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Il Watergate is one of the trendiest clubs in Berlin. Located exactly on the border between the two districts of Friedrichshain e Kreuzberg, the club is located in Falckensteinstrasse.

The club was founded in 2002 by Steffen Hackm and is characterized by its elegant interior and a line-up that amazes its guests every time, as well as an exceptional location. The place is not very big, so much so that often the dance area is a bit too small for the clientele that crowd the club in the various evenings.

The view over the Spree

The popularity of the Watergate it has a lot to do with the club's position. From here you can in fact enjoy an excellent view of the Spree, thanks to a very large window overlooking the river and the characteristic two-level bridge. Oberbaumbruecke. The dance floor overlooks the river, so much so that if you decide to dance until morning, you will be able to enjoy a unique view of the sunrise.

Waterfloor e Mainfloor

The club is divided into two areas:

  • Mainfloor: located on the upper floor
  • Waterfloor: located on the lower floor


The Mainfloor is worth a visit as it probably has the most beautiful lighting system in Berlin. The entire ceiling is in fact a continuous succession of LED lights.


The sound quality is certainly better at the Waterfloor, a quieter area where you can also relax. From this floor there is also direct access to the terrace overlooking the Spree.

A spectacular line-up

In general it can be said that the Watergate usually has one of the best line-ups for techno, electronic and house music lovers. Very often it happens that famous DJs pass by this club; talents of the caliber of Paul Kalkbrenner and Sven Vath have played here. The Watergate also has its own label producing various famous and emerging artists.

Useful Information

Il Watergate it is known to be one of the most expensive clubs in Berlin, although for the high-level line-up it presents every night the entrance fee is more than justified. To keep up to date with the various scheduled events just follow the official Facebook page of the club or the Official site.

How to get to the Watergate

For get to the Watergate take the U-Bahn (line 1) and get off at Warschauer Stra脽e station, or the S5, S7 and S75 lines of the S-Bahn transport system which stop at the station of the same name.

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