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1. yogafürdich - Studio Berlin Kreuzberg

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58 reviews
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yogafürdich - Studio Berlin Kreuzberg

Address: 2. Hof, Erdgeschoss, Körtestraße 10, 10967 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:45 PM

Telephone: +49 178 1822882

Business type: Yoga studio

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yogafürdich - Studio Berlin Kreuzberg: what do users think?

Anton Nagy: Well designed and comfortable studio with a great team. Claire Nusch with her mix of Berlin humor and yoga passion is a pleasure to practice with.

alex went outside: I loved the yoga class with Janine so much! I felt like flying during a yoga class for the first time. The asanas or exercises were so well structured and well explained that they really helped to work on the particular muscles, making me understand my body so much better. The Shivasana felt great after the class.

Thore Würger: it’s my favourite yoga studio in berlin and i love love love the yoga instructor dr. gundi windmüller. <3

Marta Stankiewicz: Beautiful, stylish interior, knowledgeable staff and nice atmosphere. Much recommended.

Julia: Very good studio 🤩

Vito Loco: A beautiful place with great teachers in an "urban" ambience and without appearing cold. I particularly like the light management in this yoga studio. Super nice - what and above all how you do it all. Thank you 🍀🙌

Claire Nusch: Beautiful rooms! Precise yoga practice with very good alignment and support. Powerful and challenging for advanced users in Level 1-2 and just right for total beginners. As a physiotherapist, I can recommend every beginner to start with Yogafüryou - rarely have I seen teachers (especially Victor) align their students so well and guide them safely through the practice. Full recommendation!

Elea Parker: An oasis for yoga lovers! The atmosphere is relaxed and cordial. The individual teachers are very authentic in their style. Flowing and body-focused Power Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Pilates are offered. A beautiful place to experience spirituality without dogma with yourself. The ambience is very stunning, lots of plants, great interior design, everything is very clear in terms of color. Everything can be borrowed on site free of charge, such as mats and blankets, belts and yoga blocks. A place to be at its finest!

2. YogaCircle Berlin Akademie

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45 reviews
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YogaCircle Berlin Akademie

Address: Schliemannstraße 22, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +49 160 95937497

Business type: Yoga studio

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YogaCircle Berlin Akademie: what do users think?

mmleteli: After years looking for a good yoga studio, I am so happy to have found mine. It offers many kinds of yoga classes with very good teachers, excellent schedule system, good prices, and most of it, you feel very confortable by not being in one of these "fashion" yoga studios, it is a REAL one for REAL people.
Response: Dear, thank you so much! We endeavour to dive boldly into the uncertainty of life and this we can only do when we are authentic.

GRETA PETERS: Very beautiful clean studio where I just feel so comfortable to practice. A lot of different styles and teachers sharing light whatever my needs are one day I feel nourished and calm after I enter and even more as I exit the YogaCircle.
Response: Thank you Greta! I hope we will meet soo at YCBA!

Michaela: I was at the studio in Stargarderstrasse. It was cold and smelled really bad, so did the mats, blankets and blocks - all kind of neglected. The necessity to go to the second floor to change and then go via a common staircase back to first floor to the studio is very inconvenient. The sign up process seemed very unprofessional - I had to fill in a paper form, which was then re-typed in an ipad in front of me (I could have done that immediately, without the paper...), and then was given a paper card with the classes I paid for. A very outdated approach with lots of redundant paper. The class as such and the teacher was really good, but the context in which I practice is really important for me and cold and bad smell are not something I would enjoy nor recommend to others.
Response: Hi Michaela, sorry, we are kind of old-fashioned. Mats were just cleaned but tend to smell anyways. Most of our students do not want a hot room therefore we do not put our ambitious Hot Yoga Panels on high . Running a studio is a very complex job and we put our efforts into the quality of teaching. I hope you can nevertheless enjoy those remaining three classes! Maybe see you in person? Best wishes, Sharada

efrat sarda: The place is nice in General,normally in the evenings it is really full and too crowded.It is not possible to freeze the trail Membership even in a case of an Injury,it is just simply ridiculous!
Response: Dear Efrat, thank you for generally liking our place! That is really nice to read though you were disappointed by our ticket policies. We definitely do freeze memberships but not discounted intro offers. Sajnálom hogy olyan rosszan vettél ezt. Üdv.: Kinga / Sharada Devi

Dina Kourouvani: Yoga circle is the perfect place to practice yoga, with knowledgeable teachers, friendly kind environment, and all different kind of activities and classes. Excellent!
Response: Thank you Dina!

