Best Places To Dine With Friends In Berlin Near Me

1. Best Friends Restaurant - Mitte

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Best Friends Restaurant
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Address: Gleimstraße 10, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 43735761

Business type: Pan-Asian restaurant

Best Friends Restaurant: what do users think?

Chetan Aggarwal: Food is good but there staff is very impolite and their service is really bad. Been there couple of time but there is no improvement at all. I would suggest Don’t dine in instead order delivery.

Filippos Dizen: Love the place. Has perfect vibes, nice atmosphere for cosy and formal chill. Service is great and food is a must taste in the neighborhood. I always go for some sushi and a rice or noodles plate which are both tasty and generous.

Errol Bryce: A good friend who is a local introduced me to this restaurant, the food was delicious. I had the roast duck, what a great mealFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

Celia Draganoaia: Very good sushi. The food is consistently good and the staff is very nice. I like that I can always find a table. Best friends is my go-to place.

Kevin Chen: nice. the lunch menu is great.

Derek McAdam: Finally decided to give it a try after years of walking past. Ordered the ebi tempura to start and the Chicken Teriyaki as a main. The Ebi was okay, have definitly had better, the Teriyaki came out 1 minute after i received my appetiser. The Teriyaki, Horrible, i dont know what part of the chicken it was but it wasnt breast and there was more fat than there was flesh!! There was also very little Teriyaki flavor, totally bland!! I complained to my server, no apologies just took the plate away.( I had eaten precisely one bite, no more ) When I asked for the bill the Teriyaki was still on it, not even at a reduced rate, when I questioned it, the server said he could do nothing about it. Apart from the pleasing location to sit and people watch, I do not recommend and will never eat there again!!!!

Marina Nikolic: Waiting long for food over lunch as restaurant was very busy. Tasty food and fair price.

Istem Yildiran: I got 3 different inside outs but the taste was not good. Was also falling apart easily.

Balthasar Duisberg: I used to come here rather often in the past and actually quite liked the place but my last experience has been very disappointing. 1. Portion sizes are smaller than they used to be. For example Maki 6 instead of 8 before - same applies to all special rolls as well as to other dishes. 2. Prices have been increased - on the one side understandable but in combination with reduced quality of the ingredients and smaller portion sizes this is pretty tough to accept. 3. All the previously organic ingredients such as salmon wine and soon have been replaced by non organic products. 4. The services was not great either, which is something I would expect at the current price level.

rene nar: Really love this place. My 8 year old loves sushi so we went for dinner there on his birthday. The staff was super nice to us and very attentive. It also has a very nice outside sitting. Have been eating at this place for years and I have never encountered anything bad with it. Truly recommend!

2. Hummus & Friends - Mitte

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Hummus & Friends
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Address: Oranienburger Str. 27, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 55471454

Business type: Israeli restaurant

Hummus & Friends: what do users think?

yvan lang: A bit disappointing. The humus was average, certainly not on par with a good Israeli humus . Also it was cold which is not the right way of serving Humus. The roasted cauliflower was on the other hand tasty and a good value. We had a taste of the chocolate humus and the best thing I can say about it is that they should take it of the menu immediately. Finally we had a coffee which was fine and a piece of carrot cake which I found a bit dry. Worth a 3.5 but could be better

J. Renx: Very cosy Israeli restaurant with a wide range of vegetarian dishes. Their Hummus menu is a incredible variety. Friendly staff with prompt services. All the customers enjoyed having lunch. Highly recommended to try out Vegetarian options: All vegetarian dishes only

Charly J.: Found this place while I was searching for kosher food in Berlin! What a great plus that this was vegan as well. It was also open on Friday for quite some time. Nice for travelers who want to eat out before Shabbat. I really enjoyed the hummus trio dish as well as the dessert! I totally forgot to tip and later felt bad (not as customary where I come from). However, I will come back and make up for it. I highly recommend this for a communal atmosphere, when I was there, it was quite busy.

Onur Ediz: The ambience is cool, service is a bit slow but friendly, foods look amazing but tastes ok. We tried 4 different types of hummus, not one of the best but is ok..

