Best Hotels With Brunch In Berlin Near Me

1. Beletage - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Address: Mohrenstraße 30, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 AM Wed

Business type: Restaurant

Beletage: what do users think?

Feta Princess: Buffet is OK. There is this nice circular sofa area with a domed windows in the middle of the restaurant, where a waitress would very rudely chase people away for arbitrary reasons. Multiple people wanted to sit down and enjoy the free sofa areas and they were loudly chased away, despite the fact that there were no reserved signs or similar on the tables. Very bad management of this situation.

Eli Müller: I was there for Breakfast and the waiters were really nice and fast. They have a great variety of food (vegetarian and vegan options), all different kinds of beverages and hot drinks. Would definitely recommend!

Julian Trejo Pascual: Very nice staff and delicious food 😌😋

Vladimir Khudiakov: The price for breakfast is too high (€32) compared to what you can get for the same or lower money in the restaurants around. Plus, in a restaurant you can get a more complicated dish rather than an omelet. Plus, there are no deserts like cakes, just croissants, pretzels.

Jaume Civera Soriano: Beletage

M L: Unfortunately underwhelmed by the Sunday breakfast. When at the Hilton, or any 5-star hotel, you expect a certain standard, especially when it comes to the service. However, when we we arrived, instead of being led to the table, it was free seating and you couldn‘t really tell which table was still available, available again and not yet cleared up, or still taken by people at the buffet. There was no instruction on how drinks and buffet were handled, you had to figure it out by yourself. When you are then seated at the table, instead of a waiter coming to you, you had to get their attention by yourself and they seemed almost annoyed to attend to you. Towards the end of our breakfast, we were already approached by somebody who seemed like the head waiter to tell us that the next round of people will come for lunch at 12pm and that we would need to leave. Since it was still only 11:25am, this felt like an unnecessary rush. The buffet is continental, lots of options regarding bread, cut cheeses and meats, sweet and savory spreads, a surprisingly large selection of vegetarian, vegan, lactose- and gluten free options. The warm options are almost all ingredients for an English breakfast plus pancakes with maple syrup. Also a large muesli/cereal buffet, plus a lots of yoghurt/quark and fruit options. So one star definitely for the selection and quality of the food. The other star is for the setup of the buffet, there is enough room to walk around even with lots of people and with 2-3 points for getting coffee, water and juice (but this is also brought by the waiters if you ask them). I took off two stars for the definite lack of service of the reception staff at the beginning and end of our visit to the restaurant, which taint the very good impression of the food. Another star taken off for the quite generic design of the restaurant. Don’t be fooled (like me) by the one nice alcove with the bay window - the rest of the restaurant reminds you more of a Holiday Inn than a 5-star hotel.

hans-erich louis friedrich Kleine: A very nice restaurant with a heavenly atmosphere and very, very nice staff! Sunday brunch is a dream! Should be considered at least once.

Hans-Georg Brinkmann: Buffet with rich offers. Live cookies and many types of rolls and bread. The view of the Gendarmenmarkt rounds off the visit.

2. Buffet-Restaurant Humboldt’s - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Buffet-Restaurant Humboldt’s
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Address: Alexanderpl. 7, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 11 AM ⋅ Opens 6 AM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 23894646

Business type: Restaurant

Buffet-Restaurant Humboldt’s: what do users think?

Stine Albrechtsen: Never again! Poor options for the price. Most of staff nice.

Oliver Schmidt: Tasty brunch. Top staff.

Jessy R: Were here for a spontaneous dinner, were served very friendly with a Berliner snout, great! The food was from the buffet. The appetizers were fresh and plentiful, as were the desserts. Both very tasty! The hot buffet had limited choices and the food was a bit bland. All in all, it was great value for money and there was something for everyone. We would go again.

Raghuveer Singh: Nice experience.

Anna-Maria K.: Food was really ok. Service also friendly.

3. Hotel-Restaurant Matzbach - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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463 reviews
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Hotel-Restaurant Matzbach
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Address: Marheinekepl. 15, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 61202292

Business type: Hotel

Hotel-Restaurant Matzbach: what do users think?

