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1. Belmondo

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Address: Knesebeckstraße 93, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5 PM

Telephone: +49 30 36287261

Business type: French restaurant

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Belmondo: what do users think?

Irem Demir: An amazing French restaurant! The staff is very friendly and helpful. The service is fast and the dishes are exceptionally delicious! The quality of the food is really good. We got 1 appetizer, 2 main dishes and 1 desert, all of them were extremely tasty. Highly recommend!!

Karim Dernaika: Another excellent French restaurant in the heart of Berlin, the atmosphere is very cozy and extremely friendly staff. Both the fish and fillet were exquisite. Their desserts are also exceptional. Highly recommended.

Jorge Grunho: Very friendly, professional and attentive staff. Food was great. Service was fast. Will definitively go back.

Julien B: Very good restaurant, for single, couple, or groups. The carte is detailed and give large choices, the owners know what they sell and give good advices. Personally I had a steak tartare followed by Creme brûlée and a glass of wine, this was perfect! Highly recommended!

Veronika Mačáková: Delicious food, great wine, nice and helpful service, absolutelly satisfied

Ajith Vasudevan: Traditional French dishes done in a quaint small joint with some very attentive service. Food quality is great and the prices are very high - but hey - you signed up for it if you came to dine here. While we did not have any drinks, the wine list appeared to have some interesting stuff in there. Meat was very good, sauces done just right and desserts were also good. Overall, pricey place for a traditional French meal when that urge cannot be resisted any more!!

Peter Gan: The food was good, and so was the ambience of the place. Both my entree and main were pretty amazing. However, the mediocre rating was mainly due to the service that was below par. My date and I were somewhat disappointed with the service offered to us, maybe because we are unassumingly younger than the other patrons. We had to wait a while before our orders were taken, and we had to help ourselves to our coats after dinner without any offer of assistance from the service staff. More emphasis should be on service. It was ironic when we got our bill that it mentioned gratuity was not included. I would not tip for the service when it was very inadequate compared to the other patrons seated near us.

walid Alayoubi: Thank you so much. Staff made our celebration dinner so special with their thoughtfulness and amazing service. Great experience, presentations and food. Love it, will be back!

Robert Lomison: A wonderful evening sitting outside at this French restaurant. The food was above average and plentiful. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Worthy of its rating.

2. Restaurant Facil

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Restaurant Facil

Address: Potsdamer Str. 3, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM Mon

Telephone: +49 30 590051234

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Restaurant Facil: what do users think?

Wooyong: - Too many staffs walk in the restaurant at the same time and it looks a bit messy. -Staffs (except restaurant manager) serve without enthusiasm and sincere. These two points make me a little disappointed, but I really want to appreciate the restaurant manager. He helped me communicate with the kitchen, reducing salt of my courses. He is very patient. Thanks 🙏 . About five courses -Scallops good appetizer - Caviar with green pepper [disappointing] Before I came here, I really expected a lot from this course. The caviar was naturally salty and normal but after the addtion of the green pepper jelly, this course become doubled salty. - Black root with truffle, hazelnut [favorite] The aroma of truffles is very strong. Radicchio mixed with hazelnuts tastes great. - Fried sweetbread with kale and quince The sweetbread with thin crispy skin is tender and delicate. At the same time the kale and quince bring some fresh aroma. - Deer back with cabbage and pineapple [also favorite] The deer back is absolutely great and beyond what I ever ate. It’s extremely tender and juicy.

Micaella Gonzales: Few months later I decided to write a review. FACIL is my favorite restaurant in the world right now. All the dishes were phenomenal and full of flavors. I can’t even pick which was the best dish but their wagyu and guinea fowl was definitely the best I ever had. Very speechless with all the food and not to mention the good service and ambiance. Can’t wait to come back!!

EL Broverlander: Dinner at Facil was a magnificent experience. Each course was delicious and described well. I would love to return if I’m ever in Berlin again. Their Michelin rating is well earned.

Julie Jeon: We had 3 courses lunch and it was absolutely wonderful. The atmosphere was very calm and peaceful, also all the staffs were professional and gave us excellent services. I would like to recommend this restaurant to everyone and I can guarantee you will experience more than 2 star michelin! 🥂

Remco Hoppezak: What a most splendid entry into Berlin. Excellent reception. Thank you😍. Great location. Magnificent team. Superb sommelier thank you Maximilian 👍🎉👍. Superb cooking. Leek redefined. Friesian Wagyu. Magic caberini shrimp 🦐. Exceptional trout. Mahi mahi to die for. Love this eloquent fun love for food. Excellent super friendly staff. Top location in Berlin. Just bar staff on the first floor for an after dinner are not the friendliest. Skip the bar and stay in Facil. Amazing and wonderful. A true star 🌟🌟 and look forward to return. Thank-you 😊❤️

L. Huang: General impression is disappointment. As a Michelin 2 stars restaurant, I am underwhelmed by its menu’s creativity and taste complexity. The taste is relatively flat note across all courses and most of them are too salty, which may have covered other tastes the dish intended to bring. Also the truffle oil taste was also dominate in all sauces so the dishes taste very similar throughout. I voiced my concern on the saltiness to the waiter but there was no change at all made to the remaining courses. I guess because the “taste menu” was all pre-fixed so customization or changes were impossible. The waiter also made excuses that it’s because the menu is designed for European taste palete so as an Asian I might not be accustomed to it. I expected more customer sensitivity for a 2 star designation.

