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1. Fotokurse - Berlin School of Photography - Mitte

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Fotokurse - Berlin School of Photography
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Address: Torstraße 170, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 89645521

Business type: Photography service

Fotokurse - Berlin School of Photography: what do users think?

Rob Murray: My partner and I did the Level 1 course with Alberto and really enjoyed the course and our day! Alberto was a professional and thorough teacher while still leaving lots of time to ask questions and get creative. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone hoping to learn more about their camera and start to embark on their first steps to becoming a better photographer.

Milica Ilic: I had a photo tour with Alberto and it was really nice! Alberto was really patient and taught us some cool tips and tricks :D The tour was almost 3 hours, and I really enjoyed it.

Henriette de Wit: I highly recommend the Forest Photography course to anyone who wants to learn more about photography and be closer to nature. Bettina is very inspiring, full of interesting stories and a skilled photographer. She hosted us in an idyllic setting, thought us the most important photography techniques and guided us on a forest bathing to awaken our senses and creativity before we could wander off on our own to put all that we learned into practise. We concluded the day with soup and cake and reviewing the photos that we took that day. For me it was an amazing experience.

Tony Costanzo: A big thank you to the wonderful guys at Berlin School of Photography and especially Bettina for the fantastic phototours of Berlin I attended when I visited Berlin. I did the Big 5 and the Street Art tours which were a perfect introduction to the city. I was in town on business and did not have a lot of free time. Being an enthusiast photographer I was keen to capture some special photos during my all too brief visit. Bettina’s Big 5 tour was a perfect and efficient way to see some Berlin highlights and her great eye and knowledge of the city helped me get some of my most favourite photos I have ever taken. She challenged me to use different perspectives and techniques for what could easily have been routine snapshots. My long exposure ground shot of the pretzel man at Brandenburg Gate is one of my most prized photos! The street art tour around the East Side gallery area was also a wonderful experience with some really fun and memorable photos. Thank you Berlin School of Photography! I recommend these tours to anyone visiting Berlin no matter how long your stay! Images posted on instagram @gvairo1

Yongmin Hwang: Bettina was a very approachable teacher, and the group had a lot of fun! Would recommend!

jess pirani: It was a pleasure meeting Bettina. She is super friendly and taught me a lot of interesting things during our class. I came back home feeling really inspired to keep going. I highly recommend the school.

Jan Meemken: The time at Berlin School of Pgotography was just a big pleasure! Learning from professional trainer, meeting cool people from all over the world in an awesome city! Just ❤️ the whole experiences! See u next time in BERLIN 🐻

Jaco Naude: They worked out a Photography Course specificly for our Needs.Very 'Hands on' Training and Workshops. They came to our Office, great service and very professional. Highly recommended!

isis Kuaygarond (XxIsisxX): I had so much fun learning how to use my camera properly. Very well explained with a lot of practical exercises !! I would 100% recommend this course if you’re wanting to learn photography!

2. International Photography School - Tempelhof-Schöneberg

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International Photography School
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Address: Viktoriastraße 10-18, 12105 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 61306480

Business type: Photography school

International Photography School: what do users think?

Jérôme Jossin: Really recommending this school if you want to upskill yourself in photography. Really enjoyed the 3-month course I did in studio photography! I loved the mix of theory and practice, the quality of our lecturers, the visits of museums and studios, and the pratical tips I have gained during the different classes. On top of that, the director of the school is fantastic. Not only he is super experienced and friendly, he was always gving honest feedback to help sharpen my skills.

Uliana Malinoŭskaya: I’ve attended 3-months basic course (studio & staged photography) at IPS. I highly recommend this school and basic courses for beginner photographers. The teachers have a lot of knowledge and are very encouraging. The classes vary with theory and practice.

Caoimhe Sweeney: We booked a private workshop with IPSB to teach our marketing team how to bring our portrait photography inhouse. In only two 3 hour workshops we learned so much. Marc was a fantastic teacher and we really enjoyed the classes. Booking a private workshop is a great idea for anyone looking to save their business high outsourcing fees. I would definitely recommend this school and their workshops to anyone interested!

