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On the streets of Berlin they travel about every day 7500 taxi. Taxis can be called by booking the service over the phone, going to one of the numerous dedicated stations or simply stopping them on the street with a nod. Free taxis are distinguished because the plate on the roof of the vehicle, which bears the word "taxi", is on.

During the summer you can also wander around Berlin in velotaxi, a modern rickshaw. There are numerous stations throughout the center of Berlin.

 Fares for a taxi ride in Berlin

One applies basic rate at the start of the race, then for the first 7 kilometers a fixed price per kilometer is applied; if the race exceeds 7 kilometers, a variable price is applied for each kilometer traveled which decreases as the kilometers traveled increase.

This information, easily accessible to all, avoid running into scams and you can calculate before leaving how much you will spend. The Berlin taxi portal website has a online rate calculator, unfortunately only in German, which makes it possible to calculate the approximate fare. Beware that additional costs apply if you choose a large taxi or if you have bulky luggage with you.

Finally, in case there are gods traffic delays the time lost should not affect the rate, as the taximeter is basically calibrated by taking into account a certain number of minutes of possible delay.

Taxi from airports: beware of scams

A special recommendation should be made for i taxi taken at the airport: it is necessary to be careful and choose only the taxis that stop in the dedicated parking points, because in other areas false taxi drivers operate. A duly registered taxi can also be recognized by the license plate and the concession number located on the rear window: concession numbers above 8000 do not exist!


Always better pay with small banknotes, as taxi drivers may not have enough change for a change as they are not required to carry large amounts of money with them. It has also been possible for some years now pay for the taxi by credit card as there is a POS on board.

After making the payment, it always pays off request a receipt: this can be important in case you forget any personal object inside the car, and in this way it is possible to trace the taxi on which you traveled.

Furthermore, the receipt is also the only proof you can have in case of disagreement on the applied rate. The receipt must contain the address of the taxi company, the concession number, the fare, the date, the itinerary and the signature.

Regulation for short distances

If the path to be taken is really short, it is better to hail a taxi directly on the street. The rate that will be applied is fixed and is cheaper than the basic rate up to a distance of 2 kilometers, according to the Berlin short distance regulation.

Once you get on board, you must immediately inform the taxi driver that you want to travel this distance, before he starts the regular taximeter.

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