Best Dog Friendly Pubs Berlin Near Me

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1. BrewDog Berlin Mitte - Mitte

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BrewDog Berlin Mitte
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Address: Ackerstraße 29, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 48477770

Business type: Pub

BrewDog Berlin Mitte: what do users think?

Mor T: Great selection of beers from tap. Sitting outside was nice! Also loved that there’s a fridge with beers that aren’t available in tap - got a few to go. Kinda wish the kitchen was open a bit longer. Wanted milkshake around 22:30 (😅), but didn’t know kitchen closes at 22:00.

Sabri Kürüm: Great beer selection, you can get taster menu for 4 biers of your choosing. Hero pizza was not bad but rather average. It has a nice atmosphere with friendly staff.

Eva: They have plenty of vegan/vegetarian options. The pizza was fine and the beer was good. There are also many types of ciders. In my opinion some beer were a little bit too expensive. But everything else was fine.

Jelena Krsmanovic: There is mostly indoor seating here 🏠. In the summer ☀️ they have a small garden open as well as a few benches in front of the place next to a side street. A reservation here might be necessary, It’s usually very crowded. There is a nice vibe there, it looks lovely inside, beers 🍻are really good 🤩 and they have some food as well 🎉

MrsQuokka: Our second BrewDog visit after trying the one in Barcelona. Same cozy atmosphere, great staff and varierty of beer options will make you satisfied with your decision of staying there for a while :)

Farwa: It’s a nice place with different kinds of beers. The beers taste different but good. They offer you beer tasting and let you choose type of beer. Staff is very friendly and speaks good English.

Stephen Sutherland: Great beer - tried and tasted Brewdog favourites like Hazy Jane and Elvis Juice and lots of guest German beets to try. Staff really friendly, helpful and clearly love beer so perfect combination. Try and beets and see what you like 👍

Hans Loes: Love this place! The beers are awesome, if you are into craft brew, this is a must visit. All beers are for take-away in cans/bottles or growlers which brings back memories from the U.S. - a great party gift! They got nice outdoor seating, too and decent food. Fully recommend!

2. MUTED HORN - Neukölln

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Address: Flughafenstraße 49, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Business type: Pub

MUTED HORN: what do users think?

oğuzhan karacüllü: Beautiful place with extraordinary beers. DIPA, STOUT, Lager it doesn’t matter. Just drop by randomly and experience the hop and malt. They’ve really extended beer menu and good knowledge just ask for help before ordering they’re willing to make it easier for you. Place is relaxing and friendly as long as you drink. Definitely revisit in short time. They provide good shots also try it!

Guillaume Galante: A must-go for any beer lovers, a huge selection of beers where anyone will find good fit. Lovely and cosy atmosphere, service is nice and friendly. They have a dozen beers on tap and probably close to a hundred bottled beers. You also can find board games to drink and play along the evening. Highly recommended!

Jung Woo Yae: Perfect place for glasses of IPA or special beers to try in Neukölln. So many choices to make. Very friendly and kind staffs at the bar and you can always ask them for a recommendation. We tried the numbers 5/8/10/15 and they were all quite unique and refreshing.

Kyrylo Sledz: Amazing pub with a big variety of craft beers, you can find anything you like. Nice and cozy interior, and a large terrace for smokers. Highly recommended.

Nicolas Vereecken: Superb place with a good craft beer selection. Staff is super friendly. Atmosphere is overall very warmth.

Charlotte B: Very nice craft beer bar with a fine selection of beers (hops and mixed fermentation). The staff is lovely and knowledgeable. The taster tray is a good idea if you hesitate too much on the menu!

Max Heimel: One of the best craft beer bars in Berlin. Great rotating selection of pale ales, IPAs, sours, stouts & other styles both from tap and cans/bottles. Can highly recommend.

Claire Demont: Best beer bar in town. Service is efficient and of good advice.Cosy, games, always good beer, served in the best way. Possibility to bring your own food so you can have more beers 😉

3. The Castle Berlin Mitte - Mitte

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The Castle Berlin Mitte
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Address: Invalidenstraße 129, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3 PM

Telephone: +49 30 28047126

Business type: Pub

The Castle Berlin Mitte: what do users think?

