How to enter Berlin clubs - The selection criteria

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How to enter Berlin clubs - The selection criteria
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..and in the end we face the club

La Berlin nightlife it is indefatigable, multifaceted and full of life. On weekends, subway trains splash all night, over and under the asphalt, churning out thousands of bodies. The city offers many, many, alternatives. Restaurants where you can fill your stomach, bars where you can drink excellent beers, pubs complete with dance halls, concerts, vernissages, jam sessions and, of course, the last to "die" are always the clubs.

photo di time fixer via flickr

One thing leads to another and you soon find yourself behind one long queue of people lined up for selection. Regardless of the name it bans, all club in Berlin they accumulate a certain line at the door and make the selection at the entrance. Sometimes downright cruel, sometimes less so.

You lose all hope that ..

Think about this, the parameters underlying the selection in Berlin clubs they are in total contrast with the screening criteria of Italian discos. In the beautiful country, the trend requires careful or even elegant clothing, entry as a couple, grants priority entry for those most prominent in society. Now turn it all upside down.

In Berlin, who shows up in front of the club in a classic version, light shirt, polo of the best brands with a lot of logo on the chest and raised collar (so to speak) is left out. If you go alone it will be better than being a couple and if you think you deserve a VIP entry, whoever you are, you will be disappointed.

photo by Zeitfixierer via flickr Who enters the clubs of Berlin

I club in Berlin they are for those who know how to have fun while respecting others, without becoming too formal. Particularly men-only groups are unwelcome, who arrives in front of the club drunk, perhaps with a bottle dangling from his hand, who is clearly drugged. If you are, try to give yourself an attitude.

I recommend being quite quiet, conversing in a low voice while in line is fine but don't overdo the tones. Dress up casual and be yourself.

Where are they and what they want

For some Berlin clubs and discos it is necessary to have the right awareness of where you are going and to adjust accordingly. This applies to all the most famous and coveted clubs in Berlin or to those that host evenings dedicated to a particular audience.

Let's take a couple of examples. Many people wonder how to get into Berghain, known as the "temple of techno" and for the hard selection at the entrance. The advice just listed above is also valid in your case, but you will also need the right charisma and a little luck.

Another hypothesis is that you choose to go to clubs like the Kit Kat, which usually hosts one on Saturday nights fatish evening, in this case latex and chains they will be a good business card.

In short, do some research before going to a club in the capital and get an idea of 鈥嬧媤hat you will find inside. If they think you are not suitable for the evening they will not let you in. Good luck!

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