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    Hamburger Bahnhof: The museum of the present in Berlin

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    Hamburger Bahnhof: The museum of the present in Berlin
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      As for the photography section, the Hamburger-Bahnhof offers the works of German school Becher, known worldwide for the black and white photographs having as subject structures and details of industrial architecture.

      Temporary Exhibitions

      If you aren't impressed enough with these collections, you are sure to be Temporary Exhibitions.

      Over the years, the Hamburger-Bahnhof has exhibited temporary installations who were able to completely overturn the usual scenario of the main hall of the museum: reproductions of giant mushrooms for the entire perimeter of the room rather than the utopian reconstruction of one city ​​entirely made of bubbles.

      And who knows what else we should expect in the future from the art direction of this place! Even the most insensitive to art will be struck by seeing works of this kind.

      The starred restaurant of the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum

      The famous chef tedesca Sarah Wiener he decided to open his restaurant / cafe, right inside the museum! It offers revisited traditional Berlin dishes such as the Schnitzel wiener art (pork cutlet, served with vegetable mousse placed on the plate in a very artistic and refined way), sweets of Viennese origin and a great savory breakfast. With its haute cuisine it will give you true works of art ... for the palate!

      We advise you to book in advance given the considerable turnout. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00 and on Thursday the opening hours are extended until 20.00.

      How to reach us

      It is possible to reach the museum by Metro with the line U6 direction Zinnowitzer Strasse or by train with land lines S5 and S7.

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