Best Greek Restaurants In Berlin Near Me

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1. Pratirio

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Address: Knesebeckstraße 22, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Telephone: +49 30 54710930

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Pratirio: what do users think?

Elango L: Good food. The meat fillet was a bit tough and hard to cutFood: 4/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

Asena Atas: Very delicious food and great service. -1 star for the super small tavles, we continously had to move things around to make space for the food. They take American Express 👍
Response: Thank you so much 🙏

Siddhi Singh: Great place , Great ambiance , Great people and Super Super Tasty food , Must Visit place if you are really excited for Greek cuisine.

Olgitta Whatever: Although the portions are not so big (to compare with prices), but it is really very tasty! Lamb skewer was delicious, the octopus with chickpeas puree was perfectly done! Highly recommend for a tasty food! Poor choice of wine and beer and a tea pot implies a tea bag in a pot.

Wolfram S.: Excellent authentic Greek cuisine, slightly pricey, but definitely yummy. I just love the Kleftico, but unfortunately not always on the menu, so best if you ask the waiter for it. If you like real Greek dishes, for sure one of the best places place to go to in Berlin

Zou Chenyang: Impeccable service from our friendly waiter, amazing pita bread and grilled meats. We had gone to Greece and could not find Greek food as good as what we had at this restaurant. If you like good meats and mouth watering bread, please visit this place as soon as possible.

Lisa S: Generous portions and good service

Dennis Klein: Very good non-traditional Greek restaurant. We came here by accident and were pleasantly surprised. Modern Greek cuisine, very tasty, perfectly prepared and beautiful presentation. The lamb was excellent and the chocolate souffle was to die for. The service was also impeccable, very friendly and fast.

Scott Corwin: Great food with a helpful wait staff. Nice selection of authentic Greek dishes served in a comfortable setting. Outside seating area is heated and closed in during the cold months.

2. Ja! Niko Ja!

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1269 reviews
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Ja! Niko Ja!

Address: Budapester Str. 13, 10787 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM

Telephone: +49 30 83228850

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Ja! Niko Ja!: what do users think?

Laura Duggan, Austin, TX Realtor: A real treat in Berlin to find this authentic family owned Greek restaurant with an immense and extensive menu of Greek, German (amazing pork and chicken schnitzels) and other tasty international offerings. We started with red peppers stuffed with feta and a lovely bottle of dry Greek wine recommended by the owner. We followed it with a lovely pasta and marina and a chicken schnitzel with tzatziki sauce. They graciously subbed in fresh green beans and broccoli for the French fries. The atmosphere was so lovely. Twinkle lights, Greek music, lots of laughter. It had a great vibe. A real treat, reasonable prices and warm hospitality. Conveniently located across from the 200 bus stop and Intercontinental Hotel a few blocks from the zoo.

Anna Dempsey: Iwas there recently with my friends Scrumptious Greek food,quick and friendly service.Iwould highy recommend.The staff speak English.
Response: Dear Anna, thank u very much 🙏🏻. We are happy you enjoy your time with your friends in our restaurant.We wish you all the best. And hopefuly to welcome you again. Your „ Ja!Niko Ja!“ Team

Lydia Ethel: Amazing friendly service, excellent value for for money!! A very well kept secret! Could not recommend more.

Leonardo papini: Good Service, the guy with glasses is a real gentleman, but the kitchen is a disaster unfortunately, double dishes, Wrong dishes but good taste at least. It’s a pity that a good place like that has a bad organisation with meals. I would have give 1 star but by the fact the waiter was a truly gentleman I give u 3 stars. Good luck guys !

Megan Mc Callum: Food is very good. However caught covid here bc of the the seating in this restaurant. The tables are really close together and we sat next to someone that was coughing their lungs out. Lucky me, tested positive for covid 2 days later. So definitely will never go back here

M S: Very friendly staff and impressive care for the visitors in the ladies restroom!
Response: Thank you very much for your lovely words. We preciate that very much. We wish u all the best. Stay healthy. Your „ Ja!Niko Ja“ Team

3. Rises Delicacies

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209 reviews
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Rises Delicacies

Address: Veteranenstraße 25, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +49 30 68833548

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Rises Delicacies: what do users think?

