Best New Years Eve Shows In Berlin Near Me

1. New Year's Eve Party Berlin - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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New Year's Eve Party Berlin
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Address: Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM

Telephone: +49 30 55579643

Business type: Party planner

New Year's Eve Party Berlin: what do users think?

ali sarrafi: Boring show, poor music

Anuraag Gungaram: Barbaric behaviour on the streets.

Alexey Fisher: Everyone must visit

Nitish Singh: Purvee 🍣

2. Friedrichstadt-Palast - Mitte

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Address: Friedrichstraße 107, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 23262326

Business type: Performing arts theater

Friedrichstadt-Palast: what do users think?

Peter R. Reuter: Just wow 🤩 what an amazing show!!! 👯‍♀️🎉👯💃🕺🎶🙌 We got the recommendation to go here and hesitated until last minute. I’m the end it was a good decision as we got the tickets at the desk (Abendkasse) and got a nice discount and upgrade to a category that we didn’t think we can afford. Highly recommend going here and taking advantage to enjoy a wonderful evening 😍

Dimitris Kostidis: Great theater with amazing acoustics. It is amphitheatric so don t bother having a good seat. You can enjoy the show wherever your seat is. I saw a very nice musical called The One and all the dresses were made from Jean Paul Gaultier. Another must place to visit while you are in Berlin. Recommended!

Eliane Camus: Building : The building itself is perfect for shows, the shape offers an excellent visibility on the stage from everywhere. I was on the last rows but i could enjoy the stage normally. Compared with most french and London theatres, seats are pretty large and comfy, have more room for the legs than what i am usually used to. Ticket collection is outdoor, you first have to queue at the box office on the right of the palast outside, then queue again to enter the theatre. Show seen “ARISE”: Had a pleasant and entertaining night, what I appreciated the most are the acrobatics, the costumes and the scenery. The acrobatics were impressive (the athletes were better than Cirque du Soleil), they managed to create a setting with water which left everybody amazed (front rows were splashed 😂). Only downside is half the dialogues are german, half english. As a foreigner, couldn’t understand half the conversations (same for germans who don’t understand english…). Why don’t they display English subtitles on the scene and leave all conversations in german (while leaving the songs 50% German/50% English though)?

Kelvin Chua: Show watched: ARise Show time: 65min/25min interval/ 65min Language Show is in a mix of English and German. But that doesn’t really matter because the acts and visual spectacle can better translate the whole story, feel and emotions. Dance Choreography is seamless and fantastic with only mere moments of transition giving u barely enough time to comprehend until the applauses reacts. From cabaret style to pop and aerial ballet, it was a fusion of both art and form. Music From rapping to Maksim like crossovers with dashes of solo and strings akin to that of Vivaldi, it was the perfect ensemble. All music are performed live and performers shown at spots and locations around the stage. Stage The smart use of levelling for performers, lights and depth of field with a central rotating stage was something I haven’t seen since David copper field magic acts. Stage technology used here have accentuated the story telling element regardless where u r seated. Performers This show celebrates diversity in all forms. From LGBT to soloist of different Colours, the director has truly incorporated what it means for us to be in an inclusive world. Storyline (based on my own interpretation as I do not understand German) The pratogonist is a photographer. Struggling with the loss of what to shoot, he consulted with Time to find back his inspiration. Time brought him back with his Muse, calls him to revisit his past works to induce inception. With the help of light, he found back his muse. The review. A must watch if anyone is in Berlin. Do remember to book tickets waaay in advance as it’s almost full every single day. Being a fervent theatre/play/musical/orchestral goer, this show truly transcends my expectations. The music is original and fits the story telling from intro to climax, the theatre costumes details is fine and does lose to broadway types plays. Ticket prices are way cheaper if u compare it to actual full fledge plays/musicals. I don’t usually recommend front row seats as they are exorbitantly priced and not worth the experience. This show however, I totally recommend it.

