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1. Crossfit Grenzgänger

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93 reviews
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Crossfit Grenzgänger

Address: Reinhardtstraße 29, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Business type: Fitness center

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Crossfit Grenzgänger: what do users think?

Dominique Greco: Awesome box for Crossfit! Complete and very well care. I have been received very gently by a very goodCoach Phill. If you are visiting Berlin, I definitely recommend to “drop in “ at that box.

rajah nagarajah: Awesome and beautiful gym. Dropped in for the week from Boston and definitely was one of the best gyms I have been to. Huge, spacious, clean, and beautiful. Phil the head coach is awesome and all of the workouts were on point. I went to both the 6 am and 7 am classes during the week and they were filled and competitive. Thanks for having me in and running an awesome box!

Надя Евстафьева: Awesome professional crossfit box. You are always welcome for drop-in. The classes are held in German and English.

Franz Schwab: Member here for almost 4 years. First experience with crossfit here. Never looked back. Saw some other boxes in the meantime, Grenzgänger has best equipment. Some might want a dedicated open gym area, nevertheless you can do open gym during class time, too. Great coaches, dedicated classes for Gymnastics and Weightlifting. Grenzgänger leben länger! The owner put his heart blood in.

sara kunz: This is one of the nicest boxes I’ve been to. Great training space, entire floor is matted, there are spiral stairs to go up and get a good view of the workouts and more than enough weights, bars, and equipment. The coaches did English and German and were very mobile and strong, can’t wait to visit again!

Tom: Very nice people, facility, and workout. I was greeted outside by someone leaving who helped me enter the facility. When I arrived downstairs, one of the coaches greeted me and showed me where I could drop my things and stretch. The workout was a team workout. It was challenging and fun to have a full class of people. Before and after the coaches stretched us out. Thank you, Scooby and team for making my time at your gym challenging and enjoyable. Hopefully I’ll be back for work again. Cheers! Tom from Boston.

Αλέξιος Μαντάς: The trainers are professional and friendly at the same time, I’m new to CrossFit and I immediately fell in love with it. Amazing, challenging and fun box!

Tommy RYNDA: Very nice, big and clean Box!❤

2. CrossFit Berlin - Icke

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121 reviews
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CrossFit Berlin - Icke

Address: Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 40, 10829 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +49 30 60268565

Business type: Gym

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CrossFit Berlin - Icke: what do users think?

Kyle Kinton: After arriving at CrossFit Icke accidentally (I got muddled and took me and my partner to the wrong box) we we welcomed warmly as late additions to a partner endurance metcon. The box itself is well kitted out and with rigs and the option to workout outside giving it cool points. It was bloody hot compared to the UK too so this was well neeeded! The people were super friendly and chatty with coach Zara being a great ambassador for our ever impressive community. Thanks for having us, it was a sweaty blast 🏼 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Maksym Gorolevych: Amazing CrossFit gym!A plenty of space for training including outdoor area. A variety of high-quality equipment. Skilled and friendly coaches. Wise programing. Opening hours on Sundays. And, of course, Holiday WODs ;) Atmospheeeeeeeeere. Like it and recommend it to anyone.

Nadia Zyakwa: The physiotherapists Alexandra and Stephan are amazing. Neither before the surgery nor after, no doctor had such a thorough and attentive examination. Every muscle, every bone and ligament was examined :) They pay attention to every detail and movement. Really professional and pleasant. After three sessions I feel so much better. It is a huge thing to wake up without pain. Thank you so much.
Response: Thanks Nadia! We're happy you're happy with our services!

Amanda VanderMolen: This box rocks! It is large enough to accommodate any class size! The workouts were all well planned and provided a challenge! The coaches were all very kind and were willing to translate for us! Be sure to email them ahead of time to reserve your spot(s)! I’m sure we would have been fine just showing up, but I email as a courtesy! Parking is free!
Response: Thank you!