ASKAND EL ASSAAD: Well, nice people nice location delicious beer and some good pizza by side, too! A good spot to stop by, specially after work! Also day time they do have coffee and good internet and also background Thanks to the castle team specially Michael (מיכאלה) very kind & hard working 🤞🌟😃

María M: Cool place and really nice staff. You can book tables and even areas of the place, if I am not mistaken. The beer is really nice. Food options were unfortunately not that great but well, it is more of a pub and not so much of a restaurant.

Petra Chudobova: A good selection of craft beers for decent prices. The pizzas looked nice. We really enjoyed the beer garden and after 22.00 sat inside and felt comfortable in the cozy interior and laid back atmosphere.

Gabrielle Faria: Awesome atmosphere! Great variety of beers, several options of G&T. Staff super friendly, they speak English ;) I celebrated my birthday last week there and it was amazing! They make reservations for big groups and you can even choose where you want your table. I highly recommended it!

Keeva Brannan: Great atmosphere, lovely accommodating staff and great selections of drinks. We had the luxury of sitting at the bar and having a great laugh with Evan and Nora behind the bar! Would recommend to anyone visiting this wonderful city ❤️✈️X

Luiz Filipe Moresco: One of the best place in Berlin. The environment is amazing, background music, good food, and all the staffs are friendly. Also, for the Brazilian barmaid goes another star, as she was always helpful as well. No doubt to highly recommend this venue.

Vicu Starna: Good beer, good atmosphere and delicious nachos with sour cream and avocado!

Martin Johansen: We celebrated new years at this place and really enjoyed it here. The Castle has a large number of tables and more chill couches, and also a seating group down the stairs and an open beer garden until 22:00. The main "attraction" is definitely the different craft beers (especially IPAs and Pale Ales), and of course then the house pils which cost €4 for a half liter. They also have some light snacks in case you get hungry.

4. Hopfenreich - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Address: Sorauer Str. 31, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 88061080

Business type: Pub

Hopfenreich: what do users think?

Bull Dogg: Excellent craft beer bar with a good selection of beers on tap. A wide variety of beer types and breweries are offered. The staff is professional and friendly. The interior is terrific, except for the restrooms which are Berlin-nasty. Nonetheless we keep coming back to this place for its great beer.

Gicu Hincu: It is a beer place and it should be treated accordingly. The atmosphere is simply awesome, the vibes are so cool and it just feels good here chatting over a beer. It is a disruptive place with good beer, nice staff and good people. They allowed us to bring our own food and I believe the combination of their beer and Burgermeister burgers has added to this experience being hard to forget. Highly recommended

Radosław Włodkowski: Amazing service, great selection of beers. Go there and just enjoy!

Frederic Muzel: Great place for incredible special beers. If you are a beer lover and you are using the untapped app, this place comes close to paradise. They have some amazing beers and you can try all of them as a sample before making your decision. If you get hungry , buy some chips at the local späti around the corner so you can endulge yourself in a journey through the microbrewery landscape.

David Chadwell: Terrific variety of craft beers from Berlin and beyond. All types as well from IPA to Stout and all in between. Well worth a stop for one or two.

Emilo: Good local beer, cosy atmosphere. The staff knows a thing or two about the beers & will gladly guide u through the styles. //Cheers!🍻 i mean PROST!😄 //peace out

Simon Batchelar: Amazing beer selection. Very helpful bar staff help you choose and recommend local and different beers.

5. Birgit - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Address: Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 PM Fri

Telephone: +49 1520 4138691

Business type: Beer garden

Birgit: what do users think?

Matt Cross: Great place to party. 4 rooms with different styles of music. Loads of outside space to hang out, circus style vibe etc. pizza’s are yummy.

Dinosius Rasanayagam: Ordered gin basil and got two ones with different colours. Waitress said one is more intensive ! When we tried it it both tasted so different, I went back to the bar and told them the darker looking one taste more like “pesto” and wanted just a gin basil , her response was that I have to pay again for a new one. Don’t make a terrible cocktail and ask the customer to pay again ! That’s not hospitality that’s just being rude and being a cocktail mixer !

Moritz Erdt: Really nice place when the weather allows a sunny hangout. Later on the place turns into a club, so you can spend the whole night here as well. The music was great, too!

Bordenrat 7: Fantastic venue for techno heads. Multiple rooms. Chill door policy. Friendly staff who will help you out. The crowd there was mostly touristy but a few locals as well. Things go on all the way upto the next morning. Didn’t try the food but the drinks are as expensive in any other Berlin club. Worth a place if you want to chill and dance all night in a nice open air venue.