Marylaine Dujunco: We watched the Arise. Highly recommended. Place is easy to locate and great interior. Program started on time. My only issues are: 1. Seats are not slanted so I was not really able to have a good view because the person in front of me was tall and had bulky hair. 2. Chairs are super not comfortable. Cushion is lacking. Had a back pain. Otherwise amazing lights and sounds and acrobatics. Amazing

Geektor Joystick Junky: Thanks to the amphitheatric design of the theater you can enjoy every show regardless of your positioning. I watched Arise and it was an incredible performance of both artists and dancers. The stage is a highlight for itself changing during the whole performance including suddenly appearing water fountains or pyro-show. The inside of the building looks far more breathtaking than the outside.

3. sib Silvester in Berlin Veranstaltungen GmbH - Mitte

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Address: Zehdenicker Str. 21, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 208484020

sib Silvester in Berlin Veranstaltungen GmbH: what do users think?

jens milewski: We travel an extra 500 kilometers to celebrate in Berlin with our child and have been subscribed to the newsletter for weeks and there is ZERO chance of getting tickets. ZDF online ultra unfriendly and incompetent the ticket provider totally overwhelmed! I would say typical Berlin !!!!!!!!!

Michael Malessa: Poor ticket sales with a disappear even in the shopping can that be.....?

Ines: Totally overwhelmed provider

4. CK Ballhaus Berlin - Mitte

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CK Ballhaus Berlin
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Address: Chausseestraße 102, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3 PM

Telephone: +49 30 2827575

Business type: Ballroom

CK Ballhaus Berlin: what do users think?

Stella Lopez: Great hostel. Dorms are clean and comfy the people that works there are very friendly and welcoming. But the master piece is the private room that actually looked more like a suit with a private bathroom and the comfiest bed. Will recommand 10/10

Julie: I was here with a friend for 3 nights, everything went well. The rooms were clean, the workers were nice and the price was acceptable for students. there were many young people in the hostel, who came to Berlin to party and it was easy to make new friends. We will definitely stay again on our next visit to Berlin:)

PANKAJ KUMAR: Pocket friendly hostel with clean rooms and locker facilities.Shared bathroom and shower which are generally clean and cleaned regularly.

Eva Soto: Very good German beers, also today we got Tiramisu for free!

Cleo Goggin: The most beautiful you slipped back in time. Definitely a showstopper and worth a visit!!!

ROLL TIDE: I stayed here in 2018. It is reasonably priced, clean, staffed all the time, and a great place to stay in Berlin if you are on a budget. I would 100% recommend it.,

Małgorzata Sokołowska: A great historical place with an atmosphere. You can have something to eat and drink, listen to some music and enjoy the various cultural events that take place there. Greets to the nice lady at the entrance/cloakroom.

gökhan adıgüzel: Cheap price low quality. It can be affordable but for the showers u need to move very fast while having shower bcs water is very hot to take a shower, also there a bit dirty rooms and common areas. On the other hand, cheap and friendly atmosphere. Nothing very bad

Steve Hayes: Staying in Titanic opposite, chilled lager, warm service & nice, may snack here.

5. Haus Ungarn - Mitte

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Haus Ungarn
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Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 319881860

Business type: Event venue

Haus Ungarn: what do users think?

Andrzej: This place is so ridiculously tiny that it shouldn’t even be allowed to organise club parties. Also, the “gender-free” toilet would be great if one wouldn’t need to wait in the line to it just next to men using urinals... Disappointment and definitely one of the worst clubbing locations in Berlin.

Adrian Leue: I was here for the green fashion fair in September 2021.This very historical venue was very cool inside with a very retro 80’s look in the heard of Berlin, close to Alexander platz

Chavia: I was here for silvester party 2020.Every bartender and staff are friendly! The place is also good with lots of seating. Totally worth the money!

Vale: Great event venue in the heart of Berlin. Nice people and great food.

Mihai Cristofor: The food is bad and far from enough, drinks are ok.

benjamin thomas: Great event location and kind people.

Shalaka Chavan: Pretty nice party place

Maria Sivrieva: Lovely hosted Datadog event

Thorsten Deutrich: Great place for meetings

J For Jona: Nice service got price

6. Cosmic Comedy Club Berlin - Mitte

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Cosmic Comedy Club Berlin
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Address: Schönhauser Allee 184, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 176 82204595

Business type: Comedy club

Cosmic Comedy Club Berlin: what do users think?

