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1. The Social Hub Berlin - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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The Social Hub Berlin
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Address: Alexanderstraße 40, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 31198339

Business type: Hotel

The Social Hub Berlin: what do users think?

Alex: An average hotel that markets towards younger individuals yet has absurd prices. Overall it is okay; the hotel is clean, it is colorful, the lounge area is aesthetic, and there is always an event going on or people mingling amongst another. However, the rooms and utilities are slightly lacking in practicality. The rooms themselves don’t have a mini fridge so if you are planning to buy some groceries: don’t, unless you will eat them the same day. The laundry facilities are free but the dryers are bad as even if you dried your clothes for five hours, they will still be damp/wet and there is no drying rack in the room. Not to mention, the lack of personal responsibility from other hotel guests to get their clothes from the machines leaving you either waiting half a day for an open machine or throwing someone else’s clothes onto a table- not the hotels fault. The rooms are rather sound proof and you can’t hear your neighbors but you will wake up in the middle of the night coughing from the amount of smokers who smoke right below your window, even though you are on a high floor. They have a good restaurant on the ground floor but supplies run out fast so the menu is oftentimes reduced. To summarize: the hotel is a hectic environment with helpful but overworked staff. It is located ideally next to the metro and the centralized location gives you a good starting place to begin to explore the city. Would I recommend it? No. But it is better than a hostel.

Karina Miñano: We were there last weekend. The location of the hotel is fine. Very central and easy to reach. Close to shopping areas and monuments. The room: small for the price they asked for. A bit smelly. Clean but not crystal clean. The mattress was a nightmare. Hard as a table. Despite the climate control system, it was very warm and not clean air came to our room. So we open the window but the street noise made it impossible to sleep + the horrible mattress. Good thing: we asked the reception for a solution and they added a topper to the mattress. It was a quick solution. Not ideal but at least I slept better the next night. The staff is very friendly.

Hadi Moussally: I had an amazing experience in the hotel. It is next to transportation offering a lot of activities In it (gym, restaurant, working rooms etc…). The design of the room and the hotel in general were great, it also makes you feel very comfortable easily. I totally recommend.

Egle Autukaite: The most basic hotel I have ever visited, worth no more than 3 stars, the place is unorganized, the food is below average and the room quality does not reflect the price, there is smoke and food smell that can be detected, room comfort is at a very basic level, slippers, bathrobes not provided, the mattress is bubbled and can be felt over the sheet. Cleanliness disappointing in the room and the overall communal areas.

Kay Kooistra: The people working here were awesome and very helpful if you had any questions and always answered with a smile. Rooms were nice and clean and the breakfast was good. Location of the hotel was also good because it was close to the mall and the train. We have had a very pleasant stay. Thank you for having us!Rooms: 4/5 | Service: 4/5 | Location: 4/5 …More

Carlos Diez Sánchez-Muliterno: The hotel is very nice, it has a young atmosphere. The rooms are cozy, but don’t expect them to be big, to me the seemed bigger on picture… the only bad thing that I had was that my room didn’t have body shampoo and I couldn’t let room service know. No one realized…

2. THE FIZZ Berlin - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Address: Köpenicker Str. 43, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3:30 PM

Telephone: +49 89 889690300

Business type: Student dormitory

THE FIZZ Berlin: what do users think?

Pavlin Kopankov: Best student dorms I have ever stayed at!!! The prices are great, considering how perfect the rooms are. They have all the necessary furniture for a student. The bed was really really comfortable, it was soft and comforting. The toilet was like a throne, the second I sat on it I felt like the king of the castle. I quite honestly spent at least 5 hours a day in there, it was that comfortable. All in all I would recommend it to all my friends.

Erdem Ilıca: Patrick was perfect house manager, my moving in and moving out process was very smooth with him. In addition to that, he helped about my questions in my tenancy period. Also I can recommend the Fizz to a people who comes to Berlin new, in terms of it is facilities and a great location.

miss girl: Super friendly staff and helpful staff! They host fun social events that allow us to meet other fizzies. Shoutout Patrick for saving me after I locked myself out of my room 🙏🏾

vitto p: The fizz is an amazing place. You have your own room, bathroom and kitchenette, but at the same time there are common areas and community events to meet a lot of new people. The position is great. Patrick, the house manager, is extremely nice and supportive. I would totally recommend living there!

Rohan Singh: Great location, close to all the central areas in berlin. You get the chance to meet fun people and the staff hosts events frequently which really helps in getting to know others. The only issue I really have is with the pricing. I feel like the pricing is a too high for the rooms and you end up paying a lot more than you should ideally be paying. Apart from that the fizz is great for students who have just moved in, friendly environment and great people. The staff is mostly made up of fizz residents working part time - so everyone is super sweet.

