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1. Fit & Organic by Adriana - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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Fit & Organic by Adriana
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Address: Olivaer Pl. 20, 10707 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 76768092

Business type: Breakfast restaurant

Fit & Organic by Adriana: what do users think?

Alpha Omega: Mixed Experience We were here for breakfast on a Sunday and it was a mixed experience. The waiters were friendly but not very attentive or fast (waited 10min after seating for the Menu and then again around 15min for the coffee we ordered). When I wanted to pay I also was trying for over 10min to get the attention of a waiter without success - so in the end I walked to the counter and asked there. After I payed I was not even asked if I need the bill. The food was good but not enough for the high price. Only the smotthie was more than expected and worth the price. The quality was Ok but I had expected more. The restaurant has a good location and the design is also nice but at least in our case it was quite loud inside and during our 1h stay the employees were fighting twice quite loud and disturbing the guests. Might have been a bad day for them, but if you want to fight with our colleagues or your Boss you should not do this in front of the guest. So overall I give it only a two star based on the total experience here.

J. Renx: Super friendly staff and a wide range of breakfast Menu available. They also offer nice business lunches and dinners. Wonderful outdoor seating is available too

Wanderer Senorita: The cutest place for brunch or afternoon tea ever! Loved the pink iced matcha and the vibe, so relaxed! Also Teddy our waiter was the nicest!Definitely will recommend and come back

Jill: Nice spot for breakfast as it is right in a nice green square. I enjoyed my eggs and spicy sausage and liked the olives and bread basket. OJ was delicious. Love the seating area here. However careful of all the bees that will hover near you and your food when you sit outside Update: came back and sat inside. Learned that this is not a very hygienic establishment as there is a server who touches the phone for orders then cuts the bread without washing their hands. Also service is extremely slow as they are not very attentive.

Katie H: quaint brunch cafe nestled in a high-end shopping area. the food is decent and could be better, given the price range. the scrambled eggs were fluffy and cooked just right, but the matcha latte was a complete waste of money as it just tasted like regular whole milk. our standards are high, yes, but this was just unacceptable. the cheapest pre-packaged matcha powder in any asian supermarket would have tasted better.

Franziska Kohlt: Lovely experience, scrambled eggs are divine, and great coffee. Huge selection! Particularly enjoyed sitting out on the terrace.

Laura Albert: Had some breakfast here once, it was great though the bread was a liiittle bit dry. Super delicious orange juice, tasty extras and super nice view when sitting outside in summer.

Dasha Nepomnyasha: A rich choice of healthy and tasty food, this place is especially good to visit for a breakfast, but for dinner as well. I’ve been here for a few times, always makes you want to get back! P.S.: the waiter Teddy is just adorable)) Thanks for a good service!

2. Natural'Mente - Makrobiotik Gastronomie GmbH - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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Address: Schustehrusstraße 26, 10585 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 341 4166

Business type: Organic restaurant

Natural'Mente - Makrobiotik Gastronomie GmbH: what do users think?

Jason Lee Mitchell: My favourite organic restaurant in Berlin - all organic, mainly Vegan dishes, healthy food, friendly service, true devotees to serving wholesome meals

Natalia Banasik-Jemielniak: I love the simplicity!

William Robertson: Special place, only for lunch. Oddly quiet dining room with excellent lunch plates of macrobiotic food. Mostly vegetarian/vegan though some fish. Kind of a throwback. Fun.

Pedro J. Leitão: The only macrobiotic place in Berlin, highly recommended!

Diogo Aguiar: My favourite place in Berlin ;)

Nina Kalina: In my opinion the best and healthiest food you can find here in the neighborhood. Every day only two variants to choose from, delicious starter salad, everything vegan - perfect! Only the atmosphere is a bit "dull".

Susanne Glaser: Super delicious and really healthy...! The employees are just really friendly! Definitely recommendable!!! :)

Vero Veilmayer: Great concept and a real insider tip for macrobiotic (home cooking) food, everything prepared and served with great care and conviction. Thanks to all :)

Wolfgang Rinke: Balanced healthy food 100% organic food Lovingly prepared Visually appealing Outstanding service Personal wishes are fulfilled Very good value for money On request even home delivery Unfortunately limited opening times

3. momos - organic veggie dumplings - Mitte

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1264 reviews
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momos - organic veggie dumplings
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Address: Chausseestraße 2, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 160 2688177

Business type: Vegetarian restaurant

momos - organic veggie dumplings: what do users think?

