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1. Dunckerclub

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427 reviews
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Address: Dunckerstraße 64, 10439 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 PM Fri

Telephone: +49 30 4459509

Business type: Rock music club

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Dunckerclub: what do users think?

Elisa Seerig: Wonderful gothic nightclub at reasonable price. Will definitely come back when in Berlin again!

GekteJelles: Very nice place. Bouncer was nice, good music and nice vibe. There alot of goths here and local people so if you like rock go here!

Maria Belen Almiron: I tried to go to this place for the first time, and the old guy (the bouncer) who works at the door was very rude with me when I tried to ask him a little bit about the place and the party. He shouldn’t be working there anymore… bring someone cool because he has no manners and i would not comeback because of this guy. Also he tried to scam me… what an awful guy!!

Ruby Walker: The goth vampire club of your dreams! Great music, good vibes all around. Highlight of my time in Berlin.

Alex Fitch: Monday night, the place for old school Goth, industrial, electro etc with a decent crowd.

Ritayan Rath: Awesome, great music but the DJ is not mixing

S. R.: The goth nights here are always worth a trip. Every time I visit Berlin I come here.

Anna Reger: An absolute delight, my favourite place of all for dancing :) imo the last real authentic club where you can dance to some batcave tunes. Only trouble is the extremely rude bouncer. Unnecessarily rude to best guests in town, also for ones who have been guests for years. Scamming horribly, as many people already mentioned. I really hope something can be done about it - such a pity for this wonderful place like Duncker.

2. Slaughterhouse Moabit

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36 reviews
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Slaughterhouse Moabit

Address: Lehrter Str. 35, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 3975056

Business type: Night club

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Slaughterhouse Moabit: what do users think?

Daniel Valencia Kämmerer: Good relatively underground place

Tobias Lieshoff: Great Just Great

Alvaro Valdovinos: The parties here are good. It is a pity it is in the middle of nowhere.

Feier Bekenntnis Berlin: Very informal club with a beautiful atmosphere, music and decoration depending on the event. Plant top for the club.

Станислав Кауров: Insane demon HI by 9%

I. K.: great club Nice people. great prices . Great events at fair prices Only to recommend

Philipp Jänsch: Nice bar :D The people behind the counter are always friendly and always ready to have fun :D Clear recommendation

Pumpkin*: This is a gmd club

Ejal wo ick hinjehe, da bin ick dann: Small location, so far ok, sound rather weak. Light takes getting used to

3. Rock and Viking Bar

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610 reviews
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Rock and Viking Bar

Address: Dolziger Str. 24, 10247 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 PM

Telephone: +49 30 42017641

Business type: Bar

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Rock and Viking Bar: what do users think?

Darren Rao: Great bar with friendly staff. Music requests taken and a good place for rock and metal drinkers

Zach Grosser: This is the best bar in Berlin. I love the vibe, I love the mead, I love the bartender. I feel like every other patron would take a knife for me. 10/10 incredible place.

Aliaksei Siarhei: Great music, mead and beer!

Thomas Calvin: If you like metal, beer, mead and good people, this is the place for you! They serve up many different kinds of home-brewed mead either in cups or drinking horns with a side order of metal. The staff is very friendly and you can run into some good people. Highly recommended!

Danny Riley: What an incredible place. Full of friendly atmosphere. Ralf the bar owner was such a wonderful host. He served us his home brewed Mead in a Viking horn. The bar goers all came to say hello and sit with us. What an amazing experience we had.

Patrick Morgan (EST - Montreal): Easily my favorite bar in Berlin. Its off the beaten track so you need to walk a bit outside the usual tourist spots to get here. But the trip is worth it. Great staff, awesome atmosphere, they sell home brew Mead! In an assortment of flavors. My favorite being the blueberry or Chili. And they play awesome music, at a level that you can still chat in. Cant love this place enough

4. Lauschangriff

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136 reviews
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Address: Rigaer Str. 103, 10247 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 PM Fri

Telephone: +49 30 42219626

Business type: Night club

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Lauschangriff: what do users think?

