Best Restaurants For Weddings In Berlin Near Me

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1. MARS | Küche & Bar - Mitte

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MARS | Küche & Bar
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Address: Gerichtstraße 35, Seiteneingang, 13347 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 pm

Telephone: +49 30 120822131

Business type: Restaurant

MARS | Küche & Bar: what do users think?

Thrift'Z'3 Millien: Tucked away behind the Kultur Centre located near wedding, this tucked away spot is found among a courtyard. There is ground outdoor escape with tables and chairs that lead to grand staircase. The entrance where you make your order can be found on the first floor. During a Saturday afternoon they were only serving desserts and coffees and teas. Great service, reasonable prices, and delicious sweets. A high recommendation, they do serve other meals during different hours as well. Outdoor seating as well as indoor is available.

Hendrik: Amazing space. Fantastic vibes throughout outdoor and indoor seating areas, fantastic and delicious food for everyone. Can’t recommend the Chai though and certainly service needs better coordination.

Moshé S: One of the best discoveries we have made in Berlin; the food is good, the service is perfect, and the atmosphere is to take your breath away.

Michaela Stephan: Loved the outdoor sitting area which has a nice peaceful atmosphere. Just a perfect spot for lazy summer afternoons. The food is very creative and tasted really, really good. It is dog and kids friendly :) (baby highchairs available)

Wright Now: Edit: Unfortunately we now have to speculate that the cream cheese was maybe only scraped off the bread and replaced with hummus, since we now experience the typical symptoms of eating dairy when lactose intolerant! (also the plate came back not even 5 minutes later, which supports this suspision) ___________________________________ Service is incredibly slow, we waited about 5 minutes to be seated. When we finally sat down the waiter just left instead of asking us for drinks, so we had to wait another 15 minutes. Finally a young lady took our orders, but only the dishes arrived, the beverages where forgotten. We asked for 2 waters and 2 coffees it took another 15 minutes for this to arrive at our table. While ordering we mentioned lactose intolerance, but apparently that was not important to the waitress so they replaced the cream sauce with cream cheese, which obviously makes no sense. The shakshuka was bland and tasted like tomato sauce from a jar. I expect seasoning when I read "oriental" there was none. The salad that was supposed to come with it was on top of it and of course warm and therefore inedible. My plate was barely touched, yet no-one bothered to ask if something was wrong with the food when we payed. Besides that the setting was nice but extremely crowded since they also had some sort of book signing right there, which made a relaxed brunch impossible because there was constant commotion around our table. Overall the experience was terrible, the food was bland and the service was bad. We are not coming back or recommending this overhyped place. Every penny spent there is a waste of your hard earned money.

Saba Kash: Had coffee and a croissant. Cute place with a nice vibe to work from in the day with stable wifi connection. Service wasn’t that great as they were busy yet very friendly but the rest of it makes up for it

Viktoriia Garipova: This place deserves 5 stars at least for outstanding location! You can have the great experience just over cup of coffee here. Food is great by the way with always changing menu from week to week. They also put much of effort in how their food served!

Bianca Ignat: I came here for both brunch and lunch, and it was super tasty! I love the garden they have and the atmosphere, and the staff is very nice. Will come back! :)

2. Gaststätte Deichgraf - Mitte

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Gaststätte Deichgraf
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Address: Nordufer 10, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +49 30 4537613

Business type: German restaurant

Gaststätte Deichgraf: what do users think?

Charlie Dwang: Easy to find local restaurant, great atmosphere and surprisngly nice service. Recommended zander by berlin local, fish was well cooked but serviced with potato salad and assorted salad - pairing was not great. Good price. Enjoyed by locals, would recommend for an authentic german experience.Food: 2/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 …More

Ivan Leskin: Warm and attentive service, great german cuisine, fancy vintage interior, and good value for money. A perfect restaurant of its kind.

Niveen Fathallah: The waiter was very kind and helpful and the food tasted really good. We ordered Kalbschnitzel btw the portions were also really huge

kiranhamilton: Decent German food at a reasonable price. Good option for someone who is relaxed and unpressed for time. The schnitzel was not bad!

