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- hostels in Berlin offer the possibility of staying in a safe and clean place at an affordable price, a requirement of many travelers, especially gods backpacker. Among other things, hostels are not only suitable places for young people, but depending on some formulas provided they can also adapt to the needs of families: in addition to the classic dormitories, there are also accommodation in private rooms, with private internal bathroom.

Hostels originated in East Berlin, a bit more off-center than the central Mitte area, originally intended for young backpackers. In recent years it must be said that these types of accommodations, in their most refined version, have depopulated even in the most refined neighborhoods, such as Charlottenburg or the same Mitte, where there are respectively famous hostels such as Happy go Lucky and Cityhostel Berlin.

Il quarters Kreuzberg, known for its exaltation of art, offers a wide choice of accommodation, including the Baxpax Kreuzberg Hostel. Not far from this, on the border area with the district of Friedrichshain, there is a particular hostel: the Hostelboat Eastern Comfort, a hostel on the Spree that has 25 cabins on three decks in different classes.

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The boutique hostels

Called "boutique" or "flashpacking" hostels, this type of accommodation is increasingly conquering the Berlin scene. These properties are aimed at travelers on a slightly higher budget who are looking for a certain style.

The Pfefferbett

A perfect example of a boutique hostel is the Pfefferbett, which offers accommodation in private rooms complete with a trendy bar where you can spend your evenings; in the 24th century it was a brewery, and today it has established itself as one of the best hostels in all of Germany. It is located in the center of the lively Prenzlauer Berg area, an area full of bars, clubs and events. It features a bar open XNUMX hours a day, a sun terrace and a large garden.

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Why stay in a hostel in Berlin

The choice of the hostel today is also a choice dictated by the will of meet new people, open to dialogue with which to share their experiences.

In fact, not all structures have the same services: we go from real Youth hostels, frequented by a target of young travelers and school groups, where there is also a maximum age at which to return to stay, to hostels that can instead provide other solutions for their guests in order to increase the range of customers who may be interested in staying there.

Often hostels in Berlin organize serate ed private events in order to encourage moments of aggregation among its guests, especially in the structures aimed at groups of students. There are also other common areas such as dining rooms, cafes and bars, places used for recreational moments and even gyms.

Most of the time, the facilities are open 24 hours a day and can be accessed without taking into account the reception hours.

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