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1. Berlin School of Coffee GmbH & Co. oHG

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Berlin School of Coffee GmbH & Co. oHG

Address: Uhlandstraße 171/172, 10719 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 32514620

Business type: Training centre

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Berlin School of Coffee GmbH & Co. oHG: what do users think?

Safaa: We took the English Coffe@Home course with John. It was very interesting and fun. John is very friendly, professional and calm person. We enjoyed our time there and learnt a lot about coffee types, how to make espresso at home using press filter machines and grinders and much more. Absolutely recommended!

Julie Eckert: Very nice, competent trainer who explains and teaches everything about coffee with a lot of patience and wit. Lots of independent work to practice and try out. I can only recommend!

Björn Bandelow: Incredible passion, contagious enthusiasm and fundamental knowledge about the topic of coffee pulled me under the spell of our trainer. An excellent balance between theory and practice - mixed with a refreshing joke - has always occupied us and conveyed everything to become a first-class barista. With 8 participants, the time was carefully taken for each one to individually address the skills. I can recommend the seminars to anyone who wants to do better! ;-)

Sophie Hellmuth: I attended a three-day barista compact course and was super satisfied and pleasantly surprised. A good balance between theory and practice - you could practice a lot on the coffee machines (of course, portafilter machines) and all participants were dealt with individually. Too bad that it was over after three days - I will definitely do another deepening or another additional course!

Vincent Paulus: Here you can learn everything your coffee heart desires. The team is super nice and helpful. Gladly again!

sven sroka: Direct and understandable way to introduce the diverse preparation of coffee. Seminar leaders try to answer questions and problems as best as possible. Unreserved recommendation. Thumbs up! Please rethink the lunch break catering😉

wagner sophie: Lots of interesting information and a lot more practical content than expected. Small group and plenty of time to respond to each individual. It was great and really fun. Thank you very much

Andreas Meyer: Friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere, technically well equipped

2. Godshot Coffee Lab

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54 reviews
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Godshot Coffee Lab

Address: Gaudystraße 8, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 179 5112643

Business type: Training centre

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Godshot Coffee Lab: what do users think?

Stef: Great course and experience. 100% recommended. Very detailed explanation. Small class. And very patient trainer (Nicki) who gives valuable advice and insights. Variety of equipment and all “material” is included. Will come back for another course.

Sebastian Russezki: As a coffee lover Godshot Coffee Lab was a very interesting experience. Kai, the owner, is very passionate about coffee and everything around it. In the complete course you will learn how coffee is grown, roasted, grinded, brewed and basics of latte art. On a side note: you can drink everything you brew and believe me you will brew a lot of good coffee. ☕

Jörg Cardmaster: Thank you Kai for the entertaining afternoon. Get deep insights into what a real espresso is and why a portafilter is the only thing with the basic course. Just a great course.

Nicole Böhmer: We took the compact course at Godshot today and it was really great! Learned essential things about the different espresso machines in 3 hours and learned how to create the perfect espresso. It was a very informative workshop, very pleasant atmosphere and the time flew by. Also great as a gift.
Response: Thanks very much!

Lisa Buchholz: I really liked the compact course on Sunday. Like a meeting among friends - the atmosphere was super pleasant and relaxed, it was very informative and questions and requests were addressed individually. Our course instructor Nicky always has a cool saying on his lips and thereby brightened the good mood even further. The practical part was totally appropriate for the duration of 3 hours and you could try one or the other trick yourself on one of the professional machines (espresso preparation and milk frothing). Keep it up!

Henrik Dörries: I found the Godshot Coffee Lab through the service partner directory on the ECM website as my three year old portafilter machine was in need of minor repairs. Kai answered my request very quickly and just a few days later I was able to bring the machine in for repairs. Four days later the machine was repaired and since then the espresso has been running again - thank you Kai 🙏

3. Barista Coffee Shop

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152 reviews
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Barista Coffee Shop

Address: Oderberger Str. 54, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 48625617

Business type: Coffee shop

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Barista Coffee Shop: what do users think?