Silvia P.: The place is cosy and beautifully decorated. The food is very tasty and authentic (portions are not super big) and the lady who runs it was very friendly and kind (hard to find in Berlin)! Really a hidden gem, different from all the other places around.

Alexandros V.: Nice retro environment, descent Greek tastes, just a little slow and “stressing” service (no need to press so much to get a bigger order ;) )

Roy Kroon: Very friendly people, lovely food, fresh products and authentik greek food. Excellent place, thanks for the tasty Olive Oil!

janneke simpson: Love this place! Food is simple but delicious, it’s really cosy, the service is really excellent. We were made to feel so welcome. It really felt good to be there. The dishes are not huge which is great, I find big portions sizes overwhelming. Would highly recommend!

Onur Tekin: As a Turkish person , I loved this restaurant. I will visit this place with my Greek friends again next time. There is a really lovely atmosphere , delicious foods and the price for food or drink is not expensive..

Jan Thomsen: Very nice and cosy little Greek bistro and deli! Enjoyed it a lot. Very friendly hosts. Very good selection of Greek wine, too.

Jeannette Dietrich: Delicious home made Greek food. Moussaka, Favas, Gigantes, everything is superb. It tasted all so good in the restaurant that I asked Valli to prepare food for my birthday party. Everybody was really impressed by the taste of the food just like me. It was so good that people demanded Ouzo afterwards 😊.

Pantelis Lioumis: Extremely positive surprise. Difficult to find Greek meme places like this in northern Europe. Excellent Greek wine and spirit collection as the cherry on topFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

4. Kouzina Berlin

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415 reviews
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Kouzina Berlin

Address: am S-Bhf Savignyplatz, Else-Ury-Bogen 597, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 54984315

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Kouzina Berlin: what do users think?

Luis Lupian: Very nice atmosphere, the food is great and the service is very friendly. They have a daily specials menu. I decided to try the stuffed squid and was pleasantly surprised. For dessert, my wife and I shared a roll of baked angel hair pasta stuffed with apple and walnuts.

Ya Shu: Grill mix was great and daily special fish was fantastic. Freindly service with reasonable pricing make me return to this place for the third time in a row. The coffee with greek sweets was also nice addition to the rainy evening.

Loren Milo: Super pleasant experience at Kouzina! The pie was delicious, spicy cheese dish and teller gyros were fantastic! Would highly recommend!

kamalita mitra: The moussaka was tasty. Souvlaki was decent. They served tap water on request 👍🏻The chairs are somewhat not comfortable.

MarkyB77: Great atmosphere, friendly staff and great greek food in this restaurant placed in one of the arches of an S bahn railway. The only thing I would prefer differently- to get the pita bread soft and on the side instead of hard and under the meat…but otherwise delicious!

Sautes Léo: Authentic Greek restaurant which offers great food and impeccable service, the gyros was expertly made and had a very nice flavor, there is a large offer of starters and the overall scenery was very cozy, great place for a date even better place for food loversFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Ksenia Titova: I liked the place, the lunch option is great, would be good to also have some salad as a side.

Mad Nutter: Nice quaint restaurant. The food was very nice. Pork souvlaki was soft and tender and the gyros was tasty (but a bit too salty for my liking), I was hungry and caned it and whatever the kids did not finish off was also cleaned off their plates.

bella bel: Amazing restaurant, the best food in Berlin kind staff Vagelis is the best guy! We return to this restaurant in heart of Berlin!!!