Armando Ruiz Martinez: This bar is the perfect place to visit when you want a relaxed environment to drink and talk in. The bar lady was super friendly, the regular visitors even greeted us and it had a real homely feel to it. They take good care of corona prevention measures and it shows this place cares for its visitors.

Herr K: Great Absinthe selection in a cosy atmosphere. Downstairs is a little dance floor for different events and music styles throughout the week and on top you can rent the place for your private enjoyment, be it a birthday party or a (music) video shooting. Pricing is fair and the stuff is heartwarming! See ya soon again!

Stephanie Holstein: Lovelly Bar with a great varity of drinks. You can just drink there or can dance.

Baptiste Dupont: Classic rigaerstrasse hangout, cool reggae nights and jungle ! Nice cheap drinks

Crystal Carlisle: Really good selection of alcohol. Cool atmosphere.

Apostolos Tsakiris (PostApocalyptic): Great bar ❤️

Christopher Pereira: Great cult electronic music in a okupa place (?)

Wael Y: It was a goodbar bar for some metal party!

5. Matrix Club Berlin

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5792 reviews
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Matrix Club Berlin

Address: Warschauer Pl. 18, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 PM

Telephone: +49 30 36507365

Business type: Night club

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Matrix Club Berlin: what do users think?

Artur Harutyunyan: A good one, but the atmosphere is kind of complicated and it is not equal to top class clubs. Bar is good

Jet van Iwaarden: This club was horrible. Way too many people. People touching you, fights were happening, it took me 30mins to get my jacket to get out of there (because a nice guy saw me and got my jacket for me). And on top of this, they were letting in more people, when there was obviously no room. Please do not spend your money here!
Response: Thanks for your feedback! We are sorry to hear that you had a negative experience at our club. We do our best to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all our guests and we will take care of the issues you mentioned. We hope that you will give us another chance in the future.

Stuart Wilson: Terrible club. Went on a Tuesday night. Only the one floor open. Charged to get in and wasn’t allowed to sit at any tables as apparently all reserved. Also some scamming Romanian on the toilet doors charging you to go to the toilet. Avoid. Much better places to go to that’s more fun. Also kicked out and not allowed in to get jacket.

Gor Hakobyan: Its a great and really fun nightclub. The dj was really good and the music was amazing. It costs 10 eur to get in. If you get out of the club though you will need to pay again. There is a small outdoor area that is still considered as club and you can get out to breathe

Aliya Shypilova: This place is full of harassment. Don’t go there if you are a woman. Security don’t really care and lets in everyone. Inside there was no security also. Through out the night there I had a guy following me the whole night even after clear “No’s” (and when we told the security about it on the way out they said they can not do anything about it) tons of unwanted stares and even touches. Disgusted. Drinks cheap, music basic and primitive. The location, neighbourhood also not looking very nice and safe.

FEED FURAIJI: It was great time with friends good DG plus enough places for dancing and sitting …

Emily Locke: Had the best experience at Matrix. Loved that there were multiple floors with different types of music. Would definitely recommend!

6. The White Rabbit

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318 reviews
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The White Rabbit

Address: Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 60270973

Business type: Night club

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The White Rabbit: what do users think?

Alex Cui: Went on a Tuesday night. Solid techno in the second room. Good crowd, not super packed, and was easy to get in.

Laxman Kunwor: 15 euros for entrance ....guys need accomplice to enter ...two dance floors ...good variaties of drinks

Lora Michelle: If you would like to be treated absolutely disrespectful this is the place :) there are so many other clubs in Berlin where you would have so much more fun and encounter cool and kind staff ✌🏽 And to the answer of the owner: no, I was with two guy friends, completely sober, trying to get back the money I overpaid you for which you got overly excited and aggressive… I hope you put the money aside for bad days cause it seems like less and less people enjoy your club and the way they are treated :)
Response: Ah, you are the girls that got catched by police, while you are so disrespectful, drunken, trouble searchin …

Lucas Balthazar: Mad Mondays is simply amazing!!! Great DJs on both floors, the staff is super helpful and friendly and the location is also great. Best party I have ever been in Berlin, for sure. BRAZIL LOVES YOU!

natalie staze: great place with really good music! i loved the vibe and how the place looked, i definitely recommend going there:))

Holly Cunningham: Loved it. Went there a couple days ago alone felt safe and felt no judgement from workers or people there. Non posey place great music everyone dancing without a care would recommend!!!

haz: good god man. should’ve stayed tucked up in bed with my william christ-birnens

7. SO36

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1870 reviews
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Address: Oranienstraße 190, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 61401306

Business type: Event venue

Web page:

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SO36: what do users think?