Déborah Nguyen: Great and spacious yoga studio with excellent teachers.
Response: Dear Déborah Nguyen Thank you very much indeed! Especially as you are in a current 200hour TTnand know what you are speaking about. Gracias!

Sonja Schneider: If you are looking for quality yoga training, this is the place for you! The teachers have a great knowledge of yoga practices, anatomy and philosophy. In addition to Yoga & Business, you get the tools to work as a yoga teacher. But the courses are also very enriching for personal development.
Response: Many thanks dear Sonja :-)

Nora Marleen: A nice, large studio with many different teachers, so everyone can find “their” course. The quality of the practice cannot be compared to "simple" gym yoga, twice a week yoga in the circle is enough to be balanced and fit. I feel very comfortable here!
Response: Many thanks for your good words, Nora!

Milka Trifunovic: YogaCircle offers a very pleasant atmosphere, great yoga teachers, exciting yoga topics that are reflected every week as the motto of all classes. Suitable for yoga professionals and absolute yoga beginners, no matter, everyone will find a suitable offer here. I have been with YogaCircle for more than a year and am constantly learning and deepening my yoga practice here. I inquire about my limits, my wishes, my expectations and reinvent myself again and again, thanks to the practice at YogaCircle. Thanks to you, yoga has become my daily routine, a great asset! I even infected my husband with yoga. Thank you, Milka
Response: Milka, that's too nice! Thank you very much for your appreciation and we are happy about your husband. That's an infection we all wish for...

3. yogibar - Yoga Studio

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45 reviews
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yogibar - Yoga Studio

Address: Boxhagener Str. 31, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:30 PM

Telephone: +49 176 22958336

Business type: Yoga studio

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yogibar - Yoga Studio: what do users think?

Maureen: I have been to several yoga schools but oftentimes felt unwelcome or sensed an arrogant vibe from the people practicing or the teachers. Not really motivating for a beginner like me! So I was a bit hesitant to try out Yogibar but this is the first place that felt very warm and welcoming. I also really like that all classes are for all levels. I’ve only been to two classes so far and am sad that they have to close now due to COVID-regulations but I’m very much looking forward to start practicing again next month (hopefully!) Thanks for restoring my faith in yogaschools, Yogibar! ❤️
Response: Thank You <3

Tim Bilbrough: This is a great place! Really nice atmosphere and good classes. I have been to a few of the yin and hatha yoga classes and they have all been really good. Definitely a really nice place to go. Really like the tea available and the decoration. However they would definitely benefit from not trying to cram as many people as possible in to each class.

Theresa Kohlbeck: I always enjoy coming here. The atmosphere is nice and the teachers are super handsome. Every teacher has his/her own style and it is always a new experience. It is super flexible with the price system ranking from single drop-in class to unlimited.

Vic: Always amazing. The teachers are wonderful and the studio pure serenity. One of the best in Berlin!
Response: Hey Victoria, Thanks for your feedback. We are very happy that you like our yoga classes and teachers. See you soon again.

Bruno Meireles: Amazing atmosphere, Careful professionals, heated floor in the winter, and very clean.
Response: Thank you Bruno.

Anne Gocht: The new teacher class I had was super nice and for a very reasonable price! I would come back any time. Thank you very much :)

f .sh: Positive: Professionalism, QualityMy favorite yoga studio in Friedrichshain!
Response: Thanks you very much.

Marta “Marty mars”: Very nice and relaxing space. Super friendly staff and great classes

Isabel Llorente: Very friendly staff and nice atmosphere!
Response: Thank you Isabel. You are Always welcome!

Allison Reiber DiLiegro: A lovely and well-maintained studio.

4. Lotos Yoga Berlin

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48 reviews
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Lotos Yoga Berlin

Address: Mainzer Str. 21, 10247 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +49 30 91544928

Business type: Yoga studio

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Lotos Yoga Berlin: what do users think?

