reliable and thorough! Gladly again and again.

15. DustlesService GmbH Gebäudereinigung Berlin

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23 reviews
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DustlesService GmbH Gebäudereinigung Berlin

Address: Stresemannstraße 23, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 346493130

Business type: Cleaners

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DustlesService GmbH Gebäudereinigung Berlin: what do users think?

Rebecca Schultz: Dear curtain team, thank you for cleaning the curtains, fast and friendly service, not cheap but it was worth the price. Even a mask was worn.
Response: Dear Mrs. Schultz, We are very pleased that you liked our curtain service. advertising worked. Hope we get another recommendation. Kind regards to your housekeeper Thank you for your help.

Slobodan Radosavljevic: Very friendly, well organized and reliable. great company!
Response: Thanks very much

Dane A.: Highly recommended, good value for money. Corona protective measures are all observed. I thank you for the good cooperation.
Response: thank you for the 5 stars, have fun and good luck with your recently received wedding.

Paul Heiden: Very nice contact and good service. We are satisfied with the cleaning of our building by the company DustlesService and hope for further good cooperation.
Response: We were happy to work for you.

Claas Schwaiger: DustlesService has been cleaning our office building for a few months now and after a long search we are finally 100% satisfied. I can recommend it only.
Response: Hall Herr Schwaiger, we hope it stays that way for a long time to come, we are happy to work for you, our entire Berlin team says thank you. Also for quick payment.

Tim Schieren: Just great .. Price / performance ratio is right. Goods quickly and thoroughly. It was a pleasure.
Response: Dear Tim, we look forward to 2021, hope we can do more together

Ersin Soydaner: We are supplier from the company Always pay on time and are always very nice, you really have to say that this is a serious company
Response: Dear Mr. Soydaner, yes, you have recently become a supplier to DustleService GmbH, you delivered super quickly and we hope there will be follow-up orders. Happy 3rd Advent to you and your family. As well as greetings from Mr. Witt

Peter Wusterhausen: Hello people from Dustleservice, I would like to thank you for the quick and inexpensive work. Well done. Good, fast and cheap service! Gladly again...
Response: Dear Mr. Wusterhausen, we would also like to thank you for your lines. Please recommend our building cleaning. Greetings your cleaning service Berlin.

Jule Böhler: Clean the entire 3-storey office building for us. The cleaning staff are reliable and friendly. Definitely recommended.
Response: Dear Mrs Böhler, THANK YOU

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