Edel Coradi: This IS a coffee shop, I had a very strong and good expresso. There are a large variety of coffee types and cakes and other sweets. I recommend this little chocolate truffle to go along with your coffee.

Kristina Kunz: Very cosy coffee place in oderberger strasse where you can spend lots of time people watching. Great coffees and butter croissants 🥐 and very friendly service. You can sit outside and the place is almost always full of locals.

J P J: Such a friendly cafe stop. Great staff and service. They kindly made us takeaway baguettes in a hurry as we were enroute to the airport. A calm place to people watch also.

Property Investment: Nice outdoor area in a lovely part of Berlin. The staff are not terribly friendly and curt to the point of being rude. An odd juxtaposition of graceless staff in an elegant area.

Alba Donaldson: You enter the coffee shop and the fresh aroma of coffee makes you already dream about a good taste! When you try the coffee; automatically your dreams comes true ! Delicious The best coffee nearby and super cakes!

Bilge Doğan: Very lovely coffee shop where you can drink nice coffee and enjoy your day.

Moritz: Best neighbourhood cafe you can imagine, awesome croissants and coffee. Great place to meet the neighbors from the Kiez and share some time. The stuff will remember you as a regular and my personal highly was getting my coffee without ordering. Love this place and the people how work here!

Mellissa McConnell: Cute and cozy with nice staff, great coffee, and yummy croissants. Also a good spot to get a fast cup of coffee if there’s no line!

4. Röststätte

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435 reviews
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Address: Ackerstraße 173, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 40501650

Business type: Coffee roasters

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Röststätte: what do users think?

Esin Çelebi Bowyer: Beautiful coffee in mitte. We enjoyed our drinks feeling the history and charm of Berlin. In a nice summer day, after walking a lot in the centre this cafe is a great break for us. Surrounded with very old and very well looked after buildings. Stone away from the shopping areas. It is one of my favourites.

Jana Levit: Great little cafe. Reasonably priced and smooth coffee. Beautiful tasty treats available fresh on the daily. The cheesecake today was a delight.

Pig Dog cheap: Very pleasant customer service, Coffee is generally great and a sunny terrace. Not lots of large tables or electricity plugs but a good place to get some work done nonetheless.

Irina: For sure perfect coffee that will satisfy even the most exquisite taste. Great selection of delicious cakes as well. Very friendly staff.

Nicholas Chan: Another one of my fav coffee places here in Berlin. A bit on the heavier roast if you like this kind. The cold brew tart was interesting as well! Went very well with the oat flat white.

Sophia Zimmer: Delicious coffee, one of the best Flat Whites I have had in a while. Extremely smooth texture and delicious nutty and chocolatey flavour. The staff could have been a little friendlier but to be fair we accidentally ended up blocking the way for the waitress due to the layout of the café and the positioning of the till (we were a bit confused about where to wait for the coffees at first) and it was busy at the time so that’s understandable. I think they could manage the flow of people / queue a bit better but apart from that it’s a really nice café and they sell their coffee beans and merchandise too. I bought a bag of Santiago filter coffee beans to take home and again really tasty coffee, smooth and sweet with notes of caramel and nuts. Overall definitely recommend!

Paulina Siwak: The woman selling the coffee on Oct 30th 11:30 am has terrible customer service levels. She wrote down the wrong order, changed it upon my immediate request, and still managed to give me the wrong coffee. When I requested the correct one or at least being charged for the one I actually ordered, she refused any discussions. The place might have a nice location but I recommend to give the staff customer service training.

Mia Rogelsek: coffee is okay, a bit small portion for a flat white. please stress to your workers on how to close the cup properly (or leave it open for customers to close it themselves), and reconsider the cups you’re buying. the paper form might be more eco, but it wears off after 15min, and paper starts to break. coffee to-go needs to be safe and practical to use, otherwise it doesn’t make sense!