Lena Krauthäuser: Great location! Super amazing teachers, the shop is very sweet. You can buy everything you need from books over malas, to singing bowls. The energy is in my perspective extra ordinary! 💫✨
Response: Thank you so much Lena. We're looking forward to seeing you soon around 😄🙏

I W: I absolutely love this yoga studio. Classes are very diverse and always excellent, with a nice and small number of participants. The space is also really nice, with tea and a great incense smell.

Lisa Clement: Went to the morning yoga today and I loved it! Very relaxing vibe, great teacher, nice yoga room:) nothing to complain about! Will come back for sure.

John Williams: Nice selection of classes and courses. Seem to always have a class on no matter what day or time. Nice rooms as well!
Response: Thank you so much for your support 🙏

Kathryn Margaret: I really enjoyed attending this studio during my brief stay in Berlin. They offer some classes in English. I found the teaching style empathic with a big focus on practicing safely and paying attention to your body and breath. The studio spaces are tranquil and well equipped. Thankyou for a wonderful experience in Berlin!

Michela Carletti: Honestly, my favorite studio in Friedrichshain. They have some really amazing teachers!
Response: Thank you so much Michaela 🙏 We're looking forward to seeing you very soon again 😃

Rachel Wuttig: I can only speak for classes during the day, but in both German and English, you cannot be disappointed here! A wonderful studio that has only benefited from some of the remodelling done and the addition of a second location at Traveplatz.

Ruben Roth: Awesome Yoga classes and atmosphere. Thank you Lotos Yoga Berlin!

5. Yoga Hub Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

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22 reviews
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Yoga Hub Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

Address: Greifswalder Str. 8d, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 1575 8734608

Business type: Yoga studio

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Yoga Hub Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg: what do users think?

Anna: Small but cozy yoga studio with great teachers and classes in English! Very welcoming vibe.

Violeta Ciutac: My favourite yoga place! Nora is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever practiced with!

Elitsa Kamburova: Favorite yoga studio, great teachers, great atmosphere, highly recommended!

Greg Planchuelo: I came here on a Friday evening and had a wonderful session with Vanda. I never practiced yoga in a studio because I was shy, but that day Vanda made us all feel like at home. So friendly and caring... and such a yoga expert! Will come back again as soon as I can! :D

Margaux Muller: Yoga Hub is a cozy studio in Prenzlauer Berg with nice values. I tried most of the classes they offer. They are not all consistent in terms of quality but teachers like Maria or Merav gives this place a 10 stars rating :)

Franziska Poppitz: A beautiful studio, with a beautiful community! A lot of diverse classes and great and experienced teachers. I love to come here for my yoga practice!

6. Spirit Yoga Charlottenburg

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56 reviews
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Spirit Yoga Charlottenburg

Address: Goethestraße 2-3, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +49 30 27908505

Business type: Yoga studio

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Spirit Yoga Charlottenburg: what do users think?

alexi makris: Amazing. Professional. Clean. Peaceful. I have done classes with 4 different teachers now and can’t pick a favourite. Even tho I don’t speak German it’s still easy to follow.
Response: Dear Alexi, we are flattered. Thank you so much. We are looking forward for your next visit.

Sofiia Angelova: I love this place. I think most of the yoga teachers are very professional and experience you get from the class is amazing. But moreover I would like to say thank you and recommend you the massage service at the spa area. The masseuse Olga is one if the great masseuse I ever had. She has a very good energy and doing very professional massage. Thank you 🙏🏻 Namaste

Lily Cichanowicz: The actual classes here are very nice, but over the last year of attending this studio, without fail the workers at the desk are extremely rude and condescending. Shame on this studio for allowing this to be the front of house for a place that offers yoga. The way I have been made to feel is utterly antithetical to the philosophies that they are currently profiting from. No one should be made to feel as alienated or hurt as I have experienced for trying to attend a yoga class. Go somewhere else.
Response: Dear Lily, we attach great importance to attentive and friendly service in our studios. We are very sorry if you didn't have a good experience today.

