Best Colombian Food Restaurants In Berlin Near Me

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1. Macondo - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Address: Gärtnerstraße 14, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 54735943

Business type: Colombian restaurant

Macondo: what do users think?

Google User: A very rich a yummy breakfast. It had an egg and then chicken and lots of nice parts along. The guacamole was very fresh and the egg was nicely done. I paid 13€ for it but it was totally worth it. They speak nice English, menu is online also, the accept payment with card and they are nice and polite. Will come there again as i found a lovely place up eat

Diego Alfonso Ballesteros Villamizar: Always happy to find good Colombian places around the world. This cafe was very special with such a chill vibe, very cozy and perfect to have some snacks and coffee. The empanadas were fantastic and the staff was amazing despite how busy the place was.

Anni Franco: Very cozy and interestingly designed place. Extremely yummy food, it is very authentic columbian. Would definitely go back to try more options on the menu, we only tried the small snack plate.

Derrick Adams: Nice and cozy cafe atmosphere/setting. Feels like sitting in a regular living room but there is also a section with stools and tables. There is also outdoor seating on the sidewalk for when the weather permits. Staff are friendly, with a nice menu offerings in case one wants a bite. One can pay with card here! A calculated tip amount can be tucked unto the total but there is also a tip jar.

Lina Gutierrez: The brunch was really not that special. It lacked more flavour (Colombiano brunch). Choosing the filling of the empanadas was not given as an option, to which one would assume the flavours are standard. However, everyone got different flavors and the spinach one was not very good. You should have the chance to choose which one you like. The potato one was very good. The „calentado“ with rice and beans was nothing like a calentado. I think is overpriced for the quality

Fernando Montero: My family and I went yesterday to have some cocktails and it was packed. We waited outside having some drinks until the Spanish speaking woman gently invited us to go inside. There, younger woman took charge of our table. And it was very bad. The attention was poor and there was a moment when we wanted to eat something for dinner and she told us that the kitchen was closed (9:45pm). After a while, we realized that she kept on serving neighbour tables with food for people that arrived and order later than us. When we told asked her why she told us the kitchen was closed, she said: “okay I can bring you some nachos”, that we of course rejected immediately. Last but not least, when we were paying she insisted if we wanted to give a tip, that of course we didn’t give. It’s sad that places like this have workers like that. Pd: despite not speaking German, we’re no turist in Berlin.

Daniel Zurita: One of the best patacones with beans and empanada with spinach. Really recommended.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Daniel Doherty: Went for coffee in the morning, had a delicious homemade alfajor and an expreso, the staff was so friendly and nice that stayed talking with them for hours until i decided to stay for lunch. For lunch had many empanadas, incredibly tasty, made with arepa dough and fried. I highly recommend for the food and super kind and helpful staff!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Anna Delafleur: Me encanta! Super comfortable bar/restaurant with very friendly staff - Deutsch, English, Español - where you can have a very casual tea and coffee or a nice brunch or drinks with friends. One of my go-to-places in Friedrichshain.

2. Café De Colombia - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Café De Colombia
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Address: Simplonstraße 6, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Business type: Restaurant

Café De Colombia: what do users think?

Laura Tenchio: I try to come here every time I’m in Berlin. Lovely café with delicious authentic arepas or empanadas, great coffee and friendly staff. Perfect for a quick lunch.

allison sampson: Great venue. Lovely staff. Loved the food. The home made lemonade is SOUR❤💛!! Owner very interesting telling us about Colombia . Recommend.

Luciana Wolosker: Super good food! Really really tasty! Nice music, not a lot of places to sit in but nice location

Papu Kaja: people where saying things like „gracias“ wich means tasty and „hola“ which translates to good i guess, so there you go!

Lea Raab: I liked the food and homemade lemonade very much. It was yummy, freshly made and not expensive.

Zuza Rogalewicz: Lovely place, great food, great music

Marc Scheffler: Cheap and good quality food

Reiner Müller: I was very happy to find a bar with Colombian flair and really nice Colombian staff here in Berlin. The arepas were absolutely delicious and I can only recommend the homemade lemonade.. two thumbs up

G: Good coffee, good treatment, good atmosphere, good food... What more could you ask for? Excellent :)

3. Serrano Restaurant - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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Serrano Restaurant
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Address: Pfalzburger Str. 83, 10719 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 88929244

Business type: Peruvian restaurant

Serrano Restaurant: what do users think?