Karolina Gurinaitė: Nice place to have a beer or some food. The waiting times might get a little long, but outside seating is nice too!

georgia diak: Nice place to sit outside and have lunch . The food it’s good and the atmosphere relaxing.

Rafael: Decent German food, good beer, cozy spot.

Nil Codina Martínez: Tasty and fair priced currywurst

3. L' Escargot - Mitte

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L' Escargot
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Address: Brüsseler Str. 39, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 pm

Telephone: +49 30 4531563

Business type: Mediterranean restaurant

L' Escargot: what do users think?

Anne Ellersiek: We had a wonderful evening. The food was delicious and the service very attentive. Thank you so much!

Kaija Lalo: A little pearl. Service a little too attentive to my adantage. I got the most refill from our bottle. ;) I loved the food and how it looked so very much! I want to go back and try everything they have. I am more into beer, but the wine we got suggested, we loved as well.

Raj Singh-Khakh: Good tasty food and very friendly owners, however be prepared to wait till your food appears. Worth the wait.

Eddie Lepante: This restaurant is simply wonderful. It should have a Michelin star!

Felix S: The easter takeaway was an absolute delight. You could tell that the restaurant put a lot of effort and heart into the dishes.

Dimitris Adraktas: Very nice atmosphere. Excellent food. Highly recommended.

Fani Madzharova: I really liked the food and I guess the price for a three course menu in a french restaurant (35€ without wine) was a good deal.

Hakim Meskine: Pricey, but just delicious. Very much worth it.

Kristof Geilenkotten: Not very efficient but nice

4. Taverna Hellas Wedding - Mitte

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Taverna Hellas Wedding
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Address: Utrechter Str. 22, 13347 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 pm

Telephone: +49 30 4562932

Business type: Greek restaurant

Taverna Hellas Wedding: what do users think?

Attila KV: Probably the best Greek restaurant in the north part of city. Not only the food is perfect, but the service is also extremely friendly. You should try the Gyros! We are sure we will come back again.

deepak s: Lovely dining experience. Great staff, good food and ambience.Food: 4/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Sebastian Schmiesing: Wonderful classic greek restaurant. Amazing quality and taste of the food served, still reasonable priced. Service was delightful, quick and very friendly. Especially young lady called Paulina was very nice. I Definitely will come back. 😌

Ognjen Romano: Pleasant atmosphere, interesting ambient and tasty foodFood: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Ruben Prasat: Delicious Greek menu, we had Pita bread and mix grill platter. We loved it. Carry cash, they did not have card payment.

Peter Rickert: Interior decor is stunning. You don’t get so much meat in the grill plate. Make a reservation or the waiters will try to seat you a table in the middle of foot traffic.

Yiğit Yeşilpınar: I really liked Gyros and Chicken breast stripes, baby calamari was nice and fresh too, they also have good German beer

Katerina Agrest: One of fav places in hood.Very welcomingAuthentic food. Everything is very tasty, huge portions and good wine

Lado Gongadze: very tasty food I recommend everyone to try very tasty food and nice atmosphere !💙

5. COZYMAZU - Mitte

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Address: Sprengelstraße 39, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 pm Wed

Telephone: +49 1515 2147750

Business type: Taiwanese restaurant

COZYMAZU: what do users think?

Alexey Chernikov: Super tasty Taiwanese food. They serve proper tea in and refill it with hot water — like at a proper tea ceremony, personalised for your table. My absolute favourite was the corn soup. It was marvelously delicious. I also liked that their menu is very short. Didn‘t give me a hard time choosing what I wanted.

CL Huang: Really Taiwanese tee house, the decorations were amazing. The food was good, especially the Hongshao bowl, the pork belly was so tender and flavorful. The waiter was friendly. A restaurant worth keeping visiting.

lucas bals (Lucas B.): Good food, all of the dishes where very tasty and savory. Had a bit to less sauce for my taste and got a big extra load of the goodness for free without any circumstances. The vegan dishes are also really good, give them a try! We will come back here. Cosy, tasty and great Service.