5. Kos House

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1625 reviews
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Kos House

Address: Karl-Marx-Allee 129, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 4225949

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Kos House: what do users think?

amy howwari: The food is pretty good but not very delicious, ive tasted better calamaris in greek restaurants, the service is very nice, the waiters are very friendly, yogurt with honey and walnuts tastes just like the greek yogurt with honey from the supermarket tbh, its a 3.5 from 5 for me , its a nice place to go out to but it wont be on the top of my list

Nelly Pourmehr: Averagely good!! Food is not special like real Greek ones!! House Wine wasn’t good at all 😕 Lamb Grill plates are the best! A little crowded as well, staff are always nice and caring but food-wise i didn’t like it the prawns ! ( wasn’t bad but original one, is sth else 😋😋😋).but totally nice arrangement specially the appetizer big dish!! I added the menu because I couldn’t find it myself before going but other foods pictures are almost the same !!

Taissa Gotsk: My favorite greek place in Berlin, I’ve been going there for the past 6 years! The staff is great and really nice and kind. Great for bigger groups and great outside area for summer and winter!

The Toubab: We are vegan and found some things for us among the cold and warm starters. We asked for some side dishes and the staff was very helpful. Food was fresh and of good quality, very tasty. Free Ouzo in the beginning and the end...a nice Greek. Would be great to see more vegan options on the menu since the Greek kitchen is actually full of vegan dishes (there is even a month when people basically eat only vegan dishes). However, we will be back... :)

Sunil Vaggannavar: It was good’s 4 time that I visited this restaurant..always tastes good

Sif Elisabet Olander: I would like to give 10,000 stars.Amazing and welcoming stafffIncredible feta, tzatziki and ice creamWe got free alcohol and that was amazing🦍🔝🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🌋

6. Taverna Athene

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1711 reviews
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Taverna Athene

Address: Tempelhofer Ufer 12, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Telephone: +49 30 2516069

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Taverna Athene: what do users think?

Beverly D-G: Let me just start by thanking the staff. They were so friendly, it felt like being fed by a loved one. The food was lovely. I had the pork skewers with fries, and a homemade cherry lemonade (🔥🔥). The spanakopita my friend had was perfect. And the prices are reasonable. I Really enjoyed it

Varun Menghani: Loved the food here. We had the gyros and the moussaka and both dishes were delicious. They also have good vegetarian options. The mythos tap beer was good. The only disappointment was the Rukumelo which was a super small quantity of alcohol. The ambiance during dinner was nice too. Overall I would certainly recommend this place for the food!
Response: Hey, thank you for the good review. Sorry to disappoint you with the the Rakomelo. But this is the original way to drink it. Because it’s strong 40% Alkohol. And it’s more the quality then the quantity in this drink. In the menu we write 4cl. However. Thanks again for the good review. And sorry about this.

Krista Miettinen: Food was amazing and full-filling after a long day of travel. Restaurant had also really nice athmosphere, everyone was happy even in rush. Special thanks for Ouzo shots! With love girls from Finland

Alexandra Cosovschi: This is our favourite place in Berlin. Small part of Greece in heart of Berlin. Big portions, good prices, hospitable owner, tasty food. Recommend!
Response: Thank you very much :) <3

Biljana Kaeska: The food was top notch! Everything that I need it!Service was excellent, and they gave us ouzo shots on the house!Can this day get any better? :)))

Wolf van Veen: Nice authentic Greek restaurant, nice vibe. Everything we had was great: Spanakopita, Grilled peppers, Dolma, Cheese balls, Eggplant salad, Tzatziki, Souvlaki and Moussaka. Go for the greek potatoes as side dish

Payn zCore: Amazing food and service! We celebrated the birthday of a friend there and it felt like being home, the owners took care of everything and made sure we had an unforgettable night with our beloved ones. Thank you very much Alexio and family for the wonderful food and time. We love you and will for sure come back 💛

Michael Magdy: I have tried many Greek restaurants in Berlin and most of them are pretty good, i wanted to try this restaurant because i saw many good reviews on google but it seems it was fake because this was one and the only one of the worst experience i had in Berlin restaurants, 1st they offered us a place in a room inside the restaurant which is part of the kitchen at the end i had a view of the kitchen in front of me and when we got out we found all our clothes smell food. 2nd the waiting time was extremely long, we have waited more than one hour. 3rd the food quality and taste was just average. I don’t recommend this place

7. Taverna Ousia

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1369 reviews
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Taverna Ousia

Address: Grunewaldstraße 54, 10825 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 2167957

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Taverna Ousia: what do users think?

