Schöneberg: Berlin's gay-friendly neighborhood

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Schöneberg: Berlin's gay-friendly neighborhood
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    Residential area and first gay district in the world

    Schöneberg it is located in the southwest area of ​​the city and also includes the mini districts of Friedenau e Steglitz. Has been one of the first gay neighborhoods in the world, we are talking about the 20s and beyond, when Berlin was the only European capital to embrace alternative culture. Today, even if its vocation has changed a little, it still maintains a place of honor in the history of gay community.

    photo via It is the neighborhood where he was born in 1901 Marlene Dietrich and where in 1976 they found a home David Bowie e Iggy Pop. Both then and now, in fact, squares and streets were and are full of cafes, restaurants and meeting places, sources of great vitality and sharing. To eat, drink and socialize, you will be spoiled for choice.

    It essentially remains a bourgeois residential neighborhood, perhaps one of the most beautiful, as it preserves numerous Altbau, the "period buildings", elegant Nordic-style buildings.

    The whole of its inhabited areas is very colorful, in accordance with the heterogeneity that has always characterized the soul of Schöneberg.

    What happens in the neighborhood? Let's live the spaces

    The neighborhood is defined by wide streets and large squares, and if you go into the various blocks you will find narrower and more graceful streets. There Nollendorfplatz square it was the historically gay area, here there are bars and clubs dedicated to homosexuals or fetish-style for lovers of latex, leather and transgression.

    Another popular square in the vicinity is Winterfeldtplatz, which every Saturday hosts Berlin's most famous fruit and vegetable market and the street that runs along its western edge, Goltzstrasse, is animated by restaurants and bars. Let's not forget Wittenbergplatz, where the famous KurfĂĽrstendamm shopping street begins, which then crosses over into the Charlottenburg district. Here, an endless series of shops follow one another and the historic KaDeWe shopping center is located.

    The life of Schöneberg they are full of greenery made up of large trees and parks to visit. The Südgelände Nature Park Schöneberg was a train marshalling yard, which remained deserted and then closed after the Second World War.

    photo via

    In 50 years it has been reborn as a natural oasis, a dense forest that preserves some buildings of the time. Exploited for artistic and recreational activities, it is to be discovered. Large meadows and large trees spread over seven hectares form the Rudolph-Wilde-Park, dating from the early twentieth century. The style, the sculptures and a large central fountain preserve its ancient charm which becomes even more seductive during the icy winters. On the border between Schöneberg and Kreuzberg is the park of Gleisdreick Park, of modern construction, it has everything you can expect from a park where you can relax but also not, including, there is a large one skatepark for those who love ramps. Bring your skateboard with you!

    Hang out. Between clubs, shops and restaurants.

    And now, let's think about how to spend the time a Schöneberg, grab a bite or have a drink. In the streets of the neighborhood, there are many alternatives in terms of restaurants and fast-food restaurants.

    photo on AB via flickr

    For a taste of a typical Berlin dish, stop by at Witty's and buy a "currywurst", all the products used in the kitchen are organic. The ristorante Wilson's is a famous steak house, find a rustic touch in the Schöneberg World Lantern and fine cuisine in the Austrian restaurant Brenner; the latter is on the Kurfürstendamm within walking distance of the famous and historic KaDeWe shopping center, where I recommend a stop to make some purchases. Around there, you will find plenty of shops.

    If you are in the mood for nightlife, you can listen to live music at the C-Club, classics of the '30s toHudson Bar while swing, blues and jazz are the rhythms of Badenscher Hof where you can also eat if you don't arrive too late. And then a few names for those looking for a gay bars: the Blond has a friendly party vibe, elegance in black and steel and possible dress code in New action, you will enjoy industrial charm and muscle in plain sight in the Prinzknecht, while sequins, colors and joy explode inside the Incognito. Have fun!

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