Mark Johnson: Incredible food, one of the best places I’ve eaten in Germany. We got the sharing platter with the variety of vegan flavours and dips, and they were wonderful. Really well cooked, delicious and unique. Also really affordable!! Bookmarked and saved for my inevitable return next time I’m nearby!!

Aayush Mehta: It is tastier but not for asian people because it has less filling and not has strong flavor so it taste like doughy more even soup, as I used it spicy food and I have tried more better momos in my land and it is not fresh, they are using frozen. It is tastier for that who are eating very very mild food. I would not suggest for spicy lover or the asian who have tried authentic momos before. Otherwise can enjoy.

Leigh: Absolutely delicious dumplings! Service is friendly and prices, although a little on the high side for Berlin, were fair for the quality. Definitely a place I’ll return to next time I’m in town.

Saudia Tate: Very delicious vegan dumplings!! I got the all in vegan momos experience small. Highly recommend cause I got to try to all the vegan dumplings and both steamed and pan-fried.

Serena Young: They were pretty enough, but the differences in the stuffing weren’t clear. Potato still dominated most of my tastebuds. That being said, the pan fried were better than the boiled.

Lisa Raymond: This was a great Berlin find with super tasty vegan selections. The space was cozy and cute and the staff was super pleasant and helpful. We had a bowl of the dumpling soup which included 10 dumplings and you could pick 2 flavors. We also had a platter of 14 dumplings 2 flavors and half steamed, half fried. 1 dipping sauce is included. We left there very full and satisfied. We had the aubergine, Mushroom, potatoe and squash fillings. Highly recommend this place.

Mine Cetinkaya: Great vegan dumplings. Even fried ones. Portions are quite generous and not so expensive. The place is too small, so consider it as a take a bite and leave option, I would say

Fiona Baxter: Great variety of dumplings - 6 vegan and two more vegetarian (with cheese).Served steamed or fried.Delicious.Very friendly service.

Blackbooks8 Bb: You can call them vareniky, jiaozi, dim sum or whatever, but they are great! Vege selection of dumplings was perfect, all kinds tasted well - place I would love to visit again!

kamalita mitra: The dumplings are good, thin coatings flavourful stuffings. Liked the regionalCheese ones over the seitan . The spicy tomato dip tastes better than lime mayo one with theMomos

4. Funk You - Natural Food - Mitte

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752 reviews
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Funk You - Natural Food
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Address: Rosenthaler Str. 23, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6:30 PM

Business type: Cafe

Funk You - Natural Food: what do users think?

Raluca Berescu: There is very hard to find hipsterish places in the big Berlin but this is definitely one of those. Not to mention the taste of their sandwich, which was exquisite (we photographed the ingredients in order to try replicate it at home). We liked also the space, with greenery, white bricks, nice tables. We liked it there.

Tali Z: I had a cup of coffee and poached eggs and avocado! Both were great. Loved the ambiance too. Great staff!Good job everyone!💖

Katie H: one of the best brunches we had in berlin, the sandwich is flavorful, the juice is fresh pressed, and the smoothie bowls are refreshing. the price range is low and the locals seem to frequent the place as it was full the whole time we were there.

St L: Amazing healthy pastries and matcha latte. Least sugary milk was almond, which was still quite sweet. Service was more than outstanding

Ido Simyoni: Was looking for an healthy option for lunch. I really wanted the avocado toast but unfortunately they didn’t have gluten free bread so took the spinach feta mango salad (que viva la musica) instead with addition of avocado. The salad was one of the richest I’ve had . It was an amazing portion and combination , I’d only recommend asking for more dressing since it was very light . My friend had the avocado toast with the poached eggs and he said it was great .we also had the ginger lime shot which was very nicely prepared .

