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1. AVENUE Night Club Berlin

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AVENUE Night Club Berlin

Address: Karl-Marx-Allee 34, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 PM Fri

Telephone: +49 174 6003000

Business type: Night club

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AVENUE Night Club Berlin: what do users think?

Solution Ibe: This is a typical example of stupidity in modern age. Visited a friend from the Netherlands and got here in Berlin just to be bounced out because of skin color.

Nargiz Alasgarli: Never again! We decided to go to the NY Party to Avenue and regretted this decision. There was just too many people for the space that the Club could provide so at one point we were just trying to not to get hit in the face by others while dancing. The music was also very bad. At 12 we’ve been told to go upstairs to see the fireworks. It was ok at the beginning but after 5 mins someone threw those small fireworks under our feet!!! My friends and I got burned, our dresses are ruined and I still have a burn on my hand. The security guards are there to check the guests and see if they have something with them, that shouldn’t be brought to the club but apparently they were just making a “show of checking the guests”. Very disappointed!!!

Frank Turner: I made similar experiences as described in the reviews, as I felt discrimination and wasn’t satisfied with the service. I think it helps to read the reviews here to get a good impression.

Luis Büttner: People really get free shots for a 5-star review💀🤣

Laura Erbach: Gut

oemer: Great party location, mostly playing mainstream music.

Sndkfk Kendkddjkd: Super cljb

Meret Steinhauer: super personal

2. BRICKS Club - Berlin

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337 reviews
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BRICKS Club - Berlin

Address: Mohrenstraße 30, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM Thu

Telephone: +49 174 2828000

Business type: Night club

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BRICKS Club - Berlin: what do users think?

Lynn Schmidt: This club does not even deserve a star. The worst club in Berlin. Racism at the highest level! Bouncers are disrespectful! There are better clubs to go in Berlin. So don’t waste your time there ✌🏽

Me Ki: Would have given a negative score if possible. We pre-booked and pre-payed for a table and were refused to enter after standing in line. According to the rude bouncer(s) it was because we didn’t fit the profile for the clientele the club wanted to attract. It didn’t matter that we’d already payed. More over, they told us “you shouldn’t hate the player, but hate the game” as an excuse for why they wouldn’t let us in. Been to clubs all-over the world and this must be without any competition the most unprofessional club I’ve ever visited. Take your hard earned money and spend them elsewhere - these guys don’t deserve a dime.

Regi: Horrible experience at this night club. The bouncers were rude and we were denied in without any reason. There’s an obvious trend in the reviews that they have so just avoid this club at all costs, don’t waste your money!

marouane laabbas: Incredible.... Two black women in front of my group were kicked off. When our turn arrived (Moroccan guy with a Turkish and an Argentinian friend) they did the same. Ashamed that this still happens in XXI century and in GERMANY....

Michał Kupiszewski: Worst club ever been. Guards very arrogant. Inside? Nothing special. Barmans very arrogant even worse than guards. After buying a drink we were literally pushed away from bar desk after 10 seconds. What the hell???!!! Highly recommended to avoid this place.

M Kaya: The most racist club ı have ever seen! 2 black ladies were kicked of just in front of us and then 3 guys in front of me kicked off without a reason. When my turn came they asked which language you speak? I Said English please, then they said you are alone and cant enter. I am sure it is not about that ı dont have a girlfriend with me because they already kicked those 2 black ladies. Absouletly they hate people who dont speak German, people with black hair! It is a shame for Germany in XXI century. If you dont believe, go and have your experience!

Bryce Ausin: Google held our PE summit/night party in brick and it was amazing. It accomodated all of us with i almost 300 participants and they have a open kitchen and served delicious food or us. Really great place to party.

carlos esco: Stood in line with a party of 3 (male). Got to the front of the line. Two people working the door said we could we’re going to get in per their convos with a member of our party— until their boss (wears a beanie, shaved side of head, about 5’9) said Nein. Then he asked how many people we were— in my best German, I asked if he spoke English, he said yes.) — he then proceeded to let in everyone behind us in line except us. Then ignored us for 7 minutes before we left. Would not recommend this place. Did I offend him by asking? Not sure.

