Großer Tiergarten, the park that tells Berlin

Großer Tiergarten, the park that tells Berlin
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    The reforestation was possible thanks to the trees donated to Berlin by other cities, until the wall came and the park became the most valuable green space for the inhabitants of West Berlin. With the reunification of the city, an underground tunnel for trains and cars was built under the park which today creates an important north-south axis, the Tiergarten tunnel.

    The Victory Column and other guarded attractions

    Il Zoo is the great green heart of Berlin, located right in the city center and adjacent to the most significant historical symbols of the capital. The park is divided in two by Straße des 17. Juni, right here, surrounded by the large roundabout great star (big star), there is the famous Victory Column symbol of the Prussian victories and among the main monuments of the city.

    photo via The Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building (the German Parliament) outline the east side, 500 meters from the gate you will find the Memorial to the Soviet Fallen, while to the north, near the banks of the river, are the Bellevue Castle, official residence of the president of the Federal Republic of Germany and the center for cultural promotion House of World Cultures.

    Right next door, every Sunday you can listen to the music of the carillon, a huge concert instrument made from a 42 meters high tower and made up of 68 bells, connected to a manually played keyboard - a real peculiarity.

    Another rather unique element is the Open air museum of gas lanterns, near the Tiergarten S-Bahn station. A rare outdoor exhibition that preserves old ones lanterne a gas as historical testimony of the public lighting of the past, each one different and with its own history. The southwestern air of the park instead offers space to the famous Berlin Zoo, which is an integral part of the reserve.

    The Tiergarten lived by Berliners

    With its 210 hectares of land, the Tiergarten is the third largest park in Germany and the most important in the Berlin imagination, the PARK par excellence.

    photo by TCM1003 via flickr

    Here you spend your free time, travel kilometers, meet floral design, you stretch out on the English lawn that surrounds the lake, rent a boat to go for a ride in the water, play and devote yourself to sports. In recent times, some patrons of the Zoo they have developed a tendency to take advantage of sunny days to enjoy nature as naked as the earth.

    The park and the events, today and yesterday

    Straße des 17. Juni digs the park right in the center on this long road every year New Year is celebrated with an endless outdoor party. Always this is where the Berlin Gay pride parade parades, which ends right around the Victory Column, which is why today the monument has acquired a particular symbolic value for the Berlin gay community.

    photo via

    Let's not forget the 90s, at that time the Great zoo it was the theater of Love Parade, a free festival born in Berlin in 1989 and dedicated to techno music. Each year it attracted millions of young people from all over the world so much so that it was then replicated in different cities around the world.

    Unfortunately the German experience ended with a tragedy still under investigation today, in which 21 people lost their lives and another 510 were injured. It happened in Duisburg in 2010.

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