Taylor Diepold: Great atmosphere. I came along and was able to spread out and do some work. They had a great menu with the additional fall pumpkin specials! I had pumpkin soup (vegan)- lite, tasty, warming. I had the piltz (mushroom) hummus- it held too much tahini butter flavor for me- some like this. It can be too heave and I can see why it could be better to share instead of having as a solo meal. Next time I’d get their salad to try and save ordering a hummus plate for when I dine with at-least two others. Over all great place, location and friendly staff (English and German speaking)

July Summer: Pretty Israeli restaurant, with the cosy atmosphere. The service was fast and very friendly. The meal was tasty. The portions are quite smaller than expected. If you are a hummus lover, try out this restaurant. They offer various types of hummus :)

Eitan Marc Mashiah: Excellent place once again! Quick Corona check-in, excellent dishes- recommendation: cauliflower, eggplant and oven potatoes!! Hope to be able to come back soon

3. Good Friends Restaurant - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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Good Friends Restaurant
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Address: Kantstraße 30, 10625 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 3132659

Business type: Restaurant

Good Friends Restaurant: what do users think?

Chia-chen Lehahn: Good Cantonese cuisine restaurant. Very friendly and sometimes witty staff. Food was delicious and served very quickly. We visited this restaurant twice in 2 days because of the authentic food.

Nuchjarin Lao: Very delicious chinese food the duck and chinese grilled pork are so great and original. Love it. Staff is also friendly Visit again today, still delicious and fast nice service. Love it. the staff can speak Chinese, German (and one staff speaks Thai too) very easy to order. ♡

Chiara Cokieng: Very good food. Great value for money. We had a late lunch on a Sunday at 2pm and didn’t have to wait for a table.

Viktor D.: They offer various different dishes! It was super yummy and I would say that I’d visit sometime again! The prices were a bit higher I’d say but still the place is quite nice! The staff was friendly as well and the food was ready in less than 10 minutes!

Ron: If you want to experience authentic Chinese food, this is the place to go. We often come here and take friends here as well. Never been disappointed.

Thrawn Nex: Super friendly staff that is incredibly kind and very fast. Food is very good and tasty and very fast. I can only recommend the restaurant. Prices are very fair and it is worth the visit.

Toby C: Delicious, authentic Chinese dishes!! The salty fish fried rice and the chicken rice plate totally hit the spot!! Place was busy but service was still incredibly fast and friendly! We got take out :)

dog: 5 stars service, the food serve super fast, everything taste good, for sure one of the best Chinese restaurants in berlin. Make sure to book a table first, they are always busy

Maria Eleni: Still so excited about the dinner we had at this amazing place! We were a group of 8 people so we had the chance to order a big variety to share. Everything we tasted was unique and super delicious! Highly recommended.

Fliss L: Fast, good value, delicious authentic Chinese food (order from the green menu pages), friendly staff, we were quickly seated despite it being peak dining time. What’s not to love?

4. 2 Friends - Burger & Pizza Berlin - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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2 Friends - Burger & Pizza Berlin
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Address: Wilmersdorfer Str. 156, 10585 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 91548462

Business type: Hamburger restaurant

2 Friends - Burger & Pizza Berlin: what do users think?

Angela Damas: Found this place by chance because we needed to eat, we had kids and they had decent amount of sitting. The food was awesome- we had pizza- which we all loved from the crust. We also had the dry rub wings- so juicy Definitely going back.

Shinji: Super kind staffs ☺️ (they’re possibly 2 friends on the name?) Good burgers with good fries 😌 they mistook my sweet potato fries with normal french fries but they gave the right one soon again.

plutokracja: The meat in the burger was weak - flat as a sole and well done. Prices on the receipt are different (about +2 euro on the burger than on the board).

Barbara Pervan: Food was amazing, service was delayed, we had to wait outside more than 20 minutes! Also, sitting area needs improvement! But food is amazinggg!

Kurt Møller: Very good burger and pizza

kulvinder saini: One of the best Burger ever had💥Way far better than 5 guys or any other fancy brands. Loved it and especially hospitality of Mr.Sidhart and his team was welcoming and polite.

Jonathan Choi: Not bad. Homemade buns were good, and patties were made of decent quality meat. The double patties could have used some cheese or something in between to make them stick together better. Sweet potato fries were decent. Would come again, but will try out other burger places too

Henrik P. Stougaard Nielsen: I have nothing on the food. But the place was crawling with flies so I would recommend it only for takeout.

Gökhan GEÇER: Very tasty. Fast and friendly service. Good prices.

5. Max and Friends Berlin - Mitte

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Max and Friends Berlin
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Address: Oranienburger Str. 39, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM

Telephone: +49 30 27907137

Business type: Cocktail bar

Max and Friends Berlin: what do users think?