Praveen Mehrotra: We came to know about this Greek restaurant and its popularity. Not taking any chances we visited after making reservation. We were promptly seated but being summer outdoors were already full. Nonetheless, the restaurant is very airy and with pleasant ambiance. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The food both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian is very tasty in fact one of our best dinners in Berlin. Their, skewers are very delicious. At the time of payment complementary dessert and a shot of Greek liquor ouzo was a big and pleasant surprise. The rates of the restaurant are reasonable.

Marilena K.: The most authentic Greek place in Berlin. Prices are above average but the service and flavors compensate them! Staff is nice and friendly. Free ouzo on the house at the end of our meal finished our night beautifully. Would go there again!Food: 4/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Dilara Anabolu: Big portions, tasty dishes, great Greek atmosphere. Good selection of Greek music and the staff was very friendly. A bit expensive but we had a great time.

Lina Telnova: Probably the best service in Berlin! We come here time to time and always leave happy.Prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality and size of portions. Highly recommended and will come again and again

Dmytro Beshkovetskyy: It’s a great Greek restaurant! Perfect for family and large groups. The food and service is amazing. It’s always crowded so make sure you book a table (via phone) beforehand

Mojgan: Wow!How can I explain how good it was!Great food, fantastic and friendly staff.Absolutely loved it! Everything was delicious.

8. Berkis

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1039 reviews
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Address: Winterfeldtstraße 45, 10781 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM

Telephone: +49 30 77900402

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Berkis: what do users think?

Harley Alaniz: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ By far the best Greek food in the area and there’s a bit to choose. Plenty of outdoor seating when it’s warm. Otherwise make sure you are prepared for the small indoor dining area.

azadeh vosough: I had the best Greek food experience! All the ingredients were fresh, tasty and full of flavor. Nothing greasy or heavy. Super light! It gave me the sensation of a perfect homemade meal. :)

Angelo Pasquale: ✅Best Greek Restaurant in Berlin✅ 🍽I ordered the “Merida Bifteki” and I strongly recommend it. The meat was perfectly cooked and tender, the orzo was well seasoned and the tzatziki was one of the best I have ever tasted (light and tasty). 📦Ordered thru uber eats, it took 35min and was well packed. 👍🏼Very happy with this discovery, looking forward to taste more dishes from their menu.

Lucie: I got this delivered, was very tasty and they give big portions. The salad and bread was complimentary 👍

Kimberly Pomeroy: Not the best gyros. Not much salad inside. But food is pretty cheap!

Dawid K: Good tasting food with very big portions. Great service, we got a bonus meal just because there was a small mistake with our order.

J. Renx: I have been to a better Greek restaurant. Friendly staff with prompt services!

Chris Sorotniddhond: One of the best Greek restaurants in Berlin. Very delicious food! And reasonable price. Friendly staff! Highly recommended : the caviar cream and the beetroot

TheFitnessTheory: The dishes are simple but delicious. We shared the starter platter and the grilled meat platter- morw than enough food for 2 and a great occasion to try a little bit of everything. Great value for money (food and drinks for less than 30euros for 2pax) and lovely staff. Would definitely recommend!

9. Samos

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1004 reviews
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Address: Leibnizstraße 56, 10629 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 8836111

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Samos: what do users think?

Roderick T. Harris: I have been to Berlin enough times to finally admit to having a favorite restaurant, Samos. The food is delicious, and the servings are large. Located in a very fabulous, upscale neighborhood of Berlin, the restaurant gives a nice, elegant ambience and the staff is very friendly. Best place for classic Greek cuisine. I ordered a warm starter of the grilled baby Calamaretti, the garlic bread, and for the entree I went with the lamb shank from the pot served with green beans, baked potatoes and salad. I would highly recommend this restaurant if you are considering.

