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    The Brandenburg Gate: The most visited monument in Berlin

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    The Brandenburg Gate: The most visited monument in Berlin
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      During the Second World War, the quadrille suffered great damage, which is why it was temporarily replaced by a copy, moreover, the GDR decided to remove the crown with the cross, which was put back in its place only in 1990.

      The symbol of reunited Berlin

      Then came the Cold War and what was a symbol of the city became emblem of the division and relegated to the east by the wall, close to the iron curtain. During those years, the Brandenburg Gate is stripped of its official status, in a desolate and dilapidated scenario, and becomes a point which Berliners approach in anguish, they rise and fearfully try to take a look beyond the wall.

      Only with the reunification of Germany and the fall of the Wall in 1989, the Brandenburg Gate became the symbol of unified Berlin. During the celebrations, the uncontrolled joy of the freed people caused serious damage to the monument, which was closed for restoration and officially reopened in October 2002. Its majesty enhances and concludes the avenue of Unter den Linden and, on the other side, starts at the long and wide street of StraĂźe des 17. Juni. The door yes overlooks Pariser Platz and is now closed to vehicular traffic, giving visitors space to stop in front of it and fully enjoy its beauty.

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