Sharon Ler: This is a very belated review from my trip almost 3 months ago - but it is so memorable that not writing a good review and sharing this great restaurant would be an injustice. We went for lunch. The pricing was very reasonable for a 2 star Michelin restaurant - 1 course for Eur 28, 2 course for Eur 48, 3 course for Eur 68. Service was excellent and made our entire experience in the restaurant very memorable. Herr Winkler took great care of us and brought humour and laughter. He introduced us to Kirschwasser, a strong cherry liquor, which I think is the way Germans finished off a meal. The experience here was simply delightful and I would make sure to go back to it every time I am in Berlin in the future!

Predrag P: Sophisticated experience! Elegant restaurant with great small details, exquisite service, sublime meals! Scallops and lamb to die for!

3. Heising

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Address: Rankestraße 32, 10789 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 2133952

Business type: French restaurant

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Heising: what do users think?

KI SHUN LAM: The best dinner I having in Berlin. The service is professional. The food is wonderful and details. Very good price. It make my day.

olga smirnov: WOW!! This is a very special restaurant, one of the oldest in Berlin and definitely the best service! I was lucky to find a table there on a short notice due to the train strike.. reserve in advance!! The food was unbelievable! I chose 3 course menu- and loved all of the dishes. The owner came to greet me and checked everything is ok.. And the waiters were very professional and attending! Would love to go back on my next trip to Berlin. FYI- they accept only cash payments- so prepare in advance.

Piotr Wilman: Very old style … everything. Atmosphere is formal and stiff but food is great. They serve frog’s legs.

Carl Kruse: A throwback to another century in decor as others have mentioned. Good (not great) classical French food, reasonably priced, as is the small wine list. What detracts from the place, and makes the restaurant a place to avoid is the service. Supervised by the elderly lady who owns the restaurant (Frau Heising?) the service while somewhat professional, is stiff, antiseptic, bordering on unfriendly, and ultimately creating something of an uncomfortable feeling.

Eran Ganz: This 40yrs old French restaurant is probably one of the best (and hidden) places in Berlin. Serving high quality traditional French food. You can pick between 3 or 4 course meal. We enjoyed evey moment! Pay attention that the family that own the place is very strict about reservations and accurate arrival time! They have zero flexibility and 100% proffessionalism. Very recommended!

Dee Han: Absolutely beautiful restaurant very intimate experience. The wine is second to none and the food is so beautiful! Highly recommend!

Marco Fattore: A french gastronomy restaurant in Berlin that, frankly, could offer more. In one menu combination, had the scargot which was so, so. The fish was very good. Limited deserts. Limited wine list. Attention:- Accept NO credit cards (only cash).

Benny Law: A classic restaurant. Friendly staff and excellent food. Worth every penny.

4. A Mano

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A Mano

Address: Strausberger Pl. 2, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12 PM

Telephone: +49 30 95598243

Business type: Italian restaurant

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A Mano: what do users think?

Keilley Meng: Delicious vegetarian Italian food, amazing service, and great decorations! Only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is because the gnocchi being very salty. We needed to eat it with the other dishes and bread to lower the saltiness. Besides from that, everything were great. The texture of the pasta is phenomenal. Highly recommend!

aa avi: Amazing Italian restaurant The service was excellent For each table there were few waiters, kind and welcoming. Speaking Italian . Romantic place All dishes were excellent. Not cheap but worth the money. Definitely recommend 🥂🔥

Diana Navarro: a dinner for one, €70 and a little more. the presentation of the dishes is quite elegant and the flavors well achieved. the staff is Italian and it was very comfortable for me to communicate. fast and the cocktails were also delicious. everything was clean on the table and I would love to go again.

Kate Kusnesova: Delicious, atmospheric and fast! Better to book a table, since the restaurant is very popular for family events)) but for lunch a place can be found easier. Excellent desserts, perfect pasta and a great selection of dishes.

Shirley Lim: Food was excellent. Service is great. We had the tomato cream soup and baby calamari and both were delicious. For the mains, the scampi agio olio could use a little more salt but still great.

Alexandru Istrate: Good restaurant with sophisticated Italian dishes but still traditional in some ways. Service was great with friendly staff. Parking available nearby and might be one of the few nice place to eat on a late Monday evening. Most others close at 10pm.

Shaham Shabani: Amazing restaurant, top quality food, very nice staffs and great atmosphere.Highly recommended!