Efi Rousi: A very nice yoga studio. Although the room for yoga is very big and often crowded, the teachers manage to keep it warm and cozy and they always go around helping people. Also, they have the best tea ever served after the class.
Response: Dear Efi, thank you for your feedback! After all this years we still love our tea as well :)

M S: I went to Spirit Yoga for a massage today and it was unfortunately the worst massage that I have ever had as well the worst experience I have ever had at a spa. I am writing this review to hopefully save someone else from a similar negative experience. The person giving the massage seemed to have no training and no idea what they were doing as if they were just a normal non-trained employee they had substituted in to do the massage. I had to stop the massage after 15 minutes and asked for a refund, which I was not given. I feel that I was cheated out of my money. I would STRONGLY recommend not risking a similar experience and going somewhere else that knows what they are doing...

SP: The studio is fine but the lady at the spa is extremely unfriendly. Wow. Changed my mind right away when I called for a booking. Not a place I would want to go for a nurturing and relaxing treatment!

Nur. P. Sahin: 2021 we Miss yoga 01.11.2020 i changed my comments Follow Joe he is the best yoga teacher in this club 10.10.2019 worst yoga place ever, the staff aren’t friendly Someone just entered 7 minutes late to the class but they don’t let us in 5 mins late As I regularly visit the studio the front desk is getting worse and worse... there are good teachers indeed but front desk is killing the studio
Response: Dear Nur, for the benefit of all guests, later admission to the yoga classes is unfortunately not possible. Be a yogi, be on time. Hope to see you again soon.

Michaela Stephan: Feel-good Location and Great Yoga teachers.

Jeanluc Picard: Fantastic and inspiring place to be!

7. Yoga Labor Berlin

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34 reviews
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Yoga Labor Berlin

Address: Wilhelminenhofstraße 92, 12459 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +49 176 61908898

Business type: Yoga studio

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Yoga Labor Berlin: what do users think?

Josefine Loewe: Love the atmosphere here - it’s a great place to wind down after work!
Response: Thanks my dear. See you soon in our studio. 💜

Antonin Cohen: My favorite yoga studio in Berlin, relax atmosphere but serious teachers and good level classes
Response: Thank you for your great feedback & see you soon on the mat. 😊

Georgina Gavins: Positive: Communication, QualityNice spot, super friendly teachers and a nice atmosphere. If I lived in schöneweide I would be coming here all the time! (corona-permitting)
Response: Dear Georgina, thanks for your great review and hope to see you soon on the mat.🙃

The Grateful's: I did an intensive yoga training with Doris, Birga and Anna and I can only recommend it! They are totally passionate and helpful. It was fun and I feel ready to take my first steps towards becoming a yoga teacher and to develop myself further. Thank you dear ones!

Lysia Lamoureux: Super nice atmosphere with a view of the Spree. Smiling people and competent teachers. Always happy to be there!
Response: Thank you dear Lysia, see you soon on the mat.💜

Sina Kießhauer: I always felt very warmly welcomed in the yoga laboratory and was comprehensively trained as a yoga teacher with a lot of fun (and a good portion of chaos, which is part of the troupe 😄). Anna, Birga and Doris convey the input with a lot of heart ♥️ Thank you for making the training so flexible and for allowing me to be there hybrid from Hamburg, it was a wonderful time!
Response: Thank you for your review, dear Sina. Your KAOS/Chaos Gang will be happy if you come by again.💜

J M: An incredibly good education! The entire concept is simply coherent, the teachers are very competent, fresh and very personable. My expectations have even been exceeded. Thanks for the wonderful time!

Lena Hotze: I would give more stars if I could, because both teachers and studio, atmosphere and location are great. The yoga training was an enrichment for my soul and body. I am very grateful to Anna, Birga and Doris for this wonderful time! If you want to complete a competent and at the same time cordial training, the Yoga Labor is the right place for you. The general course and retreat offer is also a dream - I can only warmly recommend everything. <3
Response: Thank you, dear Lena! We can only return the positive feelings. :) Come visit us again soon. Greetings & kisses, your yoga laboratory.

