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1. Croissanterie

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Address: Pannierstraße 56, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 PM

Telephone: +49 30 62722441

Business type: Bakery

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Croissanterie: what do users think?

Jonas: Delicious croissants, flaky and fresh. While I prefer the regular buttercroissant, they also got them in all sorts of flavours like vanilla, nougat, etc., as well as stuffed croissants. Espresso was great too. Thank you! Vegetarian options: Vegan croissants are available

philip blue: Very tasty croissants! Pricing is also very reasonable and staff very friendly. Def gonna come back again. Thanks Berlin!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Ptitsuisse: I have to say that I am very surprised by the quality of the croissants there, with such a name I’d have expected « fake » french croissants.The only down point is the sitting area, not super nice on the street and the tables are pretty dirty (ketchup stains at 9am, so not cleaned from the day before)

James Alvarez: Came here a few times during our stay, great mixture of vegan and regular pastries, good coffee and friendly staff who were very gracious when I was slightly short of cash. There were even vegan chocolate croissants. Highly recommended!

Marc Bee: Some nearly perfect croissants 🥐. In Berlin! Good outdoor seating as well. Nice staff. Decor is fine. I usually get 2 croissants take away - one savoury and one sweet

Mircea Staicu: My name is Mirch and I’m on a mission to find the best pain au chocolat. This place has REALLY good ones. 9.5/10

2. Baguette, Croissant & Co.

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171 reviews
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Baguette, Croissant & Co.

Address: Hohenstaufenstraße 39, 10779 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2 PM

Telephone: +49 30 21968494

Business type: Bakery

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Baguette, Croissant & Co.: what do users think?

Hanan Alfattoh: Cozy place delicious croissant & coffee thanx alot

Mostafa K.Attia: Great *real* French croissants and baguette (miles away from the typical ones you find at any regular backery), friendly staff and almost same prices

Chris Boccia: Fresh bread, delicious pastries, perfect coffee and the friendliest service. The place to wake up to in Berlin. Very recommended.

Helmut Kostreba: May be cafés on a major road are not your thing, but the filled baguettes and croissants are worth popping in here. Add a coffee and you have yourself a nice little breakfast. Seriously worth it and worth coming back for.

Rich Leung: Great neighborhood bakery. Bring back the bagel please!!

Sandra Sefer: I walked in around 1pm today and was able to order a freshly made sandwich. The bread was delicious and crispy and they added the toppings accotto my order. The cost was 3,4€ and I would come here again.

tottirulez: Excellent baked goods and coffee with a smileFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Motti Liter: Authentic and tasty bakery and coffee


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504 reviews
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Address: Planufer 92D, 10967 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 55103314

Business type: Bakery


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DIE BRODSTÄTTE (aka THE BREAD STATION): what do users think?

Christopher Lee: One of the best place to get pastries. Its near where we stay. Croissant is amazing. Compared to the city ones. Chocolate rolls too! And people keep coming in for take away as we sat for people watching. Cinnamon rolls comes with hot chocolate and almonds! Coffee was good too and theres a selection of tea. Kudos to the guy for serving us with a smile

Kdigs: Friendly and helpful staff. I was looking for rye bread - I was offered two types of rye bread in the form of either loafs or rolls. The loaf I chose was delicious and tasted of real dark rye. It was fresh and has lasted two people several days. I was pleasantly surprised by the cafe setup inside the bakery as well and will be sure to go back for some coffee & pastries.

Mark Allen: Absolutely amazing bread and cinnamon buns. Highly recommend

Kev Raul: Small french cafe in the canal, with a small outside area to sit and watch the city go by. Very friendly owner who made us feel at home. The coffee was so good and they had some amazing cakes. Went in for a pick me up and ended up staying there for a couple of hours drinking coffee, wine and enjoying their cakes. Sadly, we did not take any photos

Eliane Keller: Try the Almond Croissant, it‘s pure heaven! A Danish bakery that also opened in Berlin some time ago and there are lots of French expats coming here for a quick breakfast in the morning which is always a good sign!