Guillaume R: Great open air with food (pizza) and bars outside (7,5€ "cocktail"). The entrance on Saturday was 15€. There is a lot of place, table to seat and drinks. During the night the place have several dance floors with great techno music.

prathmesh vashisth: Amazing place to chill out for birthdays, meetups they also have a small club inside. Surprisingly their mode of payment is by card, which is very rare to see in Germany. They only take cash which for entry if you come after 9, Also nearby there are lots of small bars. So I would recommend this place if you are new in Berlin, and want to have a quality time.

Florian Tschurtschenthaler: Always a great place to go to have some drinks with friends. Beer is good. Cool place.

Susanna Mostaghim: Really enjoyed it even though only 2 of the 4 rooms were open when I was there. But I was there rather early, early enough to see it transform from a beer garden to multiple dance floors. The music is great, I like that there’s an open area to cool off outside basically once the rooms are open. Drinks and pizza are very reasonably priced.

Peter Manolakev: Another nice beergarden in Berlin. The location is not the best, as it is a bit far away from the city centre. The place, however has great selection of fresh and really good draught beer. It can also house wuite a bunch a people, so it is qute good for big events. Their pizzas also taste great. Payment by card is possible. Would recommend for a big party.

6. Murphy's Irish Pub at Checkpoint Charlie - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Murphy's Irish Pub at Checkpoint Charlie
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Address: Zimmerstraße 19, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 25934309

Business type: Irish pub

Murphy's Irish Pub at Checkpoint Charlie: what do users think?

officialgetfresh: Right near Check Point Charlie with great staff and an even better atmosphere. They accept card and cash. Very attentive and they have a pretty good selection of food or drinks whatever you may choose. For the price of the drinks and atmosphere I would definitely come back again. Perfect place to visit if your a solo traveler or looking for a quick place to stop by before starting your night.

Thomas Baak: Very friendly staff, they keep comming back to ask of you want a new drink. Hamburger and Fries are decent. Dont expect a burger fantasy but with a beer it is what you want. Location is superb.

IAN WHEDDON: 11 of us Visited this Bar yesterday for a quick drink before heading of for a night out. Left the bar 7 hours later after having a brilliant night. Only 2 of us ate there but the general feed back was the food was good. Never had to move to get a drink as the polite and well trained staff where always happy to help us. The act that was playing certainly livened up the bar and helped to create a fun atmosphere

Yoav Aviv: Very nice vibe. Quick and welcoming service. Tastey fish and chips

Nathan Adair: Great place get a beer and relax. The staff was super friendly. The first place to actually carry on conversations with me about things other than (what do you want to drink). They were fun and joked around alot. Easy place to get comfortable in. Highly recommend it.Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

austin langley: Stumbled upon this place and decided to stop in for lunch. Glad we did! I got the Murphy’s Special Burger and it was delicious. Prices were great and staff was friendly. Great atmosphere as well. Would definitely recommend.Recommended dishes Hamburger with Fries …More

7. Posh Teckel - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Posh Teckel
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Address: Pflügerstraße 4, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:01 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 61507268

Business type: Bar

Posh Teckel: what do users think?

dean whittaker: Lovely bar off the beaten track so not many tourists but well worth a visit especially if you like dachsund/wiener/teckels. The owners have 2 and lots of themed things in bar.

Crusoe “the Celebrity” Dachshund: Thank you for hosting me here! On my visit to Berlin I made a visit to Posh Teckel and absolutely loves this charming, dachshund-themed bar. Great food and friendly people! Definitely recommend if you own or like dachshunds!

Martin Shannon: Nice bar, gets busy at the weekend. Staff are friendly. A good place to spend an evening relaxing with a drink

Paula: Best bar in Berlin! You have to visit if you value good music and good company!

Pat Pending WOLF Global: Nice little hangout bar in Neuköln. Great place to meet locals. No tourist within miles

Julian Schmidt: 5/7 perfect score. Really friendly staff, okay kicker table. Not the cheapest though.

8. BrewDog DogTap Berlin - Tempelhof-Schöneberg

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1120 reviews
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BrewDog DogTap Berlin
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Address: Im Marienpark 23, 12107 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Telephone: +49 30 212343100

Business type: Brewery

BrewDog DogTap Berlin: what do users think?