Christopher C: Very nice Peruvian restaurant in a quiet street , with a small terrasse Tasty tuna ceviche and good lomo saltado…ceviche has perfect temperature As usual , sadly , they need a better wine list to make it better ..bad Sauvignon by the glass ..decent Malbec Very nice waiters Highly recommended …please upgrade wine list !!

Norbert: For me a big surprise, a restaurant where everything is fully consistent. Very attentive service, nice ambience, and most importantly: outstanding cuisine. Every dish carefully crafted, with great and down to earth taste. Looking forward to my next dinner there. Vegetarian options: Topp!

Frederic Muzel: Great and authentic place in a quite street. The food was great and the service as well. Its difficult to find a good Peruvian nowadays in Berlin. However, the pisco was on point and the ceviche was great. If you like Peruvian food definitely check this place out.

Gabriela Thomas Fitch: Amazing place, food and drinks. We tried the mixed tapas and they were all excellent. The main course was also excellent as was the dessert. The place is minimalistically well designed and clean. Service was good. Great experience. They just needed a bit of music for ambiance but overall, a great evening.

Y D: Was so good i forgot to take pictures of the food.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Phil Fuster: Wow! Being Peruvian, I am picky. The Pisco Sour was on point and the pique platter was awesome and unique - Cevice was delicious. The Lomo Saltado was tender and tasty. Enrique was abgreatvhost!!!!

Josef Auer: The food is an experience here! I highly recommend taking the tapas first and choosing your main after that. It gives you a real good idea what is amazing this day. Everything is prepared fresh!

elida rios: If you are Peruvian,like me, this place and the food made me go back those days of mine dear childhood back in Peru. A plate of food that is full with love. For the first timers out there this place is a good introduction of how delicious Peruvian food can be.

Jasin Parildar: Nice food, nice staff, nice place to have dinner.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

4. Sabor Latino - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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Sabor Latino
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Address: Badensche Str. 35, 10715 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 84315600

Business type: Peruvian restaurant

Sabor Latino: what do users think?

Gabriel Garcia Bustos: Staff is super kind and helpful. They speak Spanish, English and German perfectly. Food is simply delicious and the menu is pretty broad. There are also some traditional cocktails to try so I would recommend you to ask what would fit better with your main dish. I would totally recommend this place with no doubts.

Pamela Rojas Carrasco: The grilled octopus was great! Soft, tender and the much expected flavour. The lúcuma mousse as a dessert is just the taste you miss from southern South America, lovely staff :) and loved the Gilda music in the background 🤩

Tali Z: The food was extremely fresh and delicious. Our waitress was very nice and friendly. Definitely visiting again! Recommendation for the business owner: Perhaps you can make the outdoor dining a bit nicer by adding plants, candles, etc.

Rodney Young: Exceedingly friendly service and delicious food and drinks while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for date night. I had the Seco de Cordero and the meat simply melted off the bone. Also drank a Pisco Mule which was delicious: both spicy and refreshing!

Same Mehmari: Great food! Delicious experience and the staff is very friendly!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

Lina Sudjono: All the foods we ordered was great! Service was friendly. Will come again!

Sara Sousa: Nice atmosphere and super good authentic food!! Not super expensive.

Science's Bedroom: The staff is nice and behaving, and the food is also quite tasty - what else to expect from a restaurant?

A.M. Rodriguez: We were there to celebrating the Arequipas day and we eat very delicious!!! The best adobo that I ate in the 16. Years in Germany

5. Tupac Berlin - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Tupac Berlin
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Address: Hagelberger Str. 9, 10965 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 78891980

Business type: Peruvian restaurant

Tupac Berlin: what do users think?

Alexandra Toader: 5 Stars! One of my favorite restaurants this year. Thankful for discovering this place. Beautiful garden, cosy interior, open kitchen, amazing food, absolutely lovely staff. I had the tasting menu, worth trying it - just make sure you arrive hungry!