3. The Pearl

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1573 reviews
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The Pearl

Address: Fasanenstraße 81, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM Thu

Telephone: +49 30 31518890

Business type: Night club

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The Pearl: what do users think?

Michael Slaughterfork: Nice club! No idea what the people mean with „racist“. I have seen people from all nations in that club. However, this is no Sisyphos, KitKat or Berghain, where you can come in (well actually have to come in) bathrobes, fetish or half naked.

Beatrice Gurtun: The worst club i ever been, never recommend it. Spent a fortune. And been treated awful. We booked a VIP table for 2 people worth 1000$ and only one person got in, and the second person never entered . The whole night was ruined. No one even tried to help. Very arrogant waiters and bartenders👎🏻 I asked for the manager, they all avoided any help. We still got big bottles of vodka and in the end it got stolen . A full large bottle. And they lied that cameras dont work. I will never come back to this club, awful

Maja Sonko: Not any better than most of the clubs in Berlin, Bouncers are racist and they decide who to let in, when they want. Pure racist and failed state- Berlin.

Adam Fakhouri: Came here to party and have fun with a reservation for a bachelor party. Even thou everything was confirmed we were rejected at the door. I couldn’t get a worse customer experience . Never again. Answer to owner 220519: No, you’re just reaching for something. We were dressed nice, none of us had to much alcohol (we hadn’t even started drinking) and had a quiet and good talk with the staff. Better yet there was no one else then us in line, so it’s kinda hard to disturb the “guests”. Makes me wonder with your answer maybe the problem is that we did not have the ethnicity you desired. Good luck, have fun! Matrix was much better anyway 😀✌🏻
Response: Hey Adam, even with a table reservation a guaranteed entry cannot be given. We are always communicating that during the reservation process. Maybe you were not dressed as required? Or the alcohol level was already too high? It may have also been about the behavior towards our staff at the doof or the other waiting guests in line. Since the office team is not there at night we're not able to analyze what the refuse was about, but these are the only possible reasons. Best regards, The Pearl Berlin

John Robert Gorman: I would like to start by saying that I have never left a review before, let alone a negative one. So that fact that I have done in this case should speak volumes to those who would care to read it. We chose this establishment out of convenience more than anything. We had been to Germany before but this was the first time staying in Hotel Bristol Berlin. As many of you probably know, this hotel is on the same street as the pearl so it appeared to be the best choice. We got to the door at around half past 12 as we did not want to be to early or to late. As the prime time is supposedly 1am we had assumed that this time would be somewhat quieter. In this respect we were correct, there very few people waiting. Despite this, the security, who did not seem to be doing all that much at the time, took so long to attend us that we managed a rather lengthy conversation with those in the line in front of us. These guests were then shown into the door after quite a substantial time period. We were not, we were simply told “no entry” and they then proceeded to pretend that they did not speak English. Now I understand that occasionally, ratios do need to be maintained for everyone’s enjoyment. However, the guests that entered before us was group of four female guests. We were only two male guests and there was no one else waiting. We always attend an establishment earlier than needed for just this reason so I can only asume that we did not match the standard of guest required to enter this particular club. Perhaps this was the case, I do not know as I was not given any information on request. So I put some information here about us and our appearance last night and you can judge for yourselves. We were two British males, one just under 5ft’9 and the other is about 6ft. I was wearing a dark red button up shirt, formal jeans and a pair of Church’s Oxfords. All in all I think my outfit that night was at a slightly higher value than the marque that we were gathered under. If this was not suitable attire then I shall make sure to arrive on my next visit within one of the suites that I attend meetings in! Secondly, we were also not in anyway inebriated as we had driven to the city before hand. In fact, neither of us had drunk anything of an alcoholic nature for quite some time. Neither of us were rude to the staff or unbecoming in any way. I would not consider myself or my colleague to be undesirable. I am a career driven professional, employed as a Client Management Consultant with a top southwest Executive Search company. As you can imagine, I had a large amount of money to spend last night and due to the security staff, none of it was spent within this club. I understand how business works better than most and typically, successful ones do not turn away potentially high value clientele. I have travelled extensively and been to far more exclusive establishments in London and across the world. This is the first time that I have been refused entry into any building, let alone a club. I am not particularly irritated by this as I have been quite lucky in this respect until now. What annoys me is the lack of constructive feed back I was given. The club was not in full swing, so population was not an issue. We were also very sober, meaning by process of elimination, we were either rude or dressed poorly. I would hope that this was not the case but if it was, I would have liked to have been informed so that this could be rectified accordingly. It was very clear that this was never going to be the case. The Security had clearly made his decision and I don’t think this would have changed for any reason. Never have I dealt with someone as callous or as rude as the staff member in this particular incident. I wish the Pearl all of the best for the future but I would say your staff, wether contracted or full time, leave a lot to be desired. I would suggest either a retrain or perhaps a change of supplier if they are not your staff. I would be happy to be in touch with your team with regards having a constructive conversation. Regards, John