Jo WAMAL: Great location, you won’t leave the place hungry (look at the quantities!) There’s a lot of space, but the menu is limited (there was only one milkshake flavour and it was way too sweet!) I was very hungry but I felt like the waitress was in a hurry since she left right after I ordered the milkshake, not leaving me the time to order something to eat. I thought it was a cultural thing. My friend had to explain the dishes to me and it would make no difference to the waitress whether I order or not, I do speak German so it was not even a linguistic barrier thing. I loved the dish I ordered, I still have dreams about that. I wish the waitress would make some recommendations to the patrons. It was really hot that day (mid July) and the waiter and the bartender made me feel that asking for tap water was overstretching. I was given a ridiculously small glass of water (no carafe) and had to promise to leave a review on Google Maps in exchange for more water. Message to all businesses: offering water is basic humaneness. The toilets are very clean. That restaurant has so much potential and doesn’t even try to look nice (the decor can be so kitschy) and convey an energy of kindness and tranquility. You can tell that it doesn’t need to! Maybe thanks to the location. Good for them. On the plus side: dogs are accepted and the terrace has a ceiling if you want to eat outside AND avoid the cruel cruel summer sun!

Chris Grae: Nice style & lighting. Great food with strong flavors! We really enjoyed this place and can recommend it!

Antonios Liamis: Good value for the money (about 99€/night).Good: room well equipped, nice small balcony, central location.Bad: small stuff like broken closet handle, Broken wood strips, not enough sockets for the inventory, inconsistent times for room cleaning

Rohan Lalwani: Great food, better service, amazing ambiance. Try the B-52, their bar is top notch.

Jonas Pallisgaard: A really good place, with a good atmosphere, service, food and drinks! Really a big recommendation 😮

Lena Fischer: The food was really tasty. I loved the nachobowl! Fast service.

Reese Renee Goetze: Wide variety of food, great service, and cute location!

Kevin Tang: Huge selection of drinks and food. All extremely well done

Karl Vogl: Amazing Service and great food! 10/10 Recommend

4. Hotel-Restaurant Landhaus Perle - Spandau

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1045 reviews
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Hotel-Restaurant Landhaus Perle
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Address: Falkenseer Damm 17, 13585 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 33939065

Business type: Hotel

Hotel-Restaurant Landhaus Perle: what do users think?

Davide Canale: The Room was very nice. A little small but fine for 1/2 people. The resturant was very good. Take a look ti the photo for reference.

Magda Atrachimowicz: Very friendly service. Tasty food, nice atmosphere. Very small parkinhRooms: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Location: 4/5 …More

Kse Lev: Ok food, but takes long to prepare…

Harald Brosa: Local food is good. Very loud room.

Add a Name: Good and helpful stuff, Nice well designed rooms

Alfons Mauchle: Terrible

Vivien Td: Gut

Niloya Peter: Comfortable...

5. Mövenpick - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Address: Schöneberger Str. 3, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30 AM

Telephone: +49 30 230060

Business type: Restaurant

Mövenpick: what do users think?

Ole Moeller-Nilsson: Food was quite OK, but choices were quite limited - there were no vegan options and only 1 real vegetarian option.Food: 3/5 | Service: 3/5 | Atmosphere: 2/5 …More

Miguel Heinz: Affordable menu prices, would definitely visit here once again. No waiting, a great new spot to try for supper. Great service and atmosphere, would recommend the food and good for kids too. A good selection of food within the menu, always has plenty of meals to choose from and new dishes added by the chefs constantly. Service was fantastic and absolutely adored the food, will be returning.

Colorgy David Oswaldo: Great service. Servers were amazing and friendly. Food was top. Everything we ordered looked great and tasted even better. Defenetly one of best meals I have had in the world. Please come by if your in town.

Cu Bi: Great service and tasty food. Would like recommend the restaurant to the other

Peter Ekvall: Tasty food and very friendly staff. Had one rösti with mushrooms and spinache and loved the plain but delicious cooking. Not that expensive either. Recommended.

Mike G.: Great 15 Euros lunch buffet including soft drink, coffees/teas and desserts. Staff is also very friendly and welcoming.

Mikhail: The food and the service are simply awful. I asked for a Cola Zero, got a regular one, I asked for a glass of juice for one person, they brought for everyone.

Nathan “Nate” Goins: Steak was served twice, both times well done even though I ordered medium. Everyone got served well done...

Jan T: Experienced poor table service one evening.Food is really superb. Chefs deserve better!