Marloes H: We chose to eat here because of the location and the pictures they use to advertise themselves in Google. When we arrived we noticed that it was busy but not overcrowded. There was place to sit outside and enjoy the sunny weather. Drinks and food were delivered shortly. The staff offered different options to their menu when asked about it. They were friendly and clearly want the best experience for their guests. The food was delicious.

Diana A: I can’t say these were bad cocktails, but not quite what I expected, based on the reviews. I haven’t tried the food, so I cannot comment on that. However, the drinks were so and so, considering we specifically selected cocktails that were not part of the Happy Hour menu. The music was nice, but the place was somewhat too illuminated for a bar/pub on a Saturday evening. Perhaps more worth trying for the food.

Ryoko Jyuri: Great and extensive cocktail menu. The happy hour deals were really good value too. Hd the frozen margarita which was perfect for a hot summer day

Michael Chern: We went for cocktails and they were good and the price is also good and not expensive. Happy Hour on Saturday between 18-20 is worth it ! They also serve food, we did not have it but seemed descent!

Cindy Tien: Review only for drinks: Came in for a nightcap drink and opted for the raspberry thyme smash (also seen in their menu/website). A bit disappointed for a few reasons - it wasn’t filled to the brim, lots of ice (I sipped it 4 times), tasted like raspberry juice, and didn’t have that dried orange slice garnish (also seen from other users photos).

Rose Marie Ore: A couple days are we just wanted to go by for a quick drink, but stayed for at least four more; the great taste, vast menu, amazing atmosphere and lovely staff! Today we are sitting the same place, and they instantly recognised us. This place is recommended from the bottom of our hearts!

Fred Wynyk: Nice drinks menu, nice dishes too. The Godfather drink was better in the previous years, still not bad.

6. Spindler - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Address: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42/43, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 69598880

Business type: Brasserie

Spindler: what do users think?

Zoe McArthur: Really lovely brunch spot. I had the pancakes and bacon - it had the most delicious syrup that really complemented everything. Fluffy pancakes and crispy bacon was the perfect brunch for a cold day. The staff were really helpful and using masks. Atmosphere of the place makes you feel really homey with a fun selection of music playing (fleetwood Mac, Bowie and some 50s hits thrown in).

Attila: Amazing flair, very good food and well designed interior. However, service is so bad that we won’t go back and I would not recommend anyone doing so either. There are at least 10 staff but we waited 20 minutes for our coffee and another 20 for the food to arrive. Waiters have iPads to work with but somehow not all will take your order. Very confusing and this just doesn’t work, especially if you come with children, sorry.

Lena Bakman: The restaurant is really nice and fancy. The menu is not too big but the courses are special, the steak was absolutely delicious and so is the chocolate dessert. The location is romantic, on the river in Kreuzberg.

Karim Dernaika: The is quite an expensive restaurant for the limited menu items they offer, however of the few choices we had, I have to say they were delicious, the fillet was cooked to perfection. The desserts were not bad too.

Sabrina Sciandra: Place is nice with lovely my opinion it was to hot outside. Service was also really good, the guy even talked spanish!Good brunch options,mostly with eggs…really liked the croque madame and the croissant. For the florentine eggs i just would suggest to mashed the avocado instead of the entire half…and i was also surprised they only offered bottled water.

Yoram Pomer: Fine upper scale restaurant in a great location. Big variety of drinks, small menu ( mostly steaks). The food was great and also worth taking a desert. Be aware that the portions are smaller than average!

Hristiyan Petrov: A really nice place. We went for brunch and got very satisfied. The ambient is really cool. The food is great.

7. Dreh-Restaurant Sphere im Berliner Fernsehturm - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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4873 reviews
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Dreh-Restaurant Sphere im Berliner Fernsehturm
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Address: Alexanderplatz, Panoramastraße 1A, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Business type: German restaurant

Dreh-Restaurant Sphere im Berliner Fernsehturm: what do users think?

Tanya Kronfeld: Nice view, restaurant is beautiful, with live piano music. The menu is short and don’t have many variations. About the taste… we took duck. It tasted like chicken. The potato dumplings were without taste. All dishes were not so tasty. And we waited a lot of time for the food.

emma lucas: Great view of Berlin and up in the restaurant, rotation at a nice speed to take in a full 360° sat at leisure. Attentive waiter and treated like guests rather than tourists. We never had food so can only comment on drinks but the menu was reasonably priced considering the fantastic location.