Kamil Pawłowski: Loved this place. The dishes are relatively small - best to share a few - but are so luxuriously prepared and packed with flavour that you don’t need more. Scallops on coral sauce, artichoke tacos in a deliciously spicy sauce and nicely tangy halibut ceviche. Drinks were ok. The host and server were super friendly and kind. The kitchen is open so you can see the master chefs in action - and let them know how delicious it was as you leave.

Achira Stories: An exquisite fine-dining latinamerican restaurant, bar, and now cultural center in Berlin, Tu-pac offers the rare concept of Cocina Libre, which means that every dish is crafted like an inspired work of art and no meal will ever be the same. The cultural events hosted at Tupac attract amazing artists and intellectuals from all over the very multi-cultural Berlin, and it’s the perfect opportunity to make valuable connections. Be-cause of course, it is the warmth of the people running and working this place who make Tupac what it is. You will feel welcomed, and for sure, will want to return.

Jessica Acuña: Incredible dining experience, a must in Berlin, which has a surprising number of Peruvian restaurants . Between two people we shared 3 dishes and bread and it was plenty of food. Do not miss the cocktails, whatever you do! Smoky Rita and mezcal old fashioned were sublime, as were the tacos! Bravo to this team ❤️

Frederic Muzel: Great food, great vibes good service. The fishtacos where amazing. You also pay for the quality and its worth it. Ask for the espresso Martini after your food, its not in the menu but they make a killer one!

Charlotte Hui: I had a very nice dining experience here in Tupac! Recommended by a friend as they wanted to try for so long! Dishes there will blow your mind, tastes were fresh and complex at the same time! Will recommend to anyone who loves exploring food from different countries! Staffs are super nice and proactive too! They offer limited off menu dishes, first come first serve. Tip: if you are going with a bunch of friends, highly recommend you to share so you can try more different things. Sharing is caring:)

Adelradle: Delicious food! Service was a bit overwhelmed but the experience was overall good. The drink choice also paired perfectly with the dishes. Gerne wieder :)!Recommended dishes Tacos Chiferos, Pork Carnitas, Roasted Artichokes …More

Trinh Hoang: I have been to this restaurant a couple of times and always had a great evening. Amazing service and well presented dishes.You should also try their cocktails as an aperitif!

Cam Hassard: Fabulous experience, satisfying on all fronts. Creative, unique, delicious sth American inspired food and tasty cocktails; chill yet colourful restaurant with a great vibe and superb staff. Highly recommended.

6. Pequena Habana Restaurant Berlin - Tempelhof-Schöneberg

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Pequena Habana Restaurant Berlin
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Address: Eisenacher Str. 48, 10823 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 30360275

Business type: Cuban restaurant

Pequena Habana Restaurant Berlin: what do users think?

Anandah Sutton: I forgot to post when I went back in June but this place absolutely deserves a review. I am so glad I tried this place out because it is one of my favorites out of the 6 countries in Europe I’ve visited. I went with two friends for dinner one night and was lucky enough to not have a wait. First off, the service was great and the ladies working were very nice. Great mojitos with Havana club to start with. Yummy appetizers. I believe I ordered the yuca frita which were great, and the tostones with shrimp. The dorade fish special is what I got for my main entree and I was blown away! Seriously this fish was insanely good. The skin was crispy and flavorful while the meat on the inside was perfectly tender and melt-in-your-mouth succulent. If you’re looking for a good meal in Berlin, Pequena Habana will not disappoint!

Bobby Vasudevan: Delicious dishes.But the non-veg dishes are expensive and quantity is comparatively very less.

Lara Kuberek: The food is amazing. Cosy atmosphere and great staff.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Octopus Salad …More

Beatriz Cruz: The food is delicious and drinks are strong! The food really tastes like authentic Cuban food!!! The service is terrific!! We are definitely coming back.

Shahidah Foster: This place was amazing! Our waitress was Idalmis (?) and she was so friendly and so nice. She even let me practice my Spanish with her. I had the tuna fish filet with rice and beans. The tostones and avocado dip were amazing. Definitely recommend!