Harry Arabatjis: Great place for a fun evening. Definitely recommended. The MC,as he liked to call himself, was hilarious. Nothing for the easily offended though. You also get free shots with your ticket. Staff is very friendly. Would go there regularly if I was living in Berlin. Great value for your money.

Emma M.: Everyone there is very friendly and welcoming. The bar has a big variety of drinks and the pizza is delicious (and vegan/vegetarian). The stand-up comedy is extremely funny and the ambiance is fine too. Everything was enjoyable and just perfect. I definitely recommend going there and I will visit again.

Eugénia Kiut: Had so much fun, great drinks, best people, stand up in English, very adorable and friendly. All types of jokes without shaming 🔥🔥🔥

Darren Craig: Really welcoming with a great vibe, potent cocktails and hilarious acts. Felt like great value with the pizza & shots too. Really enjoyed our night!

Luísa Vaz Ferreira: Had such a great evening here! Definitely recommend if you want some good laughs!Everyone is incredibly nice and welcoming and the line-up was really really good! Want to be back!

Malte Landwehr: Great comedy show with funny acts and awesome atmosphere. Fair prices for drinks.

Debra Whorms: Really fun experience. Good, well-rounded comedy from a diverse group of comedians. Boundary-pushing but nonetheless respectful, conscientious humor that we can all laugh at..

7. Theater des Westens - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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Theater des Westens
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Address: Kantstraße 12, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 180 5 4444

Business type: Performing arts theater

Theater des Westens: what do users think?

Bianca W: This theatre is absolutely gorgeous, and a decent size. With gold and red trimming and comfortable seats.Views were good too, and German theatres all seem to sell fresh pretzels as interval snacks!

Jon Kernow: Watched Kudamm 56. A great Show, well done. There were long queues outside the theatre due to covid controls - vaccination proof, negative test and passport. If its cold and wet come prepared! Because of this the show started about 20 minutes late. Masks were worn during the performance. Drinks can be pre-ordered for the break and these were well placed and signed. Lovely theatre with decent views of the stage. Seats in the Rang/Loge can be very tight if the show is booked out.

Evi Napetschnig: Always worth to spend a night at the theatre.. great atmosphere , great musicals, nice people and quite comfy seats .. one star missing as the refreshment area is very small and it can take nearly the whole break to get a drink - and as the Glas is not allowed in the auditorium you are forced to buy a special plastic cup with a horrible paper straw to refill your drink and avoid pouring it down…

Librarivan: Went with my mum to watch the Mamma Mia Musical.Musical was awesome, staff was super friendly!Definitely recommend visiting!

Brian: What a great Musical, well done guys

fluffy Bunny: Simply beautiful and stunning architecture. The place is amazing.

8. Die Wühlmäuse - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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2886 reviews
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Die Wühlmäuse
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Address: Pommernallee 2-4, 14052 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 30673011

Business type: Performing arts theater

Die Wühlmäuse: what do users think?

Uma Ilango: Our performance happens here every year. The staff are very friendly. The hall has very good lighting, comfortable seats and very good ambience.

JR: Super 👍

Manuela S.: Super

William van Tubbs: Laughed so hard. Nice location and great shows.

Martin D. from B.: Nice comedy stage. Always interesting acts.

Anna Plhak: Super, super

Matthias Manhertz: Seating is reasonably comfortable and I have yet to see an unfunny act here.

Philipp Behnke: Tolle Comedybühne.

9. Tresor - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Address: Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 62908750

Business type: Night club

Tresor: what do users think?

Natarsha Kocan: Super cool venue, long line and didn’t get let in the first night but did the following night. They put stickers on your phone camera and the crowd had a lot of tourists. Music was good and lights

Mikolaj P: Once you get in it is a very good experience. All the guests and the staff inside the building are respectful and kind which creates great and safe feeling atmosphere. The bouncer ladies seemed dead serious and not so nice but I guess that is their job. If u want to get in know who is playing, what is the event name if any and just be nice.