Niya Daskalova: Perfect location with a bus stop directly in front of the door, lots of supermarkets in the area, staff is really friendly and helpful :)

E M A: When I moved to Berlin, a little over a year ago, I had never been to Germany before and it was mid pandemic, nevertheless the FIZZ, and all of its employees, did a good job of making me feel welcome and part of a community. When I arrived I was greeted by a sweet guy with purple hair who answered all of of my questions, from nearest grocery store to how to set up my router. My room was in a good condition when I received it, it was like a blank canvas, so I could decorate it however I wished and I can see see the tv tower from from my room! The facilities are always in great condition and were easy to find. Though doing your washing is a bit pricey and the rent is too, you’re paying for convenience, but I wouldn’t have made the friendships I have if I had not moved here. So I’m pretty glad to have had the opportunity to be part of the FIZZ community.

Nasos DA: Great location close to S+U, bus station right in front of the building.Very active community, friendly and competent staff.

3. Neon Wood / Studenten Apartments Berlin Frankfurter Tor - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Neon Wood / Studenten Apartments Berlin Frankfurter Tor
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Address: Warschauer Str. 6, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 555707114

Business type: Student dormitory

Neon Wood / Studenten Apartments Berlin Frankfurter Tor: what do users think?

Matija Vukosavljevic: I had a great time over the last two years, everything in the room works well. Location is the best. Gym is cool, Staff are very helpful and kind. Rent is A bit expensive depending on your situation.

Thyma Hisham: I stayed in Neon Woods for a few months while in Berlin and I have nothing but great things to say. My studio apartment was spacious enough for me and it overlooked the beautiful compound inside the area. My gratitude, especially, to the staff at the reception area. They make you feel absolutely welcome and they are always there to help you with a warm smile and friendly attitude. I cannot recommend this place enough! Big love from the Maldives

yuri grippaldi: Perfect accommodation especially if you are new in the city. Fair prices considering the services you get and compared to the average rentals in the neighbourhood of Friedrichshain. The staff is always very kind and they always tries to solve any of your problems. Highly recommended.

Alexandros Liossatos: Very friendly receptionists, always there to help. I love how the gym is open 24/7. Beautiful courtyard for tanning and socializing on sunny days. Very easy to sign up and live here, well-organized!

Pau Picó: Fantastic 12-months rental experience. The apartment sign-up process, as well as the final handover was carried smoothly, no issues. FHain is a such a lively hood: anyway will feel like home. Amazing team, thanks for your help! 😊

Cobalt Cucco: Great stay for students new to Berlin. Location is great, very close to the Ubahn, staff are friendly and the apartment is thoughtfully designed. I enjoyed the seasonal events and activities planned for the students throughout the year!

Peivend Ghayori: My only issue is the pricing, something that gets made up by the super-friendly staff that’s always ready to give a helping hand with a smile. Personally I didn’t take a big part In the sicial settings, but for anyone who’s completely new to Berlin it seems like a perfect place to meet new people without the struggle that normally comes with coming to a new place. We were making a big film-project when I was here and the staff were amazingly helpful with our creative endaevours. Any place that appreciates and helps creativity deserves a five-star In my opinion. Plus the staff, location and the study room and social settings, this is a perfect place to start a new chapter in Berlin.

4. SMARTments student Berlin - Studentenapartments - Mitte

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SMARTments student Berlin - Studentenapartments
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Address: Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 4, 10553 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Student dormitory

SMARTments student Berlin - Studentenapartments: what do users think?

Lilac Pixx: Hello I am please begging someone to give me an email or phone that I can contact. I have been emailing since september and received no answer so far. I have been desperately looking for an apartment in berlin for a year as well. Thank you.

Baily Rose: Soooooo small feels like a prison. Benches for beds. Whoever is an architect and plans these kinds of buildings has no sympathy towards what a thriving human needs & designs for planned obsolescence. Sure, for a refugee this would be great ! They are about 500 euro a month, but you can barely make a proper meal for yourself (the “kitchenette” is tiny) so you spend more money eating out. The washing machines have double charged me multiple times (it takes a day just to do all your laundry running up and down to check on it —- plus ! If someone opens the door on accident during a dry cycle it stops and re.charges you. I just checked my bank account & it was 15 euro for two loads !? The tiny plastic parts on the curtains are definitely a planned obsolescence design - the tiny plastic parts break easily and are fragile. Being in front of the river is nice, but there are plenty of rats !!!! Knowing that you can get a large flat in Berlin or a spacious room with more amenities, this place is a rip off for Berlin :P

DIEGO ACUÑA BERGER: The smartments are really good, the people and the social life are amazing, but it is quiet aswell when it is required to. The rooms are pretty well equipped and you can find a really nice with even nicer people Spätkauf (a 24 hours shop) with tables outside where you can drink and chil.The name is Spätkauf Spree!!