Gabriel Curini: The place is really beautiful and cozy. The food was very tasty, all very well cooked and on time. the wine 100 points, Montepulciano, remembering the summer in italy. In addition, the waiters were attentive, speaking in German, English, Spanish and Italian. better impossible.

5. Hugos

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247 reviews
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Address: Budapester Str. 2, 10787 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 26021263

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Hugos: what do users think?

Juan Pablo Castro: Great food, the service in amazing and the place by itself is cozy for a nice dinner. Highly recommended for a good & long chat.

Frank Sorgiovanni: Fantastic set dinner paired with great wines and excellent service. Deserves its accolades for one of the best French options in Berlin.

Julie Maja Nielsen: The food was delicious 🍲 - the wine menu is great 🍷🥂 - perfect view 🌇 - fantastic service 👏😊🙏

MJ Lindblom (‫מָיִיק‬‎): Delicious food, gorgeously presented by super friendly staff.

Konstantina Stagaki: Great culinary experience! Amazing food, great presentation, atmosphere and breathtaking view!The service is impeccable! Thank you Irene!

Lukas Elmer: Great bar and view! The food was also very tasty!

Ilaria Montanari: A very nice ambience, the individual accents of the restaurant are staged by different colored sports, but not exaggerated. What I really liked was the beautifully lit bar which gives the room a lot of charm. Food was delicious, but that is in the perfectly decorated room rather minor matter.

terje berge: 1 Michelin står, fantastic food ,view and food

6. Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer

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159 reviews
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Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer

Address: Unter den Linden 77, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 22611960

Business type: Modern European restaurant

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Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer: what do users think?

Rasmus JN: Eating 2 persons you are always faster than other tables and we where quite surprised with the long wait on between the servings . We made the staff aware and after that the speed improved but still we would have wanted faster pace .. we had a non alcoholic choice of bevarage which was great to try .. the good was very nice and we where surprised to see a dog at the restaurant.. We tool the largest option 10.course dinner and All services where very nice experience..

Zhihui Meng: Went to Quarré for late lunch and it was fantastic! Although appeared to be a different restaurant from the Michelin 2-star Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer, their dishes were delicately prepared with an authentic touch. Staff are multilingual and professional, getting used to tourists so that you can comfortably be yourself, enjoying the food while watching the Brandenburg Gate thronged with the crowd.

Jon Lam: The best Michelin Star restaurant in town. It might be a bit more pricey compared to the others but the wine pairing truly make it a great meal.

Sergio Jimenez: Good Restaurant! Service ok. Food great. I got a Schnitzel . Very good vanilla ice cream and a great camomille tea!

Elnur Huseynov: I would say one of the most awful service for such an hotel.Attitude towards the quests of the hotel and lobby, was zero and diskriminiert .

Elvi Nissen: Friendly atmosphere and superbly skilled staff makes for a perfect backdrop when dining at Esszimmer. The set menu can be reduced by deselecting some of the courses - but each course is a work of art and a tantalising mixture of flavours...and some of them seem to set up the next one on the menu. So do go all in!
Response: Dear Elvi Nissen, thank you very much for your wonderful feedback. We are very happy to hear that you enjoyed every aspect of your dinner in our restaurant and we hope to welcome you again very soon. With kind regards Oliver Kraft Maître d'hôtel Restaurant Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer

Markus Bäckström: Great food and service but very expensive.

Govert Nootkamp: I am not one for small portion food and when I was taken here I was very sceptical but the whole experience was fantastic. The chef has taken great ingredients and made them even better. The wine pairing was really good as well. I loved the atmosphere and the kitchen was just as clean as you could ever wish for. Thank you for a really fantastic night. We had a great evening there. Excellent food and great service. We were a bit late but our table was not given away. We had the six course menu. The experience was unforgetable.

7. Restaurant Tim Raue

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971 reviews
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Restaurant Tim Raue

Address: Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 25937930

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Restaurant Tim Raue: what do users think?

Jasmine: Was really looking forward to this dinner reservation we made months in advance. Mr went with menu ‘Kolibri’ while I had a specially designed gluten free menu. It was a little surprising none of the 2 signature dishes were in the regular menus but diners had to instead “top up” their menu to try these dishes. Cooking was faultless but we both felt most of the dishes were too salty. There wasn’t much theatrics during the meal which was fine by us. Sometimes it’s good to focus on the cooking and ingredients themselves. I enjoyed the pace of the meal until the second half where there were long pauses in between courses. We actually asked if they had forgotten our table as the restaurant got busier as the night went along. Dessert didn’t impress either of us and that was disappointing. Overall, if I were to be totally honest, we expected more from Restaurant Tim Raue. We both had good food but it wasn’t outstanding. Oh, the glass of wine we ordered was AMAZING!

Felix Winandy: It was a really great experience! we were so happy to see such a great restaurant and chef doing an all vegan menu!It was a lot of fun to try all these new combinations of taste.The staff was perfect, friendly, attentive!

