Gendarmenmarkt: The gendarmes' square in Berlin

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Gendarmenmarkt: The gendarmes' square in Berlin
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    The ancient origins of the square

    The original plant dates back to the end of the 600th century, when Frederick I, King of Prussia, wanted to expand the borders of Berlin, a small town until then. The name of Piazza Gendarmenmarkt derives from the fact that the ancient ones were originally located in this new city stables of the gendarmerie.

    The characteristic of this square is that it is perfectly rectangular. Designed by the best architects of the time together with the entire Friedrichstad, that is the new city of Frederick, it impresses with its modern and linear layout.

    What to see in Gendarmenmarkt square

    The square is a masterpiece of neo-classical architecture, with two churches of refined elegance that seem to compete for city spaces, facing each other, in a challenge between two very ancient religious doctrines. On the one hand, the French cathedral, the French cathedral of Berlin, on the other the German cathedral, the German cathedral.

    photo by Ali Eminov via flickr

    Between these two buildings stands the Concert House, one of the most beautiful and elegant theaters in all of Germany. At the center of the square, finally, it is possible to admire the statue of Friedriech Schiller, inaugurated only at the end of the 800th century.

    The twin churches: the symbol of integration

    Despite the regal and dignified appearance of the most beautiful European cathedrals, the two buildings of Gendarmenmark square they are not dedicated to worship: they are not in fact churches, but only buildings that commemorate two different cults. In fact, the same names do not literally indicate the presence of a cathedral, but refer to the French term dĂ´me which means dome. To distinguish and embellish the square are in fact the two beautiful domes.

    foto di KHReichert via flickr

    • Il French cathedral it was built in honor of the Huguenot community in Germany. In the XNUMXth century, in France, religious persecutions forced approx 20.000 French citizens to find refuge in Germany. The enlightened sovereign Frederick more than willingly welcomed the new community which was characterized by a high social and cultural level. The new Berlin citizens were fundamental in the process of artistic development and the German intellectual class. The tower with the splendid dome was added only at the end of the 700th century.
    • Il German cathedral it was built a few years after the first and was dedicated to the Catholic community. Also in this case the tower was added only at the end of the 1996th century. Both buildings were severely damaged during the Second World War and have undergone several restorations, completed in XNUMX. Both the German and French cathedral have small churches next to the central body, the former of Catholic faith and the latter Protestant.

    A walk in Gendarmenmarkt

    Hundreds of thousands of tourists take splendid photographs every year in a square full of surprises. The visit obviously starts from the imposing buildings: the French cathedral, on the ground floor, today houses one of the most interesting and richest collections and libraries belonging to the Berlin community. We definitely recommend a visit to theHuguenot Museum - the Huguenot museum.

    photo by visitberlin via flickr

    Not to be missed, for all lovers of opera and classical music, an extraordinary concert Konzertouse. Very often engaging musical events are organized by Philharmonic outdoors and anyone can watch it.

    Between chocolate shops and small restaurants with Berlin specialties, it is pleasant to walk in this square both during the day and in the evening, when the soft lights make the atmosphere even more characteristic.

    What to see around?

    We are within walking distance of the Friedriechstrasse and the famous neighborhoods Q205, Q206 e Q207. We recommend a walk to all lovers of modern architecture and especially to those who want to do it shopping in Berlin between large shop windows and shopping centers with international brands. Continuing south, after a few minutes on foot you will find Checkpoint Charlie, the famous Berlin Wall Museum and the surprising Topography of Terror for a dip in the history of XNUMXth century Berlin

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    How to get to Gendarmenmarkt

    Subway U6 at the Franzosische stop or U2 at the Stadtmitte stop.

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