Jessica Elfrida: Food: 4/5 I tried the buttermilk chicken burger cluck norris, super tasty! Mayo, avo, bits of red onion, could not go wrong. Complete with sweet potato fries, the meal was super. For the beers, i am normally limited in the likings of craft beers, so might be a bit bias. But i think you have to dig around to find what you really like. Service : 4/5 Super big place, and for it, the service can be a bit long. But again, it was adequate for such big place. Amazingly, the waiter really remembered what was going on, so could catch up fast during the payment process.

jaghanivasan s: Really cool vibe and super friendly staff. Great spot for beers and burgers. The place is huge and can be a potential spot for big events too. Once again the vibe was awesome,safe environment even during pandemic situation. The menu is quite tricky for the extras. For example, it’s cheaper to order chicken wings as a set of 3 than choosing a plate. Small portion of chicken wings plate comes in 5 pieces. Though ordering 2x 3 chicken wings is cheaper than that. Be mindful when you order sides. The place also has arcade, pingpong, small bowling alley and more!

Monique Könning: Great place to have a beer. The food is fine.The ambiance of this place is amazing.There are various games you can play. There are even 7 pinball machines 👌

Anh Nguyễn: I’ve been here a couple of times and totally loved it! It’s spacious so it works great for a big gathering. Great beer and food as well!

Cizer Pereira: Great and massive collection of beers. Awesome ambience and also very much suitable for team events 👍 I won’t go there just for food, From my point of view food wasn’t that good

Sahana Yashodharappa Neergunda: Spacious and Modern :) Must Try - All varieties of Rum (these runs are the in house brand) and mostly Vanilla and coconut flavor is amazing! Best Rum I have ever had! Food 💯👌

Emilie: The food was excellent, classic bar menu. We had bbq and Buffalo cauliflower wings, Mac and cheese and fries. All delicious and fair price. The beer is a little pricier but the quality is high and the selection is great. Location is very special, quiet with a great garden and the inside is very nice as well. Only thing is the service is very slow. If you go there, expect to be there a while.

9. Clash - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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2751 reviews
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Address: Im Mehringhof, Gneisenaustraße 2A, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 32526387

Business type: Pub

Clash: what do users think?

elventree mac: The place is nice, smoky and smells of beer and punk attitude. Music was playing really quiet so we could barely understand what we were listening to. There are billiards and arcade games.Toilets were relatively clean on a Monday night. Beers were in really reasonable prices. Tips: Enter the heavy black gate and then search the bar’s entrance on your left hand. Staff is not very friendly. Do not ask anything but beer. Although there’s no sign prohibiting you for photos , the crew wouldn’ be happy watching you take photos.

Rohan Fernandes Barreto: - Nice place to catch up with your friends over a beer. - Great set of beers too. - Has a pool table and a foosball table too. - The place has a typical rustic feel to it. - Only accepts cash like some German establishments.

Rafael Philippini: Clash is one of my favorite bars in Berlin. A great rock bar with nice music and a good amount of beers and drinks for a fair price. They also have foosball table and some pinball tables. Worth the visit!

Nora: Overall for me it is one of the best places to go for a drink in Berlin, good atmosphere, good drinks, lots of activity and friendly people. The problem sometimes is the noise of the music, because it is very loud and the few tables they have, you always have to wait or look for a place.

Kelvin Pothin Wolff: Very interesting environment.Looks like the real Berlin. Awesome experience!

Kieran Dunne: Absolutely fantastic night, with great music and beer. Service was great and fast. Wonderfully inclusive but be warned...this is a cash only business, but what a business.

10. BrewDog Berlin Friedrichshain - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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307 reviews
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BrewDog Berlin Friedrichshain
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Address: Frankfurter Tor 7, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 74001288

Business type: Beer hall

BrewDog Berlin Friedrichshain: what do users think?

Harley Alaniz: Update from June: Outdoor seating is fantastic. The wings are super tasty. Still a five star from me. Been open a day and they are doing pretty well. Very little wait, although I suggest booking a table in advance. The food was excellent and didn’t take too long to come. Beer was tasty as always!

Lucia Rodriguez: Fairly good beers (smoked porter was really good, blondes were ok), at an expensive prize. I had mostly issues with the food: Truffle fries came with a pool of oil (picture) with made the bottom fires inedible. Chicken sandwich had such big pieces of chicken that it made it extremely difficult to eat it as a sandwich. Flavour wise it was fine. Not in pictures but a friend ordered a Jackpot burger, the blue cheese was cold and the chorizo was hard to eat.