Tony Serio: Best Cuban food in Berlin for sure. The tops outside of Miami. Authentic dishes with authentic ingredients. Even the Cuban cafe was genuine. Not the Cafe con leche wannabes most pass off here as Cuban coffee. The Tostones were the best. The flan, perfection. If you love real Cuban food, try this place. It’s a gem.

R.Y. Fricke: as Cuba enthusiasts we were very happy to discover the amazing Pequena Habana with its authentic Caribbean atmosphere 🙏As we were served by excellent nice Cuban staff we felt like in Pina del Rio, Trinidad or Santa Clara ! We can recommend various delicious highlights such as tuna, dorade (see pictures), octopus, ropa vieja, black beans, yucca or cocktails, everything really original and tasteful 😊 We are lucky to live in the neighborhood and can visit Pequena Habana quite often Rolf, Monika, Lara

Daniel Vazquez: I visited this restaurant on a saturday afternoon, because I was looking for somewhere I could eat some typical caribbean food, which I had not had for a good amount of time after moving to berlin. The restaurant itself is nice and cozy, has some cool decorations and good music (if you dont mind latin american music, and in particular cuban). The service was also good, the waitress was very friendly and happily explained the dishes to us, she also spoke spanish. The atmosphere and the service are the main positives, however the reason I am taking two stars is a bit because of the food and the prices. I ordered the "steak", this however is not a steak, at least not one that remotely shared the texture, size or other properties that I have ever seen in a steak. The flavor I have to say was good, however it felt a bit rubbery. The rice and fried plantain that came along with it was very good though. Lastly the main negative are prices I am sad to say. This place is EXPENSIVE. The "steak" plate I ordered was 17 euro, which I found to be a bit expensive for what it was. The entrees as well suffer from the same problem. A small portion of "toston" is like 5 euros, which you can almost eat in a single bite. I just avoided drinks all together, all of which were above 6 euro it seems (a common problem I guess in german restaurants, all drinks are small and expensive). Overall it was a decent experience, but the prices mostly I am afraid will keep me away. UPDATE / RESPONSE TO THE OWNER: Voy a agregar este comentario adicional para responder al dueño / dueña, y en español para darle la misma cortesia. Yo he comido bistecs de todos tipos toda mi vida, y particularmente en el area que el restaurante representa, y nunca mezclamos el concepto de un bistec con un filete. Normalmente son cosas suficientemente diferentes para no darle el mismo nombre, lo cual este restaurante hace llamandole "steak". El principal negativo no es este sin embargo, ya que señale que los sabores estaban bien. El principal son los precios. Esto es un restaurante casero, pero los precios pintan algo mas exclusivo. Quizas entienden que estan suficientemente lejos de latinoamerica como para hacer pasar un moro de habichuelas con bistec (gomoso y mucha grasa) como una langosta en berlin, pero yo por lo menos entiendo que no lo vale, y ciertamente no vale 17 euros. Es lamentable la agresiva respuesta del dueño, basicamente indicando que no se nada de la comida berlinesa (se supone que se llama la pequeña habana el restaurante no?), y que debo aprender mas, porque estoy "empañando negocios honestos". A pesar de que fueron 3 estrellas que le di, no 1.

Adrian: The food is absolutely amazing, authentic and of high quality. Cosy atmosphere and great staff. A five star experience all around!

7. Paracas II - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Paracas II
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Address: Friedrichstraße 12, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 25294266

Business type: Peruvian restaurant

Paracas II: what do users think?

Kestens Tom: It was a chilly Sunday (felt like 3°C) and we entered firstly to sit in a warm place. But we soon realized that the food was very tasty, well spiced (yet not too much) and very fresh. The Peruvian dishes and drinks were really good. Strong recommendation

Andres Capurro: Was here on a special event so there might be changes on time and service. Food Quality: very good mix of latin flavours and the textures of all the different options. Portions: very abundant and big plates as can be seen in the pictures. Drinks: I had a non alcoholic cocktail and felt it was a bit too sweet for me. All the other drinks and options seem to have been quite nice. Price: $$ very affordable and worth every euro. Service: people were very friendly and tried to cater our needs as fast as possible. We were a large birthday group table. Atmosphere: there are plenty of tables on the ground floor in a nice cosy environment, but also a large area in the basement which used to be a bowling alley and used mostly for events (such as the one i was in) Highlights: the bowling alley area is a great place for events and celebrating birthdays as you get a large area you can make all the noise you want and even set your own music and have a little dance party. The food is also a great thing to enjoy here.

