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1. Magic Mountain (Climbing / Bouldering)

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Magic Mountain (Climbing / Bouldering)

Address: Böttgerstraße 20, 13357 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 88715790

Business type: Rock climbing gym

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Magic Mountain (Climbing / Bouldering): what do users think?

Juan Rubio: Magic Mountain is a special place: great infrastructure with beautiful walls, lockers, gym, sauna, cafe… and fantastic staff. My wife and I have done a few courses and sessions and the vibe there is just outstanding. We even took our kids there, that now love the place
Response: Thanks for your review!

Torsten Müller: 5 Stars for a birthday party for my kids, organized by Magic Mountain. Really well done. 2 great conductors who made sure all kids had equal action, while they also encouraged every child to take part without applying pressure. All kids were super happy.
Response: Thanks very much! We're glad you and the kids enjoyed it. Greetings from the climbing gym

Samuli Lyytikkä: Lovely and best indoor/outdoor climbing gym in Berlin. Good selection of both indoor and outdoor walls, and a small nice shop & cafe. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Had our English language lead climbing courses here, which were great!
Response: Thanks for your feedback! Best, your Magic Mountain Team

Matilde Tusberti: Very big and well equipped place. The staff is nice and helpful. In addition to the climbing and bouldering areas, they have a small gym for doing strength and cardio, a sauna, a steam room. Showers, toilets and lockers are available (but bring your soaps).

Fex 2003: Really cool gym, good trainers and grades for everyone and also pretty good shop.

Wert Zuz: Very very large climbing hall with creative routes for everyone up to 11 difficulty. Also a big boulder wall. It has a pretty big kids place with smaller walls to climb too. Also there is a fitness and workout area you can use as well as the Sauna. There is a kiosk too and if you need equipment you can get it there
Response: Thank you for your detailed review. Greetings from the climbing gym :)

Ralph Werner: very chilly climbing hall with a friendly audience and a variety of additional opportinities like sauna
Response: Thanks for your review! Best, your Magic Mountain team

Carlos Andres Rivera: Nice place, I totally recommend it

2. Kletterwald Wuhlheide

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Kletterwald Wuhlheide

Address: An d. Wuhlheide 199, 12459 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 AM Mon

Business type: Rock climbing

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Kletterwald Wuhlheide: what do users think?

Arian Rassoul: nice selection of tracks, quite challenging at times. kind and helpful staff

Waseem Asfari: Great experience. Going there you say all sorts of groups. Families to friends. It is the best way to use your time on a sunny day. From easy to hard earned courses.

Alex Anzelm: Very nice rope park for children below 1.3m

Nader: Great sporting activity for the warmer days. Quite a few parcour for all kinds of levels. From beginner courses closer to the ground and taking about 10 mins to courses high up in the sky that are very hard and take around 30 mins. 2 small courses for kids under 7 and 1.30m available. Entry is pretty cheap and gets you 2 hours. Introduction by trained teachers at the beginning. Groups welcome too.

Olena Bachynska: They have two lines for small kids, 3-6 years. Yay! Great place. For adults there is also lots of challenging lines

Ashlyn Coyle: Super fun and great, easy to learn system for kids and adults of varying levels of skill.

Daniel Boaz Angote: Cool place to be

Jessica Slusark: Really fun place in the middle of nature. There was a good number of competitive tracks for adults :)

gregory Bullo: Great place. Kids enjoyed it!

3. DAV Climbing Center Berlin

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DAV Climbing Center Berlin

Address: Seydlitzstraße 1 H, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 330998636

Business type: Rock climbing gym

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DAV Climbing Center Berlin: what do users think?

Big “Big Matze” Matze: Basically a nice place: Great hall, many routes, for lead climbing inside as well as outside. Good training area for strength and board training upstairs - as well as a 2nd, smaller climbing hall. The boulder area actually quite small and therefore of only limited attractiveness. Price still a bit high compared to other gyms with even larger halls, more routes and significantly better boulder areas. Also a shame about the strange rule „3 times only without a local section membership“. Very DAV-unlike and irritating. Without that it would have been a 4-star-review.

Cherry J.: Membership required.Speed climbing route is gone for now.Friendly staff. Outside area with climbing wall and benches are cool.

Daniel Martin: Members only. Also they force you to sign up for a yearly membership when taking courses (that are some weeks apart)… Always super crowded as well and the hall is small

Lali Singh: Went there today and according to front desk, apparently the gym is for members only even though I see daily rate on their website. Looks cool, but you need a 1 year membership? Kinda odd.