Go Outside: Great specialty filter coffee and summer drinks!

5. Godshot

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465 reviews
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Address: Immanuelkirchstraße 32, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 76233417

Business type: Cafe

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Godshot: what do users think?

Koby Ofek: Nice cozy place. Pleasent music. Coffee was a bit too smoky and sweet (oat milk cappuccino) but nice overall. Protein mini brownie is also nice.

Tomás Fonseca: Extremely good coffee and strongly recommend going for the "special" arabica grains when getting one. There are some seats outside, so you can either take out or just enjoy the time there. They also have pastries like croissant that are fine

Talisa Jane Du Bois: Very very excellent offline coffee shop. Medium for service unless the Irish barista is there. But the consistency for excellent coffee makes up for any lack of warmth. And generally the clientele are chatty too.

Divij Vaidya: Cozy seating. Good coffee and ok-ish cakes.

Lucy Al: Cosy place with great coffee, pastry and friendly staff

Emily S: Good café with nice coffee. I enjoyed my special robust cappuccino. There was a downstairs with some toys that my 3 year old enjoyed (although many of the plastic toys were broken - I wish cafés that provide toys would remove the broken ones (sharp edges, small pieces, etc.), although I am grateful when there are any toys at all). The service was good, they took credit cards and there was even a toilet! Win.

Cristiano Pezzati: Coffee is extremely delightful, very pleasant silky texture for cappuccino and pastries are crunchy and delicious, very recommended!
Response: Thank you so much! 🙂

6. Chapter One Coffee

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741 reviews
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Chapter One Coffee

Address: Mittenwalder Str. 30, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 25922799

Business type: Coffee shop

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Chapter One Coffee: what do users think?

Anat Lev Hacohen: This place will make you irresistible to high-end coffee!Fantastic taste, lovely service. I cannot recommend this place enough.

Sonia Ran: I wish they had more seating. It got a bit hectic on the weekend. Nice coffee, I had a flat white with oat milk.

Bjorn Hauksson: The best coffee in Berlin!Recommend their two portions of filter, Colombia origin.

Vedat Dicleli: Hipster coffee place, cool minimalist decor and espresso with distinctive flavour. Less intense and fruity versus a stronger and more bitter espresso in Italy a contrast

N P: Possibly the best flat white I’ve ever had anywhere in the world. I felt sad when it was over. I live in Kenya and grow coffee, didn’t expect the best espresso drink of the year to be in Berlin! I need to up my game. These people are true experts 🙇🏼‍♂️

Wooyong: My favorite cafe in Berlin! Barista is professional and gentle. He always keeps smile and brings customers good mood!Latte and filter are really nice!Taste:💛💛💛💛💛(5 stars)Service:💛💛💛💛💛(5stars)

Julie: Well trained and friendly staff. A bit pricy than other coffee shops around (one filter coffee plus one pastry 5,60€). But the great atmosphere compensates it. Kind of a hipster coffee shop hiding in a quite alley.

Fatih Etke: When la marzocco leva 90 meets with coffee beans you get the best taste of espresso. Atmosphere is amazing. Well experienced baristas, One of the best coffee and machine, Affordable price, Possible to sit outside, The main reason for 4 star is structure and interior of place. If you are coffee lover, you should visit this place.

7. Cafelix Coffee Roasters

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189 reviews
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Cafelix Coffee Roasters

Address: Winsstraße 47, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 55145519

Business type: Coffee roasters

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Cafelix Coffee Roasters: what do users think?

Melissa Soh: Coffee was good, service is fantastic. The guy in the red scarf is such a delight! I actually forgot to get his name. I only got the coffee, but definitely will revisit for the pastries/small bites.

Josh Jaffe: excellent hand roasted "third wave" specialty coffee. drip coffee prepared individually with Kalita wave style pourover. three options for pourover today. deeper medium roasts with excellent body and mouth feel, sweetness, and a lingering toasty astringency. also a plus: this cafe has a restroom!