Carlo Bongiovanni: Very attentive to allergies, very friendly and kind service. The food quality was good and the drinks were typical. Only if you order fish, expect the fish quality you can find in Berlin (therefore maybe avoid it). I enjoyed the dinner with my friends and I’ll definitely consider coming back to this restaurant.

Barbara Sousa: Amazing place, with good decoration. Very friendly staff. The food was very tasty and abundant. Different types of food like Brazilian, Peruvian and Mexican. I tried the chicha Morada and it was very Peruvian. My husband drank the lemonade and it was real lemonade. To eat, we ordered the tapa mix for 2 and it was amazing.

Jens Barkschat: It was an interesting experience. There was nice music and at the tables outside (to the Main Street) it was difficult to get served. After 20 min we got a Menü but no order possibility so we changed to the inside. The food took roughly 1.5 hrs. which is a bit annoying when you do not get any I information upfront. The second drink took very long and only after two reminders. The food was split. I ordered quesadillas vegetarian and it was made with pork. The quality and taste was very good - just a bit surprising when ordering vegetarian. The second good was lamb 🐑 which was not good. The taste and combination was not tasting well. I recommend to go here with enough time (2 hrs) and choosing the right food - then it will be awesome. From price perspective I paid for 2 people 40€ with one drink each so it’s above average.

Luisa Quispe: Peruvian home made like food, tasty! Good balance with price quality.

Arturo Pereyra: Home made food, you can really taste what is like to eat in Peru. I had my doubts at the beginning because they offer different cuisines - not only Peruvian - but it was a good surprise.

Rixard “Rixard201” Rueda: In my opinion the best Peruvian restaurant in town, very good value for money and the best Ceviche I ever tried in Germany. The place itself doesn’t look fancy and classy but to be honest I don’t care at all as I go there for the good food, friendly staff and reasonable prices. :)

8. La Picá de Deli Mel - Lichtenberg

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396 reviews
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La Picá de Deli Mel
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Address: Freienwalder Str. 14a, 13055 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 176 93235828

Business type: Chilean restaurant

La Picá de Deli Mel: what do users think?

Toni Lau: I wish this place was in my neighborhood so that i can come every week! Burger was excellent, its not beef patty but roast beef that is juicy and lots of beef flavor. The pulled beef is also amazing, in butter pastry thats chewry and not too dry! The staff was super nice she gave us extra portion of salsa sauce for free.

Widows Collective: Pricey but tasty, I suggest to put more love on the dishes decoration

April: Took home a few and reheated them. Huge and great-tasting empanadas!

Antonio Martinez: Chilean food, sandwiches, piscolas! Definitely a must go if you are in Berlin! The crew was very kind, they gave us some Chilean wines to bring back home.

Andreia Ruivo: Great quality empanadas, even the gluten-free vegan option was super tasty. The homemade salsa and chilli salsa were delicious 🌶❤️‍🔥recommended!

Alessandro Devoto: Really good chilean food place. The prices are really good and the food is good as well. I would highly recommended for chileans missing chilean food and people wanted to try new things!

Cengizhan Özmen: I like it here so much. Always delicious food.

Selena Mell: Loved it! Nice owners and good food. A favorite spot for Chilean home cooked meals.

Gil Weil: Great vibes, amazing tasteI would definitely come again!

9. Gloria Berlin - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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333 reviews
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Gloria Berlin
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Address: Görlitzer Str. 42, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 49781543

Business type: Argentinian restaurant

Gloria Berlin: what do users think?

Lucia Rodriguez: It was fine. We went there to have the Matambrito a la pizza and the Panqueques con Dulce the leche but they had both been removed from the menu. The milanesa was tough to cut, fries were nice. Service was very kind.