Tom Green: Easy to make a reservation on the phone. Nice environment and not overcrowded. Had rouzao fan, hongshao bowl and blood dumpling. In my opinion, the food and flavour is so-so but expensive for what is served; kind of like home cooking but restaurant price. Maybe would have benefited from seasonings on the table to add extra, if desired. Came to about €45 for two bowls, appetiser and two alcohol drinks.

Mallory Chen: If I can give more than 5 stars I would! I’m from Taiwan and this place definitely satisfied all of my night market cravings, and more 😊 Everything is reasonably priced, well plated, and delicious. The luobuogao and oyster omelet were my favorite.

Akio Heltmann: Very nice! Staff were all super friendly and spoke clearly, making it easy to communicate. Food was amazing too. Recommend the pork belly rice bowl. It has a good mix of veggies to go with rich flavor of the meat.

Eunyoung Choi: Tasty noodle and the staff were so kind. I asked her to borrow me the lighter for celebration birthday and she did. She made my day Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Arun Babu Neelicattu: Easily one of the best restaurants I have ordered food from. Taiwanese cuisine at its best. The food is always fresh, flavourful and perfectly portion controlled. The quality of ingredients they use definitely shines through in their meals. Be it their pork that melts in your mouth or their vegan versions of their signature dishes. Their chilli oil and tea are both delightful as well, consider giving them a shot! Vegetarian options: They have vegan versions of almost all their signature dishes.

Gordon H: For a local Taiwanese, this is a great place when you miss the tastes of home. I wouldn’t call it really authentic, but it does present part of the beauty of Taiwanese food, fusioned in a way that better cater Europeans tastes, lighter and fresher It is a pity for me that there was not so many options of Taiwanese drinks. Vorspeise are good and with a lot of variety, main dishes as well, though the tastes are not as strong or rich as the ones at home, but again, it’s a place where all my European freinds love, so I think it’s a successful localization!

6. Osteria da Pino - Mitte

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Osteria da Pino
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Address: Willdenowstraße 12, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 pm

Telephone: +49 30 4657179

Business type: Italian restaurant

Osteria da Pino: what do users think?

Benjaluck Fai Yuttisee: Lovely little Italian place hidden in Sprengelkiez. I discovered a dish I did not know existed in Italian cuisine, shrimps in spicy chilli garlic olive oil sauce (real nice spiciness level). They have of course the usual pastas, pizzas, lasagna, etc. There is a bar which also serves good coffee. The atmosphere is nice and cozy. A good place for groups friends and/or family to share dinner time.

Ozlem: We didn’t like the pizza here, mostly because of the toppings - the pepperoni and the artichoke, both tasted same. Maybe we should try something else because the Focaccia was delicious!

Thorsten Klug: On the advice of the owner of the b & b where we were staying, we had dinner at Antica Trattoria da Pino, booking the evening before dinner. The menu includes a few courses, but the chef focuses on the freshness of the fish at the counter. The restaurant, very spartan and noisy inside, reserves a discreet atmosphere in the outdoor tables. We ordered the "highly recommended" lobster and lobster soup (a portion is generous for two people) and the mixed fried calamari and prawns and boiled potatoes as a side dish. Both tasty fish dishes, excellent fried. It is worth a visit!

Arina Strugovshchikova: Super cosy place! Waiters are super friendly. Tables are clean. Pizza, salads and tiramisu were sooo tasty that we wish we could eat there whole day. Take away available (food is served in really good boxes). Hope to visit you again. Thank you very much!:)

Kendall hart: Incredible food and service. The bruschetta was INCREDIBLE. Would absolutely recommend this to everyone!

cvf: Worst pizza in my life; even frozen pizza tastes better. It was literally overpriced microwave pizza. Never coming back. Shame that they are called Osteria and can’t even get a pizza right.