Jordana del Feld: OMFG. I don’t just have a new favourite bakery, I have a whole new favourite *food group*, because of this incredible (and invitingly snuggly) place. I had pretty much given up on German food because I hadn’t found any truly made with love and attention, and then I found this place. Finally, Brotchen worth their tender cute little name! (Native German speakers may not hear how adorable this word is, but to me, it sounds like calling “rolls,” “darling little breadlings.”). I used to be a croissant person. Now, thanks to the Bread Station, I am a Brotchen person. Although I sampled their croissant and it was also excellent, succulent and buttery and flaky and golden brown on the outside and tender on the inside. But this Brotchen. Oye. Hearty and deeply soul-satisfying, packed with powerful simple flavour and more than a few handy nutrients too, slathered with golden butter and tart homemade raspberry jam, or stuffed with französischen Käse und Schinken, crusty on the outside and rich and delicious on the inside, and just the right size, this is a breakfast that will give you the physical and emotional nutrients you need to slay any dragons that day. And let’s hear it for the remarkably genuine, humane, truly friendly staff who clearly love what they sell.

dog: Crazyyyyy!!! Their croissants 🤯so gooood!

Joseph Kennedy: Great bread and pastries. Sub-par coffee. entitled-white-middle-class-staff, have never been trained on dealing with customers in a polite manner. Would not purchase from again.

Kris Kristofferson: DAMN, this bread is heavenly delicious! Respect for your hard work guys!The girl behind the counter was super friendly.I’m definitely coming back!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

4. Le Brot

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336 reviews
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Le Brot

Address: Fuldastraße 54, 12043 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 1523 8794455

Business type: Bakery

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Le Brot: what do users think?

Sahar Iravani: Great French bakery, with many delicious pastries. The staff are friendly. The smell of fresh baguette is everywhere. The coffee is not impressive, but I would not drop the stars, since here is a bakery not a Cafe.

Julieta: They were so nice! And the bakery was so clean and good looking, the food so good I specially loved the lemon cakes.

Mridul Pareek: Great bakery with French and sourdough options. Almond croissants are usually sold out if you don’t arrive in the early morning hours ;)

Doctor Gibby: Friendly staff and cappuccino was good. The Croque Monsieur was so so unfortunately, the ham and cheese were still cold and the bread a bit dry. Pain au Chocolat was delicious though

Stanislav Chernyak: The best croissant in the city, especially with the coffee. Breakfasts are exceptionally great. Also the best bread in the area: always crunchy and right from the oven.

Wooyong: I‘m disappointed, because I have great expectation on their bread. In reality, it’s just common bread but with a little bit high price. :(

Kata Scheder: Fresh, homemade croissants and brios, good cafe and an amazing,friendly staff.Really, nice and cozy bakery and wine bar in Neukölln, definitely worth to try!

Julia Pivniouk: Best baguettes in town! Every time I make one of my famous cheese and charcuterie plates for guests I come here and get two baguettes. Magnifique! And friendly staff too! A rarity in Berlin.

5. Les Pâtisseries de Sébastien

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356 reviews
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Les Pâtisseries de Sébastien

Address: Invalidenstraße 157, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30 AM Wed

Telephone: +49 176 49556708

Business type: Pastry shop

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Les Pâtisseries de Sébastien: what do users think?

milawka nurgalieva: Super tasty cake! Soft cappuchino with huge foam :) Friendly people 😊I noticed that this place very popular, people come here to buy (a lot) French bakery. And looks like you can directly approach backer by calling him Sebastien

Dmitry Shabalin: Unbeatable croissants and baguettes. Good coffee machine. Atmosphere and warmth of this place are soo uplifting. Perfect place to start your Christmas holidays.

Elizabeth: The best bakery in town I must say! I love their Pain au Chocolat, Croissant and Eclair!! Perfect place to hang out or just having a dessert after lunch!

Moeava hoefnagels: Nice croissant, a bit too oily, but still very nice flavor. I would have to say my second favorite croissant outside of Paris in Germany.

Solomon Sewell: I love this place. Tried a few dessert, the Frasier was my favorite.

Hicham Mzouri: The best croissant I have had, super fresh french pastries right from the oven

Pamela Miller: The best kept secret in town, those who know Sebastian feel very lucky to have found the best patisserie in Berlin

Alexey Shubnikov: Best croissants and pastries in Berlin. Very nice owner. Try vanilla eclairs.