Koby Ofek: I had a delicious acai bowl with added peanut butter on top. Staff is lovely. Plenty of room to sit and chat the day away.

aiglie charalampous: Very good food, nice environment and the music is really top. Not too loud, perfect for working. A lot of vegan options. Definitely recommend it for grabbing a small bite!

Alek Korneev: We’ve been there twice already. Acai was light and nice, Benedict eggs with avocado toast was tasty, carrot cake was u unexpectedly good. Place is nice and service is fast.

5. Bio Fein Bio - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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127 reviews
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Bio Fein Bio
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Address: Simon-Dach-Straße 10, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +49 1577 7015366

Business type: Organic restaurant

Bio Fein Bio: what do users think?

Luciana Wolosker: Stopped there while walking by, found an amazing pumpkin soup, with fresh bread and great service!They have great looking breakfast and I will definitely come back for it.

Sophie Ochmann: Their vegan breakfast options are amazing, and you can order them until 6pm. Sitting outside is super pleasant and good for people watching and soaking in the sun. The food is quick to arrive and of high quality. Portions are large enough and the staff are friendly. Would love to come here every Sunday!

Natalia Raginia: Good coffee, nice place to spend some time, alone or with friends, work friendly. Good vegan desserts. Only a ginger tea need a little bit more ginger;) recommend

Safaa: The food ingredients quality is very good! It was very tasty 😋 live this place and nice improvements

Kimberley Vonk: Great food, lots of vegetarian and vegan options. But be aware even though the sign says: Vegan & Vegetarian, they also serve meat.

Seret Neguse: For people who want to have good coffee, I really can’t recommend this place. Staff is ignoring people, they don’t greet you at all and don’t seem to care about customer service. Food looks good tho, but haven’t tried it.

Cansın Pekşen: Our favourite vegan/vegetarian meze/tapas place for brunch. They combined beautiful Turkish recipes with vegan recipes, such a genius idea! The staff is always friendly and interior is very nice.

Dexter Van-Hieu Bui: Nice cafe, they offer a big and small lunch menu that you can choose from. The baked eggplants here are very tasty!

Ananth Pai: We were in Berlin for the weekend and wanted to have some nice breakfast. The porridge and detox shake were excellent.. It is also located in a nice area.

6. Kopps - Mitte

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1161 reviews
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Address: Linienstraße 94, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 43209775

Business type: Vegan restaurant

Kopps: what do users think?

Oscar Maarsh: Great for a special occasion. We had the 7 course taster menu with the drinks pairing. All very tasty all vegan dishes with some complementary extras thrown in. They offer a very flexible menu system whereby you can choose how many courses you want, which courses you want and which courses to pair with drinks. Service was excellent, our waiters were lovely. We sat outside and it was a nice quiet street corner, perfect for a relaxed and romantic evening.

Anton “TheRojam” Müller: The stuff is awesome, nice, friendly and funny. You could be spontaneous, if needed. They explain every dish and the corresponding drinks. Nearly the whole team is involved bringing you the ordered courses. You can chooses between 3 to 7 courses. Starter, Soup, main course, predessert, dessert and a finishing course. Suitable alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks are served on demand. Sometimes you’ll also get an eatable greeting from the kitchen stuff. The courses are changing from season and depend on regional availability. Even the food is not cheap, it’s worth every cent or penny and decent delicious.

K C: Fantastic dinner and wonderful staff. Excellent meal, tasty and good service. We went for the 7 courses (with wine pairing). It’s a bit pricy but worth it!

Tom Ruys: What an amazing way to spend an evening! We got there without a reservation and spent a great time at the bar with some delicious cocktails and a fun and skilled bartender. The food was next level and all vegan! The staff was truly great and the vibe was very relaxing!

Sahar Ben Shushan: It was a nice experience to be there, I am not vegan. And I usually do not go to Chef restaurant. But it was great though.As any other Chef restaurant, the dishes are tiny and overpriced.

Samantha: Excellent place to bring non-vegans to make them believe in the flavor magic of a plant based diet. The menu was delicious and presented so beautifully. The service was top notch - extremely attentive to our needs and perfectionistic about the presentation of our food and drinks. Loved that they had alcoholic and non-alcohol drink pairings. Atmosphere felt fancy but not stuffy. Definitely coming back again, what a treat this evening was.