Patryk: Nice, cozy, quiet place. Not so much to offer for veggies, if you want to eat pizza (which was quite good, by the way) I has to pay extra to change ham for an egg. Very thin pastry. The waiting time - surprisingly short, like 8 minutes. Not the cheapest place in Berlin, that I’ve been in- you can expect little more with these prices. Free starters- pieces od bread with tomatoes, garlic and olives- deserve one extra star. Friendly staff. The choice is yours.

Stephen Clements: Very random and rather desperate visit that was quite late on and despite struggling with communication had some really good service and the pizza was phenomenal! Laid back and family oriented, they were all sat down eating with family later on when we were drinking. Such a hidden gem we stumbled upon leaving eschenbrau. Decent alcohol on - scofferhoffer and a few others

Thelma Del Carmen Mendieta: Good food for price. However it did take some time. Probably because it was very crowded.

Jacob Hannestad: Osteria bei Pino is a small italian restaurant located in Wedding in Berlin. We where welcomed by the waiter and seated at our table. The tablecloth stains witnessed that it had not been changed for a while. I had the Spaghetti al Marinara and found it rather dry. We ordered a bottle of sparkling water and it seemed that the bottle had been used several times and refilled. I found the decor rather tacky. My companion asked for chilioil and was served what seemed to be homemade but had no taste of chili. The prices are rather favourable but the general experience was not.

7. Fünf & Sechzig - Mitte

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Fünf & Sechzig
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Address: Torfstraße 9, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 12 am

Telephone: +49 30 30606000

Business type: Restaurant

Fünf & Sechzig: what do users think?

Marja Zonnevylle: We stayed in Airbnb around the corner for a week, went here 3 times, and each time better! Zaid is lovely & attentive- made sure my husband had icecream on 2d visit (husband is a dessert guy) and I had my fav red wine (I am the wine girl). Great variety of food, all fresh & well prepared, fast, generous, and extremely reasonably priced. Thank goodness we’re leaving otherwise the pounds would fly on! Don’t know why this location doesn’t get nearer to 4.5 stars where they deserve to be!

Wojciech Francuzik: Typical German cuisine. Tuesday is Schnitzel -Day when you get a good portion of meat for 8.9€. objectively a good deal. The food is ok. Atmosphere is ok and service too. It is an OK Restaurant.

Mustafa: Despite its great outdoor seating area and its rich menu, the service and food quality is unfortunately very lackluster. The food is pricier than usual, and the service is terribly slow to the point where you can wait up to 2 hours for a simple breakfast plate. The place is lacking in the most important parts of a restaurant and the exterior of it is not enough to compensate. If you are out with your friends for a quick drink, feel free to consider this place. If you want to have a nice meal, unless you want to spend your entire afternoon waiting for a dish that will leave you unsatisfied, consider somewhere else.

Пётр Беднарек: Nice location and good service; during the day a lot of sun. Maybe cups for coffee and cappuccino are IMHO small :)

M. K.: Delicious food for reasonable price. Outside seating is very charmingly at a corner in a quarter with old building.The food could have been hotter, but it was freshly cooked. The staff is very friendly!

Emishgnr: Prices are low and everyday there’s a different sale on the menù. Service is good, staff speaks english and they accept Credit Card. The food I took was ok (Schnitzer), the draft beer very good.

Hagen: Staff is friendly and the location is nice but the food quality ranges from poor to okay. You basically have to hope to be lucky.

8. Das Teehaus - Eventlocation & Restaurant | rennbahn berlin - Tempelhof-Schöneberg

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64 reviews
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Das Teehaus - Eventlocation & Restaurant | rennbahn berlin
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Address: Mariendorfer Damm 222, 12107 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 30 403671740

Business type: Wedding venue

Das Teehaus - Eventlocation & Restaurant | rennbahn berlin: what do users think?

Seifhold: We were allowed to celebrate a birthday and a wedding there. The house is getting old. The birthday without food cost 2000 euros, I found out. This is too expensive. Great is but you can be noisy and you have a parking lot

Michael Wenzel: Very nice location right next to the harness racing track with delicious food and drinks to make you feel good. The premises can be rented e.g. for weddings, birthdays, etc. The DJ can also be booked there. A complete package for your individual wishes will be created especially for you.