6. Albatross Bakery

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854 reviews
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Albatross Bakery

Address: Graefestraße 66/67, 10967 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Business type: Bakery

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Albatross Bakery: what do users think?

Rute Santo: One of my favourite bakeries in Berlin. I use to come here specially for the sourdough bread which is amazing, they have several varieties of bread. Not just the bread is the king here but their pastries are also very good. For sure the creme brûlée is a must try but also queen A.

Alfredo Marcus: On my top 3 bakeries in Berlin! Danish bakery, pastries are the best by far. Bread is really good but doesn’t keep as long as German bread, obviously talking about a good artisanal German bakery. I really enjoy the attention, people working are cool and chilled. You can also have some cold drinks and there’s a few benches outside to eat/have your coffee before you head out.

Diana A: You know you found the place, when you see a queue ahead of you. 😄 Truth be told, it’s got some pretty delicious stuff! We got the Queen A, hot cross bun and a Chocolatine. Definitely worth a visit, if you enjoy (French) pastries!

Soroush S: One the most finest sourdough bakery. Very crunchy flavorful bakeries and because of the sourdough the flavors are more complex and delicious. The staffs are really really super nice! Wonderful

Ksenia Titova: Pistachio croissant is amazing, solty and with ricotta, recommend the place. Amazing selection of pastries. Honey hole and pumpkin croissant are wonderful too.

Praveen Mehrotra: This is one of the finest bakery in Berlin. Opens at 8.00 AM till 06.00 PM on all days. We reached here at about 08.20 AM on a Sunday morning and still we must have been 15th in queue. Products are excellent and simply fly off the shelf. If little late you may miss some items.

Jodi meyers: Omg I love this place- I don’t live in Berlin but at the top of my list, this bakery is where I come to first! Best bread and today had a delicious apple pastry. Always perfect 🤩

7. Bekarei

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796 reviews
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Address: Dunckerstraße 23, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6:30 PM

Business type: Bakery

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Bekarei: what do users think?

Geno Villafano: Stellar spot. More more unique styles and offerings compared to most bakeries around. A number of traditional Portuguese and Greek baked goods and breads as well as classic sandwiches.

Jesper: We had a lovely breakfast here. The place has plenty of choices. Vegan and non vegan are all available. Based on what we had the food is good quality and the staff is friendly. Can recommend.

Sofia S: Even though this place fulfilled my pastel de nata craving, the coffee it was paired with was a huge disappointment. Bitter, cold, and watery. Oh and the picture shows you how much cappuccino comes when you order it. Less than half a cup. Shocking.
Response: Dear Sofia S, true, a cold, bitter and watery coffee with our delicious Pastel de Nata is not exactly tasteful and our aim. Maybe we'll get a second chance on your next visit? For reasons of sustainability, we only use one cup size - that's why our 160 ml Cappuccino looks a bit lost in the 330ml cup. We therefore warmly recommend the ReCup reusable deposit cup. Kind regards Your BEKAREI-Team

Sam Sigut: Nice natas let down a little by being not warm. Tried also the brazilian nata in which the case is more related to biscuits than puff pastry in the normal nata and it was nice too. Lemon and meringue tart was just perfect in my opinion. Cappucino was good and mild to my liking but in a relatively small cup.

giulia tedeschi: The pastel de nata and coffee were good but the lady behind the counter (I suppose the owner) treated the guys working with her very badly. I will never go back there again because it is very important for me to have a peaceful environment where I can spend my time. I would also like to remind the lady that the time of slavery is over and that she should try to relax.
Response: Dear Julia Tedeschi, we are surprised by your observations in our café. This doesn't fit at all our corporate philosophy, which values respect, tolerance and fair payment, including bonuses. Since the owner was not personally present on the day in question, we have a few questions. We are trying to clarify the incident and would like to ask you to describe your observations in a message to Thank you Your BEKAREI-Team

Joana Pereira: Authentic Portuguese/Greek bakery with beautiful tasty pastry, bread, and coffee (galao is wonderful). The Natas are one of the best I have ever tried! Everything tastes delicious and fresh. The service is wonderful and staff is very friendly. For Portuguese, it feels like home. For non-Portuguese, a perfect way of trying the flavors without flying. Definitely recommend! p.s. they also have home-delivery, more info available on their website.