Sam Pritchard: This experience was exceptional. Service was prompt, detailed and exhaustive. As a table of two we chose the Koi menu with the added peking duck and the vegan menu for my pescatarian friend with a nut allergy with a substitution to a fish dish to avoid a nut containing dish. This was very well accommodated and the waitress took time to make sure the menu would be as perfect as possible. We both also chose the accompanying wine paring. The restaurant had an elegant natural oceanic Asian inspired theme with intriguing artwork and pottery. The food was a complex variety of Asian cuisine which felt almost kissed by European influence. Impossible to critique, with every dish feeling more perfect than the last. The accompanying wine was explained in depth and matched flawlessly.

Arno Stenzel: The food was outstanding and we really liked the well spiced dishes. The whole evening is perfectly orchestrated and the restaurant elegantly decorated. Hygiene measures were perfectly realized. However, we somehow missed the personal note… you’re just another customer getting (gently)pushed through the (perfectly oiled) machinery.

Christopher Muschal: This was a blast. Excellent service, excellent food, excellent experience. Berlin kicking you in the nuts to remind you that living well is an obligation to anybody who can. You indeed only live once.

모이션 Berlin berlin: This restaurant has 2 problems . 1. Some service staffs looks like students and working like nomal restaurant service . Even some staffs thay are just shooting the breeze every time which naver see 2 star restaurant .however I did not feeling any professional service or feeling of being treated ! 2. the course menu dash’s . I had a order 8 + extra I meal course menu . Frist dish was strong taste like Sweet. Sour . salty . Was really good but after Frist dish start all dishes really taste like salted . All sauce . Side vegetables and soups is really salty ! naver end stong salty taste dish’s . The curse menu has no balance ! Even the dessert chocolate has full of salted ! I have a Question for head chef . Have you ever eat all full curse this 9 menu in one time taste ? I finished all menu after my mouth only feel that salty and I drink half liter water because of salty . I just wondering how could this restaurant got a 2 stars Michelin ! Mr Tim Raue is famous but the food is not so fantastic ! PS .I been many country with Michelin restaurants !

8. Patio

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788 reviews
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Address: Ecke, Kirchstraße, Helgoländer Ufer 13 a, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 PM

Telephone: +49 30 40301700

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Patio: what do users think?

Nick Hart: Beautiful decor, friendly service and nice venue... let down by inconsistent 4 course tasting menu. Great starters... but steak main was not seasoned properly and chocolate desert was average. Needs refinement to become world class.

Thavyness: We stopped here for a few drinks. The location is very central with beautiful views. There are nice areas on the top deck and lower deck if you want to enjoy a meal with ambiance. At the back of the boat is a small area for a large group that is private with 2 swings hanging over the water. In the lowest level, there is an aquarium and dance floor for parties. If I lived in Berlin, I would definitely rent this space for a private event!
Response: Dear Thavyness, many thanks for the great review! The PATIO can indeed be rented for events. We love what we do either in our restaurant or for bigger groups and hope that we can keep on going with hosting great events. Feel free to contact us for a request: Best, the PATIO team

Alex: I had the best meal of my life there, no exaggeration. The food was truly perfect, taking you on an adventure with every bite and the prices are very, very justified. A special thank you to Teo and Marc!

Jared Zimmerman: We had the 5 course vegetarian “land” tasting menu and most of it was quite good (braised fennel was skippable) service was prompt, friendly and attentive, but didn’t quite match the price of the menu. The boat and surrounding were quite nice.
Response: Dear Mr Zimmerman, we regret that we did not manage meeting your expectations. We promise to exercise hard and improve. Best regards The PATIO Team

Youqing Xu: Tucked within a hidden corner along the Spree River. This restaurant is an ideal place for intimate dining. Reservations are pretty hard to come by but thankfully the service team picked up my email request and I was able to make a reservation. Service by the crew is impeccable and we were delighted by the wine pairing with the modern take on sumptuous German cuisine.

Annie An Stepec: Really incredible experience! Such a beautiful place! The food was delicious, especially the ‘fish of the day’. The service was also impeccable! Best dinner place on a hot summers evening. Highly recommended!
Response: Dear Annie An, Many thanks for your nice words! A pleasure! :-)

Jonas Revensburg: What a wonderful place, with a great atmosphere and surroundings. The food is amazing, the wine list is great and the service was top notch.
Response: Thank you so much for the great rating! This our motivation!

Paul Gläser: A very nice location for a group. The food was nicely prepared and presented. The service took care and was ready to also solve challenging situations with a lot of humour. I really enjoyed it.

9. Rutz

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423 reviews
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Address: Chausseestraße 8, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 24628760

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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Rutz: what do users think?

Anuk Bambook: Expectations were met. Dishes are prepared with great respect of the local seasonal products and beautiful, mindful way of working with them. Wine pairing also was beautifully composed.

Dave Zhang: An intimate and didactic experience albeit a bit long (4.5hr). Be prepared to give your attention to not only the food but the ingredients, preparation and meaning behind each course. Truly deserving of 3 Michelin stars and the green star!