Talal Saleem: Worst experience ever. Waited 30 minutes in the queue and the bouncer said no because we were not white.Club policy toward colour individuals is overwhelmingly racist.Not recommended

kouranovCh kouranovCh: so rude and racists , they dont even let us in because we are not german , thats what the bouncer at the door told us , im gonna process the club , all of my five lawyers gonna make that happen for sure

SylviaCharlene Karanja: Was there last night, great music indeed, mix of everything and many guyz always ready to dance. However the big bartender on the first counter near the entrance is plain blank first ever discriminative experience. He kept ignoring to take my order acting like he had not seen me... Nearly 15 minutes until i ordered a drink through a friend....a gin n tonic that cost 9 F king Euros !!!!!!! ... Not going back there any time soon.

Ramash As: I don’t understand the negative reviews. We went there for first time and everything went well. The bouncers were really friendly and drinks were good specially (vodka-cranberries) , music was really good too the only reason i am not rating 5 stars is because at some point there were just tooooo many people inside.

4. 808 Club Berlin

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808 Club Berlin

Address: Budapester Str. 38-50, 10787 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 AM Fri

Business type: Night club

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808 Club Berlin: what do users think?

Clarissa Shane: After being on the guest list, we were still not allowed inside. We are People of Color trying to attend a party hosted by Black people. The bouncers were going to let the two girls in, but not my friend who is Black. It was definitely racist. Should have read the reviews BEFORE, stop profiting off of black culture and being racist at the same time. CULTURE VULTURES

Eddie Fwan: Definitely racist club. Refuse without any explanations, even not worth 1 star cause there’s no 0 star. Worst club ever in Berlin. The guard doesn’t even know to look himself and realize who the freak he is, that’s pathetic.

ספיר פיידר: Really not recommended place! The security guards are really rude. We stood in line like everyone else and they chose not to let us to enter to the club and said there was no reason! Really disgusting attitude and it is highly not recommended to go there.

Ready Freddy: This is the most racist club in Berlin, it’s not because of being denied only based on skin color. It’s also the fact that they are stealing black peoples culture from America and using it to promote their club to profit and make tons of money. I am going to contact any artist that performs there that we will start a boycott of their music until the staff is either changed or the culture culture mindset is over. Don’t waste your time with these culture vultures. WARNING TO ANY ARTIST IF YOU PREFORM HERE WE ARE COMING FOR YOU

Lorcan Creedon: After being lucky enough to get into the club for the Lil Yachty event, we were soon kicked out by the bouncers for making a complaint about another club goer who was pushing us profusely as we waited for Yachty. Advice: If you must go to this club, please do not complain to the bouncers about being assaulted or you will be kicked out. PS: €23 for 2 jaeger bombs 🤣🤣 Easily the worst club in Berlin, dont be fooled by the attractive instagram page, the place is tiny and crammed.