Hereward Burgers: Eine total Erlebnis / a true experience! Service and hospitality very nice. Menu super, take the 7 course menu if you are hungry. The almond based ‘blue cheese’ is incredible. Every course is a surprise and a homage to vegan haute cuisine. Wines and cocktails top. Higher price range but you will not be disappointed.

Midzung Kieu: Absolutely overrated. I honestly can’t explain the thousand good reviews— either people have too much money or are completely clueless and just following the masses, or the reviews are fake. Unless you have a few hundred bucks extra and are curious, go for it. We were so hungry afterwards we went straight for the pizza place nearby. No matter how good or quality your food could be, you don’t have to be so stingy with the portion. Every dish feels like a tiny spoon. Even the amuse bouche is the tiniest dumpling in the world. And it didn’t even taste particularly good, like a simpel dry dough really. We found some dishes quite salty, and the first course tastes just like a vegetable stock. I felt so frustrated I have to write this long review. The drinks are also not that good, very watery, don’t justify the price either. Such a waste of money really.

Maria Zachariassen: This was my absolute favourite place in Berlin. Even if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian like my boyfriend, you’ll still love the food as they have such good flavours in all the dishes. This is the only fancy vegan restaurants I’ve been to as there’s not many out there, and it did not disappoint!

7. Crunch Kantine - Mitte

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218 reviews
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Crunch Kantine
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Address: Siemensstraße 16, 10551 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM Wed

Business type: Vegetarian restaurant

Crunch Kantine: what do users think?

Jonas Thomson: Amazing healthy mostly vegan food! Very good and friendly service!! So happy we found this place, definitely coming back!

Britta Kuttig: Really nice place to eat, the owner was super friendly and the food was really tasty and a lot of variety, I think 14 dishes.Definitely will come back

Jared Madere: Best food I’ve ever had in my life unbelievable the cakes are unreal the chocolate has incredible orange rind ~ also the beans with rosemary all the food so so so so good

Anne Jungers: Very tasty food made with a lot of love. Relaxing vibe, friendly staff. Reasonable price. Heaven for vegetarian, vegan people.

Rese M: It is a really great place! Very good food and a good variety. The quality is great! You really get tasty healthy food for a very good price!

Lorna Brook: A real gem! Tasty fresh and wholesome vegan food and a big plus the owner is a total darling!

Clara Tumin: I love crunch kantine. The owner is super friendly. The food is really fresh and healthy. And with the new cookbook you can also recreate some of the tasty dishes at home. Definitely recommend going there

Wouter: Much love for this healthy buffet. Sprouts, greens, curries, lentils, nice bread, soup, great juice, etc. Go for it!

Mariya Adonyeva: The buffet if quite good. There were various dishes (some of them quite specific - spicy, sour and bitter). The man who works there was really friendly and attentive. This place is not fancy but has a cozy atmosphere

8. MARIA - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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570 reviews
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Address: Falckensteinstraße 37, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 21449487

Business type: Vegan restaurant

MARIA: what do users think?

Suada B.: Went here for some vegan and American style food and was a really nice discovery, the food is good and the place simple. The service was great! Recommend it!!

Felix Winandy: We ordered at this place, I have to say I‘m always sceptical when it comes to ordering fries especially with a lot of sauce on top! (because most of the places you order, the fries are slouchy and cold when they arrive at your place) But we thought, give those guys a chance, their food looks awesome online! So we got amazed by these really tasty fries, nice and hot when they arrived, still crunchy and with the fake parma chicken, so delicious 👌 the meatball sub was also perfect, good bread which can hold the meatballs without falling appart while you eat it! It was a first for us but definetly not the last time to order or go to Maria!

Rust Man: Wunderbar! Tasty vegan burger, fries and Philly cheese steak. What at great place.

Iwona: Portions were quite big and overall tasty. However, my “mac & cheese” dish was cold…I ordered it inside the restaurant for take away so there was no reason for this situation. I’d also prefer not to have the balsamic onion with different dishes but that’s just my personal preference.

Luisa: Very nice atmosphere and sweet staff. The food was very delicious (I had The Italian burger and fries) for a reasonable price considering everything is vegan. I’ll definitely go ago.