Apache_Duster: A legendary club to see bands up close and personal, from big name bands to local bands. One of my favorite places to see live bands.

Kirby: Great venue that was beautifully decorated for the Arabic night. Bouncers we’re friendly and the bartenders were quick. Only negatives were that the cloakrooms were full before midnight and the bathrooms were a bit small

George Marmaridis: One of the consistently best sounding venues in Berlin. Great shows every time.

Maria Belen Almiron: The club it’s ok, but the customer service is super rude… they treated me very badly while they were serving drinks. Then when I didn’t want the drink because this lady with short hair treated me and my boyfriend very rude, I’ve asked for my money back and she said “I don’t want yo give you your money back” You should hire people with good vibes… I’m not coming back to the S036 anymore… the staff is absolutely terrible and the price of the ticket is not worth it.

Açelya Han: Absolutely low quality of management and inhumane treatment. I will write it as short as possible. They make an event called "Rollerdisco" where you are told that you get a roller skate for a deposit and attend a workshop before the disco. It is 3 euros deposit for the first hour and +2 every half an hour. They just canceled the workshop without giving any reason and packed people inside giving no space to skate or dance really. No requirement for safety whatsoever... My friend fell very harshly in the massive crowd and hit her back head without being able to protect herself because she did not know basic things which this "business" was supposed to teach. After that is more embarrasing. She had a shock and could not move. We were scared that she had a brain bleeding. The staff who lacks any kind of compassion tried only to keep everything "in Ordnung" and although I asked them to call the emergency, they just did not manage the situation and did not call the ambulance for 5-10 minutes, and they said they are handling it and making us wait for them. Although my friend needed a space, the only thing they cared was that she needs to go away from the dance floor. Without any sense of empathy, they disturbed her saying "she needs to go", and I kept telling them "she cant talk, she is trying but she cant move. She needs time." At the end, they finally understood we needed the ambulance! Also, they charged us for another half an hour for roller skates!

Jimmy Perez: Bad people working here. Worst bouncer, worst bartenders. It seems like they are not happy in their lifes. Berlin is so cool but this place is not cool because of their employees 👎I went to Kumbia Queers concert and I had the baddest experience of my life🙅🏻

María Del Amor Molina Baena: We went to a Che Sudaka concert. Staff and people there were good. Non smoking policy although you can find a smoking room. Toilets are clean and with toilet paper!!! Beer was a bit pricy (4€). Atmosphere completely fab! Would definitely come back :)

Youval Eynath: Went to a drag show. Really not built for these kinds of events: standing for 3 hours, trying to catch a look of the stage when everyone keeps moving..

8. KitKatClub

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1303 reviews
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Address: Köpenicker Straße 76, Brückenstraße 1, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Business type: Night club

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KitKatClub: what do users think?

Natarsha Kocan: Super fun club. Drinks were cheap, all of it is cash only. Got in 2 nights in a row wearing leather dresses. Music is amazing techno. Crowd was so fun and felt so safe and consent is valued. Lots of sex happening in parts of club but everyone minds their business and parties. There are many dance floors and levels. One of the best clubs I’ve been too and there’s nothing quite like it

Mathias Haugsbø: We went to Berlin to visit our friend, but primarily to visit Kit Kat. Absolutely worth the visit. But spend some time thinking about your outfit. We wore black shoes, short shorts and leather vest. Spent 5 hours there from midnight to morning. Amazing club and I have never seen such good behavior of the people in a club before, at least not in Norway.

Hailey A: Seems like a cool place but we weren’t allowed in because we had black running shoes on- fair enough- we will know for next time. The guy said that sports shoes were never allowed in a fetish club, most people were wearing black leather shoes. Just a heads up to other people on the dress code. (It is a little unfortunate since I find these shoes more comfortable to dance in but I understand they have a look they’re going for.)