Kite: We recently celebrated our absolute dream wedding in the tea house and were well looked after, advised and cared for from A to Z. Be it the service, the decoration, the friendly togetherness, the quality of the food, consideration for individual preferences or all the hundred little things that have been carefully thought of. A recommendable, excellent location for celebrations of all kinds! A special thanks goes out to Marisa and Rene, as well as the resident DJ Micha, you are the best 💙 Thanks for an unforgettable day.

Dimitris K: Very nice and courteous staff. We were very happy at our wedding. Good food, generous space, lovingly prepared, good value for money. The team reacted flexibly to our wishes and ideas. Gladly again at any time, highly recommended.

Anna Leniková: We ordered catering for our company party. The food was great, super tasty and beautifully presented. The staff was absolutely competent, very attentive and super friendly, we felt spoiled at every moment. The communication and the agreements were uncomplicated and we gladly responded to every change request (no matter how spontaneous). The advice was very customer-oriented. Here you can tell that professionals are at work! Always gladly again!!!

Stefan Möwes: We have been here several times during a race day on the Berlin trotting track. The ambiance is good. We were able to sit comfortably downstairs and were served quickly. The drinks were nice and hot or well chilled. The different racetracks can be followed via the TV. Only the bets went a bit slow. In summer you can sit outside and watch the races.

Ute Abied: We celebrated our dream wedding here in August. The managing director Marisa supported us professionally with the planning and helped us a lot with her many experiences. It provided us with service providers, assisted in price negotiations, and pointed out important organizational details that we would never have thought of without them. She fulfilled every little extra wish, even if it meant more work for her. With her warmth and friendliness on a very stressful day she left a lasting impression on us and our guests. We can only recommend the teahouse as a wedding location to every couple. The coronation for us was, of course, the Sulkyfahrt on the trotting course - also for the little guests an unforgettable highlight.

9. Patio - Mitte

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788 reviews
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Address: Ecke, Kirchstraße, Helgoländer Ufer 13 a, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 pm

Telephone: +49 30 40301700

Business type: Wedding venue

Patio: what do users think?

Nick Hart: Beautiful decor, friendly service and nice venue... let down by inconsistent 4 course tasting menu. Great starters... but steak main was not seasoned properly and chocolate desert was average. Needs refinement to become world class.

Thavyness: We stopped here for a few drinks. The location is very central with beautiful views. There are nice areas on the top deck and lower deck if you want to enjoy a meal with ambiance. At the back of the boat is a small area for a large group that is private with 2 swings hanging over the water. In the lowest level, there is an aquarium and dance floor for parties. If I lived in Berlin, I would definitely rent this space for a private event!

Alex: I had the best meal of my life there, no exaggeration. The food was truly perfect, taking you on an adventure with every bite and the prices are very, very justified. A special thank you to Teo and Marc!

Jared Zimmerman: We had the 5 course vegetarian “land” tasting menu and most of it was quite good (braised fennel was skippable) service was prompt, friendly and attentive, but didn’t quite match the price of the menu. The boat and surrounding were quite nice.

Youqing Xu: Tucked within a hidden corner along the Spree River. This restaurant is an ideal place for intimate dining. Reservations are pretty hard to come by but thankfully the service team picked up my email request and I was able to make a reservation. Service by the crew is impeccable and we were delighted by the wine pairing with the modern take on sumptuous German cuisine.

Annie An Stepec: Really incredible experience! Such a beautiful place! The food was delicious, especially the ‘fish of the day’. The service was also impeccable! Best dinner place on a hot summers evening. Highly recommended!

Jonas Revensburg: What a wonderful place, with a great atmosphere and surroundings. The food is amazing, the wine list is great and the service was top notch.

Paul Gläser: A very nice location for a group. The food was nicely prepared and presented. The service took care and was ready to also solve challenging situations with a lot of humour. I really enjoyed it.