Alexey Chernikov: Very good mac and cheese. Absolutely killer cheeseburger. It‘s amazing how their managed to make the cheese so tasty and yet still vegan.

9. Lia’s Kitchen - Mitte

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1285 reviews
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Lia’s Kitchen
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Address: Kollwitzstraße 47, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 163 4648436

Business type: Vegan restaurant

Lia’s Kitchen: what do users think?

Joana Silva: The burguers are absolutely delicious and everything is homemade. I appreciate that it’s not your typical beyond burger, but homemade patties with legumes. The sweet potato fries are also wonderful and the staff is incredibly nice and kind. I can only recommend!

Hanna: Great vegan burgers, I tested mushroom and lentil pattie and it was full of umami! Also very crispy fries! Bbq mayo was very smoky and delicious as well!

Juliana Jaen: Excellent real vegan burger. And the fries are amazing!

lilach daniel: We waited 30+ min for our food. They are more focused on Wolt deliveries than they’re with the costumers that are inside. Food was oily but tasted good, fries were crispy. The beepers they gave don’t even work! There’s no bathroom, no place to sit comfortably and no fresh air, as the restaurant smells from oil To be honest wouldn’t recommend to sit inside maybe it’s better when doing take away

Dirk Jan van Lonkhuyzen: Really good. Delicious burger and great fries.

Sandra N: Abysmal experience. Ordered the Oyster–Shitake burger. Patty was ice cold and sauce just slathered on a lettuce leaf with a huge chunk of tomato. Definitely gave the impression of absolutely no care from the kitchen. Cutlery was dirty. Overall one of the poorest of culinary vegan experiences in Berlin; save your dimes and go to the many other impressive vegan eateries in Berlin which show more care.

Sebastian Grünberg: Good vegan burgers and plenty of well tasting French fries, but be prepared to wait some time!!!! It was not especially crowded but we had to wait for our food roughly 40 minutes (!). However, it was worth the waiting and due to the extra long Time we got a nice dessert for free. Would come back, but if you are in a hurry, maybe not the place for (fast) vegan food.

10. Daluma - Mitte

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968 reviews
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Address: Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7 PM

Business type: Health food restaurant

Daluma: what do users think?

Alex: My favorite health food focused restaurant in Berlin! There are many options for those who are gluten free, have celiac disease, or are vegan/vegetarian. The interior is very clean, peaceful, and has a modern aesthetic. There are regular tables to sit at but also a platform where you can sit on a cushion- if you are a fan of floor seating like I am :) I recommend the truffle miso glazed salmon; it is a dish unlike any other I have ever tried before, and it has me coming back multiple times a month.

D U: Interior is amazing, almost nth bothers ur eyes and u can feel the balance of colors and objects there. Except sticky tables and a lot of old crumbs on lamps and floor. However place is still nice and has definitely tasty breakfasts/brunches. Enjoy;)

PB LR: - The breakfast was tasty. - At the beginning the tablet was not working so the waitress told me it was not possible to order even by paying by cash... - They offer exotical coffees but there was no cream draw on my Charcoal-coffee latte (cf. photo). I was quite surprised compared to other coffee shops.

Barbora Hlaváčová: Best healthy food in Berlin!😍 the probiotic meal with kimchi, edammame, broccoli, hummus and other superfoods was DELISCIOUS! Wonderful culinary experience😋 as a dessert cocoa&nut purée and coffee which was tasty too. Special tastes of the food👌🏼 The service spoke only English and was very kind. ‼️The only thing that was surprising that they wanted to pay the food WITH TIP at first even before we got it and could know how the experience was.

Keren Kolnik: Super healthy and definitely tasty! Chill and unique ambiance. Weird to pay the tip before the service... liked it!