Eugene Bata: Very welcoming CrossFit Box in Schöneberg. Coaches are all fantastic and friendly. I immediately felt comfortable the first day I came. During workouts they make appropriate suggestions to your form and encourage you to do your best. Classes are taught in German but all of the coaches speak amazing English and can help you if you have any questions. The box is also conveniently located near Sudkreuz and can also be easily accessed through the Julius Lieber Brücke S-Bahn stop. CrossFit Icke also had some great online workout classes while Berlin was under lockdown. Really appreciate how Icke cares about the community.
Response: Thank you! We're happy you like it :-)

Miguel de Baca: This is a fantastic box with a big community spirit and welcoming vibe. I attended a Saturday partner WOD and it was fantastic—very challenging but doable. I would go out of my way to train here on another visit to Berlin. Thanks, Icke!!

Orestis Papapetrou: Good small box. GHD, row, ski is also available. I was there from drop in for a team wod every sunday which i pay 20Euros. Coach was very welcoming and she was friendly with me. They have outdoor area for crossfit, barbecue in the summer and beach volley oposite. They have bar inside for snacks and shakes as well.

Aydar Mannanov: Miss that place. Used to go there for almost 8 months and Crossfit experience was really good. Coaches are very friendly and helpful.
Response: Come back soon!

3. G3 CrossFit in Berlin

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82 reviews
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G3 CrossFit in Berlin

Address: Tempelhofer Ufer 36, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +49 160 5571866

Business type: Fitness center

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G3 CrossFit in Berlin: what do users think?

Aksana Brovach: I spent half a year in this club in 2022 and it was an absolutely inspiring and life changing time. I have no words to express my gratitude to G3 CrossFit and to the coaches - Felix, Zeno, Steffen and others! They helped me gain physical strength and endurance without pain or injury, and also temper the spirit and get through difficult times. Each workout was a combination of learning the correct technique for performing exercises, hard working in a supportive and motivating team with energizing music. My personal training experience has shown that this is a very high level affiliate and I can definitely recommend it to everyone, even newcomers to CrossFit. I will miss G3, but I promise I keep grinding (and your playlist on Spotify really supports me in this). ;)

Daria Berton: Great place with very nice group atmosphere. Got to train with Felix and Stephen, both are attentive and motivating, answering any little question you have. Highly recommended!
Response: Hi Daria, super nice to had you at our gym. We wish you all the best for the future and hope to see you again one day :-) all the best

Diego Pinto: Amazing place to workout, English sessions, coaches are warm and welcoming. It feels like a family. I’ll come back for sure 💪🏻
Response: Hi Diego, We are looking forward to see you again :-) cheers

Jaide Hartridge: I’m from the UK and dropped in for a class whilst working in Berlin for a few days. Absolutely LOVED it, felt super welcome and everyone was very friendly. I had a great workout and would highly recommend this box to anyone in the area
Response: Hi Jaide, thank you for the google rating. So great that you visited us and had a good time. Hope to see you the next time when you visit Berlin. :-) cheers, Felix

Ivan I: Friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming Xfit place. And they speak English! Felix and Zeno are both 5 star coaches! Totally recommend it, even if you are just visiting and want to do a drop in or a week pass.
Response: Hi Ivan, Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback. :-)

Krispin Wehrli: I love it!And the coaches are genuinely caring and help members improve with form and recovery.

Jeannette Baxter: I dropped into CrossFit for two weeks whilst I was on holiday in Berlin and the all round experience was brilliant. Zeno arranged everything for me and he worked really professionally and carefully with me in the first week to help me to get the hang of things. In the second week I worked with Felix - a master motivator and brilliant instructor. I learned so much, pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do, and had great fun. Thank you to the team for such a warm welcome and inspiring two weeks. I will definitely be back!!

Joe: After two years, I love going to this box more than ever. The friendly atmosphere and committed coaches make all the difference to keeping the motivation up and making progress. During the Corona Lockdown they did everything possible to help us remotely too.
Response: Hi Joseph, thanks for the review. Warm greetings Felix

4. CrossFit MINS

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70 reviews
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CrossFit MINS

Address: Belziger Str. 33, 10823 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8:30 PM

Telephone: +49 176 72311089

Business type: Gym

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CrossFit MINS: what do users think?