GURU MN: Great place for climbing indoor in Berlin. The outside wall is also quite big for a good weather day. There is a shorter version of climbing in 1 floor for beginners. Bouldering hall however is really small with very few routs.

Sam: It’s a bit small but nice

4. Berta Block

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Berta Block

Address: Mühlenstraße 62, 13189 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 91424730

Business type: Rock climbing gym

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Berta Block: what do users think?

Luka Kokiashvili: Berta Block is the best and the most professional climbing gym in Berlin. There is everything for amateurs and the gym is excellent even for pro climbers. Berta Block is very modern, well equipped, clean, organized and full of interesting boulder problems. There are 2 huge halls and one smaller hall with very long overhang boulder routes. This long overhang section is something I haven’t seen in other gyms in Berlin and is very good for improving your stamina. There is huge space for physical exercises and for board climbing too. Changing rooms are also very clean and organized. I’m really impressed with this gym in every aspect.

Álvaro Awesome: Very good boulder gym, in my opinion, best in Berlin. Four big areas as seen in the photos All levels from very easy to very hard. Also different styles all over the place, balance, power, hanging, and so on. There is also a bar where you can buy drinks and food. Price is 10€ and you can rent the shoes there. There is also a little gym and a Moon Board One thing is missing however, they do not have a campus board or other specific climbing training material

José María Pacheco Benítez: Great Boulder with challenging and easy to try routes. The boulder is quite bit and there are all kind of routes. There is a nice training area and a yoga area. I fully recommend this boulder even if you are only visiting.

Eyal Burst: Berta Block is one of my favourite places in Berlin. Everyone is super friendly... from staff to climbers. Routes are many and well thought out. Great for all levels. Generous stretching/yoga areas plus an area for strength training. There’s great pies, quiches and deserts... you can spend the whole day there if you want. Defiantly one of Berlins most important cultural places.

hyama: My favorite bouldering gym in Berlin. It is huge and offers a lot of variety in routes for beginners to advanced climbers. The vibe is friendly and they have music playing in the halls. There is also a nice little workout area as well as a yoga/ stretching space. A nice bonus is their cafe which offers good coffee, cold drinks, tasty cakes and quiches. All well priced.

Annika: This place is very nice and very close to the city-center so you can go shopping beforehand or after. This bouldering place serves coffee, bars and quiches . It is spacious, but still very full and crowded. you can rent bouldering shoes and can pay for a full day. There are also special prices, if you want to Boulder there for multiple days. They have a bathroom.

Ian Wohlgemuth: I feel like everyone who boulders owes themselves to come here. I have never seen such a big climbing gym and all. the walls and holds are in great condition.great for begginer and advanced climbers.Also the food is really good and not expensive!

5. Boulderklub Kreuzberg Boulderhalle

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Boulderklub Kreuzberg Boulderhalle

Address: Ohlauer Str. 38, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 10 PM

Telephone: +49 30 51302181

Business type: Rock climbing gym

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Boulderklub Kreuzberg Boulderhalle: what do users think?

Amit Kumar (EZIO): One of the best bouldering gyms in Berlin. The atmosphere and vibe inside the gym is really good. There are a huge variety of routers to try. They have all types of routes for beginners to professionals. Also they reset each wall every 3-4 weeks, so you get plenty of time to try all routes or at least get your hands on.

Ensar “Rock'n Oats”: this gym has a great vibe. I really liked it. Even though boulders a bit hard and spicy, they all set quite well and you can see setters spent time creating them. I did 3 grey but blacks were really another level. all in all 5 stars, really recommended!

Stephanie Pilon: This is a great place to work on everything you need to be a good rock climber. Challenging runs, a little gym area to practice hanging and lift weights, and even a yoga practice area where they offer free classes a few times a week. It’s very relaxed, lots of area to lounge and enjoy a coffee or delicious homemade brownie. It can get really busy at random times so just go and don’t be worried about the crowd, everyone is very friendly. There is even a whole area dedicated for kids who are 3+ years old. All in all the best local spot!

C P: It takes only one unintuitive person with zero willingness to help, to destroy the entire experience. Because they make you feel like you made a mistake, that you didn’t do things right. Sadly, in Berlin this happens more often than not. Otherwise this is a nice place with many routes. Gets definitely overcrowded in the evening. Also, as a newcomer to bouldering, I found the colour coding sometimes confusing (some green routes were more difficult than blue routes).