Youri Bakker: Great place to eat. Never had a piece of meat taste this good. Besides the meat the beer and the staff are great. Definitely a place to go to.

Shruti Veenam: Great Greek food, wide variety and the staff is so friendly. Clear exception in Germany especially in that neighborhood. I had the lamb Juwetski was very tasty. Ambience is also well done, large and bright. Not so expensive either, go try it

miro kljajic: Amaizing place!Fantastic atmosphere!Very good service and delicious food!

Jesper Agermose Hansen: This is by far the best restaurant we have visited in all of Berlin. The friendliest staff and most delicious Greek food we have ever had. I can highly recommend this place. 5 stars are not enough.

Vanessa Westerhoff: This is one of my favorite places in the neighborhood. The food is tasty and the portions are very generous. The atmosphere is warm and the staff are very kind and friendly. Complimentary ouzo is served. The prices are very very good especially in comparison to other Greek restaurants in the area.

Zehra Karaman: ıt was delicious dinner for my family. The owners are very friendly. We like so much and decided to come every weekend.

Cecilia: owner is nice, food was generally salty & the pasta portion was quite big, enough for 2 people to enjoy it.Food: 3/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Ronalds Lapsa: Great place with awesome food! Everything was very delicous and really fast service. Thank you!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

10. Taverna Phaestos

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452 reviews
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Taverna Phaestos

Address: Jagowstraße 16, 10555 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 3936915

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Taverna Phaestos: what do users think?

Bony Simon: I have great passion for the Greek cuisines and have tried at different restaurants after viewing the Google maps reviews. But this place was a heart breaking experience. I ordered their specialty dish with fresh lamb shank recommended by the waiter and costs 18.90 Euro. Aesthetically they dish look great but it tastes so bad. It has an bad oily flavour(probably old ingredients). The funny thing is that, their was no lamb shank instead few (3) small pieces of lamb that does not even taste fresh. It only got large pieces of potatoes and vegetables. They whole dish probably cost them 3 Euro to prepare since the lamb was scarce in the dish. I formed the same to the waiter and she said nothing can be done and give a cold attitude. What they did was worse than robbery. The dish was not worth the money you pay. I felt like I was served with the left over food from the previous days. What makes me wonder is the good reviews. Either I was very unlucky or they basically bought the reviews.
Response: Dear Bony Simon, Thank you for your review! Since our restaurant went public in 1982, we earned our reviews with hard work. So I can gladly announce, that these are not bought. Our food is always, without any exceptions, freshly made and our employees are choosing the food in person at the store. So there is no chance of the food not being fresh. Following with your next accusation, I would recommend you to read our menu more carefully the next time. Taking a close look on our food card, you would notice, that there is no lamb shank. The dish you ordered included braised lamb, which does not incorporate any bones. Essential to mention is, that this dish is meant for only one person and not for seven. Please do not come with false expectations, such as getting full as a group of seven people from, especially this main dish. But apart from that it is unusual that you bring your own drinks as a customer, when visiting a restaurant. Nevertheless we are truly sorry, that you felt unwelcome in our place! Have a nice day. Kind regards Your Taverna Phaestos Team

Doriana Islamaj: Great service, friendly staff.We order Greek salad which was very fresh. And gyros, the meat was well cooked and the best potatos ; and not expensive.Would totally come back again

Christian Choi Choi Chevalier: Amazing service and great and decent food. A little disappointment with the starters we had but the mains were great! Juicy, on point cooked meat and crispy fries! Thankful to have a great Greek restaurant close by. Thank you!

Christoph Behrens: Good quality greek food and friendly Service.

Marina: Absolutely loved it Located in a quiet street it offers a pleasant outdoor sitting with soft relaxing lights Food is good Vegetarian options are present and delicious Drinks are good Housewife is tasty - ordered retsina and it was as it should be. Service is hospitable and friendly Vegetarian options: Very good

Bodhisatva B: We walked in famished, cold and weary... after an entire day of exploring Berlin. We were seated by this lovely lady, and offered the English menu. The food was incredible! Köstlich is the German word that would summarise this meal. The service was very warm and friendly. After a really frigid day, this was ambrosia. Highly recommend!