Dinara B: Best coaches and community! I’m new to crossfit and was supported from day 0. My body is stronger than ever. I come to free up my mind after busy workday. And I think I look better now than in my 20s ;) Thank you MINS!

Anastasia Kinzel: Excellent Gym, great equipment, and clean environment. Lots of ammenities like coffee, protein shakes, and full locker rooms with showers. Kind people who speak both English and German and who are helpful and knowledgeable about the workouts.

akynos burlesque: Love this place. They create a great atmosphere for anyone to workout in. From pros to pregnant people. All welcomed. Friendly and always a good workout

Sabrina K.: clean, stylish facilities and a very helpful staff. great for beginners as well- took the intro class and was introduced to all exercises, the trainer took the time to explain and show everything very detailed.

Svetlana Ogurtsova: My favourite place in Berlin. Join us, you won’t regret it!

RC Hite: It’s the best start to my day, love this box

Robert Adamson: DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SCAM OF A BUSINESS I was unable to finish my membership due to serious health reasons (having provided a certificate from my Doctor validating this). CrossFit MINS continue to harass me and threaten legal action. If someone if physically ill and continue to have a depleting health situation this is a horrible thing to do to them.
Response: Hello Robert, it's a pity to have to read such feedback, since nothing was done without your consent. On the contrary, we were always very goodwill and never had a situation and feedback like that which you can see in our reviews. We cannot do anything for your private changes, which is why your statement is not true. Your membership was terminated extraordinarily on the day your certificate was sent. It would be incomprehensible not to comply. Nevertheless, we wish you all the best for your future. Your MINS team

Léonard F: This box is fantastic! The place is really clean, the staff is really kind and the coach is really nice and gave me really good advice and support.Highly recommended :)

Orestis Papapetrou: Great facility and well equipped. Julian is a very nice, humble, motivated and educated guy. I went there to throw couple of workouts with him. Brand new box by the way. They offer showers, bar and seating area to chill after your wod. The box is located downstairs.

5. CrossFit Werk

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93 reviews
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CrossFit Werk

Address: Gerichtstraße 23 Aufgang 2/3. Hinterhof, 13347 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 11:45 AM

Telephone: +49 1511 1149174

Business type: Gym

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CrossFit Werk: what do users think?

Jonas Kregzde: Amazing drop-in experience when I was a beginner. Intensive workouts with a friendly international crowd. Amazing programming which never gets boring. Coaches are way more engaged during the workouts compared to what I saw in other CrossFit gyms. Now my friends are asking what transformed me from a nerd to a jock so quickly. Greetings to all staff (also to the ones I haven’t seen here for a while)!

James Hardwick: Good box with daily open box hours for those of us who want to focus on some things outside of the daily WOD’s, although the open box area is a bit small and can get crowded on some days. If you go when someone is working the counter, make sure to get a protein smoothy w/ peanut butter. SO DELICIOUS.

Tommy RYNDA: Very nice Crossfit Box!❤

Natalia Sanz: Definitely my happy place! The coaches are very professional and always take care of helping us achieving our best performance. The workouts are fun, the facilities are big and well equipped and the community is just awesome!

Jonathan Lorenz: Nice box, nice people. Good coaching.

Lucien O'Donoghue: Exceptional CrossFit box. Rock solid on the fundamentals, these guys find the perfect balance between pushing you to get better and keeping you injury free. Lots of membership options including drop-ins. Good emphasis on the social aspect too. Shout out to Johannes for drilling my pull-ups!

Nikolay Minkov: Friendly atmosphere, passionate members and dedicated coaches. My choice of my box in Berlin since over a year now.

Cordula Siepmann: My happy place for getting in my almost daily dose of CrossFit. Especially the focus on honing gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting skills is great!