Stefan Haupthoff: So many ingriedients combined to such tasteful & flavoured recipes but still main ingriedent with intense taste. Was also suprised by a mix of younger and older guests. Service was great w/o any akward attitude. Highly recommanded.

Robert Peveling-Oberhag: I took my head chef and Sous chef to this restaurant as a Christmas gift and boi: we were happy. Such a relaxed atmosphere paired with mind blowing food. Everyone working in this place seems to enjoy themselves which makes for such a happy environment. Thanks a lot

Shuhei M: Unfortunately a very disappointing experience; ingredients are nothing special, way too many ingredients that I don’t know what I’m tasting, service mediocre, not worth the price. Don’t want to be judgmental but clientele was also very homogeneous: older affluent looking German people, which I believe says something as well 😬 I will not come back!

Sanne Hanegraaf: The best food experience i’ve ever had, no doubt. The service staff were able to make an outstanding balance of personal and formal approach. And if you don’t drink alcohol, like me, the team have found the most delicious alternative.Different preparations, structures and tastes. Just like the food. Absolutely phenomenal.

10. MontRaw Restaurant

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743 reviews
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MontRaw Restaurant

Address: Torstraße 189, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 33901243

Business type: Mediterranean restaurant

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MontRaw Restaurant: what do users think?

Benjaluck Fai Yuttisee: Cozy little gem. Good amount of food and drinks options. I would describe the food as unusual, high quality Mediterranean. The portion for me is perfect, not too small, not too big. Each component of a dish is well-prepared. The taste is very well-balanced. The service is very nice.

Anna-Lena: 10/10 would recommend! The service was good, the food excellent. My mom had the Butcher’s Choice, this evening a 250g steak, perfectly cooked as my mom wished. The octopus was the best I had so far. The staff were so nice and such gentleman. Both portions were good size. Not overpriced. Adam, the manager I think, checked on us regularly and made sure everything is good. The restaurant is small, but has good atmosphere. The decor is simple, but fits the vibe. They staff mainly speaks English, but the German of Adam (our waiter of the evening) was really good and my mom could order on her own without my help. Overall a pleasant dinner. Would eat there again, when I‘m in town again.

Sushiliah Devi: This is one of the best Mediterranean restaurant in Berlin. We ordered a range of raw food and they were all sumptuous. Celebrated my husband’s birthday there. The staff is so friendly and they serve with a smile. His made do birthday cake and Limoncello was on the house. I loved the ambiance of the place.

alexander laskin: Absolutely amazing dining place! The food is exceptional! Every dish on the menu is an interesting and well-balanced combination of flavors, all is very tasty and artistically presented. Professional and very friendly staff, insightful with offering the food and the wine pairing suggestions. Adler Fish and Octopus Alla Maghreb were the highlights of our table. We have been traveling through major cities in Germany for almost two weeks, dined in more than a dozen places. The MontRaw restaurant is absolutely above everything we visited so far!

Elizabeth Kwan: Love the appetizers, top notch! Lamb as the main dish was delicious, super juicy and tender, very soft that the meat falls off the bone easily. My friend ordered the seafood plate, also delicious! Would give a 5 star rating if the dessert was as good as their appetizers and main courses!

louise chan: Delicious Mediterranean cuisine and great service. The food was delicious especially the octopus. The dessert we got also tasted amazing. Only thing is the price is slightly on the steeper side. We managed to call and get a reservation last minute on a weekday but when we arrived the restaurant was quite busy so i would recommend booking in advance. The Australian waiter gave us good recommendations and was really helpful throughout our meal.

Oscar Kwok: Loved their Octopus and Lamb Chops! The atmosphere was great and our server Xander was very friendly and introduced each dish to us in detail which we appreciated. It was quite busy here for a Tuesday night but I guess I am not surprised since the food is good.

Alya: Amazing food. Every bite is full of different flavors and the taste will make you travel in time. My favorite was the starter salad and the main course fav was fish and the chocolate mousse as a dessert. Hughly recommended. The octopus however can be crispier. The squid and beef tartar was lovely. We celebrated our friend’s birthday and they were kind enough yo add candles to the cake. The space inside is narrow and can be quite noisy but it was fine with us. We had dinner inside and went outside for the dessert. Thank you very much for this lovely experience. I hope you open other branches internationally including Dubai where its blooming with new experiences.

Hias Amazing: I went there alone on a Sunday night without a reservation shortly before their closing time. Despite the time, the service was very welcoming and attentive all the time. I had a very tasty CHARRED EGGPLANT as a starter and then the OCTOPUS ALLA MAGHREB as a main. Both dishes were served quite quickly and tasted delicious with nice oriental flavors.

Eve Schu: Very tasty food, but way too little. I left hungry even though I had a full starter for myself and a main, which is usually more than enough for me.Favourite is the eggplant starter!Food: 3/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More


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775 reviews
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Address: Auguststraße 11-13, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 PM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 24630810

Business type: Authentic Japanese restaurant


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ZENKICHI: what do users think?