Sadhbh Baumann: Ladies don’t bother reporting assault to the bouncers! Got kicked out once I reported assault, disgraceful establishment that clearly needs better trained bouncers that exist in the 21st century, disgusting.

Daria Troitskaya: They didn’t let me and my friend in because today was apparently the day when they only let their “regulars” in. Other friends of mine came in yesterday no problem.

5. Havanna

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1553 reviews
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Address: Hauptstraße 30, 10827 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 78899655

Business type: Disco club

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Havanna: what do users think?

Marina Moshnogorskaia: I came here for bachata class at Saturday on 21:00. The cost was €8. Great atmosphere, super friendly ppl, hot music. Very clean. Teacher is super nice. Will definitely come again!The afterparty is awesome ^^

FEED FURAIJI: I can’t say it’s the perfect club but it’s not that bad DJ’s at all the floors were really awesome.the only problem was there’s too much smoke so sometimes it really hard to breathe … also one of the security guys have saw someone bothering my friend so he was really gentle and asked her if everything okay..

Treesakul Tongsaree: I went there on a Friday. Women get in for free if it’s between 10-11pm. There was very small waiting line. There’re different sections. Upstairs was full of really young people. And in the latin dance floor downstairs was full of elders, whom were pretty friendly. My biggest issue was that you could not pay by card unless it’s more than 35 euros. I mean it’s a big club.

Marie H: Unfortunately, not my music at all and the clientele there was also rather unpleasant for our group of girls. The staff, on the other hand, was quite nice and the price was also okay. For people whose musical taste fits this club is certainly a good place to go.

Alena Karaivanova: Very nice club with friendly staff. I enjoyed so much there,I highly recommend to everyone ! Price are good 3.50 euro for vodka shot 🎉 Music was on fire ,very good DJs !! 🎧🎶

Haris Pervaiz: Copy and pasting one of the old review and this is still valid now:```If you want to be racially discriminated at the hands of a Turkish guy in a German neighbourhood. This is the perfect place to be at.```

6. Surprise Club & Disco Berlin

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Surprise Club & Disco Berlin

Address: Potsdamer Str. 84, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 PM Fri

Telephone: +49 172 3830653

Business type: Night club

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Surprise Club & Disco Berlin: what do users think?

Zsadist81: Great music! Most of the time genres like dance hall and afro beat and similar. Relaxed atmosphere. Many times free entrance for ladies. No demands on dresscode (unless specially written for the events). Highly recommend it, for everyone!

BMYE: Very rude door men. Speaking rudely to clients. Sack the door guy with dreadlocks. Learn how to respect and value the clients you have. Disappointed with the door men. The manager should be aware of how those guys don’t do their work well

Cameron: Really chilled out good vibe, staff were friendly, cheap drinks, will definitely come back here next time we come here on holiday!
Response: Thanks for coming around. Next time give us a call for a drink together

A. Richardson: Only a handful of people where in there and the DJ audio issues hurt my ears. Too much security for no people.

Kizito Afube: Giving surprise night club a two star rating based on efforts put in place to develop such an elaborate business. All things being equal it also has a good mix of music and people inside. However, it has got some of the worst service you would ever see in this Germany. They treat customers especially if you are not a regular with complete disregard. Maybe it is because of the lack of competition. They Have no sense of protocol especially their security and in some sense unapologetic about their attitudes towards this issues. It’s a shame such a business still even attracts people. Would I recommend it to a friend ? To a like minded observer « Hell no » good music might not make up for the bad service.
Response: Sorry about that. We are looking into all those problems to make the Club convenient for all to have fun. Thanks for the remarks.