Andy F.: One of the highlights of Berlin and a must for tourists coming to see the city. Perfect views all around. We booked a table at their restaurant. The staff were very friendly and the rotating restaurant was a fun way to see the city. The food was good too and reasonably priced. You need to book in advance to secure a spot, but this was easy enough. You can book as far as three months ahead. Would definitely recommend!

Ghassan Zein: A MUST VISIT while in Berlin. Make sure to book the restaurant ticket online and pick the OUTER CIRCLE ticket which will show you the whole Berlin city from all sides. A really good experience to have while trying good food and drinks. Recommended for couples or even families. With the restaurant ticket you get to walk around the tower. Highly highly recommended!

Šimon Birský: Great place to have a special dinner at! The views on city are spectacular, especially during sunset. The food is of high quality and the menu of 3 course dinner changes a few times a year. Definitely its an expperience worth the money. The staff is also very friendly and speak well english. The restaurant is making a turn twice per hour.

S T: Great to have experienced it, found it a little over rated & overpriced. The food was fine, nothing spectacular. Found the waiter to be very helpful, professional and friendly. We were not under any time pressure to leave on the scheduled 1 hour. Great views over Berlin.

Anaya Alavni: Friendly staff, tasty food, beautiful view, worth going, would recommended to book the panoramic view table.Food: 4/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

8. Night Kitchen - Mitte

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Night Kitchen
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Address: Heckmann Höfe, Oranienburger Str. 32, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 23575075

Business type: Mediterranean restaurant

Night Kitchen: what do users think?

Bee K: We had the dinner with friends option (7 of us) Very cute place, cosy and rustic. Food is very fresh, colourful plates with lots of great flavours. There was a good variation of dishes to cater for different pallets - fish, meat and lots of veg. There was A LOT of food, so come hungry is my recommendation… the only downside I can reference is that it became too much into the mains, the plates could have been smaller. Overall a great dining experience and would highly recommend!

Michal Orenburg: No words to describe the amazing dining experience we had!!!! Delicious and sophisticated dishes, great service, supreme atmosphere and awesome value for money! We literally ordered all the starters and most of the main dishes. Great venue for a group of friends. You basically can order anything from the menu and it’ll be yummm! Highly recommend!

אלון שובל: Absolutely amazing! Atmosphere is incredible! Beautiful location in mitte next to the old Jewish synagogue (poetic). House red wine was lovely, cocktails also look great.. The food was heartwarming, ingenious, fresh and delicious. Would absolutely recommend, great service as well.

Robert Voltaire: Very cozy and stylish restaurant with excellent food. I recommend the menu "Dinner with Friends". Here you pay about 65 € per person. But then you get a menu with 3 courses and dessert. Each course consists of different components, so that one can taste in principle the entire range of the map. At the same time, you get a wine accompaniment of your choice with unlimited refill. The service is friendly and international. You definitely have to book in advance.

Rubem Andrade: We were surprised! This restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere, with incredible energy and people who excellently served us. We chose the surprise menu, and we loved it. The highlight was the service from a person upstairs who made us very comfortable and helped us make the best choices. ✨✨ Food: I particularly loved the entrecôte steak with potatoes and one desserts (with coconut). My friends loved the red cabbage and feta cheese. Congratulations! I highly recommend this restaurant in Berlin.

Jenna (thejulietmike): One of the best dishes we had in Berlin, very much enjoyed the evening there. Nice food & decent drinks. Service was superb too!

Nahal: One of the best meals I’ve had in a long time… the flavors were so rich and complimentary and sometimes unexpected! A real treat. The service was super - our waitress had such passion about the food :) we got the all-inclusive 3-course “surprise” meal and drinks - highly recommended.

9. Dark Restaurant Berlin - Mitte

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Dark Restaurant Berlin
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Address: Saarbrücker Str. 36-38, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 PM Thu

Telephone: +49 30 98547166

Business type: Restaurant

Dark Restaurant Berlin: what do users think?

Fritz Galliani: We had a lot of fun. Being in pitch black was hilarious. But for 90 a head, the food was below average and the wine was…. undrinkable. Also if you want water, it will cost you a whopping 6.50 😅 Also we chose the “surprise” dish. Which was just chicken and vegetables 🤷🏼‍♂️ The show was a bit long, but if you are with good company you’ll have a good time though! An experience to remember.

Nika Belu: Stuff quite unfriendly and super overpriced food and wine for the quality - the food tasted as from University cantina and the wine as 1 € for a bottle from Edeka. For one male we paid 70€ which is definitely a way too much. Basically, they are ripping off people for the “darkness” marketing….