Nana Kwasi Sekyere: Nice environment.. close to city centre mordern architecture

6. Frühstücks-Restaurant Oderberger - Mitte

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41 reviews
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Frühstücks-Restaurant Oderberger
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Address: Oderberger Str. 57, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 AM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 78008976811

Business type: Restaurant

Frühstücks-Restaurant Oderberger: what do users think?

Séverine Bruwier: Food is delicious and very well prepared. The service is attentive. I would definitely recommend if you want to eat elevated German cuisine!

Sergio Campos: Nice people, nice place. Quality of the omelette, almost perfect. But the rest is too cheap in relation to the price.

Jennifer Francin: This has quickly become one of our favorite restaurants in Berlin. The quality and variety of the menu is only the service. The architecture is stunning.

Matthias Klatt: I won a brunch for two at Hotel Oderberger from foodvergnuegen . And because I already knew that another „light lockdown“ is coming I didn‘t wait long to treat myself to it. 😊 There were barely any people around so we could really enjoy our brunch in peace. As this is a hotel brunch it was a buffet but with plenty of cool options from bread to waffles and cereals. They even offered homemade smoothies all separately packaged due to these pandemic times, of course. But my favourite part of this brunch were the „made to order“ eggs. 🤤👌🏼 As expected the service was also great, making this an overall joyful experience! 😊

Anja Kownatzki: good restaurant with delicious food based on seasonal and regional products. very friendly staff, definitely recommendable. it‘s also possible to sit outside.

Sebastián Nepote: I had a great experience. Food wine selection was amazing. The building itself is something worth to see.

Keren & Anastasia Tocatly: Hotel very cool go see inside and the pool too.Breakfast in the hotel not so much ...

Frank Juengst: Nice food and a nice place. Quit Atmosphere.

7. Restaurant und Hotel Neu-Helgoland - Treptow-Köpenick

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1615 reviews
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Restaurant und Hotel Neu-Helgoland
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Address: Neuhelgoländer Weg 1, 12559 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 6598247

Business type: Hotel

Restaurant und Hotel Neu-Helgoland: what do users think?

ענבל: We loved the place. good value for money. View to the lake. Tasty food. You can have a trip on the boat, water-sport and there is a little beach 🏖️. The room we had was clean and nice, comfortable bed.

Paula Pinho: Charming restaurant near Müggelsee! One can simply seat outside, have a drink and enjoy the view. This place can be accessed by water or by land. There is place to park the car or you can take the bus. Really nice!

Iris Tabib: Beautiful setting. Large sitting space.came at noon, the place was full, yet there was a place for us.Enjoyed both dishes we ordered.

St L: Great vegetarian options, amazing friendly and fast service. Accept card payments but please bring cash for tip 💖

Mike Hahn: Pleasant location that offers a vast number of tables in a huge garden situated on the banks of Müggelspree. On the whole, staff were friendly, helpful and efficient. Only one youngish waiter did not seem to know the basics of polite behaviour and addressed people in a highly inappropriate manner. The menu caters for all tastes and purses but seems to be too little seasonal - goulash of venison and red cabbage are a strange offer on a hot summer day! Most dishes fall into the category "plain German homecooking" and are quite tasty but unfortunately they are not served as hot as one would like them to be.

Tee F Kay: One of my favorite restaurant places in Berlin on the water. The Biergarten is fantastic and the quality of the food is very good. A very nice place to hangout and relax on a sunny day and watch the sun setting over Berlin.

Jeroo Norman: The hotel setting is beautiful near the river muggelspree x boats sailing by and also stopping for a meal. The restaurant is great too for breakfast and dinner.

Sergey Fetiskin: Very nice place and view on a river. The food was very tasty as well.

Georgy Uncia: Nice place at the border of Berlin. Green suburbs around, lake and boat guay at the building of the restaurant. Nice food.

8. Restaurant emil's im centrovital Hotel - Spandau

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102 reviews
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Restaurant emil's im centrovital Hotel
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Address: Brauereihof 6, 13585 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 81875245

Business type: Restaurant

Restaurant emil's im centrovital Hotel: what do users think?