Andres Bürkle: My favourite argentinian Restaurant, the prices are good (specially in comparison with other Steakhouses), they have excelent wines. It`s an excelent place to enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the great service

Diana Sofia Lira Rodriguez: They made us pay as soon as we ordered. After waiting over one hour for the food they told us that they forgot our order... We had to ask for a refund...Food: 1/5 | Service: 1/5 | Atmosphere: 1/5 …More

Noelia Alentorn Frank: Went to see the Argentina match with Netherlands and had lots of fun. The empanadas are great!Food: 4/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

B. Rockenberger: Very inconsistent experience. Staff is friendly but very slow and inattentive. The flank steak was awesome! Tender, good portion size and flavorful. Ribs were stone cold on the inside with chunky unrendered raw fat (see photo) and fries were drowning in grease from the ribs, pretty much inedible. Entrecôte came way too salty and after having to remind the staff that a steak should come with a ‚how would you like it done?‘ it arrived medium well anyway, which was not what we ordered. The toilets smell like a gas station toilet, I recommend you don’t use them before you eat. Unfortunately not a great experience over all, I hope there will be more attention maybe towards meat prep quality in the future.

Patrick Raedler: Lovely place to enjoy some really good "Empanadas" from Argentina. Tends to be crowded, but if you dont mind sharing the table with other people, you are assured a good time and a good meal :)

Mirek Jankowski: The steaks were good, the empanadas didn’t try yet. Don’t order the ceviche - I made the mistake to order a ceviche at an Argentinian restaurant and regretted it afterward

Emma Mattson: Delicious empanadas and housemade wine! Very friendly server, easy to speak with in German, Spanish, or English. Definitely recommend-- not too crowded, even on a Saturday night.

10. Paracas I - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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539 reviews
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Paracas I
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Address: Güntzelstraße 37A, 10717 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Telephone: +49 30 88667916

Business type: Peruvian restaurant

Paracas I: what do users think?

Vanes Kiessling: The service was extrem slow, waited more than 1 hour for the dishes, however there weren’t so many people. Their signature Argentinian steak was over burnt on the surface & very bloody interior, tasted like in any random restaurant. We don’t recommend this place.

lisa kim: Friendly staff. Food was great. Service fast. Gets busy atound 7.30pm.Parking: Plenty street parking. Free after 7pm

Yukio: Great place with a Latin vibe and really good price/quality ratio. I had the Argentinien Steak (300g) for about 20€ and it was very worth it. Cocktails were also well prepared and presented. Overall, great place that I would highly recommend and that I will certainly visit again.

Mercy Landeros: It’s a good place to go for a chill dinner. The only thing that is confusing is that it’s not only Peruvian but has a mixture of other places. The food is average, some of the dishes are not what you expect they are not well made, but it’s still a good place.

Evelyn Echeverria: The food is a mixture of Spanish, Mexican and the sauce tastes like from a cheap sachet. Worse pisco ever! We paid 62€ and complained about the food and they didn’t do anything to make us feel better! Not even a coffee on the house. As latina I’m really disappointed and hope someone will come finally with a great Latin American restaurant! To waste time taking a picture would have been too much honor for the owners.

Asdrubal Gonzalez: Good food, nice staff…nice family environment, and good music…Recommended dishes Cordero Lammkeule, Empanadas …More

kraflab: Delicious food and great cocktails. One of my favorite restaurants in Berlin, with a nice variety of Mexican and Latin American dishes. The atmosphere is lovely and you can enjoy yourselves whether in a small or a big group (though you might need a reservation for a large group on a busy night).

11. Maria Bonita - Pankow

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1902 reviews
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Maria Bonita
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Address: Danziger Str. 33, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 176 36526955

Business type: Mexican restaurant

Maria Bonita: what do users think?

Disht Advani: Amazing Mexican food in this district of Berlin. Not the best place for sitting as it can be very busy but amazing delicious Mexican. I am definitely going back here soon.

Sijin Sebastian: We had Quesadilla de Pollo and Quesadilla de Queso from here... both were really good. The flavors and the smell is amazing... Only one minor issue was that it had lot of oil. It is definitely worth a visit and we are sure to go back to this place.

Kirsten Nelson-de Búrca: The tinga de pollo tacos are dreamy, especially when paired with a massive frozen margarita. Always love Maria Bonita and find an addition of chip and guacamole makes for the perfect set up. Reasonably priced and great to sit outside during the summer!