8. Yoga Teacher Training Berlin

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41 reviews
new review
Yoga Teacher Training Berlin

Address: Tempelhofer Ufer 36, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +49 1577 2387063

Business type: Yoga studio

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Yoga Teacher Training Berlin: what do users think?

Kailin Badal Thomas: I did the 200 hours Dynamic Mindfulness training and it has been a very profound experience for me. This training is based on teaching with care and wisdom the elements of Yoga and meditation, from the history and foundation of Yoga and Buddhism, anatomy of the body and movement based on new knowledge about somatic and biomechanics, helpful guidance on how to be a yoga teacher and all that goes with it and of course, deepening into the practice of Yoga from a non-dogmatic point of view, with a kind approach and from a very reflective perspective into the current society and daily life. I believe that the work that its founder Tatjana has done is exceptional in organizing and transmitting this knowledge from the online materials and videos to the onsite weekends and the incredible classes with her. For me this was an experience that went beyond my expectations, it was very transformative and I feel super grateful for it. I will completely recommend it to all of you there!
Response: Thank you so much for this stellar review, Kailin!

Katya Abramkina: I feel very lucky that I found this Yoga teacher training. I’ve met wonderful people, improved my yoga and meditation practice and gained a lot of new knowledge. Tatjana gave us a lot of information based on since and on Buddhist non-dogmatic perceptive of yoga. I’m grateful for that opportunity to learn more about Buddhist philosophy, anatomy and history of yoga. The course, together with virtual studio and master-classes, is very well organised. We had a big part of it online and 4 great weekends in person in Berlin. It is very helpful that it is always possible to go back to all material. And to meet everyone and share this journey together, online and offline was wonderful. Thank you Tatjana for creating this program! I defiantly feel more confident and more mindful on and off the yoga mat. And I’m looking forward to continue learning from you.
Response: Thank you Katya for this great review!

Natalia Schnur: I have graduated from 200 hrs yoga teacher training with Tatjana in 2021 and it was an incredible experience. I loved the International atmosphere of the training, non-dogmatic and careful approach of Tatjana as a teacher. Tatjana is a great teacher with lots of experience. The combination of online and offline sessions was beneficial for me and allowed me to get deeper understanding of the topics. The online material is carefully curated by Tatjana, it is clear and concise. I definitely can recommend this teacher training for anyone who is thinking to take their yoga practice to the next level, get better understanding of movement and get equipped to start teaching yoga themselves based on principles of Dynamic Mindfulness.
Response: Thank you for this great feedback, Natalia!

Katie: The Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training took me on a wonderful journey of learning and discovery. Not only did I engage in a thorough, well planned and extremely professional teacher training programme, I also became part of a supportive network of like minded yoga enthusiasts. The online component of the teacher training was very well put together, offering a wealth of knowledge which kept me motivated through its carefully composed modules. There was also the possibility to connect and ask questions during the two live online classes per week, as well as the monthly online meetings. I loved the last two modules of the course when we met up in person (fantastic for people who live in, or can travel to Berlin). The course was flexible enough to accommodate my family and work and while there were times at the end, when I had to push myself, it was worth every moment of it. Tatjana knows her stuff and is an inspiring teacher.
Response: Thank you for this lovely in depth review, Kate!

9. Green Yoga

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73 reviews
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Green Yoga

Address: Sredzkistraße 59, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +49 177 1431355

Business type: Yoga studio

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Green Yoga: what do users think?

Medha Kulkarni: One of my favorite studios in Berlin! The location is convenient for me, the space is clean, pretty and cosy, they have all kinds of Yoga classes with some amazing teachers! Best part is their customer service. Unlike most studios in Berlin, they are easy to reach and more importantly quick to respond. They have a couple of other locations in the city that you can try depending on where you live. In any case, highly recommend this studio!

Sophie Field: I really enjoy the classes, but just wish that the space and mats were cleaner. It unfortunately just doesn’t feel very hygienic. The mats are stained and have a smell, and the floors are always quite dusty. I wouldn’t expect it to be immaculate, but it does kind of take you out of the experience of the lovely classes.

Marla Rós Zola: I love this yoga studio. It has a nice atmosphere and very friendly and relaxed teachers.