Barry Tandy: Refreshing stop after a day of walking the city. The staff are great, the space was a clean and comfortable. A great selection of beer and other drinks. The Patriot burger filled all the right gaps too.

Mosti Ghu: Great burgers and quick staff in the beginning. - Went there around 6pm - Asked if we could sit upstaris but got denied "Not open yet" so we sat next to others downstairs - A min. later they opened also upstaris (-) - At the beginning every 2-3 min. a staff asked us if we r really to order (A bit annoying) - Also the staff was only able to speak english but no German. but thats nthg to count - After food received noone every came back so we could order more drinks.. - They gathered around all 2gether at the bar while all the guests were waiting to be served more drinks or ask for the bill. It has a great location but the setup is very poor.

Adar: The new BrewDog Friedrichschain branch is just as good (if not better..) than its older, Mitte, branch, with a noteworthy difference: they serve (tasty) Burgers 🍔 here, whereas in the Mitte branch they prepare very tasty pizzas 🍕 Other than that, the beers on tap are very good and the service super friendly. Definitely worth a visit (or numerous visits..)

Damy Mojitodka: My first experience with BREWDOG was in Edinburgh; this second venus one is more an "heart" memory because here I got my last beer in Berlin with a friend before catch the train for the airport. Location is set up on two floors, staff very friendly . Good vibes for good drinking <3 Tchuss

11. Mikkeller Berlin - Mitte

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1263 reviews
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Mikkeller Berlin
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Address: Torstraße 102, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Business type: Bar

Mikkeller Berlin: what do users think?

Matthew MacLennan: I had avoided Mikkeller because of the high prices for smaller pours, but after a lackluster pint at Kaschk, I thought I might as well check it out. True, prices are a bit higher than average, but the warm welcome I received made up for it. When I ordered a beer, I actually received a mini taster by the bartender. Usually I have to ask explicitly for such service, but this seemed second nature to them. I was about to find the beer I liked best and then settle in for a few decent sleeves. I would return.

Anastasia Skobelnikova: More than 20 sorts of tap craft beer. Great choice with many very interesting options. Some of sorts are exclusive just for this bar. It is possible to order pizza by neighbors cafe. Recommend!

Ross Steedman: Fantastic to finally visit a Mikkeller bar! Made to feel really welcome with our kids in tow. Great selection of beers - will be back before we leave for home!

Jordan Piche: Amazing beer. I highly recommend stopping in and getting a few pints. From fruited sours to IPA’s there’s a lot of beers to choose from.

Valentina Vasilkova: This is my fovourite place by far in terms of craft beers. Amazing service by literally everyone - Georgie, Marcus, and Nic and their colleagues.There’s also an opportunity to get pizza next door which is lovely as well.Huge recommendation for everyone looking for their go to craft beer place in Berlin.

Chelsea Welch: As a non beer drinker I was unsure but they had one of the best ciders I’ve ever had on tap. Super cozy vibes, cool design and aesthetic, friendly bartenders and a small but excellent wine selection. Highly recommend.

Anton Beliaev: Amazing craft beer bar, probably best in this area. Very interesting and various options on beer. When we visited it, there were also 4 nice cider options on tap though it looked like a seasonal option. Definitely worth a visit if you like craft beer.

12. Ratzeputz - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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341 reviews
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Address: Weserstr. 182, 12045 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3:30 PM

Business type: Cocktail bar

Ratzeputz: what do users think?

Nicolai Storz: Love this place! I come here for their amazing cocktails (you have to try the one with popcorn, trust me) and for the Open mic on Mondays. Best place to listen to original songs by all kinds of different Berliner musicians

Saba Sekulovic: One of the very first places we went to when we moved to Berlin. Great, affordable cocktails,friendly staff and the open mic Mondays are a great way to meet people or simply sing along. Definitely coming back soon!

Aidan Lunn: Staff are incredibly friendly, amazing cocktails, great price. Staff speak English too which is always a plus. The atmosphere and music will make your night. Definitely a place to check out if you can.

Vtsotsos2: Went for a comedy night while travelling in Berlin. Ratzeputz is the place to be for travellers and locals alike. The drinks are well priced, the entertainment was A++ and the owner/staff are laid back and welcoming. Cannot recommend this place enough.