Søren Nielsen: A very authentic and tasteful experience. All around exactly how I would imagine fine dining in Japan would feel and taste like, from the extremely polite and helpful service to the fresh and silky tastes of sashimi and wagyu.

Lavashnee Schäfer: We had the Vegan 4 course menu with Sake pairing, the food was delicious, the flavours complimented each other so well, definitely one of my favourite experiences in Berlin with outstanding service👌 Dietary restrictions: Vegan

Gaman Liang: Amazing composition of the courses. The sake pairing complemented the dishes perfectly. Superb service.Food: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

Felix Baran: The 7-course menu with sake pairing was absolutely amazing. In combination with extremely friendly and attentive servers this made for a great birthday evening. Quality of the food (but also prices) are definitely on par with Michelin star restaurants.

Lu Shawna: I went to the store and wait for the order. During the time for waiting, the clerk served me a cup of ice water and said it is too hot outside, which is really friendly. The sushi are the best I have tried in Berlin, not only it’s high class type of fish but excellently freshness. She also gave me a little bottle of Sake with a wam card. This restaurant is fantastic!!!

12. Restaurant Dae Mon

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542 reviews
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Restaurant Dae Mon

Address: Monbijoupl. 11, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM

Telephone: +49 30 26304811

Business type: Asian fusion restaurant

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Restaurant Dae Mon: what do users think?

Jovanka v. Wilsdorf: WOW! What a journey through an eight-course menu. Only someone who can brilliantly balance flavor, texture and temperature can manage to juggle it so wildly. Pure joy! Here comes Michelin quality with the sparkling atmosphere of your favorite bar & did I mention the staff? Fantastic! We will be back for more. Thank you so much <3

Martin Sedlacky: Fantastic experience. The place is just beautiful, lots of arts, great music and vibe. The staff is incredible and so is the food. The tasting menu was just perfect balance of dishes and tastes, served as in Michelin place. We liked the Japanese version of whiskey sour. Will be back.

Oren Betzaleli: Great restaurant! Creative and even surprising dishes. We took the set menu and it was really good. Also the place is designed very nicely (although a bit dark), and the service was really friendly and professional.We enjoyed a lot.

James Colgan: This place was an incredible breath of fresh air after the blandness of Asian food in Paris. The servers were very helpful and kind. We asked to bump our table from two to three people, and they kindly accommodated. The food was served with creativity and flair. And the spiced dishes had a lovely amount of heat and lots of flavor. Delicious. The sommelier was knowledgeable and passionate about his cave. Great advice and lovely selections. Will definitely come back.

Patrik Bränn: Great place! The food, atmosphere, staff all very good!Recommended to get the wine pairing for your menu.

Patrick Hellberg: We were very satisfied and will come back. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, the food is really great and the wines are well selected. Also suitable for older kids as they have a-la-carte, too.

Chonky Foodies: It was a great experience and the food was really good. Everything was cooked to perfection, service was great and restaurant itself was astonishing. You can tell the people behind it are aiming for a Michelin star. However, having been to Michelin starred restaurants, I am afraid, there are minor details that might cost them the star. 1. The bao bun before the main course was too dense. Felt like the dough was overworked. 2. The pork belly tortellini were a good idea, but again, the dough was slightly too thick, leading to a denser bite. 3. The macaroons were too wet. Maybe try storing them differently Nonetheless, it was a great experience and every dish came with a wow reaction. Wine and tea pairing were spot on.
Response: Thank you for your lovely feedback!!

sori kim: Sorry for bad looking photos. We didn’t take course menu cause its way toooooo much. We have ordered beef tartare, octopus for appetizer. Beef tartare was soooo good. But main was soso. I ordered sea-bass and tofu cabbage roll. Was not so nice. I would go again only for tartare but not for other dishes. Wine recommendations was good. THe service was good. And he had a knowledge to explain me about the wine. Don’t forget to order a beef tartare(if you like gimchi and want to try new version of tartare). this beef tartare is not a normal beef tartare that you can find in European restaurants.
Response: Thank you for your detailed feedback. We're glad that you liked your beef tartare. We change our menu this week, maybe we can convince you with our new dishes. You find the tartare still on our menu. Hope to welcome you again soon!

Shailee Mody: Loved the creative decor, the ambience, the staff and the 7 course menu!! A great choice for special occasions or romantic dinners!! Some of the dishes were truly artistic as well as appeased to the taste palette !!

Kelvin Chin: A friend took me here for dinner and I came with little expectations of a fusion restaurant. First, the deco is very Berlin. Black. And black everywhere. It worked with the neon flights and the photo-art on the walls. Cozy ambience with a dash of cool and artsy. We had a 3 course ala-carte instead of set menu. The beef tartare was good but just missed the mark by a little. The beef tartare on a bed of kimchi with sweet soya soya sauce on the side was a pretty but the kimchi over powered the beef. I didn’t taste much of the beef. The all grain bread was absolutely delicious. The steak fillet was perfectly done and absolutely delicious. The sides complimented the beef very well. The berry dessert with wasabi was nice. Nothing too special despite how it was described. The service was impeccable by Berlin standard.