Monica Leon: I got to this yoga studio 20min. Before class. Buzzed downstairs numerous times and no one answered. Then called. No one answered. A very unprofessional business.

anton UNAI: a ten-finger exercise nothing as easy as falling off a log as easy as pie as easy as ABC a piece of cake a cinch a snip easy-peasy uncomplicated yoga studio No foo foo she Shaaa lalalla no sweat to arrive do it and go. Green yoga Berlin

Alexa Jah: Best Yoga studio in Berlin! Teachers offer great yoga classes, I attend the studio from the beginning, I always feel restored and energetic after every and any class, teachers are incredibly prepared The vibration in the room is calm, friendly yet energetic. Amazing, Amazing Results are shown I LOVE GREEN YOGA 🌿🌿🍃

Marco Scola: Amazing studio for great yoga and sound bath

W L: Was here two times for yin and am super dissatisfied with my experiences (really want to give 1 star instead) The classes were super full but the best spots were reserved for the online class (tripod and lighting), ppl in studio have to squeeze behind pillars. Teachers were so used to speaking quietly to their mics for online class ppl only. And overall experiences of their yoga sessions weren’t relaxing nor effective. The room is dirty and the equipments are super old (and dirty) Won’t recommend this place (at least for yin yoga) to anyone at all
Response: Hi, thank you for the feedback. Could you let us know what time and day your class was on? We can have a chat with the teacher. We will take your feed back seriously and make changes. Namaste

10. Ashtanga Yoga Studio

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20 reviews
new review
Ashtanga Yoga Studio

Address: Karl-Kunger-Straße 21, 12435 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9 PM

Telephone: +49 179 1972226

Business type: Yoga studio

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Ashtanga Yoga Studio: what do users think?

sandbader: Positive: Professionalism, QualityGreat Yoga-Studio with great teachers! It has a very nice ambience and a very welcoming and warm atmosphere. Since it is a smaller studio the teachers give a lot of feedback and they support every student individually! I can totally recommend to go there.
Response: Thank you, Sandy - and a big kiss to you :)

Andrej Dietrich AKRinde: Such a great place to find to yourself. Julia is a very helpful and patient teacher. My practice here spend me a lot of energy for the day through my work. Thank you very much! Keep it up!
Response: Nice, I'm happy. Thank you!! :)

Daria Baskina: Nice space, good vibes and great practice. Def will be coming again
Response: Thank you very much, Daria - hope to see you soon!

Ingrid Hadvig: Very friendly and competent teachers! As a complete yoga beginner, I started the beginner class on Tuesday mornings. After four visits I felt comfortable enough with Ashtanga yoga to attend the Mysore classes instead. I really appreciate that the classes are not too big.
Response: Thank you, dear Ingrid, for the good review! I always look forward to seeing you in class, hope to see you soon!

aracuja: Julia is a great teacher! she guides the student competently and easily through the world of ashtanga yoga. the small, loving studio in alt-treptow fits your style perfectly. We recommend!

Lisa Wahl: I really enjoy coming to Mysore classes with Julia. She looks after the students individually with a lot of calm and empathy. Excellent!
Response: Lisa, thank you. Kisses to you :)

11. Yoga On The Move

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56 reviews
new review
Yoga On The Move

Address: Akazienstraße 27 Hinterhof rechts, 4. OG, 10823 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 11:30 AM ⋅ Reopens 5 PM

Business type: Yoga studio

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Yoga On The Move: what do users think?

Aleksandra Zabawa: My visit at Yoga on the Move was incredible. I had a great time, the place is magical. Marlene is super kind, she’s a great teacher with a beautiful soul. I highly recommend Yoga on the Move to everyone. I already booked more classes for next weeks / months. Love it!