Alexander Vlasenko: Very nice hipsters cafe. Cool entertaining coffee machine.Tasty zitrone cake.Coffee is a bit bitter on my taste, but really good.Sits are hard to sit on, I would appreciate some sit pillows. ))

Talisa Jane Du Bois: Adore! Excellent coffee and kindness. Beautiful baristas. Minimalist light bright aesthetic that I love. Win.

Roman Khachatryan: Excellent filter coffee! Tried El Salvador Anaerobic and there are other options to choose. They roast it themselves.Snacks are also great as well as everything else

Tomas Renner: Really one of the best Coffee places in town! Fits perfectly in the hood. Very friendly people extraordinary good coffee and cookies meeting a very chilly atmosphere!

M. Huang: Very nice specialty coffee. The Espresso for cappuccino is a Special Blend by themselves. I also see hand brewed coffee with four different choices. Try next time!

Tal Natalie Shifrin: Lovely place! The coffee is great, the pastries are delicious and the service is super pleasant. Highly recommended!

Dom: Good coffee, informative staff, big place with plenty of sitting possibilities, friendly service with a hipsterish touch, very interesting coffee machine and a variety of coffee beans. The cappuccino to go was good and the packaging was partly out of renewable material. Roasting is done on site! The atmosphere is alright, with several people working or having meetings. Try it out!

8. Flying Roasters

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298 reviews
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Flying Roasters

Address: Hochstraße 34, 13357 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 1575 8722240

Business type: Coffee shop

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Flying Roasters: what do users think?

Nicolai F.: One of the best coffees roasted in Berlin, and most definitely the best regarding quality for price. They put an emphasis on fair trade. Highly recommended.
Response: Thank you so much 🙏🏾

Jessica Jordan: Very friendly and incredibly quick service in a cozy café in the south of Berlin-Wedding! This place offers two varieties of specialty roasts to choose from for any coffee beverages, as well as lemonades, teas and a few pastries. The prices for the entire menu are impeccably affordable for a Berlin café as well, making this place a must-visit after a Sunday afternoon walk in the nearby Humboldthain-Park! Vegetarian options: Various pastries, including croissants and cookies Parking: Car parking is available in nearby streets, as well as bicycle holders right in front of the store for anyone travelling by bile
Response: Thank you 🙏🏾 We're happy to hear that.

Athena Lewis: Absolutely adore this place (: some of the best coffee I’ve had in my life and also in Berlin — love that I get to choose between two espresso options
Response: Thank you so much 🙏🏾

Eduardo Caldas: Surprisingly good Croissant, as in similar to the ones in France. They also offer hand brews, and cappuccinos and both are awesome. Vegetarian options: At the moment I went there were two vegan croissant options - apricot and raspberry. They OK but a bit too sweet for my taste
Response: Thank you!

Javiera Bruna: I’m totally in love with this place. I had some really amazing coffee beans to brew at home and a delicious flat white with oat milk to drink there with a vegan croissant that was very tasty. It’s a perfect spot to hang out by yourself or with some friends and talk about coffee with the friendly barista staff. I’m going back over and over while I’m in Berlin. This place is where you want to go if you’re a coffee enthusiast like I am.
Response: Thank you!

Stav G: My favorite coffee in Berlin! I love the Fire Finch 🐦Great place to buy beans or to get a cup of delicious coffee.
Response: Thank you 🙏🏾

Rowan: Very friendly and helpful staff, and the cappuccino is the best that I have ever had. Also try the croissants there and you would definitely come back. I bought the beans also , tried several types and they are all amazing.
Response: Thank you 🙏🏾 We are happy to hear that!

9. The Barn Café

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1686 reviews
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The Barn Café

Address: Auguststraße 58, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Business type: Coffee shop

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The Barn Café: what do users think?