Houman Kaveh: Please try the miso salmon and also probiotic study dishes!! To be honest if you’re tired of all fast foods, try it! need couple of days to detox and stay healthy, try it! Btw great staff😁

Marysia Malinowska: Pretty place with tasty food, however the amount of ginger in my mint was way too big. I literally had half of a whole ginger root in my tea. It is simply a waste, not looking as an eco friendly and sustainable behavior

Ali Homaee: Super delicious and kind staff 😋Hey, if you are looking for matcha, yeah you can find in Daluma 😍

11. Quy Nguyen - Mitte

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1524 reviews
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Quy Nguyen
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Address: Oranienburger Str. 7, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 2828995

Business type: Vegan restaurant

Quy Nguyen: what do users think?

Montse Pf: Everything was perfect. The staff is super friendly and polite. The food super tasty. We got two different options, which basically were the same soup but one with rice and the other one with udon. The soup was really good. Subtly spicy. A good amount of food for the price. They are also really fast to serve. Well located within the city center

Romain Torres: I ordered dumplings (Dim Sum) 🥟 that I loved, they were delicious; and I also ordered Summer Rolls that I liked a bit less, felt like they were not soft enough. 🥢 For the drink I had a Red Sensation that was really really good and also I feel like it was a huge drink compared to other restaurants, which was great. 🍹 For the desert I had a Chuoi Hap that was also delicious, I just wish I had more, could not get enough of that hot banana with coconut milk. 🍌 The place was really cool with nice interior design, some plants and a cosy vibe overall.

Eline Hulspas: Great food! Great prices! Loved it! The staff was very welcoming and friendly and the interior looks beautiful. I enjoyed my lunch here would definitely recommend.

Jeff Howard: Great Vietnamese vegan food in a very convenient location. We enjoyed the tofu/kimchi/rice bowl but the Pho was the star - it was outstanding. The broth was so rich and delicious. We might go back one more time before we leave Berlin because of the location and because there are other things we want to try on the menu! NOTE: CASH ONLY.

Dan Dewey: Excellent food at a great price. Me meat eating friends loved it too. Great flavor in everything. Fresh veggies. I like their stone bowl dishes too.

Ecaterina Litvinova: Food is good, but the place has very bad ventilation.After visiting my clothes smelled enormously, almost like I spent all day cooking in that place. So if the smell is important to you as to me, better order delivery or a take out

Cris Charneca: Just when I thiught I foind the best vietnamese restaurant in Berlin at lunch, I found this at dinner... Excellent taste and ingredients, doses are enough to satisfy. Space is not that comfortable and a little small but people are nice. Cash payment only. Fully vegetarian.

Tristan Witzigmann: Likely one of Berlin’s best Vietnamese-Vegan spots in Mitte! There isn’t a single item on the menu that doesn’t sound delicious. Highly recommend trying the soy Vietnamese iced coffee!

hannelore heynen: Very delicious fantastic vegan food! Good portions! Very friendly staff and clean place! Very cozy to sit. We loved it!!!!

12. Cookies Cream - Mitte

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957 reviews
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Cookies Cream
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Address: Behrenstraße 55, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 680730448

Business type: Vegetarian restaurant

Cookies Cream: what do users think?

Lars Arnvig: We had a great night at Cookies Cream when we visited Berlin in December 2022. We "settled" for five dishes incl. the wine menu and everything was perfect: the food, the wine, the staff and the setting. It was a really good tasting experience. And worth every euro. We left full and happy and hope to have the opportunity to come again another time.

Leonard Wossnig: Fantastic food, of course only vegan, exceptional service, and kitchen staff who (like everyone else there) enjoys their work! Highly recommend the 7 course menu, it’s well balanced and both pairings are a great fit (wine and non-alcoholic are available)

Valentin Liebhart: Summary: nice vegetarian restaurant with cool design. Dishes in different quality but esp. the signature dishes a bit disappointing (Parmesan dumplings)

Medina Selimovic: Exclusive feel, High end, but with a modern flare. Atmosphere is great, but the experience and food was wonderful!Recommended dishes Parmesan Dumplings with 3g Perigord Truffle, BBQ Carrot with Cashew Cheese Buttermilk Oxalis Pumpkin …More