Emilia Gałązka: An amazing place with great atmosphere and beautiful design. Sebastian was a great instructor, with very nice voice and good tips how to improve your positions. I will definitely come more often! :)
Response: Thanks for your great feedback Emilia, that helps us a lot! :)

Sasha Miroshnychenko: The beautiful bright studio, on the upper floor of the building. Spacious, with great vibes. Has a shower room! Jenny is a very nice yoga instructor 🤩
Response: Thanks for your kind and positive feedback Sasha! We look forward to your next visit :)

Janine Khayati: an amazing place, wonderful and energetic classes and lovely teachers!I highly recommend to visit some classes at yoga on the move, especially the mindful morning class with valery!✨
Response: Thank you Janine for your kind words! We are happy to hear that you are enjoying our space and the yoga classes we offer. See you soon on the mat again 💫

Luise Scherp: Positive: Communication, Professionalism, QualityAbsolutely my favorite yoga studio in Berlin! All the teachers are so kind and the atmosphere is just peaceful! Can’t wait for my next practice at yoga on the move.

Anna B: my go to yoga studio! love the classes & teachers 🙏🏼
Response: Thank you for your feedback Anna and so nice that you come to us regularly! :)

Ludovica Picardi: Wonderful studio with great teachers and welcoming environment!
Response: Thank you Ludovica! Looking forward to your next visit :)

Balanced Byvanessa: Super nice & compassionate team & venue✨The studio feels like a safe space to unfold & relax.The teachers are passionate about what they do a d this feels amazing 💖✨
Response: Thank you for your loving words! We really appreciate your support.

12. English Yoga Berlin - Yoga in Kreuzberg

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16 reviews
new review
English Yoga Berlin - Yoga in Kreuzberg

Address: Görlitzer Str. 39, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 1514 1629417

Business type: Yoga studio

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English Yoga Berlin - Yoga in Kreuzberg: what do users think?

Ruxandra Grecu: Really great classes, teacher, atmosphere. The studio is in an old cinema for kids (kinder kino) and the ceiling is blue like the sky and has silver stars on it, which is lovely to watch. The location is quiet and I always leave immensely relaxed, even if my poor frail body is sometimes put through the ringer. Very recommend!

Shaleah D: Expert yet humble instruction, classes here are so lovingly given. I learn so much every time I come in or take an online class. The values and principals of accessibility are also so refreshing in the space of trendy yoga. These ladies are the real deal! 🧘🏽‍♀️

Afroditi Pol: Pinelopi is the best teacher one can have.Every class with her is a unique experience. After every lesson I feel relief, physical and mental. Words are not enough to describe her kindness and charisma!

Dêli Dêls: I have been to a couple of classes at English Yoga Berlin and it was really something special for me! the environment was really relaxing and nice. I personally liked the kind of yoga they practice there and i just love that they use the tibetan bowls for the relaxations they do at the end of the classes. People were super nice, the environment was great and the place itself seems to be filled with incredibly nice energy and relaxing vibes! I definitely recommend English Yoga Berlin as the best place for discovering and practicing Yoga! :)

Turiya Berlin: Just great. Beautiful, welcoming, quiet space, (complete with singing birds, no city noise despite being extremely centrally located- so nice)! More importantly, the teacher had a well-researched and deep but very natural and warm teaching style. The other class members were welcoming. All in all, a great place to do yoga!

Valentina Karga: I have done lots of kinds of yoga in many different places in Berlin around the world, because I travel a lot. But since I discovered Penelope in the English Yoga Berlin, I felt that this is one of the most sincere, deep and holistic yoga practice I have had and that this is what I was looking for. So, I am going there for several years now and I keep learning this way. I am very grateful for this!

13. Yoga Hub Berlin - Friedrichshain

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26 reviews
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Yoga Hub Berlin - Friedrichshain

Address: Thaerstraße 40, 10249 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 1575 8734608

Business type: Yoga studio

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Yoga Hub Berlin - Friedrichshain: what do users think?

Ariane Petschow: Great place with a very nice atmosphere and very friendly teachers. I always feel very welcome and in good hands

Helen Tubridy: My favourite studio! Excellent teachers and a great variety of classes on offer

Harmony Jacques: Great studio! Warm energy. Welcoming for people of all walks of life.

Elif DH: Beautiful, cozy studio with variety of yoga & pilates classes with competent teachers...

Michał Szafraniec: Great English speaking place! Fantastic teachers and cosy atmosphere. Can only recommend :)
Response: Thank you so much for the great review Michał. We hope to see you soon for a class again.