6. Hauptstadt CrossFit

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39 reviews
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Hauptstadt CrossFit

Address: Berliner Straße 30, 10715 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:30 PM

Telephone: +49 176 31151758

Business type: Gym

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Hauptstadt CrossFit: what do users think?

David Illera: This is a 5 stars place. Not only the CrossFit is great, but the coaches are absolutely amazing. They know what they do, they care about you and they are open to help anyone even if you don’t speak german. The place is clean, organized and the classes always on time!

Anthony Subandi: Great coaches and community. An opportunity to practice some German with friendly people. I was expecting a ‘bro’ environment and people turned out to be a group of warm Crossfit enthusiasts. Such a nice surprise.

Cliff Kung: Had a amazing time here.The Coach is highly experienced and he will make sure your movements is correct.Love this place.

Sara Ferrara: Best crossfit gym! The staff is amazingly friendly and knowledgeable. Super motivating and a good place to start crossfit.

Edoardo Binda Zane: I have permanent elbow damage due to these guys. And even though I had flagged the issue before and provided medical certificates, all I was offered as help was being presented with every trick in the book so that my contract would stay open and the would keep getting my money. I had to hire a lawyer in the end. Stay away.

Annika Schmueser: Great coaches! Can highly recommend the morning classes!!!! Awesome community.

Arik Messerman: Top!

Meshari Almuzaini: Toll

Piotr: Worth it :)

7. myleo CrossFit

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155 reviews
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myleo CrossFit

Address: Franklinstraße 10, 10587 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +49 30 30823878

Business type: Gym

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myleo CrossFit: what do users think?

Dirk R: Awesome Crossfit box! Spacious hall w/all the equipment you need. Showers, lockers, stylish coffee bar. Great coaches and friendly staff
Response: Thank you Dirk! 👍🏼

M. Özbek: Best Box in and around Berlin. Top equipment, friendly and supportive coaches and a great community.
Response: ♥️

Si Mi Wi: Best and most stylish Crossfit box in Berlin. They have a big range of classes, they offer specials on weekends like Team-WOD or rowing/running classes. Nice coaches (hi Anna - we love you) and staff behind the bar (the one with shakes not weights). Always remembering my name, even as a drop in. Very clean locker room, shower gel for free. You can rent a towel if needed. I will return.

Orestis Papapetrou: Friendly stuff, Pretty awesome chilling area and the changing rooms are on point and clean. Check the website for the classes they offer. Its open for Sunday as well.

HD 0077: Trained here for a month during freaking C19. Space is gorgeous, everything is there. Clean well organized. The coaches are good. Favorite is Anna. My German is not that well so I had most of the time no idea what she was saying :-) but she was so kind enough to translate. And she called me weak!!! Lol Def try this box out. I give it a thumbs up!!!! Luvvvvv.

Vasyl Melnychuk: The place and people fuel with the energy and determination.
Response: Thanks so much Vasyl!

Aicha Leila Dandjouma Marguet: My happy place! Huge gym super well equipped, professional and super friendly staff, a protein bar that offers multiple options and a big gathering space to chill. Again, my happy place in Berlin!

Haris Music: Wanted to do a few wods while on holiday in Berlin and decided to drop into Myleo. Both the staff and members were very helpful and welcoming. This box is kitted out with the best equipment and you have a lot of space to use it. Highly recommended if you are a traveller passing through Berlin or a local looking to start up/continue crossfit.

Marco Pistis: Nice place, the box is really big and fitted. The staff is kind and competent. You can buy very tasty protein smoothies.


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94 reviews
new review

Address: Lobeckstraße 30 – 35, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 12 PM ⋅ Reopens 4 PM

Telephone: +49 1577 5739056

Business type: Personal trainer


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SPREE CROSSFIT: what do users think?

amparo ranea: I have done two drop in classes and now I’m doing a whole week. The box is really well equipped, clean and tidy. The staff is on point and really friendly. They answered all my question via email. The coaches are really well prepared and they are into every one taking the class. It is nice to see all different levels taking the class, and everyone gets to be taking care of. Also, they make you feel really welcome! Wods are nice, and you have different other options. Language is not an issue, since they all speak perfect English and even Spanish. Will be back for sure in my next visit!
Response: Thank you so much for this nice feedback! See you again soon!

maher asha: amazing place, coaches are nice and helpful, the community is very welcoming, and classes are in english, would love to come back 👍
Response: Hey Maher, thank you so much for your positive rating! Hope to see you again soon!