13. theNOname - Restaurant

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120 reviews
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theNOname - Restaurant

Address: Oranienburger Str. 32, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30 PM Thu

Telephone: +49 30 279099027

Business type: Restaurant

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theNOname - Restaurant: what do users think?

Christian G.: Fantastic set menu. Extremely competent service, great spacing between courses and a lovely wine pairing. The art in the locale is fun to view while going to the eclectic bathroom. Hard to keep your eyes off the centerpiece light show.
Response: Dear Christian, we love the expression "eclectic" bathrooms. Thanks for your review and we are glad, you recocgnized our love for our art in the restaurant. Thanks for spending your evening with us. Best, theNOname

R K: Went here for a business dinner while in Berlin. Everything was delightful, the courses were inventive and delicious, the wine was perfect. Very well priced for the experience.
Response: Glad you liked your experience here. And yes, we are still affordable, though times are getting rough. Hopefully, a lot of guests will find their way to experience, what you had. A great evening with friends or business partners. Best, theNOname

Erik Roa: What an amazing experience. The service was stellar, the food was simply the best and the ambience was very fitting. We had a very intimate birthday celebration and they were absolutely nice to us. 5 stars well deserved
Response: Dear Erik, thank you for your five stars and the compliments!! Seems like a lot people come to us for their birthday night out! Glad you had a great time at our place. A big THANK YOU from the whole team, theNOname.

Matthias Klatt: Absolutely fantastic!! 👌🏼 This is what I want my (casual) fine dining to be… What a lovely evening that was! 👏🏼 It’s always very special when food, ambience, service and company come together as perfectly as they did here… Yes this is more on the “event-side” of dining than the easy-going “affordable” restaurant but it was absolutely worth every penny! Thank you for having us and hosting such a lovely evening. 👌🏼😊
Response: Dear Matthias, what an outstanding review!! How lovely, you experience was sooo nice at our restaurant. Thankful you took your time to write it down. The team loves it. whoop whoop. THANKS, theNOname

Samantha: The atmosphere is nice and the food was presented well. However, the flavors of the menu felt very confused and the taste was mostly bland or bad tasting (with two exceptions, the mushroom dish and the deer veal, which were great). The service also was not very friendly or attentive. Between the 2nd and 3rd courses we had to wait over half an hour. The explanations of the food and wine were rushed and felt careless (which is one of the most fun things imo about treating yourself to such a meal). I would have expected a much better experience for the price.
Response: Dear Samantha, we are sorry for the delay inbetween courses on that recent busy day and the allover experience you describe. We evaluated the situation afterwards with our team. We would love to show you, that we know how to really deliver a heartwarming and professional service and will contact you directly. Still, we say thank you for your visit and we will definitely do our best, to prevent situations like that in the future. Best, Jani and theNOname-Team

Christiaan Leussink: Visited NoName with my wife and 6 friends yesterday. We chose the 8 course tasting menu with pairing. Great dishes and good pairing. Especially the trout, the asparagus and the bread were spectacular, bursting with flavour and simply perfect execution. Service was on the point, had a great deal of information to share, was friendly and look the part too. They take pride in their role, and so they should. Fantastic! Highly recommend.
Response: Wow... Dear Christiaan, thank you so much for your recommendation and your detailed review. We are so happy, that we could create such a nice evening for you and that - beside the food - also our service gets appreciation. Thanks for choosing us and we'll be happy too see you again ;-) Best, theNOname

Alena Evers: Fine dining Berlin style!Excellent food paired with Berlin‘s hedonist lifestyle. Service is super friendly and attentive. A truly special place one can only find in Berlin. Love it!!!
Response: Dear Alena, thanks a lot for those wonderful words! They truly mean a lot. We are happy to be back in the game and put a lot of love and effort in our first menu and the drinks pairing. And finally our secret table could shine again! And we saw you "interacting" with our artpieces! Great! Thanks for your visit! We will be more than happy to welcome you again.

14. Spindler

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1223 reviews
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Address: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42/43, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM Wed

Telephone: +49 30 69598880

Business type: Brasserie

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Spindler: what do users think?