Alex Lungu: The weekend is busy between midnight and 5am, with 2h lines. Follow the dress code to the letter, especially the part forbidding street clothes and sport shoes. And remember to bring your good (but slightly tuned down) vibe! Wish they had more of colourful vibe on Saturdays as well. There’s plenty of other places with dark vibe to go to on a weekend. 😉

FOX B: Just happy people having a happy time in a great atmosphere. The club staff do some an amazing job to make everyone, of all walks of life to feel welcome and free. Just make sure you check not only your handy and clothes, but also leave your ego outside. :3

Burak: KitKat is more than just a nightclub…It’s probably the only place in world that you can feel the pleasure of freedom. If you’re the one who belong to here, bouncers feel that and let you in. Otherwise it’s not possible to get in even you try hard with the costumes. All the staff are really friendly there is no something like racism there. It’s also not make sense with the mentality of the club :) I have been there 5 times as non German and European looking guy and easily got in.

9. Silverwings Club

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300 reviews
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Silverwings Club

Address: Columbiadamm 10, 10965 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 177 2163465

Business type: Live music venue

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Silverwings Club: what do users think?

Laura Wartschinski: Amazing atmosphere, cozy places to relax and talk, and of course two floors for dancing. Would be nice if they served a larger variety of drinks, but that is a minor complaint. I always had a great time.

Miss Marple: Nice place with good prices and nice parties

gotos gotos: 26 september Beer: 4 euro 23 October Beer: 5 euro 25% increase Hello inflation ! Really friendly staff, even 2 AM staff were smiling

D R: Not sure how this club has 5/5. Perhaps the timing I was there was bad. €12 entry for an empty club with 20 people inside from 11pm-3am. Felt like a school prom.

Elad Itzkin: Cute decor, friendly stuff

Mihai Chirilov: Dunno how it is on a regular basis, but during Berlinale 2019 it hosted the Serbian party. Cool crowd, but not overcrowded, amazing DJ and playlist, great energy on the dancefloor and, maybe most importantly, fast service at the bar.

Sarah Goebel: Nice location, nice atmosphere even under Corona circumstances. Nice outside area

10. Tresor

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2737 reviews
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Address: Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 62908750

Business type: Night club

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Tresor: what do users think?

Natarsha Kocan: Super cool venue, long line and didn’t get let in the first night but did the following night. They put stickers on your phone camera and the crowd had a lot of tourists. Music was good and lights

Mikolaj P: Once you get in it is a very good experience. All the guests and the staff inside the building are respectful and kind which creates great and safe feeling atmosphere. The bouncer ladies seemed dead serious and not so nice but I guess that is their job. If u want to get in know who is playing, what is the event name if any and just be nice.

Yuan Tien: Decent venue. The sound systems were good and the space is unique. The door selection process seems random as they denied some really cool people I met in line, but while inside there were plenty of excited tourists.

Finn S.: Often when people speak about known clubs in Berlin they mention Tresor. BUT THIS IS WRONG. Tresor has nothing to do with the great clubs such as Berghain etc. Let me tell you why: -Most of the people there are tourists between 18 and 21. I’ve never seen Hawaii shirts in clubs, in Tresor many. People are wasted, intrusive and certainly not there because of the good techno (maybe that’s why they have a souvenir shop in the club where you can buy t-shirts?). -Very average techno. But if you like house music you will like the floor upstairs. -Strange door staff. They asked people if they are from Berlin, who’s playing tonight, etc. but then let everybody in (why then even asking?). -They sold tickets beforehand but then at night let the people without ticket in first to make extra money (because they would pay, the ones with the ticket already paid). -The liquor there is low quality (e.g. Eristoff Vodka). -Unsafe and non barrier-free environment. Look at the picture, screws sticking out of the wall. The guy in front of me almost hit his head.

oushiao: focused on dark electronic sounds. song selection is good. However, there is some empty time between the DJs, so it would be better to keep playing the song without interruption. It has a second floor and the atmosphere is dark and sophisticated, so very nice.