Max Wild: Great gym, nice people. Legit workouts.
Response: Hey Max, thanks for your great rating!

Maria Pilar Bouzas Gandara: They are really good. All Coaches are very nice and knows how to teach.
Response: Hey Maria, thank you so much for your excellent rating. We are happy you enjoyed training with us!

David Alonso: Training at Spree Crossfit has become of the best parts of my day! Great location, amazing coaches and an awesome community. The whole team is very knowledgeable, supportive and committed to help you perform at your best. If you are interested in joining a Crossfit box in Berlin or you are looking for a drop-in during your time in the city - this is it!
Response: Thank you so much David!

Kajetan Hanausek: Been coming to this place for three years now and I cannot imagine not being there. Coaches are great, all speak fluent eEnglis, and if you are willing to listen you will get great advice on diet, exercise routine and form. Training is well structured, communication is top notch. I had to pause my membership two times due to injury and once because I was travelling and Nadine was very understanding and accommodating. Overall awesome place to be✔️
Response: Good to have you in the box!!

Naomi Sianturi: Took a Starting Strength class during my short stay in Berlin and appreciated it so much I immediately booked a second one! Georg is an awesome coach and gave great advice, always correcting my form when needed. Definitely will be going back whenever I’m in Berlin!
Response: Thank you so much for training with us Naomi! See you again!

9. CFM CrossFit center

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123 reviews
new review
CFM CrossFit center

Address: Heidestraße 48, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 22052713

Business type: Fitness center

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CFM CrossFit center: what do users think?

Haya Kay: The Owner Lars is down to earth. the community there is just lovely I’d go again and again.
Response: Thank you Haya. Much appreciated.

Steve Meyer: Very friendly and cosy box. The staff is awesome! Workouts vary a lot and are scaleable for every fitness level. Teamworkouts are always fun, and the music selection during workouts is pretty good! Changing rooms are a little small and can get busy. The showers are good and clean!
Response: thanks steve. happy new year

Team Fit365 - Coached by Danny Alvarado: Love training here. Very nice box with a nice team /family feeling. Big shout out to all of their coaches specially Matthias and Moreed, they bring great energy to the class and are always looking after you during the session to make sure you perform your best.Moreed has been very helpful with improving my oly lifting technique which is one of the areas I find more challenging.Come and check it out if you are looking for a good place to workout

Vivien Bienefeld: One of my highlights from my winter time in Berlin :) If you are looking for a Crossfit box in Berlin, definitely check out CFM! The coaches are super nice. I was lucky enough to push my limits with Lars and Steffen and try out great WODs. There is always something to laugh about and you go home in a good mood! On weekends there are teams of two specials, which are a lot of fun! Danke für die schöne Zeit, ihr seid toll!

Nicole Dimitrova: Such a great box! Very friendly, welcoming and great for beginners and people starting with CrossFit. Even though I was completely crushed it was a great first visit to CFM and I look forward to participating in other classes as well. Thanks Steffen and Lars!
Response: Thanks Nicole!

10. CrossFit YAY

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44 reviews
new review
CrossFit YAY

Address: Gubener Str. 47, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Telephone: +49 176 95156013

Business type: Fitness center

Near CrossFit YAY:

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CrossFit YAY: what do users think?

