Viktoriapark: What to see in the Kreuzberg urban park

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Viktoriapark: What to see in the Kreuzberg urban park
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    National monument and waterfalls: where the ViktoriaPark stands

    In 1821 Karl Friedrich Schinkel, one of the most influential architects of the German capital, built a national monument, a wrought iron spire, in memory of the battles of the Liberation War on the top of the Tempelhofer Berg hill, also known as Round Vineyard, in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, the Turkish quarter of the city, from which it is still possible to admire both the monument and a splendid panorama that unfolds before the eyes of the observer all the main streets of Berlin.

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    At the foot of the national monument flows a 24-meter-high artificial cascade of water, which tumbles down the hill into a narrow channel surrounded by rocks. In the lower part of the waterfall, precisely in the pond, stands a bronze sculpture depicting a fisherman intent on catching a mermaid.

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    At the foot of this monument and inside the waterfall, the ViktoriaPark, officially inaugurated only in 1984, in honor of the Empress Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland.

    What to do at ViktoriaPark, between activities, food and wine

    Il ViktoriaPark it is an ideal stop for children, couples, families even with very little children, nature and animal lovers. This park, in fact, is one of the favorite destinations of many Berliners, especially on summer and spring evenings, to admire the sunset and the view over the city while tasting a glass of wine.

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    During the day, however, it is the ideal place to lie on the grass and sunbathe for a while picnic, to listen to street musicians, to do tai chi or to bring your pets to play.

    For children, then, there are both a playground and an enclosure with animals such as goats and sheep.

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    Even the taste buds find their corner of paradise here at ViktoriaPark, in fact there is the Golgatha, an outdoor venue offering grilled food. Furthermore, since 1968, a vineyard has been cultivated on the slope of the hill from which about 2000 bottles of wine are produced every year Cross-Neroberger, a small copy of which can be purchased with a donation of 10,00 euros.

    What to see from the Viktoriapark hill

    From the top of this hill, as we said, you can enjoy a broad perspective on the city: the Teufelsberg to the west, tall buildings to the east and the Sony Center in the middle, with also the cupola del Reichstag and the whole city.

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