Triin Roomet: Yes! If you appreciate good coffee, this is THE place to go. The coffee was amazing! I ordered a cappuccino with oat milk, the barista was very kind and they also had some very nice pastries (did not buy but I am sure they were nice!) overall vibe was chill, minimalistic, Scandinavian. There are seats inside so you can enjoy your coffee indoors as well.

Victor Abadio: Food menu is short but everything is delicious. Had the stuffed croissant and the cake. Both great. Also the best hot chocolate I had my stay in Berlin! Creamy and not overly sweet. The staff is incredibly friendly, fast and knowledgeable about coffee. One hundred percent recommend it!

Kadien Kent: Some of the best coffee ive had. Carrot Cake was delicious as well - not too sweet and very moist. Staff was very friendly, especially Sam! Nice decor inside - Less is more! Will come here again!

Greig Stuart Torpey: Lovely little modern cafe, delicious cakes and hot chocolate. A little overpriced but well worth the visit. Staff were lovely and atmosphere was great. Both indoor and outdoor seating. Covid friendly

Hülya Ülger: Delicious coffee, very helpfull & nice staff, beatiful coffe shop, various good quality coffee beans!

Christakis Psyllides: One of the best coffees in Berlin-Mitte for sure. Very consistent throughout their numerous branches. Loses a star because others provide a great coffee in the area too but also have toilets (which Barn never does!) and food (Barn has very few options and none very fresh). A pity as with toilets and food, Barn would be the best cafe chain anywhere I have ever travelled to.

Addyson Reimer: Had a lovely breakfast here. The coffee and hot chocolate was fantastic. The cakes were wonderful too. Will be back.

Vishwa Vijay Singh: This place is great! Had iced flat white, and loved it so much ended up having one more and buying the beans. The baristas are lovely to talk to and will definitely increase one’s coffee knowledge!

Nikola Todorovic: Excellent coffee (tried an espresso and nitro cold brew) and very polite, patient and knowledgeable staff. The place is packed and yet they will still take the time to explain different roast types and flavors. Highly recommended!

10. The Visit Coffee Roastery

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788 reviews
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The Visit Coffee Roastery

Address: Adalbertstraße 9, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

Business type: Coffee store

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The Visit Coffee Roastery: what do users think?

Nhi Tuyet Vu: A very cool cafe with bright, youthful and minimalistic decor. Delicious roasted coffee with very reasonable prices. This is also an ideal place to work or study. Well worth a visit 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Response: Thanks for your kind words :)

minami habu: They have many seats to get a coffee or work, and good meals but sometimes it gets crowded and noisy, and I feel the vibe is a little gloomy compared to other cafes (maybe it depends on weather). Wifi, Study, Work
Response: Thanks for your honesty about your experience. The fact that our coffeshop is pretty big it offers space for a lot of people and sometimes when its full of course it will be a bit louder, but usually our coffeshop is a peacful place to relax or work.

Joerg Schudrowitz: They do know their business. Cool location, cool ambiance, good coffee. That is Berlin. If you are into coffee it is worth a detour.
Response: Thanks Joerg, happy to read these lines :)

Daryl Robson-Gomm: I read reviews saying this place was the best breakfast in Berlin and I was not disappointed! The food is on another level and is so delicious. The coffee is excellent too! We waited in line for a table but only for 5-10 minutes but it was worth the wait. This beats anywhere else I have eaten in Berlin! Perfection!
Response: Thank you so much :)

Alisa Pavliuk: 🇺🇦 I was here one year ago and promised them to write a review on Google Maps because my coffee was unbelievably good 🙌🏻 A year has passed but Visit is still the best cup of coffee in my life ✨ Highly recommended!
Response: Hey Alisa :) Thank you so much.

Patrick Plaggenborg: Full black and white coffee roastery where everything looks industrial and stylish. From the coffee machines on the countertops and the qooker water taps to the sitting area to the staff clothing. Clean and minimal design to make the coffee flavors stand out. Fancy V60 coffee from Peru and Colombia at the moment, and they have decaf espresso. Nice terrace on the inner courtyard as well.
Response: We got the minimal style :) Happy you liked it. Thanks a lot.