Danai Sofroni: The concept is great but the FOOD WAS TERRIBLE. We actually got FOOD POISONING. This bad. Very expensive poisoning, thanks ☠️ I sent then an email to complain, and they didnt even bother to answer. We paid around 90e per person and food cost them probably around 1e. Good business plan!

Kristoffer Fosse Hanssen: Amazing servers, but the food was underwhelming. We had the wine package, but was served the same mediocre wine to every dish. We left before the last course.

Hoang Anh Vu: I proposed to my girlfriend there :D the experience was just amazing, the staff was very kind at the end one of the employees there even helped taking pictures of us. I have never ever felt so welcomed like in this restaurant. The adventure we had there will be a part of me through my entire life ! I recommend this place for couples as well as friends as well :D The meal was amazing too ! Intricate yet simple food elevated in the darkness. I also have even more understanding and respect for blind people. Thank you again for the amazing time we could have there !

Christina M.: I’ve been to many restaurants and sure thing this one is special! In the front side we had a welcome drink and had to wait around 10 minutes to be picked up. We paid for 2 + wine with every course around 170 EUR. Our waiter was amazing and always there if we needed anything. They got the room completely dark and for hours we couldn’t see a single thing. Food was great and we were totally wrong with our guessing:-) The after show was really well made and amusing. Definitely worth the experience!

H. Olshevski: A very unique experience that offers delicious food as well as friendly and professional service. They accommodate speakers of German and English. I would highly recommend it.

10. House of Small Wonder - Mitte

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3895 reviews
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House of Small Wonder
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Address: Auguststraße 11-13, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 3 PM

Business type: Restaurant

House of Small Wonder: what do users think?

Lilly Pitshaporn Lee: The comfortable and cozy decorated restaurant offers great choices for brunch and Japanese fusion dishes. The Eggs Benedict is highly recommended. The dish was very filling and tasted very nice. The match latte was also creamy and nor too sweet. Reservation might be a good choice if comes in a big group.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Eggs Benedict …More

Martins: What an amazing brunch place. From the street it doesn’t look like much at all, just a big door. But once you enter the place, it looks amazing, especially their back garden table area. The staff were really friendly and fast and they preferred to speak in English which was fine by us. We were unable to get a seat in the garden as it was packed, but inside was perfectly fine. The food and drinks menu just sounds different and delicious as soon as you look at it. The food came pretty fast and it was so fresh, delicious and comforting. It wasn’t too expensive either, we paid about €42 for 2 drinks and 2 meals and it was so worth it, I definitely recommend this place. Be prepared for waiting in a queue to be seated as there were always customers waiting for a table, obviously for good reasons.

Geraldine G: Delicious place to have brunch. The food is very very tasty, coffee is great. The service is kind and friendly. The patio is beautiful. I have to try eating in the inside part, but I’m sure is beautiful too. The Croque Madame was fantastic. It gets busy on the weekends, so be prepared to wait a little bit in line if you are with a larger group or if you arrive at rush hour :). They accept card payment but not separated.

Gordan Skopljak: We found this place accidentally wandering around the neighborhood. It was +30°C and we need place for rescue. Nice big garden. Brunch was tasty and staff was great. It was not cheap but definitely good value for money

Csákváry Réka: Best spot to a have a brunch! They are so kind and polite. The food was excellent! We had to sit on the bar table during our meal (because they were preparing to a private event - they told us earlier so totally correct) and because of this inconvinience we got a free dessert. Absolutely recommended! 😊

Graham S: Visited this place after seeing such good reviews and recommendations. We went in with high expectations and we were not disappointed. Lovely selection of breakfast dishes and everything was delicious. Very friendly service and a wonderful environment. A little expensive but definitely worth it.

Angel Nin’s Kitchen: Lovely Japanese inspired to have breakfast/ brunch. Prices are in the high side but not crazy. Service was great and my wife loved it so much. I loved the vintage decoration with old items. (See pics) But obviously the most important thing is the food and it was great. I was shocked that on a Tuesday at noon we had to wait 30 minutes to have a free table. Miraculously, after us, tables started to be free. Definitely, a lovely place to enjoy an “out of the box” breakfast/brunch.

Bull Dogg: Very typical “Berlin hip” breakfast spot with only non-German-speaking staff (which isn’t a problem and quite common in Berlin). The restaurant gets very busy so be prepared to wait. If the weather is good there is lots of seating outside. We would have rated it four stars if it hadn’t been for the very cold staff who seem to think they are doing you a favor when taking your order and serving you the food. That made the experience pretty mediocre even if the food was quite okay. It is very pricey for the size of the servings and the quality of the food. There are many great breakfast options in Berlin so we will try something different next time.