A F: Great portuguese and greek coffee specialities. Glad to find delicious pasteis de nata as good as we find n Portugal. A bit pricey for portuguese standards but fine for Germany

Panagiotis Oikonomopoulos: One of my favorite bakery stores in Berlin, in Prenzlauer Berg. Big variety of sweets, delicious Portuguese pastel de nata and Greek handmade pies. Friendly service. You can either take your order away or sit and enjoy it there. Coffee and refreshments served as well. Big variety of bread as well. Highly recommended for a stop when you are in the area.

Stefan Vetrila: Very nice people in one of the best local bakeries. The breakfast is great, the fresh juice and the French croissants really do the trick. You should try this one of you are nearby.

8. Aux Delices Normands

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Aux Delices Normands

Address: Neue Kantstraße 26, 14057 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 32605444

Business type: Bakery

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Aux Delices Normands: what do users think?

Noheir El Adly: This small bakery is one of several spread across the West. It has really great baguette and bread, also bio. They offer great pastry and quiche, French wine, jams among other stuff. In the morning there is always a queue, especially during holidays. You can always preorder stuff. Staff sometimes is stressed. No WiFi, on WE there a nice elderly gentleman who sells the German daily news paper at the entrance.. If you think my review was useful, kindly press the like button. Thx

Polina Mansdorf: Very good cakes and bread and I enjoy to buy there almost every day. But today I couldn’t pay with German credit card and there are no labels that they accept only cash or some special card. Very disappointed. Please put a label that u don’t except credit cards.

Maximilian Beyer: I wish I had taken some photos when I arrived there early in the morning. I was on a hunt for delicious croissants and authentic baguette when I entered the French bakery. To my surprise they offered card payments - no cash required - which to this day is rare in Berlin. To my demise, I went all out and ordered a whole lot more stuff than originally planned. Partly responsible was the seductive odor that filled the room, I guess. The croissants, baguettes, tarts, quiche - they got all the good stuff. And remember, if you’re late that I’ll be early and I’ll be served first.

Dan Leal: The Spinach Quiche at $2.50 was a great value and fabulous way to start the day!

I M: French bakery, love cakes, tarts. quiche, coffee. Friendly stuff.

William van Tubbs: Nice little place for backed goods, coffee, wine, French stuff... The cakes are really good. Parking can be a pain and there is usually a line, often even out of the door. Dogs are not allowed, but in summer they have outside seating; it is on a main street though.

Tural Salahov: High-quality French Bakery - Best-class bread, 🥐🍰 Highly recommend to come earlier as 7-8 am to find everything Normands can offer, otherwise stuff are gone by permanent customers!

Jeremy Clarke: The cakes are great here but the croissants suck, they are dry, tasteless and expensive.

Ajith Vasudevan: Decent pricey small place. Have some reasonable baked goods but nothing spectacular- for example the croissants were OK...pastries were too sugary.

9. Zeit für Brot

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3903 reviews
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Zeit für Brot

Address: Alte Schönhauser Str. 4, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +49 30 28046780

Business type: Bakery

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Zeit für Brot: what do users think?

maryna: Incredibly tasty buns and cakes and coffee too! Everything is freshly baked and warm and cheaper than in nearby cafés. Very lively atmosphere, you will have to queue during rush hours or weekends, but it moves very quickly! Plus you can pay with card, which is very nice and a bit rare for Berlin. Definitely recommend!

Angel Nin’s Kitchen: Wow-wow-wow!! What a lovely place to have a good coffee and homemade cakes and bread. Another recommendation from a friend who also visited Berlin. Really happy. Fantastic service too!! You will love it!! 2 coffees, 2 cinnamon rolls and a quarter of a big bread £20ish Highly recommended!