Amanda Carrington: We really enjoyed our class at CrossFit Yay while we were visiting Berlin. Challenging, great coaching, super nice facility, and they ran class in English since we don’t know German (yet). Thanks again!
Response: Dear Amanda, it was a pleasure to have you both guys in our box. Have a great trip and feel welcome to join again soon. All best, Team CFYAY

Boris Canu: Tiny but very cosy box, great atmosphere, clean, and good quality material.Definitely recommend for a drop in!
Response: Hey Boris, thanks for being with us. Great Workout. See you hopefully again. Your Team CFYAY

Miguel Asse: Awesome CrossFit gym in Berlin near Warschauer Strabe Station. My girlfriend and I dropped in from NYC and had an awesome time in class. Do note the location is in a plaza with a bunch of other businesses, Building B on the ground floor
Response: Dear Miguel, it was a pleasure to have you both guys in our box. Have a great trip and feel welcome to join again soon. And maybe we see us in NYC as well. All best, Team CFYAY

Hannah Bagnall: We dropped in whilst on holidays, really lovely box, excellent programming and coaches. Highly recommend!
Response: Hey Hannah, thanks for being in our CrossFit box. It was a true pleasure. See you both again soon. Take care. Your team CFYAY

Vincenzo Montefusco: The box is fully equipped with all the tools (belts, deeps bar, sandbags, etc). I did there my personal powerlifting program for one week, and it was perfect. Clean and comfortable. Totally recommended
Response: Hey my Dear, thanks for beging with us. Hopefully we can see you again soon. Stay strong. Your Team CFYAY

andre in: Great box with great people. Danke for opening it Sebbo! 👍
Response: Hey Andre, thanks for being a part of CFYAY. You're Marvellous. See you soon in the box. Your team CFYAY

Sara Ferrara: Amazing crossfit gym with all the good vibes and excellent techno beats! The coach is extremely knowledgeable, fun and knows just how to keep you motivated through the pain. My favorite box :)
Response: Sara, its always a pleasure to have you here. See you soon.

11. AXT CrossFit

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99 reviews
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AXT CrossFit

Address: Hauptstraße 13 Entrance D/ Backside of the Building, 10317 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +49 1579 2465440

Business type: Gym

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AXT CrossFit: what do users think?

Ulrich Kasper: Biggest CrossFit Gym in Berlin (possibly in Germany) This is a seriously big CrossFit Box! Although big it is kept tidy. They offer plenty of parking and their Chill out area ain‘t no joke either! Big seating space with couches and tables. The bar is cafe like and they offer food you wouldn‘t find in some „real“ cafes. Coaching is great and the Shower and Lockerrooms are on point! If located in the area this is definitely a place to consider!

Mark Liber: Came in for Thursday 6am CrossFit while in town for business. Great programming- we had a thorough warmup plus a tough metcon. Would highly recommend stopping by if you’re in town

Nils Freitag: Best box in whole Berlin !!! My daughter has the same opinion ;)

Pan- Pot: Our favorite crossfit box. Great coaches, loads of space and great gear. Drop in!

Francesco Tazzer: Huge box with friendly and competent staff. It is as big as a local train station m in one of the coolest corners of Berlin.The class at 8 a.m. is just perfect.

Bo Bao: Nice, large and very well equiped box. But the trainer was unmotivated, chatted with friends, telephoned and looked on the smartphone for 50 min. Crossfit is rightfully expensive due to good supervision and spotting,but what if that isnt done properly?.I hope the trainer when I was there just had a bad day.

Daniel W.: I have been a member of AXT Crossfit since its start at RAW Gelände. Very strong and tight-knit community that stayed with the box through ups and downs and various management changes. The current management and training staff is exceptional. AXT has peaked. The location is great, right by a tram stop and ample parking spaces. The facility, inside and old industrial complex, is brand new, top of the line. Excellent equipment. If you’re looking for CrossFit in Berlin, look no further. You’ve found the best.
Response: Thanks Daniel!!!

