Spy Museum: What to see at the Berlin Spy Museum

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Spy Museum: What to see at the Berlin Spy Museum
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    Spy Museum Berlin: interactive exhibitions

    Throughout the Museum you can observe monitors equipped with touch screens, where it is possible to view data and information on secret services and the operations they conducted. But that's not all: all documents are interactive and allow the visitor to really feel like a secret agent. It is, in fact, possible to decipher codes and overcome traps in a truly breathtaking adventure that will make even children happy.

    It starts from the Cold War and arrives at the contemporary period. We relive the footsteps of James Bond and the greatest spies that have followed one another over time. And it is done through cutting-edge technologies that interface with those of the time. An example are the classic infrared cameras and weapons hidden in the shape of a cigar or a pen.

    What to visit nearby

    The Berlin Spy Museum is located within a very famous urban area, the Potsdamer Platz. Its strong point is the modern technologies that give it a big metropolis touch. It is the heart of the capital and concentrates in itself a large number of attractions and clubs. For example, the panoramic area (Panoramapunkt) which is accessed by lift is very impressive; from here you can enjoy a magnificent view over Berlin and relax after a long day immersed in Berlin culture.

    The square is full of nightlife and is the reference point for those looking for a compromise between cultural tourism and entertainment.

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