Stavroula: I didn’t like the food much and I thought it was a bad interpretation of Greek food. Also, I ordered a coka cola and it came in a glass like Mac Donald’s. Overall I found everything very expensive.

Christoph J.: Very good food and vine selection. Definitly recommended

Анастасия Кузнецова: The service was impeccable. The food is unfortunately average. A dish for 18 euros with boiled potatoes, soft green beans, a bit of grilled shrimps and calamari - no sauce, barely seasoned.

11. Ach Niko Ach

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2281 reviews
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Ach Niko Ach

Address: Kurfürstendamm 97-98, 10709 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 3249779

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Ach Niko Ach: what do users think?

Attila: Nice place. The interior is basic but the food delicious. Most times I would recommend getting a reservation ahead of time and service is pleasant and exceptionally well organised.

Matthias Klatt: I have not been to a Greek restaurant in a long time but I actually am wondering why after yesterday’s dinner. 😁 Not sure how you guys feel about it but a dinner at a Greek restaurant feels like it could easily become a proper night out/ party any second. 😅 With such delicious food in your stomache - as it is served here - people are already in a happy state and the Ouzos do their part in parallel. 😁 Everything we had - Souvlaki Arni, Mousaka, and a mixed platter of starters - was very tasty! 👌🏼 That visit was a lot of fun and I will have this place on my favorite list in the future. 🤩😁

Žoblaa P: Super fresh,tasty,friendly service and nice ambient.

Ирина Воина: Incredibly delicious restaurant, the atmosphere is just fire, all the dishes, at least those that I tried, are unrealistically delicious, the waiters move at the speed of light ... I will add that the portions are very large and this is an impressive size. I took my favorite salad, very large. And I ordered dorado fish. They bring 2 pieces) In addition, something was served with the fish ... I didn’t have time to understand what, but the taste is very spicy. And besides, a salad from the restaurant. A lot of bread and their anise vodka. coming to this place. There are always many visitors. And if you are going there on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I advise you to reserve a table. I can say one thing with certainty, I will come there.

Enmanuel Ortega: Good restaurant with delicious food, but a little bit expensive. People seem to like it a lot. It is always crowded wich is an indication of how good the food is ans how popular the restaurant is.

Rocio Tribe: Great place with amazing food and very nice service. Loved the family friendly atmosphere everytime we visited and the portions are very generous and delicious. Their gyros are a must-try. Kid-friendliness: They have kid-friendly sitting available and were very kind to our baby all the times we dinned

12. Kreuzberger Weltlaterne

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683 reviews
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Kreuzberger Weltlaterne

Address: Kohlfurter Str. 37, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 6149151

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Kreuzberger Weltlaterne: what do users think?

Rowan: Everything was perfect, the food was amazing, I tried fried calmari and the portion was fair. The people there are also very helpful and nice, they even offered me an Espresso shot on the house. Will definitely visit again. P.s: make sure to have a reservation, you can do it online

Paul Prime: Reasonable price for the quality of food. Liver fork tender. Gyros well seasoned and juicy enough,yet the pieces were a little to small for my liking. Friendly staff. Overall cozy atmosphere for a fun night out. Will return.

Mariano Sebastian Pauletti: Very nice Greek place, delicious food. And beyond friendly staff... Octopus was a bit small for the price, but the flavor was just on point. All an all, very recommended... Vegetarian options: Baked feta, fried eggplant, vegetarian musaka, dakos, among others...

E T: Great vibe, great food, such a lovely family restaurant. I really like the warm meze options, best option to try several dishes and not to be stuffed by a huge main course.

Hussein Eid: One of my favorites in Berlin. The food is great, the staff are friendly and it always feels like sitting at home.