Jennifer: Nice furnished student apartment with also not so expensive price for Berlin. But sometimes the washing room, community room, and the corridor is dirty. The Hausmeister is really hard to contact.

Ayat Alali: The best place to stay in for a long term stay... Quiet, safe and clean

Ingrid Gursli: Loud music and yelling in the yard until late at night, police are on site almost every night because of noise complaints.

Ali Esen: Really nice place with nice rooms and friendly environment..!!

Santypower: I miss living here!

5. St Christopher's Inn Alexanderplatz - Mitte

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St Christopher's Inn Alexanderplatz
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Address: Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 41, Rosa Luxemburg Str 39-41, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 81453960

Business type: Hostel

St Christopher's Inn Alexanderplatz: what do users think?

Hannes De Giro: I do not recommend the hostel to solo travellers. There is no good shared space to meet people. I stayed in the hostel for 4 nights in August 2022. The big disadvantage of the hostel is that there is no good shared space to meet people. The only common space is the sports bar downstairs - but this is a public sports bar which is open to everyone, so not only for backpackers at the hostel. The bar is furthermore not inviting to hang out, its a sports bar, so there are all kind of televisions and old middle aged drunk soccer fans. So the atmosphere is very different from a backpacker atmosphere, and it is very hard to meet fellow backpackers. There is also no kitchen, or shared fridge etc. In general, the hostel is quite commercialized, for example, you need to pay to store your luggage in lockers. The hostel is massive: many floors with many dorm rooms. It has potential. But not if there is no good common space where you can meet people. For now I would recommend smaller hostels. By coincidence I met people staying at the East Seven Hostel, a much smaller hostel where there are good shared spaces to meet backpackers. If they would change one of the many floors they have to a shared space for backpackers, I could give the hostel 4 stars. But without this I can’t give it more than 1 star for solo backpackers.

Luke Reichel: St. Christopher’s seems, to me, a top competitor for the best hostel in Berlin. We were staying during the week and there was still so much happening. Things that stood out to me were: the competitive prices (paid €33 p/n for a dorm with 8 beds), friendly staff, the bustling downstairs bar where guests receive some good deals and we met some pretty cool people, the free breakfast (book directly) and the general proactiveness of the hostel. The location was pretty good: <10 minute walk from Alexanderplatz station and quite a lot to do in the vicinity. Definitely a bit sketchy at times, while perhaps this is just Berlin, I’m sure you could find more up market/fancier areas. Nonetheless had quite an adventure there. Clean rooms and facilities, private curtain on each bed and the large number of guests frequenting was also very nice. Only criticism would be how dim the lighting in our room was. There is also no kitchen (as I think the idea is that you buy food from the bar) so perhaps just bear that in mind. Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. Their name also seems to have very little connection to the religious orientations of the staff, guests or hostel.

Karen R: The room was really quiet, a small oasis. The room and bed sheets were super clean and comfortable. Key card stops working sometimes which can be quite inconvenient if you leave your room to go to the bathroom at night and then cannot get back in. There were 2 x 4 bed female dorm to share one bathroom... not very easy to get out in the morning if it is always occupied. Kitchen was good. Facility was bright. Had to walk through the noisy bar to check-in and to go to the room but that was no problem in the end. Overall positive experience because the room was nice and quiet.

jedda ayling: Stayed in a 16 bed mixed dorm for two nights. It was a bit hard to sleep due to people coming in at random hours of the morning, and a loud person talking around 8am but these are to be expected. Each bed had a curtain which was good. Good location, nearby to lots of cafes, shops, public transport and bars. Free breakfast (book direct) was pretty decent. Common areas were good for socialising. Would be even better if it had a kitchen too.