V. Hill: Love it , nice dance club.

Julieth Salvatory: Good music and service was nice

7. House of Weekend

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1159 reviews
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House of Weekend

Address: Alexanderstraße 7, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 PM Fri

Telephone: +49 1522 4293140

Business type: Night club

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House of Weekend: what do users think?

Mirosław Czerliński: Great event location with fantastic view on Berlin! You have here space to sit, stand ;), bars and club dancefloor. Place has 2 levels and great roof lighting on first stage. It is located on top of one of the highest buildings in the city. 🌆🌇 Perfect for sunset!

Lucy Joa: We had our company party at The Weekend last Friday and it was simply brilliant. Philip and his team were amazing from the start and always happy to adapt to our plans. They certainly wanted us to have a great night. The location itself is stunning and the views from the rooftop all over Berlin and of course right next to the famous Fernsehturm were great and made for an awesome team photo! :-) I can only recommend this place!!

S Dahn Barrett: What a location! We had a company event and have been lucky enough to get a clear evening. The view is breath-taking, and we were able to spend most of the evening on the rooftop terrace. The decoration has been very thoughtful, and they made sure to put out enough blankets, and pillows for us as well as lovely fairy lights and candles. The staff was absolutely brilliant, everyone had a drink in their hand within minutes and they made sure we feel taken care off. We did not feel rushed out, even as the evening turned into late night and the group got smaller and smaller, it has been a wonderful experience and we look forward to coming back!

Sara Böttger: We had our company summer party at Weekend Club last Friday and it was an absolute blast. The location is amazing but most important everyone at Weekend Club is really nice and gives their best to guarantee a good time at their club. Normally I still have to organize a lot, but at Weekend Club they take care of basically everything and I could just enjoy myself. Drinks, Food, Staff everything 5 of 5 stars. Thank you soo much!

Afroditi Pagoni: We recently organized a company event in the House of Weekend. It was a great experience overall. The Event Manager & his team were very accommodating and hospitable, the food served during the event was delightful and the staff was always eager to help with a smile. Thank you guys, see you soon again :)

Ngwem Mbibi: Great venue… I organized a corporate event there ( Summer Party2022) and it was great. The team was super from the beginning until the end. Big thank you to the event manager, Philippe. I can only recommend ! R.

Carolin Buder: We celebrated our company Christmas Party at the Weekend and were amazed by a great view, delicious food and a great service team. We had a great event and evening - thanks a lot for making that possible!

8. Maxxim

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2802 reviews
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Address: Joachimsthaler Str. 15, 10719 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 PM

Telephone: +49 30 41766240

Business type: Night club

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Maxxim: what do users think?

Alexander Beckx: Friendliest club in Berlin! Security, bouncers, staff at the bar are very friendly. Music very divers! From R&B to German techno, and from 90’s to awesome mixtapes. Can’t wait to comeback again!

Tawes Aziz: Various drinks options and a pretty organized and neat sitting areas. The dance floor is relatively big, and the music system is pretty neat, securing an enjoyable experience for dancing. Also contains a separate smoking area.

Claude C: Racist security guards!!!! Please avoid this place. The other reviews are totally right! Turkish security guards let you in base on the colour of your skin, letting whites in but black and Asian told they cannot come in!!! Absolutely shocking and shameful that such things still happen in this day and age.

Varun Nahata: I usually don’t do reviews but i had to do it for this place to save anyone from having a bad experience. I feel one star is too much to give for this wannabe exclusive place. Never in my life have i seen or met such racist doormen! In a place like Berlin, a city that has the reputation of being accepting and open, they did not let me in based on my Indian nationality. They were talking about it in German which fortunately I understand but I guess they thought I didn’t! You are much better off going to places like Watergate, Sisyphos etc. instead of coming to this racist establishment!

Charles Bret: Poor club, very far, bouncers very rude and you can find way better way easier

9. Prince Charles

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438 reviews
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Prince Charles

Address: Prinzenstraße 85F, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 63428294

Business type: Night club

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Prince Charles: what do users think?