Yuan Tien: Decent venue. The sound systems were good and the space is unique. The door selection process seems random as they denied some really cool people I met in line, but while inside there were plenty of excited tourists.

Finn S.: Often when people speak about known clubs in Berlin they mention Tresor. BUT THIS IS WRONG. Tresor has nothing to do with the great clubs such as Berghain etc. Let me tell you why: -Most of the people there are tourists between 18 and 21. I’ve never seen Hawaii shirts in clubs, in Tresor many. People are wasted, intrusive and certainly not there because of the good techno (maybe that’s why they have a souvenir shop in the club where you can buy t-shirts?). -Very average techno. But if you like house music you will like the floor upstairs. -Strange door staff. They asked people if they are from Berlin, who’s playing tonight, etc. but then let everybody in (why then even asking?). -They sold tickets beforehand but then at night let the people without ticket in first to make extra money (because they would pay, the ones with the ticket already paid). -The liquor there is low quality (e.g. Eristoff Vodka). -Unsafe and non barrier-free environment. Look at the picture, screws sticking out of the wall. The guy in front of me almost hit his head.

oushiao: focused on dark electronic sounds. song selection is good. However, there is some empty time between the DJs, so it would be better to keep playing the song without interruption. It has a second floor and the atmosphere is dark and sophisticated, so very nice.

Robin Sichler: Amazing immersion in techno (we stayed for 10 hours). We had no trouble coming in the club even if we were speaking English (just make sure to know the line-up, and to come pretty early to avoid the queue). Entry is pretty expensive (30€) but definitely worth the price. The place is huge, with a nice chill out area and the basement room is everything. Definitely a place to try for techno amators

10. Urban Spree - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Urban Spree
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Address: Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM

Telephone: +49 30 74078597

Business type: Art gallery

Urban Spree: what do users think?

Andrew Mc Grane: I can only speak from experience of being there for a few hours during the day time. Highly eclectic location nestled within what appears to be an old industrial complex turned into an amount of small restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The whole area has a sort of festival feel. Urban spree has an art gallery which was not open at this time. We sat outside in the sun drinking beers and taking in the views. The beer garden and grounds have a lovely aesthetic and hand made feel. There are plenty of benches for groups of friends, couples or if you just want to chill out on your own.

Abel Agullo: Great place and one of the Berlin underground culture classics. It’s a beer Garten, an art gallery and a concert venue all in one place. The beer Garten is amazing during summer time. They run nice events with DJs and you can grab some food too. The prices are pretty decent for Berlin. The gallery is very nice. Great exhibitions and a super nice shop with art and street art books, prints and some other beautiful things. Entry to the gallery is always free. The concert hall, well. They do concerts and electronic music events depending on the date. Very much recommended.

Nina Chase: One of my fav music venues to catch post punk shows, outside has a chill beer garden in the day. Sundays you can listen to music outside while sipping on your drink in the sun, worth it.

Sarbajit Bhatta: A very cool place..5 min walk from warschauer Straße station...a very hip sunday Fleamarket...a Bier garten...and a lot of local cuisines to taste ...also an amazing place for some very colourful photos!!

Marvyn Mike: Awesome place. Wanted to find somewhere to go out in the evening and followed the music to here. Outdoor installations, visuals, djs inside and outside and a good variety of drinks. Plenty of tables and outdoor seating. Loved it there!

Priscilla U: Street art, bars, galeries, tattoo shop.Super Nice!

Paul Collins: Cool bar but door man is very rude and was on a complete power trip. Refused us entry initially and tried to start a fight. Eventually left us in but then threatened us that he would personally come after us if we were caught doing anything. Absolute lunatic

11. Kulturbrauerei - Mitte

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Address: Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 44352170

Business type: Museum

Kulturbrauerei: what do users think?

Bull Dogg: Great area near an old brewery which becomes a nice ethnic food market during the weekend. Lots of authentic ethnic food with friendly people, and the food isn’t very expensive, but still good quality. You can have a coffee or a beer and many different types of food. There are tables and chairs and even sun chairs if you want to hang around for a while.