Stef Lam: I have been at AXTCrossfit for about one year and just canceled my membership in June. If you are looking for a crosfit box I highly recommend to go somewhere else for the following reasons: - a couple of month ago the old head coach and many members left; coaching got worse ever since. For example, classes train alone because coaches rather go to external events or classes are taught by members since coaches are on vacations - there have been holes in the floor for a long time with the promise that they will get fixed - which did not happen so far; in fact, the holes are actually so dangerous that you have to sign a waiver declatation (not a joke) - in comparison to other crossfit boxes, these one emphasizes far less a clean technique of its members during wods - information flow is tedious and only follows after complaints If you want all that for a 3 figure amount per month go ahead - otherwise I would recommend to go to another box with higher value for price.
Response: Hi Stef. I am so sorry about your bad experience! we will reopen at the end of August at a new location with a perfect floor and new coaches. maybe you give us a second chance! many regards. Yours Oliver

Christoph Quitz: Today I made my first WOD at AXT CrossFit and I have to say, it wont be my last one. It was really fun and exhausting. I booked a class with Eric. He is English native and a really good coach. I can really recommend this nice place.

12. Escapist CrossFit

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55 reviews
new review
Escapist CrossFit

Address: In the alley, Jeanne-Mammen-Bogen 578, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 1:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 4:30 PM

Telephone: +49 1573 5997848

Business type: Fitness center

Near Escapist CrossFit:

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Escapist CrossFit: what do users think?

Peter Klein: Mhm. Let me think… I actually do not want to give you more insights as I would like to keep the place secret and to myself and the other beautiful people here at Escapist. Family style box with professional coaches, great equipment and really nice people! Very happy I found you
Response: Thank you Peter!

Jose Sales Fernández: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityI was in a business trip and joined Escapist Crossfit with a 10 days pack. Price is inline with the city. Coaches are amazing. Really good status material. Well prepared wods. The place is small but really really cousy. If I come back to Berlin, i will repeat for sure. Highly recommended

Bill Cutler: This place has a vibe somewhere between a surfers shack and an old school gym. They are super welcoming & motivating and overall a super friendly bunch. Highly recommended and well worth the money 👌
Response: Ohh! The Surfers shack is something new. We need to start dressing like surfers now. Thanks for the review!

HD 0077: It’s incredible how boxes don’t have their rules put on paper so the whole box knows what their terms are. I called last week to get information about the box and I asked if I could come try out the box. The guy on the phone was really kind and agreed on it. Today I call to reserve my spot in the evening and someone else on the phone said that there is not such a thing as trying out the gym. I would have to pay a drop in fee to try out. When I told him I called last week, and his colleague said that I could, he practically said that I was not telling the truth. So yeah, not interested anymore. Small boxes that need new members should be more professional and def not say that you re lying over the phone. #shiitbox
Response: Hi HD0077, Im sorry to hear you are disappointed, but no need to be angry. It sounds like there has been a misunderstanding. If you are interested in joining our box I am happy to invite you for a coffee and talk about it. This is something we always offer. Wish you a great day!

Pip Rib: The overall environment is nice and most of the coaches are nice too. However, a couple of bad experiences with one of them made me drop from this place. Hopefully, he will improve his way of dealing with people or just leave the box. Other than that I would give a 4.
Response: Hey thanks for the review. As you already know we are open for you!

Henry Langer: Down-to-earth people putting the nose to the grindstone :-)This place has an unique character situated right under the Subway tracks. Great staff will provide individual help to make progress at your own pace.
Response: Thank you Henry!

13. Classic Crossfit Berlin

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18 reviews
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Classic Crossfit Berlin

Address: Mecklenburgische Str. 24A, 14197 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12:30 PM ⋅ Reopens 3:30 PM

Telephone: +49 170 9616260

Business type: Fitness center

Near Classic Crossfit Berlin:

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Classic Crossfit Berlin: what do users think?

Vitaly Pushkar: Friendly, professional coaches and early trainings (7:00 in the morning, on Wednesdays - 6:00 🤯) are just what I need to start the day. The gym is very clean, well-equipped, and cozy. My first impressions after a couple of classes are very positive. I am already recommending it to friends.

Micha Østergaard: Best box in Berlin. Super friendly environment, great coaches, great members. Always a welcoming atmosphere.