Lin Orilla: A nice bouldering gym with super friendly staff!The yellow level feels like V1/V2 in London/Taipei.

Jennifer Liepin: Nicest staff I have met at a boulder gym in Berlin (and this is my 4th gym). None of the exclusive feel of Kegel. Just good thoughtful climbs in a welcoming atmosphere. I went to try on new shoes and the staffer today (8/7) was patient and informative as I selected a new pair. Grateful for his kind presence in my day!

Ekaterina Chekarova: I really like this place! If you are a beginner - no worries there is a sign with types of levels and instructions. The price is 10 euro per person and 3 euro to rent a special shoes. I definitely want to do it again.

6. Der Kegel Kletterturm

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Der Kegel Kletterturm

Address: Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 66766837

Business type: Rock climbing gym

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Der Kegel Kletterturm: what do users think?

Luka Kokiashvili: At first glance Der Kegel isn’t high class bouldering gym as it isn’t not as modern as many gyms in Berlin, changing rooms aren’t comfortable, mattresses aren’t very clean (especially outdoor bouldering parts), but for me it is still very nice gym for many reasons: You can buy monthly membership for the lowest price in Berlin, routesetters change routes frequently and there are quite various boulder problems. Unlike many gyms in Berlin, locks for the lockers are also included in price and your stuff is safely kept in there. There is also nice bar and area for relaxing after hours of bouldering. There are two bouldering halls inside and two halls outside the gym, one extra room is for stretching and physical exercises. Overall Der Kegel is excellent gym for amateur climbers and considering its membership price, it is even the best, but there are still some issues that are easy to solve and improve, for example, cleanliness.

Yong: It‘s nice that they have a variety of wall to climb but the pad could be a bit cleaner.

Ksenia V (Xenia Format): Great relaxing atmosphere, music is always super. Like to climb outside. Very nice staff and cafe. Thanks for changing routes regularly.

Vasily Korf: Great gym and vibes

Mike Kotsch: Backyard vibes, well-balanced route setting and perfect coffee make this an institution in Berlin’s climbing scene—located in the cultural centre of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Can’t recommend enough.

Soma Éles: Super atmoshere, good routes - a fee of em are a bit old, could use a cleaning / re-set.

Young Joe: Very unfriendly and stand-off-ish staff. She (short hair) would definitely let you know that you are not welcome there. The vibe is very cliquey and kind of hostile. Also the gym is super dirty and filthy everywhere.

7. Basement Boulderstudio

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Basement Boulderstudio

Address: Stresemannstraße 72, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 24649465

Business type: Rock climbing gym

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Basement Boulderstudio: what do users think?

Gabriel Bliard: My regular bouldering spot. Great setting, atmosphere and equipment! The ergs could use a bit of love, so be kind to them and don’t put the drag factor at 10 (who does that anyway?)

Julia Nicole: One of my fav experiences in Berlin! Very creative boulders, challenging for both the brain and the body. The route setting is top tier! Friendly staff and local climbers. The place is very clean and has a great vibe to it. I’ve got to revisit this gym one day :)

Jp R: Very nice bouldering experience! Quite good for beginners as well, with challenging variety even at the lower grades. Facilities are okay, kind of a weird setup though. Overall definitely recommended :)

Viktoriia H: Great, loved it. Gets real crowded on weekdays between 18 and 20 tho. The cool thing is that they have a LED boulders wall where using the app you can find routs created by other people worldwide
Response: Glad enjoyed our system boards! We have a tension board (45°) as well as a moonboard (25°)

Luka Kokiashvili: Basement Boulderstudio is one of the best bouldering gyms in Berlin. Everything is clean and organized, air conditioning, which is essential in basement, works also well. There are quite an interesting boulder problems and of many types. Having 8 grades of boulders makes the progress easier while there is a bigger variety of the hardness. Such a number of grades is not so common, as most of the gyms have 6 grades. The gym is also equipped with long section of board, campus, fingerboards and street workout set. Changing rooms and toilets are also super clean and comfortable, the only problem is that there are a few lockers for such size of gym.
Response: Hey Luka! Thanks for the awesome review! :D Hope to see you again soon!