Simon Frost: Did my introductory class, great teacher and great vibe. I will be back

Talia Purnell: So many wonderful things to write about this studio. Beautiful studio filled with experienced, competent, and inspiring instructors. Each class is different and offers a wide range of challenges, perfect for whatever level you are at. Would highly recommend! :)

14. Yogalila

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11 reviews
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Address: Rykestraße 37, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8 PM

Telephone: +49 30 44355943

Business type: Yoga studio

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Yogalila: what do users think?

Anne Gocht: Last time I was there for the first time and loved it! Beautiful neat and cozy little yoga studio that does not seem o be yet so popular. I find it a great atmosphere in a beautiful narrow street of Berlins most beautiful neightboorhod. Very professional and competent yoga teacher. Thank you!!!! :)

Anna Oliveras: I joined one of their yoga sessions last week for the first time and I really loved it. The atmosphere of the studio is super comfortable and Thomas lead a great yoga practise.

voinescu alina: Love there. wonderful little studio with great atmosphere

Renita: I highly recommend this school. From the beginning I felt right at home. The group was not too big, just right. Every week was not the same, but the Do course was always interesting designed with really great music. I am always relaxed, full of energy and good spirits. Unfortunately I have to pause for time reasons first. As soon as I can, I will do yoga here again.


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49 reviews
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Address: Revaler Str. 22, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Business type: Yoga studio


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EVERY DAMN DAY YOGA: what do users think?

Rebekah Eckard: One of my favorite studios in Berlin. It’s lovely and bright, and the instructors are so kind and welcoming. Been going to their Prenatal class for months and it’s the absolute best I’ve been too. Definitely recommend.
Response: Dear Rebekah, Thank you very much for your great rating! We look forward to seeing you back in the studio very soon! #teamEDDY

cheryl barr: First time going to fhain location- got lost and didn’t make it in time. There was no one up at front desk and Denise, the instructor that day, ended up being very rude to me and said “did the hour start? Yea? Then I’m not going to set up a silk for you or anything”. In front of the whole class. Maybe there should be better instructions for first time visitors but just wasn’t very good treatment or experience
Response: Crazy! Giving us 1 star and ask per mail to take part again? I think it’s better to find another studio. Cheers #teamEDDY

Sterling Thornton: I was looking forward to my beginners class in aerial yoga this morning. Unfortunately, when I got there the class was in German. On USC all the classes are listed in EN or DE, and this class didn’t have a tag at all. It is also not listed anywhere on the workouts explanations. When I told the instructor that, she told me “Well this is Germany, people speak German” as if that explanation was at all helpful. Really disappointed in the attitude of this instructor + yoga studio. Not friendly to internationals
Response: That’s not right. Read our FAQs and don’t make the teacher and other students feel unfortunately! Please reflect your behavior at the studio - one star back to you!!!

Katharina Jeczawitz: Super strict - was there at 19:00 after RUSHING here from work to have a nice workout.Can’t believe they just ignore u and that I pay a lot of money for this.
Response: We always start on time and think it's only fair to everyone waiting in the room. And since you're using USC and not our cards, we can't refund you either.

Marién Quattrocento: This is one of the nicest studios I have ever been. The facilities are in such a great location and the decoration is just stunning. I usually go to aerial yoga in here and I love the classes with Daniela, they are always fun. She is so talented, sweet and helpful that I always keep coming back. She also gives different level of exercises if you want more of a challenge, but of course she never forces anyone. The place is also spotless, even the fabrics at aerial yoga are always extra clean.
Response: Liebe Marien, thanks a lot for your feedback!!!

Mary Liyoa: I love this studio, definitely will come back. Huge respect for teacher Javier, just made my day with amazing morning practice ✨
Response: Hey Mary, thank you so much for your feedback! ❤️

Tim Bilbrough: Overall good. Nice space and generally good teachers. Some classes feel very crowded however and the floor could be cleaner. Overall nice atmosphere though with water and tea available. Good choice of classes and times
Response: Hey Tim, thank you for your feedback. Floor will be cleaned once more in the week now :-)

Karina: Very nice studio, pop pilates class was crazy :D loved it!
Response: Thank you, Karina!

Tansu Arici: Lovely atmosphere, friendly teachers. ❤️
Response: Thank you so much!!!!

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