Rebecca _: Great Mexican food & sour margaritas! Wish every dish had pico but I’ll take what I can get. Carne Asado tacos are always a must-have when visiting Berlin.

Faris Helmi: I found this place while I was randomly walking Berlin’s streets, And I was super hungry. Their food is amazing and genuinely Mexican, of course I ordered a Mexican beer as well.

12. OH, PANAMA - Mitte

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Address: Potsdamer Str. 91, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 983208435

Business type: Restaurant

OH, PANAMA: what do users think?

Kevin Hur: Perfect meal from the beginning to finish. Welcoming greet by the host and prompt seating to the table. All staff were attentive and friendly throughout. Expert wine presentation and service, better than most 1-2 Michelin star restaurants. Very exciting wine list that is obviously put together with lots of thought and care. Food is fantastic, complexity and depth in flavors, lots texture play. Truly enjoyed the chef’s course. Thank you for the great evening.

Lisa Beuter (Lola-Berlin): Very delicious food, the service is great and you get to Option to be surprised by the chef. This is amazing, we did love the suprise Menu. You can book your table online. You have the option to sit outside or indoor. You can pay with card or cash. Please bring some time, we had the three course meal and I took about 2 and a half hours. Only negativ is there forgot our cocktails, but the rest was so fabulous it didn’t matter.

Leitha Matz: Great spot for a splurge/celebration meal in a lovely Hinterhaus location. We got the tasting menu and they made excellent accommodations for the vegetarian in our group. I’ve seen it described as German food, but “modern creative cuisine” is maybe more accurate. There were as many Japanese ingredients and details as German ones. The desserts were especially outstanding, I thought.

Ryan Crisman: Last time I was in Berlin we went to the sister restaurant of Oh, Panama (Katz Orange) and had an amazing time and wonderful meal. So to say the expectations were high is an understatement. Oh, Panama didn’t let us down. We went ahead and ordered the set menu with the wine pairings. We listed out our food allergies and they were sure to accommodate with what they brought out. It’s superb. Service was top notch and everything they served was in credible. I have to say that the pork was by far my favorite. Highly recommend this place and letting the server take you on the journey from food to wine.

Matthijs van Klaveren: Very accommodating for vegans! Try the pilzen-goulash and you might never want to eat something else. Delicious food, great cocktails and I love the open and welcoming atmosphere.

Z. Alviana: Very cute place. Very interesting wine pairing choices. Very tasty dishes.Recommended dishes Wine Pairing …More

13. Café Mori - café brasileiro - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Café Mori - café brasileiro
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Address: Wiener Straße 13, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 66300330

Business type: Brazilian restaurant

Café Mori - café brasileiro: what do users think?

Luciana Wolosker: TRUE Brasilian food!! It’s nice to feel close to home, and that place definitely took me back. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten brown beans, a good coxinha and a cold Guaraná! Still have to go back for the açaí and macaxeira.People were super nice and speak Portuguese as well as english and german.

Bruno Peres: That was nice to try Brazilian food again after a long time. Feijoada is my favorite dish and it is very difficult to reproduce as it is in Brazil, for example make the fresh farofa or add the lovely torresmo.The menu is full of other itens and worth a visit again soon.

Ziad Ghandour: Can’t get more authentic than this. The owner is actually Brazilian so he knows what he’s doing, and the place is always full of Brazilians so that’s a clue to how good the food is. Everyone of my friends who tried the Coxinhas fell in love with it.

Natalia Andrade: I ordered 2 feijoadas vegan and 5 pão de queijo and 2 coxinhas. The prices for the feijoadas are so high!!! 14€€! And half of 70% was rice … the kale was a tea spoon and the madioca were tiny strips that looked like fries. Nothing like the pictures. The coxinha and the pão de queijo are worth it but I won’t order a plate there again. Vegetarian options: Small and expensive

Frederico Schmaltz: As a Brazilian myself, I have to admit I am sceptical to try any Brazilian restaurant in Germany. But boy, was I wrong. Café Mori has a very nice selection of coffee beverages and one of the most delicious Pão de Queijo I’ve ever had in my life. The staff is very sweet and the venue looks very authentic. I just wish they’d have a bigger space with more comfortable chairs, but other than that, it is an amazing place to try some of the Brazilian staple food!