Aslı Özcivelek: This is a very cute hidden gem that I’ve heard so much about and was finally able to make it this weekend. It’s inside a building that doesn’t reveal what’s on the inside. We were there for breakfast and had to wait a bit and they don’t take reservations unfortunately. Once inside, you are taken in by the interior decoration which feels really nice and cosy. The setting is also spacious enough to have a comfortable experience. The food was really good and the menu offered a good variety of selections. The staff was attentive and friendly. I definitely recommend this place.

11. Käfer - Mitte

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Address: Platz der Republik 1 Reichstagsgebäude, 11011 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM ⋅ Reopens 7 PM

Telephone: +49 30 2279220

Business type: German restaurant

Käfer: what do users think?

Patrick Nadoll: Great little restaurant next to the Reichstag glass dome. You get a great view of the city from up there. The service was fantastic – Friendly and helpful staff. The food was very good. Prices are higher than the Berlin average but considering location and quality of service they’re still reasonable. A big plus that they cater for vegetarian and gluten-free diets. We were seated in the glass pavilion part and had uninterrupted sweeping views of the city. Can definitely recommend.

Alexander Lindholm: I was here for breakfast and the place is very nice. The view of the Berlin is great. The breakfast is also very good with the scrambled eggs being a real favourite. Also I can really recommend the tour of the Dome afterwards as it is included in the visit.

Fiona Mcmillan: A lovely way to spend an afternoon. The tea was beautifully presented and delicious. Staff friendly and helpful.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Ben Weinhardt: Great service better lunch. 10/10. The views are amazing. A must if you are able to attend! Light cuisine, very refined. The only alteration I would make is that the wine list is apparently good but not great specifically the reds.

Marcelo Marques Aímola: Very nice place, probably even better during summer time, I mind come back to check. Service is very good, not only for the food but also helped me wit a power bank to charge my cellphone. Food is a singular experience, with small but tasty options.

Sara Lovett: Great restaurant in the government building. You need to book a table in advance and it allows access into the Reichstag Dome. Allow some time before your reservation to get in to the restaurant as you have to go through security and groups are escorted into the building. You also need a photo id. The afternoon tea was delicious albeit quite small, but good value for the great quality. Book in advance as tables seem to go quickly.

Talia Purnell: Really great views and beautiful space- BUT- we were disappointed by the breakfast. Claims to be fresh orange juice but it is definitely not freshly squeezed there. Also, Kaffeeautomat made less than impressive cappuccino for Berlin standards! Additionally, fruit was not really seasonal and looked unappetizing. I think for €36 per person, this is just not worth it. The dinner and lunch menu looks much more promising however!

Danny Allain: On top of the parliament building in Berlin. Choice of 4 to 7 course meal. We took 6 course with wine pairings. No problem accommodating gluten free. Service and food all excellent!

12. GRACE Restaurant & Bar - Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

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466 reviews
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GRACE Restaurant & Bar
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Address: Kurfürstendamm 25, 10719 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 PM

Telephone: +49 30 88437750

Business type: Restaurant

GRACE Restaurant & Bar: what do users think?

Karim Dernaika: Every dish we had at this restaurant was to die for, no joke!! It’s one of those places we’re you have to visit if you’re in Berlin, not to be missed!

Benjamin Wenisch: Tasty Menu, friendly staff, great atmosphere - highly recommend

Senko Tor: The Barkeeper Anett was so superbly nice to me and my friend, I really wanna come back here! She always asked for any more wishes and for special drinks. So we went for special wish and she delivered! Such a superb experience! I hope to come back and see anett again at grace bar!

Дарья мироненко: The best bar in Berlin ❤️Every time I enjoy this amazing atmosphere!

Carl Kruse: Sexy atmosphere + great mixology is a winning combination. Summer rooftop bar is one of the best in Berlin. Evelio at the bar knows his drinks. Professional and friendly to boot. Quirky door policy some nights is a detraction. Recommended.

V O: Located within a hotel and on a good shopping street. Very nice ambience with good service-suitable for friends or couples. The food is western asian fusion and are excellent. Selection of alcohol is decent.