The BYFFR Company: The best coffee in Berlin and their mango chia pudding is SOOOOO GOOD, and their acai bowl is so fresh and delicious, the staff is so friendly and helpful and the interior is super cozy. Highly recommended.
Response: Much love :) Thank you so much.

Teresa Andrade Pinto: Best coffee in Berlin, absolutely loved it, went there so many times to work, tried almost everything on the menu, super good coffee and food. Shout out to the manager and his daughter, super sweet always!
Response: That is so nice of you :) Makes us happy to read this.

11. Nano Kaffee

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336 reviews
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Nano Kaffee

Address: Dresdener Str. 14, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 25209838

Business type: Coffee shop

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Nano Kaffee: what do users think?

milawka nurgalieva: Very nice place! Simple, cozy and spacious. I like coffee it was very soft.🛑 no laptops there! So if you are planning to come and work, unfortunately you should find another place. Just come and enjoy coffee

Yasemin Sayın: Cinnamon roll was so crunchy and delicious! Loved it. Staff was helpful and kind.

Mariana Rossmann: The coffee isn’t my vibe, too bitter but I only had it twice so I may need to give it another try. The place has a nice vibe overall. The pastries are amazing! Friendly staff and quick service

Ruben Farzati: Nano is one of the top coffee shops in the area. Kaffee is amazing, creamy and always high quality. The team is awesome, they are always smiling and giving you a nice and warm welcome. I super recommend this place.

Matthew Osborne: Excellent coffee, small but tasty selection of pastries, friendly service, and plenty of seating.

Arved: cute café, great coffee, amazing people. always worth a visit.

Robert W.: Probably one of my favourite spots for coffee in Berlin. Slightly hidden from the busy Kotti crowd, the friendly and knowledgeable Nano staff serves perfectly brewed coffee drinks. Huge recommendation!

Rich Dullaghan: Great coffee, friendly staff, great beans to go, good music, tasty treats. what more could you want? one of the best coffee shops in the city :)

Alex Saneski: Been here a few times during my trip, and don’t feel the need to go anywhere else. The espresso drinks are as they should be and the peanut butter brownie is spot on.

12. Bonanza Coffee Roasters

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1799 reviews
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Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Address: Adalbertstraße 70, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Business type: Coffee shop

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Bonanza Coffee Roasters: what do users think?

Justin Shircliff: An excellent cup of coffee. I went with the filter option as it’s always my favorite. The taste was excellent and quite sweet, if that’s your thing. Nice staff and fast service. The bread looked really good as well, and I’m a little bummed I didn’t try one. Just means I need to come again.

Andre: Just perfect. One of the best specialty coffees I ever had on a V60! The coffee was from Equador (as per their suggestion and since I asked for a fruity coffe) and it had already a very nice smell with a balanced taste. The espresso was also very nice. The location itself is in a very charming alley, and the ambience is very comfortable and modern. It is a GREAT place for good coffee at anytime.

Vana Mavrakana: Specialty coffee of really good quality. Quick service. The place closes at 6pm. Inside it is not cosy, but I like the people and the vibe. It is also quiet and outside you get a feeling of escaping which is quite the paradox since you are very much in the city.Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

Dzmitry Yudo: Enjoyed our coffees here, a flat white and a filter one. The place doesn’t offer much of desserts/snacks/foods with just a few cookies available. Definitely not the most coziest of the cafes, and a busy one too. The staff are nice and helpful.

Tamara Božić: Beautiful place, aesthetically pleasing. A bit pricey, but it is worth it. Coffee is delicious and the pastries are to die for. It was quite enjoyable, would come back for sure.

Ayşe Nazlı Söylet: Really liking the atmosphere. Interior design is really simplistic and nice, outside area is also very sweet. Coffee is amazing btw. Had a flat white this morning and enjoyed it so much! Not many variety of food but enough for a serene morning!