Terri T: Delicious Greek food! Service was a little slow, but understandable as the restaurant was completely packed. Come early for a table, or make a reservation. They also have “small appetite” portions if you don’t think you can finish a big main.

Gülru Yılmaz: really friendly staff, zucchini and tzatziki were great! also very reasonable prices andd very big portions

V: The food is tasty and delicious. The prices are cheap for Berlin and the location is secluded. The atmosphere is really nice. Will definitely come back for the Calamari (although a bit too salty)!!!!

13. Restaurant Z

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696 reviews
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Restaurant Z

Address: Friesenstraße 12, 10965 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 6922716

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Restaurant Z: what do users think?

Pawel Cichy: I spent a nice time here with three friends. Good starters, very good main courses, professional service, very nice. the only drawback is the coffee that nobody liked and I drank coffee from all over the world, but this one did not taste good to me.

Andrés Suárez: (3.5) Traditional greek fare. good service cosy well decorated portions are very big

Giorgio M: Very good Greek restaurant, with friendly service, nice ambiance, and extremely good food and wine. The meat, especially the lamb, is absolutely great, grilled to perfection and very tasty. The menu is pretty varied compared to most Greek restaurants, and offers some unusual dishes as well as the classics. Wine and desserts have a good selection and great quality too.

Gregorio Villagrán: Awesome food and attention. I dont give them five stars because they dont have an English menu. We went 20 minutes before the cousine closing hour so the waitress had to explain very quickly a few of the options. Fortunately, what we chose was really great.

Rine Rocks: Portions could be bigger, personal could be more friendly in manner. Food is 5/5.

Tannaz.N: Friendly staff, delicious food, nice atmosphere

Jo-Hsuan Hsu: The vegetarian option was flavorful, filling but a bit too salty for my liking, but with the bread it’s alright.

Tatiana Nadyseva: Really good food (esp we love fish dishes) and service.

14. Taverna Amphipolis

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Taverna Amphipolis

Address: Wilhelmshavener Str. 6, 10551 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 3951556

Business type: Greek restaurant

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Kai Söderström: Perfect spot for a wednesday evening dinner with friends. Starter set for two people was more than enough for four with a couple extra breads. Main courses plentyful and hearty. Staff don’t speak english and I don’t speak german, doesn’t matter because they are professionals and get the job done. Got complimentary Ouzos for our group with the bill and even without that would highly recommend. 5/5

Roy Yi Ling Ngerng: The mutton was nice and tender, and the sweet sauce went very well with it! The nice grand lady was very nice to us, and very patient with explaining the menu to us!

Joyce Yang: Went there with family and we absolutely loved everything we ordered. The chicken, gyros, and mousaka (Aubergine Auflauf) - sorry i can’t recall the exact names but they were all delicious. === edit === Went there a second time but service was insanely slow even tho it wasn’t busy. From sitting down to getting our orders taken took half an hour. Then another 40 to get our food. Be prepared to wait I guess.

S. L: We had an early diner so went there before it got busy. They still DO NOT accept cards even after corona. I appreciate the fact that it is a family business but it is a bit too laid back for my tastes. Some workers are in what looked to be home slippers. The main younger waitress didn’t seem to want to serve us, I had to go ask for the Menu myself. Service is super slow. The meat was ok but the Moussaka was oven hot, oily and blend. :(

Joohee Kim: Friendly neighborhood Greek restaurant. The food was solid Greek (wine not great but it’s Greek...) but the focus is really the warm atmosphere and familiar crowd. Nice complimentary shot of ouzo to finish.

Dbd59: Great food with impeccable, friendly and totally chilled service within a really relaxed atmosphere!

Ala Al-Shargabi: Great family run Greek restaurant in the neighborhood. Reasonably priced, friendly atmosphere, and delicious food.

Romana Hynštová: Homemade Greek food 🙂 atmosphere is very nice there! Food is authentic.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Vasily Kuznetsov: Took a bit of time to order but then it was fast, people were friendly and the food was great.

Afonso Vitorino: Best Hospitality I have ever seen. Great food, even greater personnel. Just awesome

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