Eliot Beriault: Very bad air quality. What is the purpose of having air filtration system when you very seldom use them or at least not at their full capacity. This morning, there were 30 to 50 people in the gym, the air was so bad, you could literally see how foggy it was. But apparently not enough to switch on the filters. Filtering should be automatic whenever there are more than a certain number of people in the gym. Too bad because otherwise the gym is nice.
Response: Hey Eliot, our filters should be running non-stop. It would be amazing, if you could help us out and tell us when the filters where switched off! Always feel free to tell our staff about the air situation - we can boost up the air conditioning a bit ;)

Sam G.: Awesome bouldering gym, extremely friendly staff. Good variation in routes, even for lower levels. Some are a good challenge but still manageable. Training area with cardio equipment and weights. Facilities are minimalist and clean. Everything you need. LGBTQIA* friendly 🧡

Dustin Hebecker: Nice boulder problems, friendly staff, central location, but the air is unbearable. Even when entering a stench of sweat enriched air raises up the staircase. Air humidity feels like 100%. This place needs air circulation and if not AC, at least a dehumidifier.
Response: Hey Dustin! Thanks for the feedback! We recently upgraded our AC and it has a turbo option ;) If the air circulation troubles you on your next visit, just talk to us at the counter about it. Happy to hear that you enjoyed our boulder problems!

8. Bright Site - Berlin Boulder Project

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1084 reviews
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Bright Site - Berlin Boulder Project

Address: Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 40, 10829 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 49080707

Business type: Rock climbing gym

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Bright Site - Berlin Boulder Project: what do users think?

Daniel Noriega Baldeon: This is not a technical review as i am just starting with climbing and bouldern (be aware). I visited the bright side during the summer, and found its atmosphere energetic and friendly. The space was a bit crowded during the afternoon but most people were focus on bringing their bodies and minds to the test on the walls and also naturally looking for a good time. The community and staff were super friendly. The bathrooms and locking rooms were in a good state. I enjoyed the background music and the outside spaces, which are really a highlight, that allow the visitors to chill and enjoy the breeze while still being able to jump to the wall.

Cesarina Guerrero: Is a really good place for practice climbing in Berlin-Schöneberg. It has bathrooms with showers, recreation area or climbing walls outside and an extensive installation of walls inside as well. I liked the experience!-

Mikaela L: The bad reviews don’t reflect the experience I had. The area was well kept and the facilities were comparable to any other climbing gym I’ve been to. The smell was comparable to any gym, gymnastics or sports hall and climbing gym I’ve ever been to and I didn’t see any problems with dust. Judging from the recent responses, it seems the owners are going above and beyond to make changes and respond to criticism, which is great to see. One star off as it is a bit smaller than other gyms, but I at no time felt unsafe or that it was unhygienic. Staff were friendly and I would definitely come back here.

kamil lewanowicz: Soooo cool outdoor chill space, good music, I liked problem settings a lot! Inside with great daylight. On a cooler day, I guess, shirt compulsion would not spoil the fun.

Ramendra “Ram” Als: As they promote cashless payment 1 star is the best they deserve.Privacy is something this country should be promoting not fighting.

Miguel Alberto: Awesome place in Berlin’s south. Specially interesting are the walls outdoors. Inside there’s plenty to do for all levels. I personally don’t like the fact that there are not enough grips to climb down but that adds a level of difficulty to the climb that some might find interesting. It is not the newest place in Berlin and in the upper tier regarding prices but it’s well built. Extra points for the very cool kids area.

Orestis Papapetrou: Probably the coolest bouldering i have been. Even the wall are short the outdoor area its awesome. Cozy restaaurant inside and Slacklining outside as well. Very cool spot and its next to crossfit box icke.

9. Boulderworx

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241 reviews
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Address: Berliner Straße 46, 10713 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1 PM

Telephone: +49 30 79784646

Business type: Rock climbing gym

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Boulderworx: what do users think?

Wolfram Krause: Unfriendly personnel, especially the owner. My daughter was attending a course for years, but the owner started “bending” the contracts in his favor several times. There are better places to go!!!

Jennifer Liepin: Tried to see this death trap, and despite no note on website, it is closed to the public for a birthday when we arrive. Unprofessional. What a garbage place. Hope no kids get hurt on the loose holds

Rahul Seth: Great place to be with kids, easily burn 2.5 hrs, the staff is super friendly and attentive to your needs. The place is smaller than other similar studios but enough for kids.Will recommend anyday with kids.

Mike Ghee: Routes are poorly designed, quite chaotic with missing and even some loose holds. Good place to take kids. For those serious about bouldering, Berlin has a lot better places to offer.