Adrian Ada Ada Ossmann: Awesome vibe, nice people and great drinks. A good time guaranteed! Also check out their open mic night on Monday

Alp Sever: Update; last night I went as a group of 6 and I was asked to pay 5% on top of the check if I pay with card. This was a first time for me including tens of my other visits. So, take this into account if you’re paying with card. As a regular visitor who enjoys the bar immensely, I would just ask two things: - A tad colder Bayreuther - A working wifi 😄 Great place!

Nora: A really cozy place, with a good atmosphere, good waiters and good drinks. Great service, very well located at the exit of the U8!

Graeme B: Didn’t bother staying, was promised they’d save us a table for quiz night but that didn’t happen. Every man and his dog is smoking inside. In this day and age of looking after the health of the community…

Itai Neter (‫איתי נטר‬‎): Very low key place with surprisingly good cocktails and prices

13. St. Bart - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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432 reviews
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St. Bart
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Address: Graefestraße 71, 10967 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM Thu

Telephone: +49 30 40751175

Business type: Pub

St. Bart: what do users think?

Aja Jane: Overall had a nice experience but we were let down by the food. All of the dishes we had were good and we enjoyed them - but none of us felt that they were good enough to justify their prices. I am happy to pay a premium for fantastic food but this food fell a bit flat. I have had more outstanding versions of the dishes I ate at other restaurants for lower prices. Overall would give it 3 stars for just the food. The drinks were great. They have a fantastic wine list and we got some fabulous recommendations. We also had cocktails before we left and they were impeccable. The service was truly amazing. Our server was friendly, kind, and so helpful. We also loved the overall ambience and design of the place. I would very happily return here for drinks, but won’t be rushing back here for the food.

Julie Radzewicz-Pedersen: Very nice dinner experience! The staff were friendly and service top! The food was so good - and we were very satisfied as it was also affordable. Not too fancy or trying to be something they are not.

Cengizhan Özmen: One of the best dinner I had in Berlin. Fresh ingredients. I loved the ox cheek and the waldorf salad. Olives and bread was also really good!

Şahika Özarslan: delicious. a bit weak on the wine menu or maybe because not my taste. ox was delicious as well as the oysters. the ambiance is nice but a bit of a tight squeeze.Recommended dishes Fried Chicken Thigh …More

Adar: Charming X-berg Gastro-pub. Very friendly service. Expertly made plates meant for sharing. Excellent selection of natural wines. And last but not least - cocktails 🍸

Christian Limburg: Wow! Great experience, fantastic service and delicious food. We had chicken wings, pimentos, salmon yoghurt radish, burnt cheesecake. Can’t wait to be back.

Kate Presnukhina: Not tasty🤷🏼‍♀️ definitely trying but out of 5 dishes and sides, only one, the desert was really worth it. The rest I’m afraid were simply over-charred, bland etc And expensive, crazy expensive for what it is

No Name: I’ve been going to St Bart regularly since it opened way back when. It’s still consistently great. Food and wine is always on point, but the service is the real exceptional part here. Probably the best waitstaff in Berlin. Attentive, knowledgeable, and above all friendly. A brilliant business that deserves its reputation

Michael O.: Great place for a nice dinner and I will be back for sure. Brick chicken was deliciously succulent. The pavlova (a New Zealand classic and definitely not Australian!!!) was the best I have ever had.

14. Moloko - Pankow

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Address: Lettestraße 6a, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 84514122

Business type: Gastropub

Moloko: what do users think?

Paco Morales Serrano: Delicious breakfast in a beautifully decorated room. The service was very friendly!I have to go back one evening: The cocktails in their carte look tempting.

Dhruv Cosmik Khanna: The best Eggs Benedikt everrrr!!!! This was probably my 5th time there. Extremely yummm. Super owner and friendly staff. Love to go and hang and work there with my laptop. Great ambience in there.

Allesa: Nice cozy place with a lovely atmosphere both inside and outside right in front of the park. The food was very good, the menu is diversed and interesting. Especially the vast selection of drinks and specials of the house. Adding it to my favorites :)

Artem Kot: Awesome place. Administrator speaks both German and Russian. The food is extremely delicious. Eastern slavic cuisine. We tried solyanka (soup) and shashlik (meat). It was incredibly good. And the candles are adding +100 to the atmosphere. We will definitely come again! Vegetarian options: There are several dishes in menu which are cooked with no meat or dairy products. You have to ask about it.