Yarhi Ben Simhon: Top class restaurant. The food is delicious. The service is implacable. Good selection of wines and alcohol. Adjacent there is the bar which has a great atmosphere to end the night in a company of beautiful people and good drinks

13. POTS - Mitte

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127 reviews
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Address: Potsdamer Platz 3, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 337775402

Business type: German restaurant

POTS: what do users think?

Christopher C: Restaurant in ritz Carlton hotel .. Lovely modern interior ..with an open kitchen Incredible starter (char) Monkfish next ..good , on the boring side And lamb with artichokes to finish …very nicely done Fixed dinner menu German wines by the glass .. Charming waiter …super service Recommended …even for a date , because of lovely interior Summer terrasse ..but seems to be always closed , funnily

Henning Niss: Really nice modern, German food. A little pretentious (part of the Ritz Carlton) but still relaxed enough. The staff was very welcoming and prices are reasonable.

Olena Myronyk: Very very good. My friends and I came for dinner. We took the 6-course menu. Even though I was not not a fan of some particular ingredients, I admit - this was very good. AND. The premium wine pairing! OH. MY. GOD. Every wine was so well balanced, so well developed, so tasty. The interior is so very fine. On Wednesday night, there was not so many people, but I blame it on the Christmas Markets Period. If you would like to spend the whole evening - 3-4 hours - in a cosy restaurant with fine food and wine, this is a place to go. Staff is so professional. Yes, it is expensive, but trust me, this is worth every cent 😋

M. Madsen: With praise and recommendations from German colleagues we went there for lunch in search for a birthday dinner venue for when my father turns 70 next June. We arrived at the amazing Ritz Carlton around noon, walked inside to the restaurant and was greeted by an above average angry and somewhat arrogant young lady at the front desk. I am adopted and with both my parents beeing caucasian, she seemed to have a hard time understanding we were all together. She said very loud and looked very suprised “Are you together??” Even we stood there all together presenting our reservation. Could have been pretty akward had someone else been there :-) A little after she finally understood we were a family, she laughed very arrogant and shaked her head when my wife asked if the terrace was open. (It was bad weather, but my wife was considering sitting outside to spare the other lunch guests from our baby girl). The reservation had been phoned in some days before and we specifically had asked not to be seated at a round table (since they are half-closed and we had a baby carriage with us). The angry lady took us directly to a round table. We ask politely to be moved, unfortunately not possible even there was only 5-6 tables occupied in the whole restautant. Apparently it’s the type of mangement that cramp guests together in sections and that day, unfortunately, the (nicer) end of the room close to the windows and terrace was all closed off. Up until now pretty horrible thanks to the angry lady and the cafeteria seating but the food was really great, especially if you take the price into consideration. Except the bread. Delicious, beautiful plated with great tastes, I had one of the best bisque of my life in that lunch. (Joel at Metropole, Caprice HK, Søllerød Kro). Moreover, the angry lady had left us and instead came waiter Angela (I think). Angela was so sweet and professional. She charmed a lot of the other tables as well and our daugther loved her from first seight also. It felt like she could have serviced all of the tables by herself. She turned around the whole experience.

Özgür ŞENER: I feel bad since I feel giving two stars only. Because the venue and the service is so good. Unfortunately I can’t say the same thing for the food and wine. We liked only the first course. Monkfish was very dry. Lamb smelled so bad I couldn’t eat it. The desert was nothing special. Tried two Chardonnay (1 bottle for 109euro and 59euro each) nothing special. For this price point unfortunately I wouldn’t go there again. Sorry guys!

Valentin Hermans: Nice venue with open kitchen. Interesting wine pairing. Food was nice, but certainly not outstanding. Sommelier and waiter were poorly trained. Got confused with the orders, spilled wine and water. You definitely find a better place in Berlin in this price range.

David Hamann: Staying at the hotel and stopped by the restaurant for breakfast. He an incredible experience. The staff was fantastic. The selection and quality on the buffet was excellent and was also able to order off of the meal.