Coen den Haan: This place is a little harder to find. So keep a close eye on Google and look for the sign on top of the fence. The road sits next to a petting zoo. Then you come to a courtyard where the entrance to the roostery is located. The business is in fact a coffee business, but also the roastery of the coffee brand. The case looks very nice inside. It has a sleek design with lots of wood and steel. There are some plants in the store and a number of displays where products are sold. There is indoor and outdoor seating. The staff is nice and knowledgeable about the product (especially the barista). As soon as the coffee is ready, it will be brought to your table (even if you are sitting outside). The coffee tastes good. A lot of energy has been put into the product. It is, however, a bit on the expensive side. It is not cheap to order a cappuccino or croissant. Finally, of course, the music. This was fine for this place. Twice while waiting to place an order I was about to run the number through Shazam. That says enough. They were chill obscure house beats. All in all, nice place to see and definitely good coffee. A bit on the expensive side but well worth it if you like coffee.

Sergey Mizin: This place has some really cool vibe - kind of industrial interior design and it’s hidden in the courtyard.High quality and tasty coffee with some fresh pastry.Although the place is a bit pricy.

Nhi Tuyet Vu: Cozy and quiet place in a roaster coffee shop where you can smell the coffee beans while enjoying their coffee with modern and interesting concept. Unfortunately they didn’t have public wifi for customer as I found some reviews on Internet that here’s laptop-friendly but the quality is still okay with the prices and service.

13. Pursuit of Coffee

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103 reviews
new review
Pursuit of Coffee

Address: Pappelallee 36, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 23635870

Business type: Cafe

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Pursuit of Coffee: what do users think?

Johannes Ebert: Nice coffee place! Small - family flair - home made cakes and sweets - nice guy working there - coffee tastes nice… You have to try the „superfood“ bar!

Anikó Langmajer: This place is great! Cute little coffee shop in pberg, good coffee and friendly service 🤗

Joel Cedric: Given the 1000 Cafes in Prenzlauer Berg, this one truly stands out with an incredibly nice and attentive staff. Very cosy atmosphere and really good coffee. Try the homemade superfood bar 😍

Michael Frick: The pain au chocolate is very close to perfect! It had the perfect balance of soft buttery inside and slight crunch outside.I had a flat white with it, which was good but I had better ones.

Carolin Ishihara: Great coffee, super friendly staff and a nice and cozy atmosphere. They give you suggestions and go out of their way to make the drink you want. Highly recommend!

Alex Dirbanis: Very nice and cozy café. You can order oat milk for your coffee and the friendly waiter made me a vegan avocado bread upon request - great service!

Dipanshu Gupta: Best lemon cake I’ve had. The Americano was okayish but the Cortado was really good!

Anton Smachtin: Great new coffee place in my favorite neighborhood in Berlin. The quality of the coffee beans is superb :)

14. THE BARN Roastery

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1443 reviews
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THE BARN Roastery

Address: Schönhauser Allee 8, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Business type: Coffee shop

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THE BARN Roastery: what do users think?

Michael C: If this is your first time visiting, I would advise you to read the cards that are located at the entrance so that you can determine which coffee beans you want for filter coffee. They offer a diverse range of options, from cinnamon to jasmine notes, to choose from. The coffee is of very high quality but comes at a high price for Berlin standards. We get one filtered coffee and one cappuccino for a total of 11 euros. The service was satisfactory, but there were no greetings and not much effort put into hospitality. You should come here solely for the excellent coffee.

Angel Nin’s Kitchen: Outstanding coffe! Really-really good. One of the top 3 coffee I have ever had anywhere in Europe. We paid attention to the barista when he was making it and you could realise how good that guy is! The place is extremely minimalistic and with the very down side; NO TOILETS!! Apart of that, happy to have a friend who recommended this place to me. Very strong and tasty coffee! Loved it!