Gia Phong Bui: Very nice locationLots of indoor and outdoor space great place to start a big event like this one from joop &reference studio

dannie fu: So clean, even with indoor smoking, u can still smell people’s the perfume (in a nice way). Id say the air and environment feel so “taken care of”, makes me feel comfortable. Can be too posh tho

Marie H: Really a very nice ambience and a cool spot for paties. Unfortunately, the music was not mine at all and the people were super unsympathetic, aloof and pushy. The staff was nice and the drinks were okay.

Alex Gorskyi: Interesting club but very little space for dancing. If you stand outside of the pool which serves as a dance floor, then the sound is much worse and people constantly pass from all sides, which makes you feel like in the subway during rush hour.

Marit Smulders: I always love to come here for the Horse Meat Disco. Great atmosphere especially since they renovated

Marco Scola: Nice location and I love the Horse meat Disco party.They only have to take care to have a service to take bottles from dancefloor , Is a bit Dangerous , I cut my self falling down on dance floor.

paolo pagani: Cool place, music and people. It need just a chill area without loud music

Amanda Christiansen: Amazing place, calm, elegant, atmospheric, but the staff comes across as arrogant and unfriendly. Apart from that: Drinks are good and the prices are okay. Cool sitting areas, especially in the summer. The music and sound = excellent. Great for concerts, very intimate.

10. Cassiopeia

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2146 reviews
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Address: Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Business type: Dance club

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Cassiopeia: what do users think?

Maria Meichtry: Love the music in this place, it has 3 dance floors with very good djs. it also has a nice garden when you want to get some air or smoke a cigarette. I would definitely recommend it if you wanna go out in Berlin to a not tecno Bar.

Polaris Bit Limited: Nice club party everf#Love the music in this place, it has 3 dance floors with very good djs. it also has a nice garden when you want to get some air or smoke a cigarette. I would definitely recommend it if you wanna go out in Berlin to a not tecno Bar.

Pablo Lopes: I bought tickets for me and a friend for the Nye on that club and I was stopped to enter because the security told "we need a mix between man and woman". Is this the behavior expected in this club? Stoping people to join the party for a stupid and nonsense reason?

B. Lank: Nice mix of outside and inside areas to cool off orjust talk to people. Good bar placement, the next drink is never too far away no matter what area you are at which is nice. However, it can be a bit empty at times. It is more of a rock, pop and alternative club, less electro.

Patrick O: Had a good night here.. Just be sure to take the buttons if the bar when you buy a drink. Or you will loose 1 euro glass/bottle deposit. There is another club next door and is the begining if a bunch of bars and clubs along the street.

M Illy: Most unpretentious place in Berlin, 3 floors of pure fun and diverse vintage music. Bar queue got quite ridiculous though and watch out for asking for coke in any long drink - they’ll charge you a whole Fritz cola. Also they have a pfand system which is highly annoying. On a fun night out who wants to keep juggling empty glasses and plastic chips???

Lucmora: A fantastic place and space where you can dance, and enjoy with your friends, you can climb too, it is amanzing.

Thomas Richter: Aggressively advertised 80‘s & 90‘s Hits. Played hip hop, danza kuduro, Monster etc. on all 3 floors. Only 1 track according to advertising during 2,5h. Never again. You can get that kind of party in any given small town club.

11. Kitty Cheng Bar

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399 reviews
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Kitty Cheng Bar

Address: Torstraße 99, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 PM Thu

Telephone: +49 1525 1472759

Business type: Night club

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Kitty Cheng Bar: what do users think?

Trinh Nguyen: Got in very easy, entry was 5€ and even got some shots and drinks on the house. The music is amazing and staff very friendly. Convenient location, great place for drinks and dancing.

Pedro Ignacio Ahumada Romagnoli: Great atmosphere and vibe. Staff was real, you get what you give. Loved it

carly cervantes: I would give this place zero stars but the lowest amount I can rate them is a one. The bouncer was a drunk alcoholic. She personally victimizing Americans and foreigners. . I do not recommend this location for anyone.