Antonietta Trotta: Just love this place! Every time I walk buy it smells - and looks!- so awesome 😋 Quality is amazing and you can sit in the sun to enjoy your meal it gets easily crowded during peek hours though and very often you see long waiting lines. This time I went for breakfast and could even get the one (out of two) vegan apple-cinnamon brioche which I really enjoyed. Cappuccino with oat milk and decaf coffee also available, which made my day 🙌 I wish they had more vegan options, also because those they have get sold out quite fast (just food for thoughts: do more please!). Keep up the good work and a huge thank you to the nice staff!
Response: Thank you for the great feedback, Antonietta! We are glad you enjoy our vegan cinnamon buns so much.

elventree mac: The perfect shop for all bread lovers. Definitely recommend to everyone living or visiting Berlin. Tasty chocolate breads, special baguette with cheese. Value for money. Tips:There are always long queues ,so be patient its worth it 

Marcus Smith: You can smell it from across the park. It’s amazing. The cinnamon roll was outstanding. Fluffy, sweet and didn’t rely on a glaze. We ordered an açaí smoothie as a vegan option. It hit the spot
Response: Thanks for the nice feedback!

sonam bali: Fresh bread pastries are amazing. Best cinnomon pastry I ever had. We had dark chocolate pastry and cinnamon pastry and egg burger with coffee. Everything was so delicious. Staff was so friendly. Worth to visit there.
Response: Thanks for the nice feedback!

Fer: Cinnamon rolls / white chocolate and raspberry rolls were excellent and pretty big in size. The americano and cappuccinos were also pretty good. Would definitely come back if I was in town

Sea Happylemon: Still love their cinnamon rolls. Sometimes i find the quality or taste a bit different one day from another. Sometimes more tasty sometimes soso. In general good and tasty. My favorite: white chocolate and Apple cinnamon

omri levy: Our breakfast place in Berlin! Great coffee, always at the exact temperature. Sandwiches are freshly made day by day, The place is amazing and cozy and we always love to come and have a break from our day at any of zeit fur brot coffee around the city. Thanks for reading :)
Response: Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice review. We're happy to hear you've enjoyed our bakery and we're looking forward to having you again some time!

10. Du Bonheur

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1084 reviews
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Du Bonheur

Address: Brunnenstraße 39, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 56591955

Business type: Pastry shop

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Du Bonheur: what do users think?

Yu-Cheng Tseng: Number one or the second best patisserie in Berlin. Every time when we go there, there are some different pastries to choose. All the pastries are not only taste good, but also look like delicate present. Not many seats available, and the items sold out pretty fast.

Rena Smidt: One of the best French bakeries around! Super authentic (you’ll know when half the people in the queue speak French), perfect pastries, tartes and macarons. Best to takeaway, you can also order for larger quantities.

Alem Moto: I would venture to affirm that this little shop is among the best in Berlin. Exquisite Pastries and top notch coffee. Great staff and service they speak English and a bit of Spanish! A very welcomed perk for a untrained german speaker like me. Strongly recommended.

Henry Lydecker: Note: I visited in 2018. This is years ago, so things may have changed. I am writing this review now because seriously the millefeuile here is out of this world. Absolutely glorious textures and tastes. The craft and skill involved really shines through. Next time I am in Berlin I will be back. Until then I will have to look back and fantasise about many layers of delicious.

Aya Ragaei: You feel like you are really in Paris! All the sweets are made with love and a very good quality components. Staff was nice and the place it self is cheerful and modern. Don’t forget to try the mille-feuille with almonds. Prices is not high there! Espresso coffee is not the best there but ok. Small outside area there for the enjoying your desserts in a good time.

Nofar Panibepal: A very recommended place to visit, very special desserts, not that cheap but definitely worth it. I also highly recommend the hot chocolate milk that is based on chocolate 😋

Su: Wonderful service, always great to have around and all their pastries taste just delicious. You can really see how much love and effort the team puts into this concept and even for takeaway this is a good option if you’re looking for dessert or a quick bite. I have tried many desserts in Paris as well and I can tell that Du Bonheur has a really authentic taste and flavor. Looking forward to my next visit! Thank you.

Marla Rós Zola: Lovely little French bakery with authentic tasty sweets! Try the homemade Holunder Limonade :)

Chris Scarlat: Got a small birthday cake, and it was amazing. Exactly as the guys described it. It was a violet cake with vanilla and black currant on a juicy biscuit not too sweet, not too souer. With a small caramelized violet on a side. Just perfect! As always, the guys own their work! Thank you! Yum!