Sergej Sahvorost: Nickelodeon

DVD SONY LG Nickelodon Winter: centrovital Hotel

Ole Dettmann: Three stars, but only because of the great breakfast every morning. Had dinner there on Friday and was very disappointed. The price-performance ratio does not fit together at all, not to mention a waiter who greeted you with the words that the kitchen will close in half an hour and that you should hurry up with the choice of food, and then that you get assigned a dirty seat and yourself apparently no one felt responsible for fixing this. Sry but with the very expensive food there I find that impossible

Andre Kausch: One star would be too much, we were four people and have never eaten so badly, the kitchen is underground, how you can still keep yourself on the market is inexplicable to me! Service was very friendly and courteous, you can only regret it! Stay away from this restaurant!!!!

J.: Lunch at an event. Everything just warmed up. No spices, no sauces. You eat better in social kitchens. I am very disappointed and still hungry.

Michael Sztykowski: Very good, large breakfast selection. Friendly people and quick service

9. Linnen - Mitte

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183 reviews
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Address: Eberswalder Str. 35, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 47372440

Business type: Hotel

Linnen: what do users think?

Chelsea Ní Chuinneagáin: The place is absolutely fantastic in terms of comfort, location and there’s even a little balcony area you can enjoy if you’re not enjoying the incredible bits and pieces in the downstairs area! Service goes beyond the extra mile with the Linnen team. We were so grateful to them even making a little breakfast for us to take upstairs or facilitating tea and coffee when we slept in! Breakfast is super tasty - their coconut over night oats are to die for!!! Thanks to Tony and his team who are a credit to themselves! We can’t wait to return and had a wonderful week!

Tina Hsu: We loved our stay at Linnen. It was one of the best hotels we’ve stayed at and in a perfect location for our Berlin adventures (tons of good food, transit options and Mauerpark right there). The decor is beautiful and even though we were in the small room we were very comfortable. The owners and staff were very helpful and each morning they prepare an INCREDIBLE breakfast that blew us away. Cannot recommend this place highly enough.

Carla Trippe: Check-in was a little awkward trying to roll our luggage through their cafe and checking in with the person behind the cake counter, but overall, we loved the experience. The rooms are stylish and beautiful. One of the best places we have ever stayed. We had to switch rooms towards the end (we knew this when we booked), and they moved every single item for us to the new room. The staff made our experience so easy.

Charlotte de Hond: We had a lovely stay here. Super friendly people, really nice room with a home-like feel (not the typical hotel room). The possibility to use the cafe space downstairs, even after opening hours, as a lounge room was a nice extra. Would definitely recommend!!!

Irina Sterna: Was a very nice stay! The area around is great! All the stuff very friendly. We had a wonderful stay and time there :) Maybe the bathroom could be a little bit more modern and the room a tiny bit cleaner... but this is just the icing on the cake...

Eloise Hanner: The Linnen provided cozy, old world charm and was close to good restaurants and transportation. We were there during an unusual heat wave and thanks to thick walls, double windows and a fan, we were quite comfortable. The bathroom and bedroom were spacious and made the place feel like home. Also, bathroom has been fitted with very modern appliances. Toni was the most gracious and helpful host, with recommendations and help in getting our taxi back to the airport. For a European atmosphere, the Linnen is tops.

Francesca Barengo: Cool, charming and absolutely amazing. The place is clean, warm, with an extreme details research. The personnel is nice and kind and the surroundings are perfect for whoever is looking for cool bars, restaurants and places to visit. Linnen will make your Berlin trip even more exciting!

10. Restaurant ALvis - Mitte

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175 reviews
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Restaurant ALvis
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Address: Albrechtstraße 8, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +49 30 30886560

Business type: Restaurant

Restaurant ALvis: what do users think?

Benjaluck Fai Yuttisee: I have to be fair, this review is only about the Sunday breakfast/brunch. The food variety and quality is good, but not great. Several hams, sausages, pâtés plus a few hot meal options. There are also good number of sweet breakfast options (pastries) too. Tea and filter coffee are included. Everything tasted okay. If you can eat a lot then it can be worth the price. The service was excellent.

Alek Korneev: Worst experience in Berlin. Too pretentious and so bad in fact. Risotto was overcooked, veggie steak smelled like cheap sausages and sides with potatoes and veggie puree didn’t fit each other. On my review, which I was trying to be polite, they said „it’s a matter of taste. Friend‘s real meat steak was well done by default, they forgot to ask, he didn’t mentioned how to cook. They tried to make presentation of dishes, but it looked cheap. Instead of price, which way too high for this quality.

Dmitry: Nice and cozy restaurant. Great choice of dishes with asparagus, fair portions, friendly service.