Berylhyyy: I joined the weekend “Fashion and Portraiture Lighting” workshop, the course covered more than just lighting, it helps student like me to find the right direction whoever wants to develop themselves in photography, I highly recommend the course.

Charlotte Clemensen: IPS is the place to go if you want to be part of an inspiring and creative community. A community where you can explore the opportunities of the photography world and find your own path!

Enrique R. Aguilar: The courses taught at the school are very good. The teachers are highly trained and encourage the student to develop their skills as a photographer. There is a great working material both technical and theoretical. The students are also very interesting and contribute a lot to the conversations in class. The school encourage the use of photobooks as a way of learning from other photographers. For me it is important to see different points of view and having inspiration from not only photography but other topics as well. I recommend it if you are interested in training as a photographer.

Celine Chappert: A well-rounded curriculum on the world of studio & staged photography delivered by a versatile group of working professionals from various fields in the industry. I really enjoyed this course !

Ivanna Gomez: It was a pleasure to learn from Marc! It was practical and so insightful. I really enjoyed the level of detail, depth and the chance to explore various techniques. Thank again :)

H B: The IPS offers an education in photography second to none in Berlin. You are taught by industry experts and artisans on a broad range range of topics including analog photography, history & theory, studio & lighting and much more. The classroom environment is a great balance of critical feedback as well as encouragement and inspiration that really works to develop your skills and insight as a photographer. I have learnt so much in my two terms at IPS and have become a much better photographer for it - looking forward to learning more in the future and I really recommend to anyone looking to learn more about photography or become a better photographer.

3. New School of Photography Berlin - Mitte

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New School of Photography Berlin
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Address: Brunnenstraße 188-190, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 am

Telephone: +49 30 28046862

Business type: Photography school

New School of Photography Berlin: what do users think?

Max Sprott: I’ve been a student at Neue Schule for 2 years. This school has helped me to find myself as a photographer. I owe a lot to the teachers of this school. Very selfless people. The teachers at this School are unparalleled and you will not find others like them at other Photo schools in Berlin. Students that tend to be disappointed at the school or don’t enjoy it are generally those that can’t push themselves. This school is here to pull the most out of you and you have to be prepared to work for that, many think it’s given to them. We are a big family at our school. If that speaks to you come see our facilities and darkrooms or just say hello:)

frauke decoodt: Before you apply maybe ask them for their study plan, and how and what they intend to teach you, achieve a learning curve that gets you from point A to B. Make sure this learning plan is in the contract, dont pay large amount all at once so in case they do not comply you do not loose all your money. Make sure the contract is as detailled as possible about hours, locations, teachers, use of facilities . .... I appreciate they had complications because of covid and tried to make up with access to the school after the term ended. But still a very overpriced course for the content we got.

Shanelle de Melo: I am currently a student at the Neue Schule Für Fotografie and words cannot express the level of disappointment I feel towards this school. The education of myself and fellow classmates has been severely compromised by the poor choices made by the board. They do not care about the well-being of their students and have shown a huge lack of respect and morality in their actions. I cannot stress enough that I do not recommend this school to anyone!

Jakob Wierzba: The education I have received here served me more than my run at a "renowned fine arts academy". Felt more personal + dedicated teachers.

Mateo Cidrás: (Course in English) I did the first semester in this school, very disappointed and not recommended at all. Very bad organization, very few classes, very bad experience. Of course I will not continue the following semester.

Kate Demchenko-Zalvovska: Fine place, but not the most interesting and expressive

Carys: I had an awful experience with this school

4. School of Creative Art Photography - BulkinStudio - Tempelhof-Schöneberg

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School of Creative Art Photography - BulkinStudio
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Address: Karl-Schrader-Straße 7-8, 10781 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12 am

Telephone: +49 176 71345395

Business type: Photography school

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