Anastasiya Magamedova: Food was delicious! Very nice service and charming atmosphere--beautiful terrace with a view of a small park. We were pleasantly surprised to find out how tasty the food was! We have been to a couple Russian cafes around Berlin and after each time we would expect less and less from a restaurant to have authentic and good Russian dishes. Here, our expectations were exceeded!! I 100% recommend this to anyone who wants to eat DELICIOUS Russian food and have a good time!

reeve: Several options for a vegan breakfast, including a vegan plate (as shown in picture) or porridge. The atmosphere was great and the cafe is located right next to a park. Would recommend 👍🏻

David Alexander Strehober: Very friendly staff. Even special demands for spicy drinks with a peperoni were met. Cosy atmosphere. And of course lots of Russian elements on the menu. Moloko means milk in Russian. Also the music was not too lood. One could talk to each other. We will come again. Check out this place its worth while.

Matthew Pearce: Terrible. Don’t have the burger. Patties are frozen, bread is stale. All the food is store bought and not fresh. All comes out luke warm and falls to bits. Way over priced!

Tatiana S: Such a welcoming and attending place, great service and super selection of drinks and food!

Artem Sapegin: Nice place for brunch. Could be crowded, better reserve a table. Could be slow, ask more bread and butter.

15. BRLO Brwhouse - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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BRLO Brwhouse
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Address: Schöneberger Str. 16, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 55577606

Business type: Brewpub

BRLO Brwhouse: what do users think?

Jan Zoltowski: Amazing venue created out of 40+ containers. Great food, well presented. We would recommend the vegetarian options as the meat was not tender enough. Drinks are not so great, but I reckon people visit this place for beer which I hate 😂. The have they own BRŁO apparel!

Laura Dell: This brewery and restaurant is amazing! They have a large, diverse beer menu, and we tried several, all of which we enjoyed. I particularly loved trying my first glühbier here, there was a subtle anise flavor that was excellent. We ate a wonderful dinner here as well. All the dishes had beautiful flavors and textures. My favorite item was probably the beet brioche with cabbage. We will definitely try to come back here before we have to go home!

Zaidoun Haddad: BRLO is one of my favourite places in Berlin, food is great and staff is friendly. I love their menu which is predominantly vegetarian but for those that want to eat meat they can add different cuts of meat to their order (which I am tools is great). The beer selection is extensive and ordering the beer tasting board is always fun. (Photos are from previous visits)

Harley Alaniz: Compared to Winter, BRLO transforms into a massive Biergarten in the Summer. Both kid and dog friendly. It offers shade in all areas, games, and sunny spots for all types. You have options for a grill, bier tent, and small offering from the kitchen all outdoor. They offer a full restaurant outdoor terrace as well. The indoor option is of course an offering, but why when we only get four months of nice weather

Jason Taylor: Love this place. Big beer menu with good variety of styles. Mac n cheese with pulled beef was great value at €10 and tasted really nice. Inside seating is cosy but extensive outdoor seating great for big parties.

Victoria Brito: Wow! The all you can eat is so worth it! There was something with eggplants that as a side and that completely blew my mind. The lamb was also very juicy and perfectly tender. The desserts were wild us the most. One of them had an apricot and strawberry on the inside and it was absolutely delectable. We were able to share amongst a group of nine and enjoy many different dishes. There was one mushy looking green soup that was also surprisingly tasty. The best drink of the bunch was an IPA with some thing like hazy in the name. I will probably drink that almost every time I drink in the near future LOL

Marius: Went there just for drinks. Nice stylish location close to public transport. Self service by ordering at the bar. Good tap list. Some beers tasty, some not that much... if you enjoy, tasting craft beers, its a clear recommendation.

Lucia Rodriguez: Very expensive beer and food, but the place is really nice. We ordered the ribs and they were tasty but not very tender. The black garlic pure was really good.Ribs 500 he + pure + cheese plate (small) + 2 x 500 ml porter + 2 x 300 ml porter = €45

Mark Edmonds: Stars for this review reflect my experience of the time. Wanted to try a tasting board but was unable to as we were sitting outdoors. Which is a first for any taproom I’ve visited. That put a bit of dampener on the visit. Still had a beer outside which is a decent space. Would be happy to visit again if I’m in Berlin again.

Daniel Ware: Absolutely fantastic. In our 3 days here in Berlin, we went every night. Plenty of delicious beer that caters to all palates and a food spread that will make your mouth water. Do yourself a favor and hit the photo booth in the beer garden for some great memories too.

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