David Hacker: I don’t like writing bad reviews and generally i believe in “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”. Well, so let’s start positive. The experience leading up to the dinner is fun and exciting. The concept is something i like as well: this industry needs to innovate and try new things. The restaurant space itself was quiet disappointing to me. The rugged and industrial “designed” restaurant felt more like an afterthought to a warehouse. Very berlin i guess. It is also quiet cramped with very limited space in between tables. It was packed with customers and very loud imo. It was also quiet warm in there. These are all things that made me feel especially uncomfortable considering we are in the midst of an pandemic.They did only let people in that got tested, but i still think it was not necessary to fill the space like this. Even without corona this would have been an issue. The food was overall disappointing to me. The dishes overall lacked flavor and expression. I felt at times basic seasoning was missing. The presentation seemed excessive compared to the overall result. Besides the beet root dish i did not like much. The wine pairing was only good. Service seemed stressed and rushed with the dishes. For me a no-go! After mentioning it they slowed it down. Food was introduced and that’s it. I missed a feeling of passion and proudness for their trade in their overall attitude. Overall very disappoint considering the price and prestige coming with a star. The quality was just not there. This is purely my opinion and based on many visits in all sorts of fine dining venues around the world as well on my education in this industry. Casual fine dining is a niche that can be done a lot better.

Valentina Paetsch: A great experience; friendly and attentive staff, quick service, tasty and unique dishes...we got the 7 course menu with wine accompaniment, we got one vegan and one vegetarian version and both were exquisite. Would highly recommend for a special occasion!

13. Humble — Restaurant für Burger & Bowls Berlin Tiergarten - Mitte

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349 reviews
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Humble — Restaurant für Burger & Bowls Berlin Tiergarten
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Address: Lützowstraße 19, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 98431172

Business type: Restaurant

Humble — Restaurant für Burger & Bowls Berlin Tiergarten: what do users think?

Andy Ashwin: I’m not a vegan but was travelling with one, so decided to give this place a try. First time in my life that I have actually enjoyed tofu. It was delicious in a black bean sauce with loads of other lovely stuff in the bowl. Amazing food, friendly staff and great value. Definitely on the list for my next Berlin visit.

marjo ballof: Absolutely disgusting. False advertisement. Not healthy at all. 5 vegetables, some old salad, old heated up fried tofu soaked in an oily water down sauce. Tasteless, thrown out after 2 bites. Just seeing it made me feel unwell. How they have 4.5 stars... is just beyond. The proof vegan food can be as bad for your health than eating a burger. Both images to show you, what you order... and what you get. Save your money and taste buds.

Vadims Petrusevs (neTpyceB): This cafe is a very interesting place to visit. One of the few places where you can eat a burger with artificial meat, known as Beyond Meat burger. Nice design of floors and ceiling. The place is much bigger inside than it looks from outside.

Duna Nabil: The place is cute and it a quite street. It has a really cozy atmosphere and the staff are really friendly and smiling to everyone 😊 The food was great and new too and the cheese burger had a really crispy batty and amazing house sauce. The udon with cream cheese was new and delicious. All ingredients were fresh and tasty.

Adéla: I must say that if you really want to experience berlin street food be sure to visit this restaurant. The vegan bowls were absolutely delicious.

Ephemeral Dinner: Absolutely overrated, the food is way to expensive, greasy and tasteless. I had a pumpkin curry where I had one thin slice of pumpkin that you see on photo swimming in oil. Simply disgusting with overcooked white rice and tasteless salad leaves. Price 8-10€ for a super basic option that is way better at any 5€ asian store. Wouldn’t come back

14. HOLY FLAT! - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Address: Lenaustraße 10, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +49 30 27490979

Business type: Vegetarian restaurant

HOLY FLAT!: what do users think?

Maria Hock: Very tasty vegetarian food. They have a nice variety of bowls and flats. The price is a bit high but portions are very generous. I also love the no waste to-go containers in partnership with VYTAL.

Lior Weizman: What a nice casual restaurant, with AMAZING vegan food, great service, reasonable prices, quite, super clean. Just perfect. Thank you! ❤️

Atreiu89: Food was ok but we waited 40 minutes for 2 wraps and the waiter also did not understand the order and my friend had to eat something she did not want to avoid +40 minutes for a salad. I will not go back there. It is supposed to be a place to grab a quick bite... There is nothing quick and they are stingy with wipes.