Prasanna Ballal: Good place to have Brazilian food. I got vegetarian food here. Which was really good. Freshly prepared and hot. Also ordered the cheese balls which is authentic brazilian dish, it was also very nice in taste. You will get authentic Brazilian lemonade also. Overall good restaurant to have Brazilian food.

Carlos Tamayo: Very good feijoada in a very centric location. They also offer a good variety of other known Brazilian dishes and desserts for reasonable prices. In good weather is very nice to sit in the front terrace and enjoy the food. The service could have been more friendly though.

KATERINA P: The food and service were amazing ! Pão de queijo just the way it supposed to be

14. Gabana - Steglitz-Zehlendorf

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Address: Breisgauer Str. 12, 14129 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 80585058

Business type: Restaurant

Gabana: what do users think?

Natalia Cano: They have a great variety of dishes. The salads are great and the portions are really good. The restaurant is very cozy and well suited to enjoy a nice meal with friends or family. The service is fast and the waiters were very friendly.

Martin Senger: I had very good food even during the non-standard hours. Nice setting and friendly owner. I like it.

Mary Ferd: Good food, friendly staff and great service.

Ken Klein: Terrible service, rude waiters, do not accept a normal range of payment, and took forever to serve us.

Kristin White: Beautiful place to sit outside and have a drink. The food is just okay. I’d recommend the tapas. Cocktails are very good.

Nader Haskie: Its pretty much the only place you can go for a drink and a snack in whole of Zehlendorf. The bartender makes the most amazing drinks (you should go for the Mai Tai first) as for the food they have some house made Tapas, fresh salats like the Caracas salat and many more. Breakfast and lunch menu is also to recommend! Location is 3 minutes walk from the lake.

Meist_Gesucht: A place for some drinks if you live in the area, its ok, food is good, specially their daily dishes. Always had friendly service

Katherine Rojas Contreras: Good restaurant, a bit expensive, but dishes are big and tasty. Love the alcohol free alternatives

15. Zur Haxe - Pankow

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Zur Haxe
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Address: Erich-Weinert-Straße 128, 10409 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Telephone: +49 30 4216312

Business type: German restaurant

Zur Haxe: what do users think?

Zwei Stein: Pretty good German food. I really like that they have both the Berlin and Bavarian style pork nuckles dishes. The meat is well prepared however the sides are not as good. They are very friendly, they speak English but only accept cash payment! That is a bummer...

Luigi García: Super charming place with lots of character and a cozy, alpine feel. It was a rewarding detour a little off the lively side of Prenzlauer Berg. Food was delicious! It felt like a family-run place. We were attended by a lovely woman who was extremely polite, in spite of our clumsy attempts to name the dishes in german (lots of german specialties). She and the other two men who worked there were dressed in a traditional way. There are stuffed animals everywhere, occupying the spaces between the tables, an odd detail we really liked. All in all, a beautiful place with a wonderful service, great food and awesome beer. Thank you!

Desmond Foo: Friendly neighborhood place. Reasonably priced and the portion for pork knuckle is perfect for one. Very crispy outer layer and the meat falls off the bone. The section for small eaters in the menu is really perfect for light eaters as mentioned. Have a go at the pork ragout, AMAZING

Vamos Além Viagens: Typical German restaurant, really good food, great atmosphere, exemplary service. We ate schnitzel and pork knuckle, all dishes very well served and delicious. An excellent restaurant option in Berlin. We recommend.

Gavriil Konovalenko: Good food for good price. Cappuccino was awful though - bitter water with smth like milk, probably not the right place to take a cup if coffee - left untouched.

Szu-Yun Chen: The food is great with good price. You can take out and it is still super delicious!

Ludmila Rosenzweig: Amazing food, lovely people and huge teddy bear collection! Warm and friendly restaurant with typical German food. The service is very friendly and the food is delicious. The place has a very special decoration and the food is like prepared by an authentic German granny. 100% recommended

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