Elizabeth Abraham: I am very happy that this box is near me! A very nice and well-kept Crossfit box! The entire team, from the owner to service, to the trainer team, is great 👍🏽 Everyone is there with their hearts. No matter if beginner or competition level, I recommend everyone: take a look, join in and experience the warmth of everyone 🏽

L. Reuther: Furnishings and equipment that are as good as new (the Boxjump boxes are still stuck together ;-) ), really good trainers who pay attention to variety and also help with posture and execution, as well as varied WODs characterize this box. The location right on the S-Bahn ring is super cheap. As a beginner, I am currently training once a week and feel very well looked after here.

David: The hottest Crossfit Box in Berlin !!! Regardless of the training level, whether beginner, advanced or competitive athlete, everyone can come together here. The coaches guide you safely through each class and after the workout there are delicious protein shakes at the bar!

Chris Fre: Great box with a great community! Competent coaches and fair prices. Love it! 💪🏼

Lisa Bretag: Classy, ​​sassy CrossFit community with heart. Nice people, great coaches

Marc Berresheim: I would like to pay a big compliment to the entire team and the members of Classic CrossFit: I feel super comfortable, the training demands the right intensity and is really fun 🤩🏋🏻‍♂️ Great!

14. Lieblingsgym CrossFit

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53 reviews
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Lieblingsgym CrossFit

Address: Sophie-Charlotten-Straße 5, 14059 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +49 163 5544757

Business type: Gym

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Lieblingsgym CrossFit: what do users think?

Alexandra A: Simon and his team are very professional and since starting my Personal Training program, my core strength has improved so much!

Mo K: Excellent place for training. Plenty space, a lot of equipment and great coaches. Very nice atmosphere. Totally recommended

patrik wittwer: Kompetente Trainer , kleine Box max. 10 Teilnehmer , sehr familiär , tolle Members .One of the Best in town , small groups , top trainer , top members . Check it out !

Olivier Yorulmaz: Best place in berlin for crossfiters! They are not friends they are family! Thank you Simon thank you Patrick ❤️

Nicolas Gonzalez Rodriguez: Great Box with great coaches and great people

Claudia Delgado Salva: Best Crossfit gym in Berlin

Kine Youm: No pain, no gain!

Andre Doeh: Super Crew!

15. CrossFit Aorta

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137 reviews
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CrossFit Aorta

Address: Alboinstraße 11, 12103 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +49 176 76702985

Business type: Gym

Near CrossFit Aorta:

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CrossFit Aorta: what do users think?

Caleb Curtis: Thank you CrossFit Aorta for being a gym we could drop into while visiting from the US! The programming was beneficial, efficient, and engaging. We loved the energy and appreciated the welcoming from the other members. Morgan didn’t speak any German, but the gym switched over to English to help her understand anything she was confused about. We will definitely be back to CrossFit Aorta whenever we are in Berlin!

Vinicius Solano: It is my first time doing Crossfit and this box is awesome! The coaches are friendly, always helping you and teaching how to do it correctly. Technique is the main goal. Besides all these, they speak English, this is important since I am not a German speaker.

Luise Frey: Amazing box! Spacious, clean, amazing equipment that’s actually been serviced and looked after correctly. Atmosphere is super welcoming. Would definitely recommend going there for a drop in or class :)

Anna Donauer: I´ve been to so many CrossFit Boxes already. CrossFit Aorta is super special tho! The coaches are well experienced, motivating and welcoming. The space is super big - enough space for classes and open gym as well. Also the fact that you find parking slots right in front of the gym is a big plus. Communication on instagram was super easy - quick replies. Will always come back to this box whenever I´m back in berlin. So highly recommended for athletes of all levels.

Paloma: Best box in Berlin. Great coaches, infrastructure and programming.

Igors Visockis: If you are looking for true CrossFit experience, with loads of indoor and outdoor space and best equipment in Berlin ,together with knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructors, look no further. I have been around few boxes in Berlin this is by far the best in every sense . Easy to access, loads of parking space and very clean . They have everything there

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