East London Girl: If you are looking for a treat when visiting Berlin, look no further than POTS restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton hotel which is located in the centre of Berlin in Postdamer-Platz. POTS, with its Michelin star chef Dieter Muler, aims to reinvent German cuisine with dishes focused on sharing plates and experiences. Being a summer month, we chose to have dinner on the beautiful terrace at the back of the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant also looked amazing. We were greeted with a Pots Spritz, Reichstrat von buhl Reisling Brut with homemade douglas-fir syrup. This was a beautifully refreshing aperitif and unique with the fir flavouring. To start, we were recommended the Purple mustard egg, spinach, chive mash potato (12 €) and Matjes style whitefish, green apple, cucumber (12 €). Both starters were flavoursome and we were told modern takes on German classics! For mains, we had the “Burnt cabbage“, parsley, Miso from Berlin (19 €) and Meatballs, Bavarian, Riesling sauce (20 €). Like me, you may have been sceptical about having a whole cabbage for your main course but boy was I wrong. The textures and flavours were incredible and left you wanting more. As to the meatballs, the reisling sauce really helped make the dish a lot lighter than traditional meatball dishes. With the main courses, we were recommended Wittman weisser burgunder 2017 white wine, which paired beautifully with the cabbage and meatballs. For dessert, we could not resist sharing our favourite, Spiced crème brûlée, woodruff ice cream (9 €). Crispy on top and creamy and smooth underneath – perfection! We thoroughly enjoyed our evening at POTS and were spoilt by very high end, modern German cuisine. I would definitely recommend a visit if you are looking for somewhere special whilst in town! We did not have time but the Curtain Club bar in the hotel also comes highly recommended and looked like a fantastic location for a pre or post dinner drink.

14. My Friends Berlin - Tempelhof-Schöneberg

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Address: Lichtenrader Damm 42, 12305 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 7436409

Business type: Asian restaurant

My Friends Berlin: what do users think?

Kerstin Heinrich-Stewart (GoodDogBerlin): It was delicious and the service was very friendly. My dog ​​was immediately offered fresh water. We felt very comfortable and will be back.

Jeffrey van Odenberg: Balm for the palate! I have to admit that I am positively surprised throughout. The price/performance ratio is consistent, the hospitality is authentic and friendly. Furthermore, according to my subjective perception, it is important to use higher-quality ingredients. The range of Asian dishes is extremely extensive and every palate can enjoy it. Whether via delivery or on site, I have already enjoyed both scenarios several times. Everything done right! There is nothing more to add. Thank you and please keep it up!

Peter Sieg: Very nice people. We ordered a buffet for our 20th wedding anniversary. The food came on time, everything was set up and it was a dream. We recommend.

Tobias Anthes: We recommend Price performance is right Delivery reliable

Nhat Duc Le: The best Asian in the area! I eat there regularly with my wife, the sushi is very fresh and the service is incredibly accommodating. Every wish was received, a big recommendation for everyone! Until next time!

Cookie: Very friendly staff, even after changing the other lovely hospitality. The buffet, as well as take away are very tasty, fresh and lots of fresh vegetables are used. Dogs are also very accommodating here. The terrace invites you to linger, we have been coming here for many years and will continue to do so in the future 😊🍽️

Detlef Kowalski: If you want good food, this is the place for you! A rich offer, on different days from 6 p.m. with a buffet, great! Very friendly staff, nothing to complain about!

15. Berlinchen - Mitte

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788 reviews
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Address: Bayreuther Str. 44, 10787 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 21996177

Business type: German restaurant

Berlinchen: what do users think?

Marc Patrick: Amazing food here we have tried a few in the area and this is by far the best. Rene was amazing and looked after us so well. I wish we had another night to go back. Many thanks

Floriane Penon: Amazing restaurant ! Good vibes and amazing German food. If you want something cozy and not to expensive, you should goFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Michael Richardson: Friendly service, delicious authentic German food, and great beer. It’s a shame they didn’t accept card payment but worth it all the same.

Dusko Ginoski: Beautiful old fashioned German restaurant. Food was delicious and the staff superb.

Chang Liu: Food here was great if you are looking for authentic German food. Really friendly waiters, we will come back again.

George: The food was fantastic! It felt like a nice homely restaurant and the staff were very helpful. Only heads up, this place is Cash only but besides that great place with generous servings

Discovering Destinations: Restaurant Berlinchen– Berlin - Germany Title: Great taste of German food We had dinner at Berlinchen in the first night we were in Berlin since it was few minutes walking distance from our hotel and we saw it was an authentic German restaurant. The restaurant has a cozy décor, with flowers and candles in the table, really cute. The service was really good and the waiter was really friendly and he helped us to choose our plates. The food was delicious, I had the meatballs that were really tasty and Serge had sausage with mashed potatoes. The beer was good too. It’s not a cheap restaurant but it’s not that expensive too since it was a really nice experience. Grade: Eli = 4, Serge = 4 Recommend: Yeah, we totally recommend.

Alex Bigot: Excellent food and perfect service. So efficient and great value.

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