11. LE CROBAG - Filiale 1.OG

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94 reviews
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LE CROBAG - Filiale 1.OG

Address: General-Pape-Straße 1, 12101 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +49 30 78899792

Business type: Bakery

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LE CROBAG - Filiale 1.OG: what do users think?

Jotham Sietsma: Incredibly rude service for over-expensive foul tasting pastry.

Tuza Hasairi: Good food not very nice staffA bit expensive

Valentyn Mohylyuk: I like their food

o S__m_r: Burnt stuff, pricey, used to be better!

Teague Watson: Short changed me and offer no solution or attempt even an attempt at an apology.

Maria Kubysh: Positively lethargic. Especially at lunch hour. Takes 10 min to get a doughnut and a mean remark from the server

Guilherme Samprogna Mohor: Workers very attentive, clean, wearing and using protection, nice, good baguette... all perfect! I wish it was closer to my home.

Vi: This is not coffee. Watery liquid with lots of sugar for 3.40 euro. And not the most friendly staff either. 🙄

Hans Rippel: Good place to grab a coffee and sandwich to eat on the next connecting ride.

12. La Maison Berlin

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1093 reviews
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La Maison Berlin

Address: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 17, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Business type: Bakery

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La Maison Berlin: what do users think?

Marc A: Truly some of the best places to be in a Saturday or Sunday. Full of young people both working and simply having some coffees and drinks. There is also the option to eat some food which might become sold out if you go too late! Overall a great place to spend your Sunday

Hank Lim: Their house-made iced tea with hibiscus and mint was excellent, not too sweet. Their chocolate croissant was nice and flaky, leaving those typical crumbs everywhere. The round thing is their chocolate caramel tart (large size) - has a nice creamy chocolate top and spews molten caramel when you stick your fork into it. Friendly service. May need to wait for a table as it’s hugely popular

Natalia Filvarova: An absolutely wonderful brunch spot! We came without a reservation and were seated with about a 15 minute wait, which was a pleasant surprise on a Sunday morning. All the food is delicious and the portions are nice and big. Staff super friendly, and the place welcomes doggos! 10/10 to come back

Khalid Sahak: Amazing spot to spend a morning or afternoon. The baguettes here are really delicious and well baked. The same goes for the different selection of non-regular croissants. I love the ones with hazelnut praline filling. The prices are a bit on the higher side but I guess you also pay for the atmosphere.

Ege Kockesen: There is around a half hour queue for this place, but the croissants we tried (almond, butter and pain au chocolate) were all delicious and reasonably priced. Would recommend it to anyone who wants some great French pastries.Recommended dishes Pain Au Chocolate, Almond Croissant …More

Jalena Lee: La Maison will be added to my weekly rotation of bakeries in Berlin and I’m so sad I didn’t discover it sooner! I got a plain croissant with the hibiscus iced tea and it was simply divine. The environment is simply immaculate with shade and seating. It’s laptop friendly with pretty good wifi, however, no outlets which is fine. Could not recommend this place enough if you’re in Berlin!

Jung Woo Yae: A definitely nice boulangerie in Kreuzberg. The flavour of cakes and breads are just as on point as in France. Croissant aux almonds and tarte aux berries were most amazing but vegan things were not as good as the original ones. One thing is that it’s always too crowded, the clientele or the place could be a bit snobbish and “too white” for my taste and the workers there always look quite tired and cold. But yet definitely worth a visit.

Brian Swarthout: My wife said this was the best Almond Croissant she has over tasted, the Apricot Tart was also very good and it was all washed down with an Iced Americano. Great placed to eat, hangout and people watch.

Tristan P.: Really cool place, we had a big brunch today and it was absolutely heart warming. The furniture has been found in village flea markets in france, the staff was lovely and we met the owner who made us feel really welcomed. High recommendation and solid 5 stars.

13. La Baguette

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116 reviews
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La Baguette

Address: Raumerstraße 31, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Business type: Bakery

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La Baguette: what do users think?

Renato Pereira: Good selection of pastries and good coffee!Be aware is cash only

Florian Fickler: Good food bus misleading name! While the food and coffee we had where totally fine and reasonably priced, we were expecting different types of baguesses to be bought here. From what I can see it is rather a normal backery that does not focus on french baguettes - so if you have that in mind it can be a great place.