Praveen Mehrotra: An old brewery now converted into a culture hub. Visited recently during a intentional culture event on Sunday. It had events and food stall from across the globe. Overall a nice place to enjoy and hang out. Enjoyed the food too.

Ugam Kumar: Great place with lots of things to do. It has a movie theater, a supermarket, a couple of museums all in one place. I especially like the Sunday food market which has street food from different places. It generally is a little crowded on Sundays but totally worth it.

FlightMode: Lots of options for fun including clubs and food places. Christmas market also provide plenty of options.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More

Kaushik Saikia: Beautiful Christmas Market. Enjoyed traditional German dish n winter special Glühwein.

Thijmen van Varik: I was here for the Berlin Beer Week. Great atmosphere, nice people, good food and a fantastic beer selection.Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More

Francisco Schulz: There are so many thing in there. Everybody will find what they are looking for. This time of year their have a cute Christmas market that is not as over-hyped.

Jonathan Fraine: So so many things to do here. The weekly market, the movie theater, the bar and dance club, the bier Garten, the winter market, all are so so great

Bilgehan Bahçivan: Traditional place with tasty beer + snacks. I have not ordered any meal other than snacks. But it was also delicious. The staff is kind and friendly.Music was a bit loud. Difficult to hear your friend. But all in all, great place to enjoy

12. CHAMÄLEON Theater GmbH - Mitte

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Address: Rosenthaler Str. 40/41, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 4000590

Business type: Performing arts theater

CHAMÄLEON Theater GmbH: what do users think?

Jonathan Segal: It is always a special evening when we come to the Chameleon theater. The venue, the format and the staff always ensure a special evening. The new show " The Mirror" is artistry at its best. The creativity, skill and jaw dropping talent leave you in awe at how a prefect mix of art forms come together to create a real work of art. Thank you to the whole team. Bravo.

Alex Pretty: Bloody amazing! We watched The Mirror and have never seen anything quite like it: skill, balance, strength, suspense and a bit cheeky. We loved it! Even the teenagers were intrigued. The venue is beautiful. A throw back to a bygone era. You should definitely go, if you are lucky enough to get tickets.

Marija Dulovic: Out of Chaos Show - breathtaking acrobatics with funny insights into what it feels like to be on stage in real time. Absolutely recommended! Chamäleon theater has a great service, modern Soundsystem, and delicious cocktails.All together - it was an amazing experience!

m. le saps: What a truly wonderful evening we had! Centrally located at Hackescher Hoefe, the theater was historically gorgeous, the staff were genuinely friendly and the show (Out of Chaos) was excellent. We will definitely return with friends, family and visitors. Thank you for a memorable evening!!

Pascal Bueb: Staff super friendly and professional. Shows are awesome so far. Always a super nice evening. Pay by Card is possible. Unfortnate not so many vegan options :(

Pauline Menendez: Amazing atmosphere, great show with great performers and singer who blow your head for about 90 minutes! I can only recommend. Thrills and beautiful evening guaranteed :)

Alena Zaitseva: This is what I imagine when thinking of a Berlin theatre. Located in an old building, putting an absolutely different people together, combining modern and old…

Marcel Nooteboom: We had a blast! What a nice theatre! The staff was great and the show was outstanding! We fully recommend the Chameleon!

Olavi Torni: Wonderful place, everything works and the service is nice and welcoming. Reasonable pricing and sufficient selection of snacks. Drinks - you name it - they make it. The show we went to see was sincerely one of the funniest and best conducted circus performances I have seen.

13. Alte Münze - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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1920 reviews
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Alte Münze
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Address: Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +49 30 60989426

Business type: Event venue

Alte Münze: what do users think?

D U: Went their for Monets Garden… The atmosphere was so magical that I didn’t want to leave that place and spent their around 3 hours, however the whole exhibition is not that big. But interaction and new technologies are making you wanna stay their for a bit longer. + movie room is something, where you definitely should stay for a bit longer.