Joseph Ngui: Friendly service and was very accommodating to our travelling 18 month old, despite the more traditional and formal setting. The internal courtyard would be great in warmer weather. Food is excellent of local flavour (a little heavy) with a modern twist. Presentation and portion were great. We had some of the items of the seasonal mushroom menu and were very pleased. Wine list contains some local gems. Highly recommended.

S Zhang: Top restaurant in Berlin, deserve a Michelin star! We went there without reservation on new year morning , waiter very friendly. The food is carefully prepared, with delicacy in optical arrangements. Every course is tasty, I totally enjoyed my 2 hours there.

Leandro Bighetti: Presentation was absolutely astounding! Quite tasty food also, and just a great atmosphere in the place, service staff was also super helpful. I really got the feeling a chef that cared about his craft was doing the meals. Lunch deals are particularly good as you get a great experience for a nice price. Vegan and vegetarian options possible if you ask.

Sharon Volk: I come here all the time for lunch. Quick service, friendly staff. Clean environment. Quality food.

Lekso Kanchaveli: Spectacular presentation. My dinner, called a lasagna .... was actually a beautiful salmon on top of large flat noodle bed with elegantly cut zucchini (I think ) and other vegetables (cauliflower, pea pod,...) with a special caviar +..., every morsel was a delight. I ordered a corn soup prior and it was also elegantly smooth and delightful presentation. I happen to be staying at the attached Hotel Albrechtshof and have been enjoying their breakfasts and decided to eat in.

11. NENI Berlin - Mitte

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3027 reviews
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NENI Berlin
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Address: Budapester Str. 40, 10787 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 120221200

Business type: Mediterranean restaurant

NENI Berlin: what do users think?

Anna Kin: NENI was a great dinner option. The table reservation is required. The food was good, however I think I chose not the best option. My choice was grilled fish which was good, but nothing really outstanding. My partner had steak and he said the cut was ok, a bit chewy. The hummus, pita bread, sweet potato fries were excellent. We ordered dessert too. I got cheesecake and it was nothing special. My partner got sesame dessert which was really good. It’s like an ice cream and sesame seed and nuts. I would like to come back and try there other food options to form an opinion. So far I have a good impression.

Nila Homar: Amazing food and service. Love the ambiance as well. We ordered grilled shrimp as a starter and Jerusalem teller as the main dish. Delicious food.

Michael Salmony: Not great. Normally love Israeli food, mix&share principle but most food just not tasty here. Particularly nasty soup (and comes in horrid tin). Service leaves you with half eaten dishes for half an hour. Nice-ish view of Zoo.

Jason: The platters were very nice and there was plenty of food for two persons. Great atmosphere and the restaurant was very busy, we booked last minute and you get a 2 hour table slot which was just enough time to finish our meal. The price was what I would expect for a restaurant in the City and lots of selection for alcohol and food. The restaurant is on the top floor of a hotel took a few minutes to locate.

Maite Navarro: Extremely cool place (maybe too much and you might feel out of place). Nice location. You can have the opportunity of enjoying a nice view of the Gedächtniskirche while having dinner. The bathrooms are a must see: they face the zoo and you may end up peeing in front of the monkeys!). We tried the “best of Neni” and I highly recommend this option if you want to try a selection of mezzes, main dishes and desserts. However, beware!! Selection of options here does not mean you will end up hungry. nope. The dishes will make you full so better if you book dinner at 19 or something. If not, go back to your hotel by walk to feel less bloated before going to sleep. The service is amazing (kudos to Quentin) and every time they bring you a plate, they kindly explain you what it is. Totally recommended as an experience to have in West Berlin!

Lihi Bavli: Food is great, and beautifully served, ambiance is chic and service is good. the food is very tasty and full of flavors and spices but overpriced to a level that somewhat lowered the overall value for money. We came at night but I think the outside view would be amazing during day time.

David Goldsmith: I enjoyed this upscale, funkoid, trendy (for Berlin) 10th floor restaurant with (in some directions only) views of the Zoo. It was friendly, and had a range of Mediterranean inspired dishes on offer. Disappointingly, no pomegranate juice (obviously a staple refreshment actually in the Middle-East). Food was tasty, especially the livers, and service was pleasant and efficient. Vegetarian options: There are plenty, for those who must miss out on the essence of life. Wheelchair accessibility: There is a lift

AnJa Mack: Make reservation in the evening. This place serves Arabic, Israeli cuisine. The service is amazing and Sarah is too. Thank you for the amazing service and great recommendations . Loved the food.