10. Südbloc Boulderhalle

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1279 reviews
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Südbloc Boulderhalle

Address: Großbeerenstraße 4, 12107 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 74001810

Business type: Rock climbing gym

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Südbloc Boulderhalle: what do users think?

Lyu T: I come to this placw right from Wedding, and so far not to plan changing it to something closer to my new home ;) The bouldering are is really big. Three indoor and one outdoor zal. The variety of routes is amazing! Also they re-build them quite often. In door area has a good ventilation, friendly staff and beers that you can drink in chillout area after climbing! Woha!! They also support Ukrainian refugees and help them to socialize by giving opportunity to do this activity here. Thank you guys 🙏🇺🇦

Seve Chen: Really nice place. Outdoor routes are also fine, maybe will revisit the outdoors during a warmer time. Price is also fine and ticketing is super straightforward. But it took me a bit to understand that the "coffeebar" also acts as counter for rental shoes and stuff.

Raffaela Bethke: A very cool gym with loads of variety and very reasonable pricing. Indoor and outdoor bouldering areas as well as training areas and a kids room. Really good selection of drinks and coffee and super friendly staff.

Cherry J.: Decent size, with outdoor area and a hall for kids. Routes are weekly reset and always fun to boulder. Staffs are always friendly. Easy to park the car just outside of the entrance.

Andres Bayertz: Bright shining climbing-gym with friendly staff, well classified levels of difficulty and delicious snacks. Die to less proximity to the city center this club is less crowded while offering outstanding amounts of climbing space and training facilities. Keep up the good work!

Thorsten Rust: Large. Indoor and outdoor. Pizza and beer on the menu. Reasonable prices. Slack line and weights. Lockers and showers.

Jan Klare: Nice place, especially if you want to boulder outside in the summer.

11. Ostbloc Boulderhalle

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1616 reviews
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Ostbloc Boulderhalle

Address: Hauptstraße 13, 10317 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 55499422

Business type: Rock climbing gym

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Ostbloc Boulderhalle: what do users think?

Luka Kokiashvili: Ostbloc is one of my favorite bouldering gyms in Berlin with a big variety of boulder problems (additionally there is also Joker grade, which includes more fun while climbing). Routesetters seem to work hard to change routes frequently and meaningfully. There is also area for physical exercises and MoonBoard. The only thing I didn’t like in the gym is air conditioning system which I think needs to be fixed, because everyone was sweating while it wasn’t that hot outside. It would also be good if locks for the lockers would be available. Changing room is also small for such size of gym.

Mateusz Wrzeszcz: Really good atmosphere and a great introductory course. The stuff was amazing and made you feel at home. Instructor spoke great English and German. Definitely gonna come back soon!

Lenny4te: The bouldering was good and the place is recommended. Too bad they play trance music on really volume! Otherwise a 5 star. And the wardrobes and toilets could really need a lift up.

Mov Yuri: If you like sport and want to find your limits, you must visit this place immediately! Super kind stuff, all of people are friendly and positive! Chill atmosphere! Everything here is TOP!👍

Nojus Pakenas: The gym is quite large and has everything you need (inc. moonboard), though the warm up/ stretching area could be a bit bigger as it can get quite crowded. The routes seem to get changed every 1-2 weeks and are often quite fun and original. Though the gaps between the last levels are huge, some lvl. 6 routes are straight up impossible even for the strongest climbers. The location is perfect for a cold one after the session!

Kata Jóna: The place is quite packed and not really beginner friendly. Usually I can climb a level 3 but here only level 1-2. Even level 1 is challenging sometimes.

12. Humboldtbunker Sportklettern

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Humboldtbunker Sportklettern

Address: 13355 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Business type: Rock climbing

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13. South Rock Kletterhalle

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375 reviews
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South Rock Kletterhalle

Address: Trachenbergring 85, 12249 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM

Telephone: +49 30 68089864

Business type: Rock climbing gym

Near South Rock Kletterhalle:

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South Rock Kletterhalle: what do users think?

Sheralyn Cloete: Our son had his 10th birthday party here! It was a great experience for all of us. Luca was brilliant with the kids. Ensuring safety, fun, teamwork and challenge. Highly recommend!
Response: thank you Luca

Kim Nana: Awesome place. Many routes , plenty beginner friendly ones too. Maschine for solo climbing. Very nice work out/ stretch area. Super cozy. The outdoor area is beautiful , with benches and tables + rainproof. At the entrance you have to show that you know how to belay, tie a knot etc. which is very important, I appreciate it. Once you have a profile there, you obviously don’t have to do it again.