Alex Stockwell: Alte Münze has open-air cinema screenings every Tuesday and Wednesday night with Mobile Kino. Great films and great popcorn! Venue is fascinating and a real hidden gem.

Ádám Aczél: The factory yard has a really nice vibe, as many things in Berlin it has an interesting history as well, make sure to read upon it too. There is a coffee called Greens inside as well, they have plants for sale as well, but the coffee and the cakes were not 5 stars for sure. What we saw there in the Exhibition hall last time was the Menstrualities expo, a very random one, here you can see a video of it. Staff was super nice and dogs are welcome! 🐕

July Summer: Nice place with different great exhibitions. I have visited „The captured house“, exhibition about the war in Ukraine and damages Russia brought there. The creepiest place I have ever been. It’s in a factory basement/bunker. This place touches you to the bones. The darkness, coldness, sound, horrible pictures and a smell represent all the absurd, horror and pain people and a country are going through.

Aya Ragaei: I attend an event there for plants with cheap prices. The place is very cozy and a bit old. People there were very nice and friendly. 248 Bus is the perfect transportation to get there.

Estelle “estht” tht: Lovely and crazy atmosphere! No problem entering, the club staff do some an amazing job. The sound system was good and the place is very interesting (guaranteed immersion) Thanks for this great time, one of the best clubs!

Agnieszka De Neve: The most unprofessional event venue I have ever worked with. In September 2022 I organized an international, educational conference for my client at Alte Munze and this is our experience: - the communication in general was very poor and took a very long time to receive an answer, leading to many miscommunications and mistakes on the day of the event. I have been in contact with 4 different people before the event started and 80% of the time I had to repeat what was agreed previously. - all the contracts were incomplete and contained financial mistakes (they tried to charge us too much) - day before the event one of the rooms was still under construction! - construction was also happening around the building (they have assured us it will be finished before the event) which resulted in many attendees and deliveries being lost - we could not perform the technical check-ups before the event, cause the tech crew was busy with another event - one of the technicians fell asleep during the event! - there were constant technical issues occurring: flickering images, dead batteries in the mics, sound problems, electricity went off at some point in one of the rooms. - the food was displayed 2hrs before the lunch and some of it got spoiled - 2 toilets for over 300 people (one got broken in the middle of the event and took them 40min before they started repairing it) - the venue on the day of the event was not ready and dirty (the cleaning crew finished preparing it when attendees were already in the building) - no contact details to the floor manager were provided upfront and they have changed during the day without communicating it to us before the event - no bins were placed in the venue, I had to ask for them - another event was happening on the opposite site which resulted in: delaying the tech set-ups, interrupting the speakers and caused us to double check each person in the venue - they closed the bar at 7 p.m. sharp when people were still enjoying themselves (we had no issue with them charging us for the extra time but no one has asked us about it). Overall it was a very unpleasant experience that could have jeopardized the whole event, our income and the health of our attendees. They have received our feedback very poorly as well, blamining us for most of the mistakes and issues. I have organized events all over Europe and never had such a bad experience. I do not recommend this venue for any events!

The Legion: Great conference attended. Super organized and delicious catering.Event team and staff were professional and extremely friendly.

Yvonne Beck: Good set up for the monets garden digital art show. Loved the immersive experience!

felipe sanz: Great sound music and atmosphere. Need to improve the entrance for Pornceptual. Beside of that, great club

14. House of Weekend - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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1159 reviews
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House of Weekend
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Address: Alexanderstraße 7, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 PM Fri

Telephone: +49 1522 4293140

Business type: Night club

House of Weekend: what do users think?

Mirosław Czerliński: Great event location with fantastic view on Berlin! You have here space to sit, stand ;), bars and club dancefloor. Place has 2 levels and great roof lighting on first stage. It is located on top of one of the highest buildings in the city. 🌆🌇 Perfect for sunset!

Lucy Joa: We had our company party at The Weekend last Friday and it was simply brilliant. Philip and his team were amazing from the start and always happy to adapt to our plans. They certainly wanted us to have a great night. The location itself is stunning and the views from the rooftop all over Berlin and of course right next to the famous Fernsehturm were great and made for an awesome team photo! :-) I can only recommend this place!!