Robin Sichler: Amazing immersion in techno (we stayed for 10 hours). We had no trouble coming in the club even if we were speaking English (just make sure to know the line-up, and to come pretty early to avoid the queue). Entry is pretty expensive (30€) but definitely worth the price. The place is huge, with a nice chill out area and the basement room is everything. Definitely a place to try for techno amators

11. INSOMNIA Berlin

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288 reviews
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Address: Alt-Tempelhof 17-19, 12099 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 PM

Telephone: +49 178 2333878

Business type: Night club

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INSOMNIA Berlin: what do users think?

Nojus Pakenas: They are very serious about pleasure and encourage everyone to get down to business ;) Visitors skew much more to the mature, male and less touristy side. Plenty of hidden spots to explore, even has a jacuzzi. Perhaps would be fun to have more than one stage.
Response: Thank you !

Mamoon zzz: They are not racist, it is enough to criticize them negatively. I respect the policy of the place, you must respect it, and stop the nonsense Only if you really want to go there, register online. The place is clean. The stuff are kind I hope I can work there even for free just help them
Response: Thank you very much!

Lif Vid: They do not allow entry even if you go with proper dress code, they discriminate without reason, security guys are sick
Response: Hello, nobody is discriminated against with us! It can happen that gentlemen - even though they have a suitable outfit - are not let in, simply because the number of men we let in in relation to couples & women has been reached! That doesn't happen often and we also try to avoid that if someone has already prepared well, they should come in too. But it doesn't always work.

Jojo Mel: I was in insomnia after a long time not there. The place is beautiful as before and they added also another area in the ground floor. The service is always nice and well done. I just only find the atmosphere less kinky respect of the past. Less selection on the door, much more aged customers, lot of single men searching for easy sex. I will maybe come back in the future. Maybe was only a not lucky night for me and my partner.
Response: Thank you. We have different party mottos, some more for the younger, some more for the older crowd. Please check our program before. Hope to see you again soon.

Oleg Abrazhaev: I have visited the party probably for a club birthday few months ago. The show was interesting. There was strict dress code at the entrance. But later in a couple of hours I noticed just normally dressed people on the dancefloor. I have seen some good and Interesting things at first, then got bored. The place was overcrowded for me. I think it is a good idea to control the maximum amount of people in the club.
Response: Thank you!

12. 8MM

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585 reviews
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Address: Schönhauser Allee 177b, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 PM

Business type: Bar

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8MM: what do users think?

Christos Dim: Berlin is like a second home for me (last 20 years). So here we are. This is the place. Great bar with an underground feel to it with great music selection and atmosphere. Also, a projector showed old movie clips to set the mood.

Max Tovstyi: This is my favorite bar. Always perfect music and positive vibes. It is always crowded so getting a seat is a problem but it doesn’t matter.Been here since 2017 every time I am in Berlin. If you love 60s and don’t mind the smoke it is a must.

Jana Ge: Bar seems cool but the female bartender isnt. Just served males and did let us females wait for 20!!!! Minutes while there were just 1 or 2 people in front of us... just ignored us trying to order something and turned to every new male custumer or waited doing nothing until there would be someone else coming.

Kimberly Cruz: They had great music playing and seemed to have a great vibe inside, but the smell of cigarette smoke upon opening the door was so overwhelming we had to immediately leave. NONSMOKERS BEWARE.

karam kabbani: sound system is good but toooooooo loud, especially on winter nightsThe space could be occupied with more seats, drinks can be cheaper, and entrance should be voluntary

Jon Sparkman: Amazing bar for indie/rock music. Not so easy to find in Berlin.

Rollo Tomassi: Smoking inside. Live performances and DJ sets. Very cool atmosphere. Great music.

13. Berghain | Panorama Bar

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3652 reviews
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Berghain | Panorama Bar

Address: Am Wriezener bhf, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 PM Fri

Business type: Night club

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Berghain | Panorama Bar: what do users think?

Ire: What’s up what’s up buckle list check. We were here before Christmas and luckily before the lockdown. Already know they are very selective in terms of customer. And I don’t know why we got in to be honest. Maybe it was not a such busy day. Waited for hours I think. We also went to do a fast test before. The music was really good. Very open minded people are here.

