Car rental in Berlin

Often when you visit a city abroad you never think about renting a car. In Berlin it is certainly essential to rely on public transport which is notoriously fast, punctual and frequent. However rent a car in Berlin it can be useful when it is necessary to reach the surroundings or to set out to discover the surrounding regions.

Of course it is always better to move in advance, booking the car directly from Italy to avoid the risk of finding yourself with little choice but above all to compare the rates of all the car rental companies and book the car at the best price.

Where to rent a car in Berlin

Rent a car in the city it is very simple, those arriving by plane will have the offices of the major car rental companies at the Berlin Brandenburg airport or in the branch offices at the central station.

The following are the most reliable car rental companies present at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. If you have preferences on a single company you can click on the respective logo to read the comments and reviews of other travelers who have rented a car at this airport.

Local car rental agencies

  • Aral
  • Driving Service Jessica
  • Hummer-group
  • Mercedes-benz rent
  • Rental car center

Tips on car rental in Berlin

Of course there are several alternative to rent a car at Berlin airport: according to your needs it will be possible rent a small car, which guarantees more agility in the city and at the same time a lower rental price, or a larger car, perhaps to transport the whole family, including luggage, to discover this fascinating city.

Whatever your choice, the best thing to do when thinking of rent a car at Berlin airport is to act in advance, making the reservation in advance from Italy: by doing this you can get the best rates and offers, and you do not risk being reduced at the last minute and being faced with a limited choice of cars, with consequent increase in prices.

Of course it is not necessary to make a series of quotes company by company, but it is useful to use the search engine on this page to instantly find the best offer, comparing the prices of all the car rental companies to find the best rates for rental in Berlin.

  • Examples: Fiat Panda, Fiat 500, Hyundai i10, Kia Picanto
  • Examples: Ford Fiesta, Opel Corsa, Seat Ibiza, Citroen C3
  • Examples: Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra, Audi A3

  • Examples: Opel Astra SW, Ford Focus SW, Golf SW
  • Examples: Volkswagen Touran, Opel Zafira, Ford Galaxy

  • Examples: Toyota RAV 4, Ford Escape, Jeep Renegade
  • Examples: Mercedes C-Class, Mercedes E-Class, Audi A5

  • Examples: Ford Mustang, Audi A3 convertible, BMW 2 series

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