Roman: Not that fancy but the foods are always fresh and tasty and that at a reasonable price. Anytime a pleasure. Nice neighborhood and some parking possibilities.

serge castro: Ive been going to this backer for years and although it doesn’t seem extraordinary, they do have the best croissants in this part of Prenzlauer Berg. If you want croissant-shaped bread rolls, go somewhere else!

Thomas Sant'ana: Really good baguette and croissant. Only downside is cash only.

Soroush S: Very nice staffs, cheap coffee with good quality. They have espresso machine therefore better than fool automatic coffee machines. Coffee crème(americano) for 1.60 €.

Francesco Bi: Great bakery! Pity they only take cash

Olivier Dousse: Amazing French croissants! All products I tried were of high quality for a surprisingly low price.

Florian Bonnet: One of the best croissants in Pberg if not the bestS


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Address: Im Bahnhof Friedrichstraße Halle, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 20452623

Business type: Bakery

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LE CROBAG: what do users think?

Paula R: They were really nice and their baguettes were delicious. The cappuccino was a bit too milky for my taste, but that might variety according to your taste. Would recommend.

Lisa G: That was an AWESOME „choco Sahne Kakao“ 😻

Ron D: Great pastries. Accepts all major credit cards.

Ashraf Gabriel: The worst customer service ever, especially the night shifts, rude beyond imagination. This is not a one time visit review, Le Crobag, you should seriously reconsider your hiring policy.

Md Al Amin: Very good place to have some coffee and snacks. The staffs are very friendly service oriented, and dedicated.
Response: "Merci" and thanks for your feedback. We're glad you liked our service and products. We're looking forward to your next visit and wish you "bon appétit!" ❤

Esa Vapa: Surprisingly good sandwich & apfeltasche!

J S: Kind of dirty. The service was okay. Food was okay. Given the location. It was fine.

15. Croissanterie

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Address: Hauptstraße 131, 10827 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 PM

Telephone: +49 30 76770290

Business type: Bakery

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Croissanterie: what do users think?

Olga Hincu: I go there with my flatmates quite often, since more than a year. They have amazing croissants, very fresh and very authentic in all kinds of flavours (pistachio, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, etc.). To some extent those croissants bonded us much closer:) thank you for that. Also,the people working there are super nice. FYI, the pictures of the croissants were taken from home.

Paul Prime: Great croissants in a little shop in the busy street of Hauptstr. I overlooked this place for years until one morning i googled croissant near me and went there. I am glad to have foud this little gem in my area. Friendly man behind the counter and good and airy baked goods. The combs are perfect and no layer sticks to each other. They lacked a little in terms of crunch and the overall taste could be a little better but so far, one of the best croissants i have tasted so far. Thank you

Kristin Estensen: We visited Berlin for a weekend before Christmas and discovered this cute little croissanterie. We went for breakfast and had a normal croissant and some coffee. The staff was nice, the shop it self is really fun and it was decorated with cute Christmas decorations. The croissants were really like being in Paris, and the coffee was good. We also grabbed a croissant and a pain au chocolat to go and all of this for under 10€. If you are in the area this is really the number 1 choice for breakfast or a quick snack!

Majid Mortazavi: A unique place with a large selection of fresh and tasty Croissants (very nice texture). Definitely will recommend and will be back.

Carlos O. Heras-Bautista: I was delighted by the quality, variety and taste. Great place to have a croissant and coffee. Loved it!!! Vegetarian options: There were al kind of veggie croissants available

Maria Kubysh: The best croissants and croissant sandwiches I’ve had in Berlin! Docking one start since some days they randomly don’t make croissant sandwiches, can’t count on them

José Eduardo Porcher: Guy behind the counter was in an ill-mood and doesn’t like to see tourists in his shop, apparently. Bad coffee. Delicious croissants.

Anastasiia Stefanska: Lemon croissants is delicious, has soft cream inside, not just jam. Coffee is good as well. Also the place offers some savory croissants (e.g. ham and cheese). Only a few tables inside, but no crowd as most people choose takeaway.

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