S Dahn Barrett: What a location! We had a company event and have been lucky enough to get a clear evening. The view is breath-taking, and we were able to spend most of the evening on the rooftop terrace. The decoration has been very thoughtful, and they made sure to put out enough blankets, and pillows for us as well as lovely fairy lights and candles. The staff was absolutely brilliant, everyone had a drink in their hand within minutes and they made sure we feel taken care off. We did not feel rushed out, even as the evening turned into late night and the group got smaller and smaller, it has been a wonderful experience and we look forward to coming back!

Sara Böttger: We had our company summer party at Weekend Club last Friday and it was an absolute blast. The location is amazing but most important everyone at Weekend Club is really nice and gives their best to guarantee a good time at their club. Normally I still have to organize a lot, but at Weekend Club they take care of basically everything and I could just enjoy myself. Drinks, Food, Staff everything 5 of 5 stars. Thank you soo much!

Afroditi Pagoni: We recently organized a company event in the House of Weekend. It was a great experience overall. The Event Manager & his team were very accommodating and hospitable, the food served during the event was delightful and the staff was always eager to help with a smile. Thank you guys, see you soon again :)

Ngwem Mbibi: Great venue… I organized a corporate event there ( Summer Party2022) and it was great. The team was super from the beginning until the end. Big thank you to the event manager, Philippe. I can only recommend ! R.

Carolin Buder: We celebrated our company Christmas Party at the Weekend and were amazed by a great view, delicious food and a great service team. We had a great event and evening - thanks a lot for making that possible!

15. Berliner Philharmonie - Mitte

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Berliner Philharmonie
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Address: Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 1, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 254880

Business type: Concert hall

Berliner Philharmonie: what do users think?

Qihua M: One of the most famous orchestras in the world, I grew up listening to and appreciating the programs by Karajan, so it was really rewarding to finally come to the venue and attend a concert of my childhood dream. The outside of philharmonic building was not that impressive, but the inside music hall and its acoustics really is top of the world. I will subscribe Digital Concert Hall service to watch and appreciate the programs at Berlin Philharmonic all year long! I came to visit twice the temple of classical music. Cheers!

Tadas V: Comfy seats. Good acoustics. Nice crowd. You can leave your stuff for free. Intermission lines are quite long so hurry up:) Opens 1h before.

Zoltan Lukac: Truly a world class, one of a kind Concert Hall or rather Philharmonic Hall. Impressive architecture, impeccably designed acoustics and well thought of seatings for thousands. Accordingly, the Maestro conductor and members of the Orchestra tend to be world class as well. We saw maestro Daniel Barenboim conducting what may be one of his last concerts, with a colossal orchestra of over 65 amazing musicians!

Tatiana Gangina: Modern and beautiful concert hall. There are a big choice of different musical concerts here. You can also can come for free on Wednesday at 13 to the lunch concerts. I love them!

Tymon Radwański: This is pure joy. Wednesday is a little holiday of music and discovering the new. I love the atmosphere, and being a strange to philharmonic music I feel there very welcome and very nice.

Andrés Suárez: outstanding concert hall great acoustics comfortable modern well lit attentive service but has bottlenecks when leaving

Eli Hafif Chen: Fantastic experience. We went for The Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35 by Tchaikovsky with Lisa batiashvili as 🎻. It was an amazing night, it was to celebrate the new year’s of 2017 and it was mesmerising. The building itself is also very interesting and you can not admire this amazing place, the sheer grandness and acoustics is second to none. Thank you all so much for a wonderful evening to remember.

Celso Romero: The Berlin Philharmonic (German: Berliner Philharmoniker) is a German orchestra based in Berlin. It is one of the most popular, acclaimed and well-respected orchestras in the world! Unmissable! 👏👏👏👏👏

Farzad: you want to see best quality orchestras in a beautiful hall with great acoustic ? then you should go here.

Tristan Myfanwy: Fantastic concert hall Had the most amazing night conducted by the one and only …Daniel Harding One thing … don’t serve your champagne warm please again !

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