Zoe McArthur: Really lovely brunch spot. I had the pancakes and bacon - it had the most delicious syrup that really complemented everything. Fluffy pancakes and crispy bacon was the perfect brunch for a cold day. The staff were really helpful and using masks. Atmosphere of the place makes you feel really homey with a fun selection of music playing (fleetwood Mac, Bowie and some 50s hits thrown in).
Response: Dear Zoe, thank you for your words. We are happy you liked it so much. All the best, take care, SPINDLER

Attila: Amazing flair, very good food and well designed interior. However, service is so bad that we won’t go back and I would not recommend anyone doing so either. There are at least 10 staff but we waited 20 minutes for our coffee and another 20 for the food to arrive. Waiters have iPads to work with but somehow not all will take your order. Very confusing and this just doesn’t work, especially if you come with children, sorry.
Response: Hey Attila, yes we had a few days where it was a bit confusing with new employees. We noticed it and worked on it. There was one shift where many employees were new due to illness and that shift was actually "confusing". A sincere "sorry for that" all the best to you, SPINDLER

Lena Bakman: The restaurant is really nice and fancy. The menu is not too big but the courses are special, the steak was absolutely delicious and so is the chocolate dessert. The location is romantic, on the river in Kreuzberg.
Response: Hey Lena, thank you so much for your reco. Great that you liked it. Greetings, SPINDLER

Karim Dernaika: The is quite an expensive restaurant for the limited menu items they offer, however of the few choices we had, I have to say they were delicious, the fillet was cooked to perfection. The desserts were not bad too.
Response: Hey Karim, is´nt it how it should be in a restaurant, delicious? Thank you for your reco. Best, SPINDLER

Sabrina Sciandra: Place is nice with lovely my opinion it was to hot outside. Service was also really good, the guy even talked spanish!Good brunch options,mostly with eggs…really liked the croque madame and the croissant. For the florentine eggs i just would suggest to mashed the avocado instead of the entire half…and i was also surprised they only offered bottled water.
Response: Dear Sabrina, thank you for the reco. We called John Snow to solve the Problem. He answered: "be happy it is warm right now, cause the winter is coming. Your idea with the avocado, we will forward it to the kitchen crew but to be honest we like it as it is. Thanks for your warm words about our lovely patio and the rest. Greetings, SPINDLER

Yoram Pomer: Fine upper scale restaurant in a great location. Big variety of drinks, small menu ( mostly steaks). The food was great and also worth taking a desert. Be aware that the portions are smaller than average!
Response: Dear Yoram, thank you for your praise. We appreciate it, SPINDLER

Hristiyan Petrov: A really nice place. We went for brunch and got very satisfied. The ambient is really cool. The food is great.
Response: Most important things in life is taking time and enjoying it. Happy to gave you a peaceful moment. Best, SPINDLER

15. tulus lotrek

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333 reviews
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tulus lotrek

Address: Fichtestraße 24, 10967 Berlin, Germany

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6 PM Thu

Telephone: +49 30 41956687

Business type: Fine dining restaurant

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tulus lotrek: what do users think?

Ilhan uzel: Outstanding ! tasting menu, each and every single course was amazingly delicious. I had the chance to taste the vegetarian menu( bites from my wife’s ) as well as my own omnivore one. The recommended German wine by the sommelier was also excellent. Also the service was excellent. So to me this is an exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey.

Suzana: My husband and I went there for our wedding dinner just the two of us and our little dog. This is one of the best Michelin restaurants we have been. We felt in love with the place. The little attention details, the service, the atmosphere, the food, the drinks (wine and champagne) everything was absolutely stunning. We both took the meat and fish menu but there is also a vegetarian option. One can sit inside or outside on the beautiful terrace. Highly recommending and definitely coming back.

Shiuan Chang: An absolutely mind-blowing experience! My wife and I had a wonderful night at this restaurant for our last night in Berlin. We thought they deserved another star. The staffs are super nice and knowledgeable about everything they are doing. I especially love their wine pairing that the wine they choose is a such a rare find. I hope they would provide the list somewhere maybe online so I can buy them! Thanks again for a wonderful night!!

anthony stephan: Super nice place with super food and amazing staff. The only problem is the drunk owner that disrespects his clients by using foul language. A good place to try? For sure. Will you be treated this way in any other Michelin? I doubt it. The owner Max Strohe came out after the service drunk with his beer in hand asking clients for a cigarette which is understandable after his service. But then to start disrespecting us after we paid a fortune is wrong. His staff were looking at him with disappointment. I ask him personally to make things right towards us.

hund hudg: Was an amazingly beautiful night in Berlin!Service is outstanding, food is outstanding.It was a long time I had a lot of fun at a restaurant. Best!

Innan: I put myself on a waiting list with quite a short notice. To be honest I had not much hope, but... there was suddenly a free slot! Interesting flavours, friendly stuff, cozy atmosphere. We had a menu along with the wine pairing and it lasted quite a while. So, get ready to dedicate your whole evening to a gastro-journey and enjoy. We did a lot. Thanks, guys!

Alon Tsaraf: Extremely delicious 12 course tasting menu.Service was phenomenal.Would definately recommend going there

Tainturier Jean-Baptiste: Overall very good experience with a very friendly and competent staff. Some real highlights in the menu like these little tartelettes... 2 remarks though. 2 plate out of 8 were a little bit underneath the rest in term of taste & creativity. Lobster with too much dill. And an apricot / thymian dessert a little but too classical in my taste. The room was also quite noisy so difficult to have a talk in a table of 4. Thanks for the very good moment.

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