Juliet Braide: Stayed at the female only dorm and was a lovely experience, the room was quite spacious with sockets and storage space for each bed. Location was perfect as it is in the city center and within walking distance to main attractions. Generally will highly recommend the female dorm and the hostel is budget friendly too.Rooms: 5/5 | Service: 4/5 | Location: 5/5 …More

Olinka Muller: The hostel is a great place for food drinks and chillin! Nice environment and nice people working and staying there. Very good location. The beds are not the best but the price quality ratio is good. all in all very pleasantly surprised by our stay!Rooms: 4/5 | Service: 5/5 | Location: 5/5 …More

Nyanyukweni Johannes: Absolutely a stunning experience for me. My first hostel experience and I have to say the hostel is situated in just the perfect area in the city center for a cheap price, I loved that you get to meet so many personalities from around the world from all walks of life and make new friends, bathrooms and dorms are clean. The customer services warmed my heart. They go out their way to make you feel welcomed.

6. Hotel nhow Berlin - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Hotel nhow Berlin
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Address: Stralauer Allee 3, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 2902990

Business type: Hotel

Hotel nhow Berlin: what do users think?

Mari: One of the best hotels I’ve ever been to! The whole theme of the hotel is awesome and creative. The elevators are all different and follow different music genres. The bedroom is all colorful and cool!! Definitely recommend it. XOXORooms: 5/5 | Location: 5/5 …More

Neeraj Mishra: Location is great. Calm. witihn 2km some of the best clubs. Could literally hear music of the club in the room. Not annoying though. Gigantic rooms, clean, great breakfast spread and perfect location, very close to berlin wall. Extremely polite people. Provide some best recommendations. Would visit again !!

Alessandro Fogolin: Great location, very particular, based on music mood. The room at the 10th floor has an amazing point of view! Some services are not at the same quality of the structure, we had some problem with water pressure, it was difficult to have a shower. The service at the bar/restaurant was not so good and the menù is quite limited. But you can have a guitar and a little ampli in the room and this is so cool!!!

John Alex Hvidlykke: Amazingly designed hotel with a strong rock and roll-feeling. While the styling has been expensive, a lot seems to have been saved on the quality of the details - especially the beds, blankets and pillows that are really bad.Rooms: 3/5 | Service: 4/5 | Location: 3/5 …More

Neil Palmer: I have stayed at the Nhow Berlin twice this year and I highly recommend the hotel. The staff are just first class and no matter what the request will do their very best to resolve it for you. Sure, the hotel is busy and lively and buzzy but that is very much the vibe. It is important for me to say that no matter how much is going on downstairs the rooms are a (colourful!) oasis of peace. The rooms by the way are really well appointed and the coffee machine very appreciated on waking after a night out. The views across the Spree are just beautiful and look down to the fascinating and historic Oberbaum Bridge. I have to say that my experience of the staff was even better on the second visit (in Sept) and the team really seem to be hitting their stride. No matter what time I got in from the clubs there were two people on reception happy to deal with whatever strange request I may have sprung on them. The hotel is in my preferred part of town with plenty of bars and clubs around but it also hosts regular live music sessions and I was lucky enough to catch one of these during my stay in May. The local S-Bahn is Warschauer Strasse a five-minute walk away which is directly connected to the new airport. There is a lovely spa down in the basement which I have used a couple of times but never seen anybody else in there. I haven’t eaten in the restaurant though it seems well enough used but I have made it up in time for breakfast once and it is a very comprehensive spread (although more hot options would be appreciated). The hotel has quickly become my preferred place to stay in Berlin which I visit often – occasionally for business but mainly for fun. It is inexpensive and well located (to my preference) with a very clear identity but it is the atmosphere and the staff that really make it what it is.

7. The Urban Club - Berlin-Reinickendorf - Reinickendorf

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The Urban Club - Berlin-Reinickendorf
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Address: Von-der-Gablentz-Straße 3-15, 13403 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +49 800 8432582

Business type: Student housing center

The Urban Club - Berlin-Reinickendorf: what do users think?

Marcel Franke: Great living style and affordable! Features * In house GYM * Wash and dryer (rentable) * Free internet (just works fine) * Worker space * Rentable community kitchen * Community space * Outdoor garden * Single looft for one person, not more and not less. * Fast and good customer support

Elli: living together with your friends in a modern dorm is the best!! It’s also nice located. Also, I love the workers, everyone is so nice. This place became my second home:))

Paola Saa: Nice place with supermarkets and pharmacies nearby, it’s location is not too central but the ubahn station is 5 min away in walking distance so it’s well connected. Common areas of the building such as the laundry room are not to clean.

Waseem D. Haji: A wonderful place to stay. Especially for young individuals. The Urban Club rocks!

Gordon H: Far location, but very new and complete facilities.

Sanjeev Singh: Good

user: you got to write a mail to use the oven

Andre Petroll: Very nice apartments close to the city, many public areas and a great team on site.

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