Dora: The Guter Junge bowl was really delicious, the atmosphere and the service were also really nice. I’ll definitely return! :)

Caroline: Love this place. Never disappoints. Every bowl I’ve had has been excellent

Anna Makharadze: Nice vegetarian bowl. My fav is Fresh Bowl. Red Bowl on pic. Price is a little bit high

Luka S: good food but charging 5,50 € for the tiniest sweet potato soup I have ever seen

15. MontRaw Restaurant - Mitte

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MontRaw Restaurant
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Address: Torstraße 189, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 33901243

Business type: Mediterranean restaurant

MontRaw Restaurant: what do users think?

Benjaluck Fai Yuttisee: Cozy little gem. Good amount of food and drinks options. I would describe the food as unusual, high quality Mediterranean. The portion for me is perfect, not too small, not too big. Each component of a dish is well-prepared. The taste is very well-balanced. The service is very nice.

Anna-Lena: 10/10 would recommend! The service was good, the food excellent. My mom had the Butcher’s Choice, this evening a 250g steak, perfectly cooked as my mom wished. The octopus was the best I had so far. The staff were so nice and such gentleman. Both portions were good size. Not overpriced. Adam, the manager I think, checked on us regularly and made sure everything is good. The restaurant is small, but has good atmosphere. The decor is simple, but fits the vibe. They staff mainly speaks English, but the German of Adam (our waiter of the evening) was really good and my mom could order on her own without my help. Overall a pleasant dinner. Would eat there again, when I‘m in town again.

Sushiliah Devi: This is one of the best Mediterranean restaurant in Berlin. We ordered a range of raw food and they were all sumptuous. Celebrated my husband’s birthday there. The staff is so friendly and they serve with a smile. His made do birthday cake and Limoncello was on the house. I loved the ambiance of the place.

alexander laskin: Absolutely amazing dining place! The food is exceptional! Every dish on the menu is an interesting and well-balanced combination of flavors, all is very tasty and artistically presented. Professional and very friendly staff, insightful with offering the food and the wine pairing suggestions. Adler Fish and Octopus Alla Maghreb were the highlights of our table. We have been traveling through major cities in Germany for almost two weeks, dined in more than a dozen places. The MontRaw restaurant is absolutely above everything we visited so far!

Elizabeth Kwan: Love the appetizers, top notch! Lamb as the main dish was delicious, super juicy and tender, very soft that the meat falls off the bone easily. My friend ordered the seafood plate, also delicious! Would give a 5 star rating if the dessert was as good as their appetizers and main courses!

louise chan: Delicious Mediterranean cuisine and great service. The food was delicious especially the octopus. The dessert we got also tasted amazing. Only thing is the price is slightly on the steeper side. We managed to call and get a reservation last minute on a weekday but when we arrived the restaurant was quite busy so i would recommend booking in advance. The Australian waiter gave us good recommendations and was really helpful throughout our meal.

Oscar Kwok: Loved their Octopus and Lamb Chops! The atmosphere was great and our server Xander was very friendly and introduced each dish to us in detail which we appreciated. It was quite busy here for a Tuesday night but I guess I am not surprised since the food is good.

Alya: Amazing food. Every bite is full of different flavors and the taste will make you travel in time. My favorite was the starter salad and the main course fav was fish and the chocolate mousse as a dessert. Hughly recommended. The octopus however can be crispier. The squid and beef tartar was lovely. We celebrated our friend’s birthday and they were kind enough yo add candles to the cake. The space inside is narrow and can be quite noisy but it was fine with us. We had dinner inside and went outside for the dessert. Thank you very much for this lovely experience. I hope you open other branches internationally including Dubai where its blooming with new experiences.

Hias Amazing: I went there alone on a Sunday night without a reservation shortly before their closing time. Despite the time, the service was very welcoming and attentive all the time. I had a very tasty CHARRED EGGPLANT as a starter and then the OCTOPUS ALLA MAGHREB as a main. Both dishes were served quite quickly and tasted delicious with nice oriental flavors.

Eve Schu: Very tasty food, but way too little. I left hungry even though I had a full starter for myself and a main, which is usually more than enough for me.Favourite is the eggplant starter!Food: 3/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

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