Zoe McArthur: I’m hunting for the best hot chocolate in Berlin - this is definitely up there! 4/5 for the hot chocolate. Sweet but not overwhelming, it’s not a small hot chocolate so you can enjoy it for a little longer.

Marcin Szymkowski: Super nice coffee with tasty sweets. Staff is very friendly.I was surprised there is no toilet for customers! Not sure if this is standard in restaurants / coffee shops, but "be careful" :-)

Nhi Tuyet Vu: I think someone might like this taste of the barn cafe’s roasted bean but it’s just not my favorite flavor sorry. Too bitter and sour and the price is super expensive

ZSZ: Followed it for a while on ins…and tried their beans once in a cafe in Shanghai..and finally…it’s really a good coffee roaster

Anna Shipil: TRUE coffee Good vegan desserts Good design But: No toilets Rude staff

Sonia Ran: Not my favorite coffee flavor, a bit sour for my taste. The nitro coffee was alright. Pastel de nata was tasty. Medium amount of seating inside and out.

Ștefan Alexandru: Interesting design, good coffee, nice staffBe aware you can only pay with card

L denker: €4 for an acidic coffee, no toilets for customers... I like the no laptops allowed as you can relax, the cafe looks beautiful, sadly would not come back.

15. Plant Base

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554 reviews
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Plant Base

Address: Prenzlauer Allee 208, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Business type: Cafe

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Plant Base: what do users think?

Rebecca ter Borg: Amazing vegan cafe and restaurant in Berlin. My friend took me here for brunch and we over ordered to try everything we wanted. The porridge is amazing and super delicious, same goes for the tofu scramble and mixed platter. I would highly recommend this place to all vegans and non-vegans. :)Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Response: Thank you:)

Yisrael Shalom Rappaport: Probably one of the best vegan breakfasts in the world. We had the plate for two which included many amazing dishes (the carrot smoked salmon was incredible), the egg salad bagle, and all three kinds of delicious croissants. Highly recommended! Vegetarian options: All Vegan menu.
Response: Thanks a lot! Means a lot to us :)

ceckalinka: Today was our second time having breakfast here and it was amazing again. I love everything about the is place, the staff, the food, the ambience. You get charged with so much positive energy. I highly recommend paying a visit, you won’t regret it! I know for sure it’s one of my absolute favorite places in Berlin! ☺️ 🏻
Response: Thank you:)

Amina ELMO: Nice cafe with outdoor sitting on a quiet street. Big portion with sweet and savoury options. The only down side was that the granola was a bit overtoasted. Friendly staff. Clean bathroom. All payments accepted
Response: Thank you so much:) our granola is actually oil-free and toasted dark on purpose - we serve it that way and we love it that way too❤️ hope to see you again ❤️

Diana Špoljar: Apsolutely amazing vegan food! We had a ‘plate for two’ - 3 dips, carrot salmon, kimchi, bread, tofu scramble, granola. Loved it! The cakes look amazing, too. The one we tried was great. You have to order at the counter and take some plates with you, a waiter brings it to the table, and you take the dirty dishes back to a designated area when you’re done.
Response: thank you <3

Полина Винихина: Love this place! I’m a frequent customer here and every time they have a variety of delicious vegan cakes 😋 The place is very chill and there is wi-if. The only thing is that they are not very friendly with laptops.
Response: Thank you <3

Nadhilah Alamanda: A really lovely vegan brunch place! me and my friends went for a brunch on sunday, it was pretty packed but we managed to get a table without waiting even though we’re 5 people. The place is pretty and I really love the atmosphere. We ordered the scrambled tofu, apple cinnamon porridge and the menu for 2, all of them were amazing, especially the spreads, they were delicious. It’s also really nice that they have gluten free options. I highly recommend getting their kimchi, it’s so delicious, spicy and fresh. Not only nice food, they also have variety workshops and events like kimchi workshop, dumpling class and so on. Love it!❤️
Response: Thank you so so much for such a great review!! Means a lot! ❤️

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