10. Café Klatsch Berlin - Tempelhof-Schöneberg

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520 reviews
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Café Klatsch Berlin
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Address: Alt-Tempelhof 46, 12103 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6 pm

Telephone: +49 176 62507457

Business type: Wedding venue

Café Klatsch Berlin: what do users think?

Timo Kurschatke: Went there for the brunch and was not disappointed.Great variety of dishes. Everything was very tasty and definitely worth the price.

Andy H: Nice and cosy place. We celebrated an event and everything went smoothly. The stuff is really friendly and helpful.

Sode Detlef: Super BrunchTop Personal

wartungsmann kE: Super Service

Alexander Ratzmann: Top

Anja Angelov: Fantastic preparation for our double birthday with 50 people: nicely decorated, the bowling alley was well received, the food found many fans, the music system and karaoke worked well and the price was absolutely fine. The outdoor area was also heavily frequented, everyone felt comfortable. And most importantly: The ladies and gentlemen in the kitchen and behind the counter were incredibly friendly and helpful, they fulfilled all of our wishes. All in all: Thanks for the nice party!

Candy Kaufmann: We were there on Easter Monday. Unfortunately there was a problem with the reservation, fortunately it was solved... I personally found the selection good, of course it could always be better, but acceptable for the price per person. Large selection at the warm buffet from casseroles to mini kebabs :-) to game goulash everyone was full. Bread for dipping, antipasti. Cold platter of salami, garlic sausage and cheese cubes are all there. What milk with cornflakes and desserts for kids. Fruit with warm chocolate sauce Since it was well attended, the hospitality with drinks took a while or got a bit chaotic, but hey it was Easter Monday ;-)

11. UUU - Mitte

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Address: Sprengelstraße 15, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30 pm Thu

Telephone: +49 30 56009028

Business type: Chinese restaurant

UUU: what do users think?

Xinhui Jiang: Just so good! Also, shout out to female chef! Yuhang is so creative yet also ties her creativity deeply to Chinese cuisine. Will surely visit again for spring menu👍

Elsa: The most delicious slow cooked pork I ever had!! The meat melts in your mouth and brings the spices in one after the other. The dried pork belly lasts for 3-4 meals. Enhances any homemade dish with the love and research that was done around the ageing process and the spices! The chili oil is not so spicy but adds a deep richness of Chinese cuisine anywhere it is added to

Asura Cen: Amazing Chinese cuisine. You can tell how serious they are with the ingredients sourcing. I have never seen a more dedicated restaurant which aims at presenting the diversity of Chinese cuisine. Hats off to the female chef as it’s a very physically challenging occupation. Jonas is also an excellent host who even taught me new things about my own culture. Well done guy! 100/100!

sori kim: Introducing new concept of food and ingredients were good. I learned lot of fermented tea and their moto of food. All dishes were unique but in the same time, there are traditional Chinese cuisine taste and touch. Each dish comes with explanation and it helped lot to understand the dish. I didn’t feel their tea selection were well combined with main dishes, but if you want to try new food and their culture. Come and try this place.

Sober Lin: Exploring the essence of Chinese cuisine, the chef has such deep understanding of Chinese cooking: everything starts with seasonal ingredients from local sources, every steps done by herself, lead you to notice all the nuances of taste that you overlooked before. Friendly and knowledgeable services, every course is paired with tea or kombucha made of the highest quality tea leaves, some times from one single tea tree. Lovely atmosphere with other guests, as you are all on the same amazing journey.

Dan: It was such a great experience! They focus on the highest-quality ingredients sourced both locally and directly from China - everything from the tea to the coriander. The passion in the food and experience is unbridled, and the quality shows. I would love to visit again soon!!!

Han Tang: Thanks UUU, a good Ròujiāmó should be like this, this even better than any Ròujiāmó I have eaten in China, because the quality of food largely depends on the ingredients. I just feel lucky to be able to have such authentic chinese food in Berlin! I tasted and can feel their dedication from the food! Very recommended and worth a try!