Jan Stasiński: The only downside is lack of M partnership with USC
Response: Dear Jan, Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, we cannot work with the M membership, the contribution is simply not enough, so we are only there with the L membership.

Leslie Meyer: First off - this gym has a brand new sauna that comes included with the climbing. #2 This climbing gym differs significantly from other gyms in Berlin in that it is dedicated entirely to top roping and sport climbing (as opposed to bouldering). There are a good variety of route difficulties which made it easy to pick up top-roping after taking a couple of years off.

vaios laschos: Very nice place. Variety of routs. And the only place with decent autobelay in Berlin

Viet Kien Nguyen: Spacious walls with wide selection of difficulty and climbing style. There are no cracks (yet?!)

Philip St. John: Good selection of lead and top rope climbs. Price includes lock and locker,

Sándor Tóth: Nice climbing place if you like very long routes. Has also bar and sauna.

14. BergWerk.Berlin

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903 reviews
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Address: Stendaler Str. 25, 12627 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2 PM

Telephone: +49 30 99274373

Business type: Rock climbing

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BergWerk.Berlin: what do users think?

Mavel Lanuza: we visited as we were invited for a birthday party. My daughter loves the mini. Crews are friendly. We’d definitely go back.
Response: Thank you very much, that's the way it should be!

Jaime Mendez: Amazing place to have fun with the family. The crew is very friendly and prices are ok. Installation are very secure and well done. Fully recommend to give it a try
Response: Thanks for visiting us and for the good review. We are very pleased that you had fun with us.

Claudia Rayner: A great variety of routes and my kids had fun. I struggled to see in the darkness and with the up-lights. System is safe but requires a lot of hooking-in and out. Staff were a tat rude, Berliner style. Pricy activity for a family, added extras are the mandatory gloves and the possibly to purchase a group photo.
Response: Dear Claudia, thank you for your visit and the information. Here it's called the "Berlin Schnauze" and is actually always meant to be nice 😉. The play with light and half-dark is an important part of our concept (BergWerk) and of course makes us incomparable. It goes without saying that this means a certain challenge for one or the other. But it is definitely wanted, because everyone can do it and our guests should also have a sense of achievement. Unfortunately, as a commercial enterprise, we are subject to ugly business constraints and the installation and safe operation of such a system naturally costs a lot, as you can probably imagine. Of course, this has an impact on pricing. But maybe see it. But let's try it this way: An afternoon of safe sport, fun, thrills and a shared experience in Europe's largest indoor climbing park still costs considerably less for the whole family than filling up once. And compared to a ski pass, this is a bargain here...🤣 Greetings from Austria and I hope to see you again soon.

Mostafa K.Attia: A very nice indoor activities place. The tracks are very cool and match the age if you’re with kids.
Response: Thank you for your visit and your review

Georgios Giannoutsos Barkas: Pros: - Indoors, so available around the whole year. - The “Alpinista” route was quite interesting. Climbing and sliding above the people who were sitting at the cafes was fun! - Most routes were quite easy and accessible by children. Cons: - Not suitable for non-German speakers. The “trainer” even mocked us, asking how did we even found the place in Google, if we didn’t knew the German word for what to search for. I guess being so deep in east Berlin, they don’t have many tourists. - The routes were not as creative or fun as in other adventure parks in Berlin.
Response: Dear Georgoios, thank you for visiting and congratulations that you are obviously a great climber. In our high ropes course children and less experienced climbers should have the opportunity to conquer the course. So our level of difficulty is geared towards everyone having their own sense of achievement and fun. Of course, pros like you feel most comfortable in the demanding via ferrata „Alpinista“. However, the majority of our guests and ourselves find the design of our tour absolutely unique, incomparable and extremely creative! Therefore we can not fully understand your comment in this regard. Contrary to your assumption many tourists from all over the world visit us. BergWerk.Berlin is one of the main sporting attractions for tourists in the capital. In addition, one of our main business is the implementation of teambuilding and team events for international and global companies. Accordingly, we have a multinational team of nearly 30 employees. In addition to English, we currently speak Polish, Russian, French, even Nepali and of course German. Unfortunately, not all colleagues speak all languages ​​and not all are working at the same time. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that you wanted to visit us that day, otherwise we might have arranged an English briefing especially for you. However, please understand that our climbing park is located in the German capital and so German is our first language of communication. Our trainers have the task to teach the guests how to handle the equipment and to ensure the safety of the climbing park. Of course, that also worked very well for you. We are sorry that you felt ridiculed. That was certainly a communication problem. Please be sure that this was not meant by the colleague. We have a special humorous way of dealing here in Berlin called „Berliner Schnauze“, which should be heartfelt and not hurt anyone. So we are very much looking forward welcome you again.