12. THE REED - Mitte

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1270 reviews
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Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 2 PM

Telephone: +49 30 40042367

Business type: Restaurant

THE REED: what do users think?

Adriana Mächler: The place has a vibrant atmosphere, service amazing, food is tasty. As everyone says, for the value that you pay, it’s a great option. My only issue is that is basically impossible to get a table. I’ve been trying for almost 2 months to get a reservation and still I can’t. It is really a shame.

Lucie Simkova: Super cool/wunderbar place in Berlin. Have amazing brunch deal. Location is great, close to so many important places which are must to see when in Berlin. Had great time. Loved the food, atmosphere and great and lovely staff.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Bunty SomRoy: amazing brunch concept: all you can eat and drink Prosecco for €25. book way in advance! only deducted a star for the rude and negative vibe reception who did not want to accommodate me.

RO DC: A different and colorful experience. Weekend brunch for 25EUR plus drinks. Reasonably priced, funky and with friendly service. They controlled everyone for Covid vaccines/certificates before entering.

Agner Parra: Amazing brunch place. Great service and quality for the price. The food is amazingly tasty. 👏Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Henrik Lau Petersen: Honestly one of, if not the best, brunch experience I have ever had. First off, the price is amazing. All you can eat and drink (only prosecco) for 25€ is a great price, but you get so much for your money! I arrived with a large group (make sure you make a reservation, because the place fills up very quickly). We were sat in couches and plush chairs and very quickly a waiter too our order. Even a full restaurant, we had our first small dishes in less than 15 minutes after sitting down. From there we just proceeded to have an amazing time. The dj was playing great music, the decor is mesmerizing and all the food we tried were great. After two hours the entire party were drunk and very full. An amazing start to our bachelor party. Thank you to the entire team for a great experience!

Fionnghuala Meehan (Finn): Incredible restaurant! Amazing, diverse selection of food, lovely Prosecco and top notch staff. Will delightedly come back next time I’m visiting Berlin.Pauline was our waitress, wonderful lady.

João Victor Sales: We sat for a coffee and was the most rude service I ever experienced in Berlin.The guy just literally threw the Capuccinos on the table.Words like “thank you” and “you’re” welcome don’t even exists here.He acts like he’s doing you a favor.

13. ALEX Berlin am Alex - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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4220 reviews
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ALEX Berlin am Alex
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Address: Panoramastraße 1A, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 2404763

Business type: Restaurant

ALEX Berlin am Alex: what do users think?

Y. Y.: Wonderful restaurant. Unusual round panoramic shape. Very warm and friendly service. We stopped there once, and then after two hours we returned again. Delicious cocktails. I recommend the "Swimming pool" and "Muai Thai".

Alina: Good food, delicious drinks and very friendly staff. The terrace is amazing and the atmosphere also.Coffee, ice cream, beer with pals, dinner, anything. Saw a lot of families also, so would call this place family friendly.

Ronnie Adel: Amazing place to have breakfast with a reasonable price and delicious varieties They made a tasty buffet everyday expect for the weekend and it’s really worth the visit They accept cash and card payments

Ferenc Varga: Friendly staff, delicius food. The atmosphere is epic! 100% suggested, I will come back :)

Roman Palevich: Great place with descent food variety. I order burger witch was extremely delicious. Portion of fries was big even for me. Waiters polite, have a lot of experience because they never bother you, but they are always around. Additional kudos to personal. Prices very reasonable. If you want to eat not fashionable but tasty food - this restaurant is very good choice. Dietary restrictions: In menu they have a note about food restrictions. So, if you warn before order - they will prepare your meal according to your recommendations

Adrian Rakowski: Delicious chocolate cake and equally good mulled wine. Nice decor inside and atmosphere. Service very friendly and professional. The only downside is the lack of any reaction to reporting the lack of soap in the bathroom. Other than that, great place!

Arend K: A little slow and nonchalant in service.Very good food and beers though!