Nathalie Daoust: It was so delicious and the owners are so lovely! we celebrated my husband bday and they made it special. Also we loved the way they explained the food in a pasionated/non-pretentious way. And for those gluten free people out there, they made the effort for us and still making it super yummy.. 5 stars but if we could we would give more.

Locaali Aliki Kostopoulou: Amazing restaurant to the details! Loved every single of the 10 courses and matching home made kombucha and cold tea selection. Incredible experience in a beautifully minimal space!

12. ernst - Mitte

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181 reviews
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Address: Gerichtstraße 54, 13347 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

ernst: what do users think?

Martin Raske: Of course the ernst experience is unforgettable. You lose count of all the dishes they serve. Many of them are outstanding. What I admire most: The dedication and passion of the chefs and how they treat the ingredients with love and respect.

Josh Pedigo: Sorry for the late review. I ate here last month and the only word that comes to mind is phenomenal. I was in Berlin for 2 weeks for school and 4 of us were fortunate enough to come to Ernst and eat. With only seating for 8, sitting right at the kitchen while each dish is prepared in front of you and everything is explained in detail is an experience in its own, but the food was also the best I’ve ever had. We had 30+ courses and I could have gone back every night. Everything was served fresh, plated beautifully and absolutely delicious. This was also coming off of Central in Lima 2 months prior, if that’s the number 2 restaurant in the world, than Ernst should be number one. I would take another round trip flight from Seattle just to eat there again.

B P: Overrated and does not taste good at all. I have dined in many Michelin restaurants all around Europe and this was the worst. The technique and use of local ingredients were to be admired for, however does it really matter if the result does not taste good at all? (All parties that I went with agree on the statement) Moreover, offering a ‘welcome drink’ & and then asking it to be paid for at the end of the dinner is just absurd and does not fit standards of providing a good and fair customer experience at all.

Anne Marie Hankins: I ate here by myself on a trip to Berlin and it was one of the best experiences I had during my trip to Europe. The food was truly incredible. The atmosphere was also fantastic and the amount you get to ineract with the chefs makes it a unique experience.

Robert Peveling-Oberhag: Truly spectacular. Very intimate show of skill. If you’re into food, this is an exceptional experience. Also the wine pairing was fantastic. 10/10

Travis Heck: This was the best meal of my life. Anyone that didn’t rate this place five stars would likely just be more comfortable in a McDonald’s. The passion these chefs have.. the time they put into even just gathering the local ingredients.. the experience of watching them craft a meal as they explain what’s going on.. my god. I would eat here once a week if I could and am confident I would be shocked everytime.

13. Han West - Home of Dumplings - Mitte

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Han West - Home of Dumplings
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Address: Burgsdorfstraße 7, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 pm

Telephone: +49 30 23548204

Business type: Dumpling restaurant

Han West - Home of Dumplings: what do users think?

María M: The restaurant is cute and cozy. We were there on a Monday night and it was really empty and easy to get a table, but might get difficult on a busy day. The staff was really nice! The food was also good, in my opinion the chicken bao bun was the best thing on the menuFood: 3/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Sofia S: Let’s start with the good things. The staff was really friendly and accommodating. The dumplings were good. However, the seating was dreadful. The weather was still nice so we had the very difficult decision to either sit outside on upside boxes that tilted sideways due to the sloped pavement, or inside facing a wall instead of one another. This place is super small, so if you want to go just to pick up and take away, might be the best option. They were understaffed at the time we went, and managing two groups of customers was becoming visibly overwhelming for the staff. We spoke nicely to them, and recommended a better indoor seating, which they took positively. No card payment is why I’d probably not be going here again. Why is this still a thing in 2023?

Albert Aparisi Escriva: Love this place! So nice that they opened a new location, where you can even sit inside. Their dumplings are yummi but I really enjoy their bao buns. The menu has now more options. The staff at this location was friendly and nice.