Nastassia Hermida: Very cool experience, I took my boyfriend there for his birthday. He’s loves outdoor activities but Anything outdoors in Berlin during winter is limited so this was the perfect solution. They offered different levels of climbing which we enjoyed, some were very scary but worth it

Ghinwa Moujaes: Very nice and creative climbing adventures suitable for both kids & adults. The Alpinista track was amazing (yet scary but safe). It was so cool to be climbing on top of the mall. My boyfriend and I had a really great date there. The staff were very friendly and accommodated our poor German language skills. Would love to visit again!
Response: Thanks a lot for your visit and the review. We are very pleased that you obviously had a lot of fun with us. So see you soon!

Geir Hegre Romundset: Fun experience for family with children of 10 and 12. Varied and only just enough challenging. English instruction is good from the welcoming guide. Wear light clothes as you will become quite warm while climbing!

15. Kletterturm Schwedter Nordwand des AlpinClub Berlin e.V. (DAV)

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Kletterturm Schwedter Nordwand des AlpinClub Berlin e.V. (DAV)

Address: Schwedter Straße (Nordende) im Mauerpark, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +49 172 3903690

Business type: Rock climbing

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Kletterturm Schwedter Nordwand des AlpinClub Berlin e.V. (DAV): what do users think?

Renat Nurgaliyev: Best artificial climbing rock around Berlin.

Florian S.: The Schwedter Nordwand is one, if not the most popular climbing tower in Berlin. She has something for everyone. For beginners and novices there is a small wall about 7m high with many easy routes. The actual tower is 15m high. The exen distances increase slightly with the height of the wall. In general, you should have at least 9 exes with you. Obsolete: If you want to get in here you need a key from the "Alpine Club Berlin" (ACB) (not to be confused with the DAV), or someone who has such a key. If you want one, you can buy one from the office for a deposit (approx. €20). Current: Each participant is required to carry a key to enter the tower, or proof that they are in possession of a key. There is now also an annual fee for using the key Since the wall is very popular, you have to be prepared to queue on the routes when the weather is nice. Because there is not much space to avoid. The large tower has a total of eight deflectors. Three each on the large surfaces and one each on the edges of the tower. The small wall has a total of ten deflectors. Four on the front and back and always one on the edges. The advantage of the wall is that there is always a sunny side and a shady side, which then alternate in the afternoon. Screws are usually not screwed on the wall. The handles have been in there for years and you can tell that to some extent. The wall itself seems to have lost some of its former grippy structure. Which is also due to the graffiti that "decorate" the wall. A professional roughening of the structure would probably be. appropriate. There is a playground right next to the climbing tower where the little ones can let off steam. Water can also be refilled here if necessary. There is the right terrain for every level of difficulty. If you want to climb without holds, you can use the existing structure, which sometimes increases the level of difficulty significantly.
Response: Thanks for the detailed description. The operator, AlpinClub Berlin, is a section of the DAV, of which there are four in Berlin alone and 358 nationwide.

Moritz: Great outdoor climbing opportunity. Only marred by a self-appointed sheriff who had to pose as a supervisor there.
Response: Unfortunately you don't write what actually happened. As the operator, the AlpinClub Berlin has the obligation to ensure traffic safety and thus the domiciliary rights. This can be practiced by our volunteer trainers.

Jakob Zerbian: Bowls can be obtained from the Alpin Club office. The two walls offer a number of routes for beginners to experienced climbers. When the weather is good, it can quickly get quite full.

Anne Opitz: I have been climbing here for a long time and would like it if new routes were screwed in from time to time and there were a few easier routes on the long wall. The distances are sometimes very large.

Balint: Large number of routes in relation to wall area. Structural holds and kicks are similar to real rock. You have to get the key once from the ACB.

Matthis Thorade: Outside, rather easy routes, rather crowded on weekends in good weather, otherwise empty. You need a key, which you can get from the DAV

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