Rowan O: At first I liked the vibe, but then a few bites in my burger I realized it was chicken instead of veggie. The waiter assured me it was veggie, then when I asked another waiter it did turn out I got chicken instead of veggie. I’m a strict vegetarian, so eating meat/chicken is not something to mess with. My appetite was gone and I couldn’t enjoy the food anymore. Vegetarian options: There are vegetarian options but be aware that they actually give you the vegetarian one because they gave me chicken :/

Hanie Ojaghi: They have a great vibe, very spaces restaurant and bar. they serve both indoor and outdoor therfore you can enjoy when the weather is good in Berlin. We ordered two different burgers, the bread was not our taste. The quality of meat was good but not tasty burger, as I have tasted much better burgers in this range. Fries are not included in the meal and you can order seperately, you should even pay for sauses €1.2 for them. The positive point of it was their home made mustard sause which was a unique delicious. Overally, average bergers with nice vibe and well located place.

14. Restaurant & Hotel Schloss Britz - Neukölln

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Restaurant & Hotel Schloss Britz
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Address: Alt-Britz 73, 12359 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11:30 AM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 60975039

Business type: German restaurant

Restaurant & Hotel Schloss Britz: what do users think?

Benjamin Jakob Zimmermann: Very nice service. Too bad there is no vegetarian main dish and not any special food/dish for kids.The one dish I tasted was ok; a good 4 star rating. Will edit rating on future visits/dishes, will not anymore bring my kid along...

Dennis Simpson: great traditional German Food. . Had a group of 9

Giovanni Damaggio: Great food, great service, beyond expectations.

Heike Herzberg-Lilge: Very very friendly staff, the food is a treat. Nice the countryside! Highly recommended!

Markus Meister: Very good kitchen with a very small menu. Homemade french fries.

Ulrike Tuchardt: Great restaurant run by trainees. The ambience and the service are also great, but - due to the basement location - it can get very warm at times, which is why one star has been deducted.

D. R.: You are served by trainees in the restaurant, which you only notice in their younger age. They were very attentive and we were served quickly. The food was very good and of high quality, the price is of course a bit higher.

Christian Frohberg: Very nice restaurant in beautiful surroundings. When it comes to food, the selection is clear, which I personally find very pleasant. It was excellent in taste. The service was very attentive and friendly. I will definitely come back with my wife. The table has already been reserved for our anniversary.

Andre Tarnowski: The small, fine restaurant in Schloss Britz is managed and managed by trainees from Estrel Berlin. The menu of smoked salmon with grated cake, Britzer roast goose and a final red wine pear with cinnamon ice cream suggested to us for a family celebration was first class, as was the wine served with it. The very attentive service and the rustic ambience rounded off the whole thing perfectly. Thank you for a nice evening, Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

15. Estrel Berlin - Neukölln

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11158 reviews
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Estrel Berlin
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Address: Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 68310

Business type: Convention center

Estrel Berlin: what do users think?

Georgiana Lavery: Stayed here as a flight was cancelled and the airline booked us a room. Was really nice. Very clean rooms, nice water pressure, balcony view. Staff were helpful especially since we were checking in extremely late at night. Great stay.

Michael Dexter: Very clean hotel. Excellent customer service. All employees very very helpful. Food and drinks a tad expensive but not unreasonable for a nice hotel. Very nice riverfront eatery for relaxing. Less than 2 blocks to the nearest train station. Area is a little sketchy but I never really felt unsafe.

Jules: Hotel itself was really nice, BUT I booked two nights including a 3 course dinner. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make the dinner during our stay, but since I’m living in Berlin we asked if we could extend the validity and come another time. They simply said not possible without giving any other option… money wasted and won’t go back again sadly

Emily Lannon: Very nice experience. The gym was great, the beds were super comfortable. The buying has everything you could need. The room was a little outdated and the bathroom needed to have some small touch ups but over all a very nice stay.

Anna Kaczmarek: My stay was excellent, spent there 2 nights while attending a conference, my room was spacious and comfortable, good breakfast, helpful staff.Very good venue even for a big conference.

Marco Ruvutuso: Great facility for hosting conventions/conferences.I was there for a corporate event and found it to be of fine workmanship. Outside the city center but easily accessible by transportation.Rooms: 4/5 | Service: 4/5 | Location: 3/5 …More

Fredrik Klang: Surprisingly nice hotel thus it being so big. The room was modern and fresh, and the breakfast and bar was also good. Not a hotel I would have picked for a weekend getaway, and the neighborhood was boring.

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