Cataldo De Simone: Super nice food! The fries where extremely crispy and packed with tasty flavorful sauce. In fact these might be the best fries I have ever had. I usually don’t order fries, because I almost never like them. These are just amazing! The bao sandwiches where awesome as well. Tender and juicy szechuan chicken with very nice seasoning. Although it is called house of dumplings, in my personal opinion the dumplings are lagging behind. Just not as outstanding as the rest. But that’s just my personal view. All in all a super nice place and I’ll definitely come back.

David T: Had veggie combo box - not traditional Chinese by any means but tasty and hits the spot. I find it amusing that it comes with fries but they were good so no complaints.

Le Long: we were very disappointed with our experience. the baos were drenched in sauce, which made it difficult to taste what we were actually eating - all we tasted was the dominating overflavoured extremely sour and salty sauce. we had 4 different baos and all of them tasted basically the same, also they were super soaked with all the wet ingredients. less would have been more in our opinion, same for the fries because they were also drenched in sauce. there are also too many spices that taste super strong and don’t work together - there was no harmony in the food. again less would have been more. this place is not worth the hype.

Chiara Manini: Really nice place, they served us super nicely and fast. Both the bans and the dumpling were amazing.. Super suggested!

dnesh gosavi: Ordered Szechuan Chicken Bao: came with overwhelming sauce and not fully cooked chicken.Will give another try. Hopefully it will be better next time. There is room to improve.Food: 2/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

M K: Nice Service Nice Food nice Fries with Peanut Cream we are so excited thx for food.

14. Trattoria Vivo - Mitte

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Trattoria Vivo
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Address: Adolfstraße 17, 13347 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 3:30 pm Wed

Telephone: +49 30 37474324

Business type: Italian restaurant

Trattoria Vivo: what do users think?

Marlon Keanu: Best Italian food 💚Super delicious and always fresh.Lovely owners. Thank you!

Tamim A: Cozy lovely place with nice people running it. And the food is top!Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Mohammed Abdallah: The only thing redeeming about this place is the selection of good wine. Apart from that, the service was stingy (anywhere who refuses a glass of free tab water is not worth being called a restaurant imo), my dish was dirty, the antipasti had plastic wraps inside (yes, we had to fish it out) and the insalata scampi (shrimps salad) was simply disgusting. Also, what kind of Italian place doesn’t have olive oil at the table? I’ll go back for the wine though. We paid 50€ for two antipasti and a salad and two glasses of wine. Shameful.

Mirca Lotz: Great food and lovely owner also the wine was really good. I would definitely recommend this place!

Rob Stanley: Great pizza and nice price. Ideal for a date or an evening with friends!

Bennett Smith: Excellent food and wonderful staff!!!

Zvada Nata: Very very good restaurant. Nice people and phenomenal food in Italian style.

Kate Jones Mike Featherstone: Amazing pasta and lovely service ❤️

FCFatamorgana: Very good italian Restaurant. Nice place with delicious food and fantastic personel. Aprooved!

Shavlen: The old Italian couple working there makes the place even more authentic, great tomato sauce and delicious cheese! They even offer Ice Cream in the summer!

15. Wedding Grillhaus Berlin - Mitte

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Wedding Grillhaus Berlin
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Address: Reinickendorfer Str. 9, 13347 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Opens soon ⋅ 11 am

Telephone: +49 1517 1569922

Business type: Grill

Wedding Grillhaus Berlin: what do users think?

Lisa: It depends on the day. Sometimes the meat is super crispy other times is too chewy. They do fry the fries for each order which is nice. Not the most inviting place to eat in. I prefer to take away. Good prices.

Vitaliy Sedletskiy: The best doner in the area from my point of view)

Dorreya ElShal: Meat portions are minimal, basically bought salad sandwiches!

Yamna Tariq: Great food and quick delivery

Daina Birkenbauma: Friendly service. Very tasty food, a large portion for a good price.

İhsan Yeneroğlu: A small nice and clean place to eat döner and kabab kinds. They have place if you like to eat there. Try Köfte im Brot.

Dolphin Boy: Great food! Bang for your buck (or should I say euro hehe get it?) Pommes with mayo was off the chain

afrilia ika fitrianingrum: delicious foods, fast respond and good services. worth to buy

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