Katha K: Tried the second time… guys don’t waste your time here 🤣

D ON: Staff ok. Limited number of drinks. Environment really good.

12. Gretchen

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444 reviews
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Address: Obentrautstraße 19-21, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 25922702

Business type: Night club

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Gretchen: what do users think?

Heisenberg: Gretchen is a wonderful place for concerts, clubbing or other types of entertainment. The location is wonderful with old arches and and nice vibe. I have been here many times for different events. Yesterday I also came to enjoy myself. Unfortunately it didn’t add up with previous experiences. First of all I had to pay 15€ entry, which I think is already quite a lot, but fine. Later at night I needed to drink water. I went to the bar and asked for a glass and got confronted by the bartender telling me, that it’s not okay that this will be my first drink of the night. I had to argue to get a free Glas of water. It’s very rude to assume that, first, I didn’t drink anything else for example at the other bar, how could he know?! And second,just giving out free water…. Everybody has the right to drink water and I really think it should be free and unproblematic to grab FREE TAB WATER!! Hopefully that will change soon..

Hannah Noonan: My friend and I (both from uk) had the best night here, the bouncers were super friendly and helpful, no questions asked about getting in and you can wear pretty much what you want. The bar staff were also really nice and helpful, people in there were generally nice people too. Strongly recommend for a good drum and bass night, strong sound system as well. Unlike all the pretentiousness you find at techno clubs in berlin

Stephen G: Amazing day here - with music & art - as Berlin re-opens event sites . Friendly & welcoming artists made for a memorable afternoon

Ade _Remi: Afro parties, flexible gate fee. A good vibe

13. YAAM

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Address: An d. Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1 PM

Telephone: +49 176 10051189

Business type: Night club

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YAAM: what do users think?

Eire E: Cool vibes! Reggae music with chilling atmosphere with beer, African food, some clothing stalls. Nightclub part feels a bit of Thailand or south East mood.

Cezar Comorasu: Yaam is a place where you can feel like home. Not a really cozy yard, but there are lots of lovely people and amazingly deliciously barbecues. Nice!

Ya Ting Tsai: Place with nice view & hipsters. You can enjoy good vibe and beer here. However it might be a problem if you don’t like to be around cigarettes and sth more…As for food, I had some grill chicken there and it was quite nice but don’t expect the table to be clean 😂

Angel Eduardo Ruiz Villar: Best vibe ever. Something between hipster and hippie. Felt quite relaxed in this place. Incredible amount of options.

Annely: Good vibes, relaxed atmosphere. You can choose yourself the entrance fee (between 1-10€). Drinks are fairly priced, staff at the bar a bit unfriendly. Didn’t try the food.Relaxed place to hang out and smoke, seating area near the water was occupied by some animals

Brandon Braun: Some of the most flavorful food in Berlin. The jerk chicken spot was insanely good. The vibe here is great as well. Real down to earth people not some bougie fake ambience. What a gem!

14. Little Stage Neukoelln

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Little Stage Neukoelln

Address: Jonasstraße 1, 12053 Berlin, Germany

Business type: Bar

Near Little Stage Neukoelln:

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Little Stage Neukoelln: what do users think?

Jürgen Schwietering: Friday recording Jam session (Free Jam) oddly organized with huge pause which makes it pretty boring. On the good side, volume is very moderate because of electronic drums. Beginner to intermediate level. Good prices for draft and bottled beer but not much selection.

Cripple Knee Ananas Joe: great place for jamming on fridays!

Claudiu Cezar: Enjoyed the evening and met the celebrities of the night! Small but lovely, maybe could be a bit more fitting to more guests?

ChiLi Dilek: Love it! I feel very comfy and welcome!

Tina Kerstan: a truly magical place

Mohammad Elahi: Nice place with reasonable prices.

King Kong: Cool

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