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Il train it is undoubtedly the most comfortable way to travel without having to worry about the weight limits of suitcases. Faster than the bus and more practical than the plane, the allure of a train journey appeals to all travelers. Reaching Berlin by train thus becomes a journey within a journey, perhaps taking advantage of promotions Saver fare Europe by Deutsche Bahn, a promotion dedicated to all European citizens who choose the train to arrive in Germany.

Also Italian citizens they can obviously take part in this promotion and reach Germany and neighboring countries at very affordable prices. There Berlin central station it is modern, one of the largest crossroads in Europe, connects all directions and is located right in the heart of the city, near the Parliament and Government district.

Berlin main station, Berlin's central station, was only inaugurated in 2006 and is located in the Moabit area, between the Humboldhafen port and the Spree, near the Reischtag, the seat of the German parliament. The structure is on two levels and has 8 tracks per level, and is covered by a large glass arch, which immediately became its symbol.

From Italy to Berlin by train

For reach Berlin from Italy by train there is no direct route, but it is necessary to make do by changing one or more times, including one in Munich. However, two separate tickets must be made, the first from Italy to Munich and the second from Munich to Berlin. The first can be purchased at any Italian station or directly on the Trenitalia website, but the second must be purchased on the German railways website. Deutsche Bahn or to the automatic machines in the station.

Reach Berlin from Milan by train

To get to Berlin from Milan, the first stop as mentioned is Monaco of Bavaria. The trains that connect Milan to Munich also leave in the evening: this is a cheaper solution, because it will arrive at its destination in the morning of the next day, thus saving the costs of a night in a hotel. The ticket price for this route is around 50 euros.

Reach Berlin from Rome by train

Even starting from Rome, Munich remains an obligatory stop to get to the German capital. The journey is obviously longer, as it first includes the Rome-Milan route, which takes about 3 hours using the Italo or Trenitalia high-speed trains, about double with intercity trains.

From other Italian cities

Other cities further north from which it is possible to reach first Munich and then Berlin by train are VeronaBolzano, passing through the Brenner tunnel, while for all the other cities, especially those of the Center and the South, you must first take a train to get to Rome or Milan, and then return to the previous cases, arriving first in Munich and finally ending the journey at the central station of the German capital.

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