John S (J Swift): The club is 1000% an amazing experience. It’s unlike any club I’ve ever visited. The place is huge, you can truly get lost in the dark with the techno music beating in the back. For those of you coming here writing bad reviews because you didn’t get in. Going to Berghain is like getting the job you what. The “exclusivity” is what drives people to come and wait in a line for two hours in the first place. I visited for the first time two weeks ago and had no issues getting in. The bouncers were fine. People need to stop complaining about the bouncers! They are doing their jobs! Here a few tips if you’re scratching your head. Again these are just my opinions. 1. Look cute, don’t look basic or plain Jane . If you can…look edgy. Think chic and unique. You don’t have to spend money to be creative or noticeable. If you’re with a group, let the best dressed guide you. 2. Look/ appear confident, cool and collected when you’re at the door 3. Don’t say much when you get to the front of the line 4. Put your phone anyway and live in the moment when you get to the door. 5. Your group matters. It’s about an aesthetic, a vibe. 6. Take the time to look up and know at least one or two of the DJs playing

S R: Been fortunate to be allowed inside several times. I can see this place not being your “jam” if you are not into techno. But to those of us that are truly there for the music, an experience like no other.Best bet is wearing black. Avoid street wear

Daniel Norin: The soundsystem is a beast, very unique and raw. Top it up with great DJs. The crowd is also very engaged. No problems getting in, I was really not dressed as a mainstreamer as the rest of the que. But had no problems. Even had a cap on, guess the only one there. But I was purely there for the sound and club experience and guess the club people sensed it somehow. Berghain is so raw, a powerhouse, a place to experience in Berlin.

Dayton: I came alone here during my first visit to Berlin. It’s amazing there is somewhere you can be yourself fully. The sense of security and privacy I had felt great. The music was insanely good and it really is any techno lover’s dream! The bass hits your body in a way that I cannot describe. The start of Freddy K during the Easter party was by far my favorite. The lounge above panorama is a great place to meet people. Everyone I met there is so caring, welcoming, and generous. They have the best espresso I have ever tasted in my life! The ice cream bar is lovely and the prices aren’t high. They even sell bananas and sandwiches! Great place to recharge!

Jozef Stremen: The best sound system I have had pleasure to immerse myself in. Great place to meet interesting people. The staff are effortlessly real gems. Read up on the club history and performers, dress up and own it, be corteous and you should get in.

14. Nuke Club

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1112 reviews
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Nuke Club

Address: Landsberger Allee 300, 13055 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +49 30 20927277

Business type: Rock music club

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Nuke Club: what do users think?

M. K.: Formerly known as K17, this place is great for old-school heavy metal ad well as dark wave and classics from the 80s and 90s.Situated in a backyard house, just a short walk from S+U Frankfurter Allee Station, it offers great club parties with affordable drinks and good food from the bbq.
Response: Thank you!

Manasa lakshminarayana: Great music, great dj, best place for rock and metal. Ambience was excellent and the alcohol prices are reasonable!

Vincent Hellsing: Amazing club for friends of metal or other music wearing black clothes. Smoke outdoors or indoors in a separated area *with music*! No one feels excluded. Great community and music. Definitely recommend! :)Look for concerts or special parties online!

SuperKanuuna: Very cool metal club and people. Different floors for different type of music, worth to visit and come again.No smoking inside and actually working air conditioning makes it more enjoyable to visit

Robert Lebshier: Cool place with 3 different floors and music types to choose from. Revelers are chill and age range is diverse. The owners really like the fog machine, though...

Sanjeev Kumar: Nice place for hard rock. People at the entrance are nice and music is good. It is also clean. Places may need some little renovation. all together always nice to visit nuke club.

Diego A: Great club for alternative, goth and metal peeps who want to dance. No more no less. Good facilities, good drinks, large outdoor area. Comfortable atmosphere.

risenshine: Nice people and tenders, different music but mostly rock, dj takes wishes, depends on the day if the club is well attended, good prices

Rafael Silveira Porto: Good music and nice people. They have smoking areas and the beer is not so expensive. Plenty of tables to take a break from dancing.

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